Allen Edmonds Dark Chili vs Oxblood: Comparison

When it comes to classic regular shoes, America’s Allen Edmonds Dark Chili is nice and comfortable.

On the other hand, Oxblood designs durable and excellent footwear to match practically all the clothes in your wardrobe.

To know better about these shoes, this article presents you with further information about Allen Edmond’s Dark Chili and Oxford.

The uppers of Allen Edmonds Shoes are tanned with deep Chili tints that can be adjusted while that of Oxblood are dyed with dark red or burgundy.

One of the major differences between these shoes is that they are made on different lasts. Allen Edmonds Dark Chili shoes are a little bit bigger at the toe box area.

Allen Edmonds Dark Chili vs Oxblood

For lightweight, Allen Edmonds Dark Chili’s are made with light soles while the outsoles of Oxblood’s are more narrow and supportive.

The sole of the first has a brown layer and that of the latter has a black pigment at the sole layer.

Chili has a long wing pattern, but this doesn’t apply to Oxblood, because it has a shorter wing contour from the toe box downwards. The uppers of Chili’s are thinner than that of Oxblood.

About Allen Edmonds Dark Chili

This variety of Allen Edmonds is made in Dark Burnished Chili color. The shoe is made of full-grain leather which is softened and tanned for a soothing feel.

Initially manufactured in the USA by Allen Edmonds, the Dark Chili style is most preferred among the other shades because its dark red tone is rich, unlike the nominal black or brown shoe. It is versatile, and great for casual, up or down dresses.

The sole of Allen Edmonds Dark Chili is built with Oak leather. It has various attachments and designs for protection like rubber attachments to function properly in the environment you wear them.

They have a 360° Good year welt stitched by the sides for stability. The shoe is formed after the traditional clothes shoe style, even though the shoe molds after some period of time, it doesn’t cause blisters or pain.

They are glossy, offering you a glove-like feel in a wide range of sizes and outsoles.

This variety has a Cork band in between the insole and bottom with indents to adapt to your foot size and keep you comfortable as you wear them.

The uppers are light and furnished with durable leather. At first glance, it has a winged pattern in form of brogues with tiny breaks on them and medallions at the toe area.

It has a neat Oxford lacing system made of six nice eyelets and delicate laces. Their piped tongues keep your feet snugly and comfortable.

The posterior areas of Allen Edmonds Dark Chili are cut open and stitched from up to down.


  • Quality shoes
  • Nice perforations
  • Sturdy leather
  • Flexible lace profile
  • Oxblood color
  • Polished silhouette
  • Light in weight
  • Diverse sizes


  • Costly
  • Imperfect stitches
  • Crinkling toe and sole leather

About Allen Edmonds Oxblood

Allen Edmonds Oxblood shoes are made in Italy. They are dark red in color, with other polished shoe options.

The Oxblood tone is gotten from crushed and heated natural soil and rocks which are colorful. Over time, the shoe has been published on different renowned platforms.

Allen Edmonds Oxblood shoes are made of sophisticated leather. From research, its covered collection was popular because they were not difficult to make.

After the animal hide is thoroughly cleaned, it is tanned until it becomes resistant to water, smooth, and lasting.

When this process is achieved, chromium salt is added to the hide to give it a pale shade alongside some Oxblood dye.

This mixture takes place in big tubes, thereon, the hide is mellowed with iron, ready to be slashed and kneaded into footwears. This variety of Allen Edmonds suits a large category of clothing.


  • Sturdy
  • Flexible
  • Fashionable
  • True to size
  • Sturdy Leather
  • Light-weight
  • Nice upper stitches
  • Suits a wide combination of clothing.


  • Unstable lace
  • Thin soles
  • Not suitable for wide feet

Similarities between Allen Edmonds Dark Chili shoes and Oxblood


Allen Edmonds shoes are made with complete leather materials, same with Oxblood shoes.

The leather may vary in quality for their insole, uppers, and outsoles, but they are all made with genuine leather materials.


They fit properly with light cushions, comfortable insoles, and piped tongues to support your feet. For Allen Edmonds Shoes, they are made in narrow, wide, and regular sizes with provisions for your toes.

Tone and Versatility

Allen Edmonds Dark Chili shoes are modeled in dark tones which include dark and mid-brown, similar to the tones of Oxblood shoes which are usually rich deep colors such as burgundy and maroon or deep red tones.

