Allen Edmonds Merlot vs Oxblood: Comparison

Okay, Mr. Well Dressed, you are planning to add one more Allen Edmonds Shoe brand to your collection.

There are various shoe designs you can choose from, like, Oxford, Derby, Brogue shoe, Monk shoe, Whole cut, etc.

The Allen Edmonds shoe brand has numerous classic shoes. But would you love a Merlot or an Oxblood shoe?

Allen Edmonds Merlot vs Oxblood
An Allen Edmonds Oxblood shoe

Are you stuck as to which one to choose from?

In this article, we are going to be comparing the Merlot shoe brand with the Oxblood shoe brand. So first things first…

What Is The Biggest Difference Between Allen Edmonds Merlot and Oxblood? Allen Edmonds Oxblood shoes typically have just a hint of brown, and as the name implies, they look virtually like dried blood. Merlot, on the other hand, is more reddish in tone with a slight hint of purple or ruby in the color.

Allen Edmonds Merlot vs Oxblood

The Merlot Color

Allen Edmonds Merlot vs Oxblood
The Merlot color shade

The color Merlot based on a Classic French Wine made from the Merlot grape is a really elegant and timeless color.

Merlot is a deep purple-red color in nature and can be easily mistaken for the Burgundy or Bordeaux color.

The Merlot color also signifies passion, deep love, energy, and power and sometimes it can be linked to mean high social status or wealth.

This color has been used in numerous ways, including interior designs, exterior decoration, fashion, branding, etc.

The Oxblood Color

Allen Edmonds Merlot vs Oxblood
The shade of Oxblood color

The Oxblood color is also more of a deep shade of red, but unlike the Merlot, Oxblood has a less purple hue and more dark brown hues instead.

As the name suggests, Oxblood color originated from the blood of oxen. In the past, Oxblood was used as a dye for fabrics, paints, and leather.

The blood would change from a brighter red color to a darker and more brownish-red shade as it aged. Making Oxblood is described as a dark brown-red color.

In these modern times, Oxblood is now commonly used not just for leather shoes but also, for lipsticks and apparel for men and women.

When it comes to shoes, people find it difficult to differentiate between an Oxblood shoe and a Merlot shoe.

Here’s the hack: Merlot and Oxblood look like they fall under the same category of the reddish, brownish, and finish color shades, more like a burgundy color.

However, the Merlot shoe is bright and lighter in the shade while the Oxblood is the darker shade.

Why Did Allen Edmonds Make The Merlot Shoe Brand?

Allen Edmonds Merlot vs Oxblood
An Allen Edmonds Merlot colored shoe

Allen Edmonds is an American shoe operation based in the US. For over a hundred years, they’ve been manufacturing custom-made dress shoes and casual shoes.

Their shoes have always been targeted to men’s corporate dresses, like work outfits wedding suits, geeky looks, and maybe just a formal evening out kind of dress!

As a brand that makes different styles of shoes – like; Brogue, Oxford, Cap-Toe oxford, Whole Cut, etc. – manufacturing Merlot color shoes in one or all of these styles made sense.

Merlot-colored shoes add a totally classic look to men’s outfits and match so well with dresses that are a bit lighter but not so bright.

Blazers suits in colors like grey, wine, royal blue, ash, and cream go super well with many Allen Edmonds Merlot shoes.

Allen Edmonds Merlot vs Oxblood
Man rocking an Allen Edmond Merlot cap-toe with blazers

Why Did Allen Edmonds Make The Oxblood Shoe Brand?

In the first place which shoemaker wouldn’t have an Oxblood shoe in their collection?

Oxblood shoes are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. Oxblood shoes are very suitable for adding a splash of color to men’s outfits.

The Allen Edmonds Strand Cap Toe Oxford, for instance, makes the wearer look sharp and sleek dressed up or down.

The AE Oxblood shoes were made in various brand styles for men that want to look great in black, navy blue or grey suit/blazers.

Allen Edmonds Merlot vs Oxblood
Classic Oxblood shoe showcased in style

What Similarities Do Both Shoes Share?

Merlot and Oxblood shoes share a lot of similarities, little wonder people find it somehow difficult to differentiate one from the other.

