Allen Edmonds Exchange Place vs Park Avenue: Comparison

Allen Edmonds Exchange Place has wing-patterned cuts with stitches and perforations from front to back, but Park Avenue shoes are not, its patterns are small, moving from one side of the toe to the other with stitches and tiny punctures.

Allen Edmonds Exchange Place vs Park Avenue

They are built on different lasts, this makes the toe box of the first a little bit broader than the second.

The soles of Allen Edmonds Exchange Place give lesser grips, it is fully made of leather with wooden shanks insert while Park Avenue grips better with soles made of Oak with rubber or grippy attachments on them.

The stitches on the top of Allen Edmonds Park Avenue are minimal compared to that of Exchange Place which further has medallions on the toe area.

The back area of Allen Edmonds Exchange place has a cut from top to bottom with stitches on them while Park avenue has a slight U outline stitch at the top of the back region.

First impressions: Allen Edmonds Exchange Place

Allen Edmonds Exchange Place vs Park Avenue

Allen Edmonds Exchange Place is designed in a way that it can be detachable, along with the sole when there is a need for replacement.

This shoe was built in a Traditional American fashion with six neat eyelets and attractive delicate lace.

Its upper which is made of leather is seamed with contours from one end of the toe to the other and small brogues for a great aesthetic look.


  • Supportive
  • Quality
  • Lace-up profile
  • Wooden shank
  • Tough rubber stitches
  • Molds your feet properly
  • Leather insole and bottom
  • Rubber immunity on sole
  • Gets remarkable over time


  • Inadequate Quality
  • Uneven stitching
  • Changes in color
  • Defective leather
  • Not favorable for persons with broad feet

First impressions: Allen Edmonds Park Avenue

Allen Edmonds Exchange Place vs Park Avenue

The fame of Allen Edmonds brand was made possible by the advent of Park Avenue For a fact, Part Avenue has been the best selling amongst the shoes produced by the Allen Edmonds brand for the past thirty years this is because of its commitment to quality.

In 1982, Park Avenue was introduced as a simple, lace-up style. It was a cap-toe oxford and didn’t have any major stylistic feature.

In 2014, Allen Edmonds Park Avenue was originally built on a sole made of leather. In 2017, it was rebuilt with a Dainite Sturdy Rubber.

During this period, the parts that made up these shoes were developed in a different location and later imported to Wisconsin where the assembling, binding packaging, and arranging for dispersion took place.

After this replacement, a couple of customers noticed that the new Dainite Studded Rubber made the shoe hard to wear.

It was later realized that a failure in production was responsible for this, the knot used while stitching the outsoles went missing and it was out of existence.

A prominent part of the success and popularity of Allen Edmonds Park avenue can be attributed to the past U.S presidents as it has been their choice during the inauguration.

Past Presidents like Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush, are few among the past US presidents who wore Park Avenues on inauguration day.

In as much as a considerable part of Parks Avenue, success can be traced to the White House, we can’t neglect that it has been the choice of prominent and international businessmen, celebrities, and every man who loves exceptional value.

It was being constructed with a powerful 360° bench welt and a considerable cap-toe last to give it a creative and versatile look which represents the First Class Excellence of American footwear design.

The Park Avenue category is Allen Edmonds Bestselling shoe.


  • Tough
  • Fashionable
  • Lace-up profile
  • Sturdy leather
  • Comfortable insole
  • Welt structure
  • Excellent for your regular feet.


  • Short shoelace
  • Stiff on the foot
  • Breaking in the sole

Similarities between Allen Edmonds Exchange Place and Park Avenue

Quality and Looks

Both shoes are made of excellent quality, polished, and look classic. They are made with a nicely bench-constructed welt that runs 360° on the side of the shoe.

Allen Edmonds Exchange Place has a comfortable Interior lining, the same as Park Avenue.

From the initial glance of both shoes, they are stitched from front to back and on the soles. They have tiny openings at the top and posterior regions.

The six eyelets with detachable laces at the upper allow for a suitable fit. During construction, Osteo Path ik technology was introduced, in which shanks made of wood are added to the soles for force and comfort.

Size and Comfort

 Glimpsing at the size of both shoes, Allen Edmonds Exchange Place and Park Avenue are modeled using the conventional American last, this makes the shoe a bit more narrow in size.

They are designed as low-profile shoes with reliable tongues to support your feet as you stride with them on.

They also come in varied sizes, with a nice fit so long as you order for your exact size or try them on before buying them.

As you pick up an Allen Edmonds Exchange Place and Park Avenue, you can sight their soft round-toe box for easy flex and convenience.

Versatile and Durable

Allen Edmonds Exchange Place and Park Avenue are great for your formal and simple dressings. The welt around both shoes has a way of keeping your feet stable in the shoes.

For sustainability, the welts are stitched to the soles. Made with premium leather materials, these shoes are sturdy. They have lightly cushioned insoles with Cork fill in between the soles and insoles.

The Oak leather used to construct Allen Edmonds Exchange Place and Park Avenue makes them durable and standard for formal events.

Both shoes accept shoe creams and polish appropriate for their respective colors.

What is Allen Edmonds Park Avenue best for?

If you desire a shoe with ultimate quality and versatility, Allen Edmonds Park Avenue is your best shot. They have a variety of amazing official color shades.

Terrific Quality

To attain prestige in quality, the materials used in the shoe’s creation were gotten from manufacturers who were dealers in standard materials from both US and abroad.