All these colors are intense making, both footwear versatile, this wins the possibility of wearing it with different items of clothing for casual and formal outings.


Allen Edmonds Dark Chili and Oxblood styles are hand-made footwear. Their uppers and soles are carefully outlined with handmade stitches.


Aside from the quality materials used to craft both shoes, the aesthetics of both shoes are commendable. Their insoles, uppers, and outsoles indicate that they were built with excellence in mind.


They have wooden shanks stocked into the heels for great traction and balance. Both shoes are sleek, lightly cushioned with laced profile and elastic tongues, making them flexible and fit for their roles.

First Glance

At first glance, both shoes look polished with streamlined contours stitches. The tiny perforations at the top give them a nice look and their appearance makes them compatible with different shades.


They don’t spread over time, but remain fitted and nicely laced modeling the Oxford style. For Allen Edmonds Dark Chili and Oxblood, the laces are adjustable but delicate.

Interior Lining

For a calm feel and reduced smell, Allen Edmonds shoes are lined, Oxblood shoes also have interior linings which are made with calf leather.

Comfort and Durability

They both are comfortable and last long. As a result of their high-quality design, they are quite costly but last long.

Comparison Between Allen Edmonds Dark Chili And Oxblood

Allen Edmonds Dark Chili And Oxblood: Function

These shoes are lightly and adequately cushioned. Even though Allen Edmonds shoes are most built on narrow lasts with round toe boxes.

They have semi or half-brogues with spotted punctures at the top and back area. Allen Edmonds shoes look nice when you wear them with casual clothing.

They are made of clear lace profiles. Its soles are light.

Oxblood shoes are fashionable, build on slightly wider lasts. They are made in creative, deep tones, although not richer than the Dark Chili.

They are best for formal clothes rather than casual ones.

They have closed lace profile with fragile flax laces to prevent slips. Its cushions and discreet elastic cuts make them support your feet. Its soles are more supportive and a bit heavy.

Allen Edmonds Dark Chili And Oxblood: Comfort and Fitting

Allen Edmonds comfort can be attributed to fit. Their insoles are made with Custom Cork technology to keep your feet comfortable and dry.

They fit your feet precisely as the shoes are made in different scopes and widths for diverse foot sizes and contours. These shoes do not tighten but fit adequately as you wear them.

Allen Edmonds Dark Chili Shoes are put together with wide unique lasts.

Allen Edmonds Oxblood shoes fit comfortably, they are appropriately cushioned with adjustable cuts at the tongue to enable you to put them on with ease.

Their insoles are formulated with full-line soft lining to reduce irritation on your feet.

There is suede inserted into the heel with a black pigment of Oxblood shoes to stabilize your feet to the ground. Its lasts are more convenient for persons with narrow feet.

Allen Edmonds Dark Chili And Oxblood: Durability and Quality

Allen Edmonds Dark Chili shoe is made of quality materials. They have a unique Good year welt 360° around the shoe to ensure that the shoe’s shape is fixed and doesn’t stretch effortlessly.

This shoe has a complete animal leather lining with tiny cuts in the inward part of the shoe for ventilation which in turn makes the shoe last long. The uppers are thin.

The welt binds the shoe’s top and insole together. Aside from its durability, the shoe’s stitches at the upper make it sturdy.

Made with full-grain leather insoles, the bottom of Oxblood shoes is stitched to the upper by the conventional Italian process. They are quite thick.

As a result of its high-quality materials and versatility, you can wear them with different outfits for long periods of time.

It has a drop insert at the bottom for good grips. The soles are made of two shades and four brass pins to hold the heels properly.

Allen Edmonds Dark Chili And Oxblood: Price

Allen Edmonds Dark Chili is not costly. Its conventional dress shoes cost $395. It costs $450 to purchase a pair of Allen Edmonds Oxblood shoes.


When it gets to good quality footwear, Allen Edmonds Dark Chili and Oxblood are remarkable collections of the same brand.

With increasing innovation, they make use of dyed leather to produce masterpieces that have outlasted Centuries.

As a result of their versatile quality, they can adjust perfectly with almost all the clothes in your closet.

Their handmade stitches and quality hides make the shoe last. Even though their lace profiles mark a clear difference between them, Allen Edmonds Dark Chili is tanned with shady Chili tints while Oxbloods are dyed with burgundy/red pigment.

They are flexible and comfortable. Most of all, they have an actual fit and are available for different shapes of feet, including yours.


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