  1. They both look like burgundy colors, or you could say they are under the burgundy family. But a closer look would reveal that Oxblood is darker than Merlot.
  2. Talking about Allen Edmonds shoes, the manufacturer made numerous designs that come in a variety of colors including Merlot and Oxblood.
  3. Oxblood shoes match with virtually any dress Merlot shoe could match and vice versa.
  4. Both shoes can be polished using neutral polish since they are not like the typical brown shoes.

Which is a better shoe color and why?

Would you go with a Merlot shoe over an Oxblood shoe? Why? It depends.

If you are the typical office guy, and your routine dress is suits and blazers in colors like navy blue, grey, black, and ash, then an Oxblood will be a great pick.

Oxblood shoes are more formal, because of their darker shade. That doesn’t mean you can’t use a Merlot shoe to the office either.

Merlot-colored shoes are great for occasional events. Generally, Merlot shoes are considered more classic than Oxblood shoes, although that might not be true.

The reason for that perspective, however, is based on the popularity of the Oxblood shoe.

Young men usually wear Oxblood most of the time, especially to work and social outings. Just like the popular saying; “The more popular; the more common”.

When it comes to special occasions like marriage or birthday, etc. Men would naturally want to go with something slightly different from Oxblood. That’s where the Merlot-colored shoe comes in.

So neither Merlot nor Oxblood is the better color. Allen Edmonds Oxblood is just more widely used than Merlot – which is used occasionally.

Two Allen Edmonds Merlot Shoes To Buy

One of my favorite Allen Edmonds Merlot Shoes or (AE shoes) is the AE Merlot Cap-Toe Dress Shoe.

The AE Merlot Cap Toe does a very great job of not being too pointed or rounded. It has all the class in it, goes well with various corporate wears, and has top-notch elegance.

You can get it on eBay or the official website of Allen Edmonds.

Another great AE Merlot show is the “AE Merlot McAllister”.

If you had to pick only one pair of stylish shoes, just one, to wear for the rest of your fashion life, AE McAllister shoes should do your doo!

This is a true Oxford design, sleek enough for your suits. The shade of the Merlot speaks quality and the reddish hues are also very eye-catching. Quiet, yet hard to Ignore. You can’t go wrong with an Allen Edmonds McAllister Shoe.

Two Allen Edmonds Oxblood Shoes To Buy

Have you seen the Allen Edmonds Strand in Oxblood. Talk about Classic design. The shoe is very we’ll add, and it shows.

The AE Oxblood Strand is such a versatile and classic style that they go with not only your business attire on the weekday but with your favorite pair of jeans on the weekend.

The Oxblood Strand goes well with suits, blazers, and Cowboys dresses as well. Cool, right?

Another elegant AE Oxblood show is Allen Edmonds Oxblood McAllister Oxford. It’s a lace-up oxford shoe with a perforated brogue styling.

This shoe is a masterpiece. Its 360-degree Bench Welt construction makes it very durable and stable.

The leather is top quality, with an iconic Wingtip. This shoe goes great with navy blue, black, grey, and even wine-colored suit/blazers.

Bottom Line

Allen Edmonds shoes are classic and high quality. The Merlot and Oxblood shoes are some of the finest in the world.

Whether you choose the elegant AE Merlot Cap-Toe shoes or the Classic AE Merlot McAllister shoe, you can’t go wrong with their Merlot shoes.

If Oxblood is you doo, going for the AE Oxblood Stand or the AE Oxblood McAllister Oxford shoe could be one of your best fashion decision.

As for me, I’d prefer to go with the AE Oxblood McAllister Oxford. Oxblood shoes add a great splash of color to my outfit and make the dress bold.

You can also use the McAllister Oxblood with the various suit and blazer colors like Navy blue, Grey, Black, Ash, Coffee Brown, Cream, Maroon, and Royal Blue.

And as someone that loves the geeky outfit, a shirt under my sweater with one of my nice corporate trousers (mostly navy blue) on an AE Oxblood Allister give me that ultimate classic professor look.

If I were to rate the Oxblood McAllister Oxford, on a scale of one to ten, I would go with 9. Yes, it’s that elegant.

You can never go wrong with something elegant, classic, mature, and top quality.


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