Reliable Footbed and Arch Support

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue provides the best walking pattern, this is made possible because its footbed is made in the shape of a cork.

It gives your arch and heel the support it requires and because the cork is artlessly springy, it absorbs every strain while you walk.

Versatile: Park Avenue is also best for official use, it has careful seams which makes it your best choice for office, conventions, and other important appointments.

They are not only best for offices because of their versatile features. You can wear them to weddings, dates, church and even school.

What is Allen Edmonds Exchange Place best for?


Allen Edmonds Exchange Place is best for comfort, they don’t need to work a couple of times before you feel comfortable in them.

They are comfortable right from the carton. Its insole has a soft and light pad that offers your feet comfort and support.

Impressive Make up

Allen Edmonds is one of the most respected varieties of Allen Edmonds in the USA’s shoe industry.

The Exchange Place variety is made of high quality, right from the insoles to the body of the shoe.

They are constructed with high sleek-looking materials and upper leather and can last for years.

Contemporary and versatile

They are made to model conventional shoes. They can either be worn with a dark suit for dress-ups or down.

As a result of its fashionable looks, it can be worn to official meetings or with dark pants for a more casual look. 

They are versatile and will fit your party or dinner dresses, for official trips, business meetings, and tours.

Comparison Between Allen Edmonds Exchange Place and Park Avenue

Allen Edmonds Exchange Place vs Pack Avenue: Build

Allen Edmonds Exchange Place

Allen Edmonds Exchange Place is built on a thin round toe last. Its top is raised and it has a standard look which makes it sharp and sleek at first glance.

It gives an individual statement because of its ankle, rear even seams, and intense toe counterparts which have a Burnished color added to the leather used.

The shoe is assembled with thin tops that have a cut running from one end of the toe to the other.

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue

The Park Avenue model is an oxford lace design. Its toe caps are not as narrow as the Exchange Place.

The shoe looks elegant with thicker uppers that have a cut running from one end of the toe to the other. The shoe is designed with thicker uppers. Its wing contours around the toe area and further brogues at the tip.

They possess an exceptionally formal and professional look at first glance.

Winner: Allen Edmonds Park Avenue looks Modern and more popular. Its aesthetics is top-notch, the uppers have Oxford lace, rare patterns, brogues, tiny punctures, and nice medallions at the toe area.

Allen Edmonds Exchange Place vs Pack Avenue: Functions

Allen Edmonds Exchange Place

This variety of Allen Edmonds serves as an anesthetics shoe. Its wing pattern and brogues make them attractive and best for your outings.

Their soles are relaxed, especially when it has rubber attachment that grips hard. Its piped tongue makes the shoe comfortable as you wear it.

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue serves as a shoe that delivers resilience to its users. It is built for maximum relief. They give you the assurance you need as you conduct your customary activities.

The wooden shanks insert makes the shoe durable. It’s a 360° bench Good year welt formation reduces discomfort and keeps your feet steady.

Functions Winner: Allen Edmonds Exchange Place looks simple and feels lighter than Park Avenue. This gives it a wide range of functions.

Allen Edmonds Exchange Place vs Pack Avenue: Comfort and Fitting

Allen Edmonds Exchange Place

The fitting of the Exchange Place is loose when described in relation to Park avenue. The toe-caps can be likened to that of the Hopkinson’s because it is large which gives you an open fit.

There is an uneven feel around the toes covers. The shoe’s heel is reliable, its insoles make it comfortable.

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue has a pleasant fit. Although it has slim size, it has a tighter fit when compared with Exchange Place.

It breaks in easily and once it does, perhaps after two or there wears, the heels may be slightly uncomfortable and may cause mild blisters due to irritation at the cause of the break-in.

Comfort and Fitting Winner: Allen Edmonds Park Avenue fits snugly to your fit. It has a moderate toe box which adds to its satisfactory feel.

Allen Edmonds Exchange Place vs Pack Avenue: Quality And Durability

Allen Edmonds Exchange Place

This category of Allen Edmonds shoes has terrific makeup. The uppers are made with thin leather materials which are soothing but fold over time.

The Oak base hardly wears out, but remains stable, especially as a result of the provision for attachments on the sole.

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue

The leather of Allen Edmonds Park Avenue is Veggie-tanned with Oak soles. The materials used are sturdy with a lined interior.

Its insoles lift up your ankle bone above the shoe’s opening to prevent the leather material in that area from folding. The soles last long, they have shanks inserted in them for durability and energy.

Quality And Durability Winner: Allen Edmonds Park Avenue has wooden Shanks in the soles for durability. They have varieties of soles that are great and perfect for different functions.

Allen Edmonds Exchange Place vs Pack Avenue: Price

Allen Edmonds Exchange Place

The rate of Allen Edmonds Exchange Place varies from size to size.

Its Brown, Walnut and Black variety cost $395 while the Dark Chilli sells for $395 – $410 and $395 – $467 for Oxblood.

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue has a fixed cost of a whopping sum of $395.

Prize Winner: Park Avenue. It has a fixed price which is moderate.


Allen Edmonds Exchange Place and Park Avenue are great shoes, designed with excellence in mind.

They have stitches, Sturdy Oak soles, and leather uppers with six pairs of eyelets to hold the shoe’s lace firmly.

They have Good year welt stitched around the footwear for resilience. Both shoes are good for daily and formal meetings.

The obvious difference between both shoes is the last on which they are built. While Allen Edmonds Exchange place toe boxes are broad and fit loose, Park Avenue fits snugly with narrow toe box.

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