Allen Edmonds vs Florsheim: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Allen Edmonds and Florsheim is their soles. Both brands are made of leather, but while Allen Edmonds soles are hand-sewn, Florsheim’s are not.

The inner sole of the Florsheim covers half of the floor bed and can become very uncomfortable after wearing it for a while. It also has padding which, unfortunately, is not very comfortable.

Allen Edmonds vs Florsheim

The Allen Edmonds insole, on the other hand, covers the entire floor bed, has full-foam padding, and is more comfortable. It has a cork beneath, allowing the shoe to take the shape of the feet.

The major quality of Allen Edmonds is its comfort system.

  • A hand-sewn, high-quality grain leather that looks better and lasts longer.
  • It is 30% lighter than other welted shoes.
  • It has a removable, and breathable footbed
  • Soft cork layer between insole and outsole that allows custom-like foot impression.

The Florsheim brand of today is only a shadow of what it used to be and its quality is not so great. But, the shiny leather outlook still remains.

The shoe almost glimmers with just a tiny application of polish and it can be worn straight out of the box.

Which brand is better?

Allen Edmonds is a better brand compared to Florsheims. Over time, the quality of Florsheims has deteriorated since the production started moving overseas. The quality of the leather, is not so good, reducing how durable they are.

Allen Edmonds has maintained their quality for a very long time and has even improved. Though there have been some lapses here and there, still, they have managed to satisfy their customers extensively and produce quality shoes worth their price.

They have also been able to offer not just fashionable shoes but more comfortable shoes as well.

Allen Edmonds is a definition of a classy, sophisticated wardrobe staple. The brand for a very long time has been able to serve its customers well in terms of style, comfort, and sophistication.

There are several reasons why this shoe is a must-have in your closet. Here are a few of them:

Allen Edmonds is more comfortable

Allen Edmonds are very comfortable shoes that require no break-in period. With the Florsheim, you might have to wait a while for your feet to get used to it. Allen Edmonds has designed its shoes in such a way that you feel an all-round comfort.

It doesn’t matter if you have to wear it for a long time, you won’t feel discomfort. They are made from leather that offers excellent breathability so you don’t get a sweaty foot.

Allen Edmonds fit better

They are significantly more appealing than the Florsheim. Despite the shiny leather outlook of the Florsheim, Allen Edmonds looks more quality, and the Florsheim is more or less an inferior version.

They are elegant shoes and are perfect for formal, semi-formal, exclusive, or non-exclusive parties. They are great shoes for dress-up occasions and are nowhere near inferior.

Allen Edmonds is more durable

In terms of durability, the Florsheims do not do so well. Customers have complained of the leather-wearing out quickly, that they have to repair or replace immediately. The Allen Edmonds are fully re-craftable, while the Florsheims are partially re-craftable.

They are made from very soft leather, that does not break or wear out easily.  Their soles do not also wear out quickly unlike the Florsheims, which have a soft sole that wears out quickly.

The Allen Edmonds brand, gives a good balance to their soles, improving their comfort system and adding longevity to the shoes.


Similarities between Allen Edmonds and Florsheim

Allen Edmonds vs Florsheim
Allen Edmonds

In terms of design, it is almost very hard to differentiate both brands as they are almost of the same design. They also share a number of similarities, in terms of their materials and function.

They are both male footwear brands

Both Allen Edmonds and Florsheim produce majorly male footwear like Oxford, Derbys, Longwings, Boots, e.t.c.

Though Allen Edmonds launched its female footwear line, they still produce majorly male footwear. Both brands produce dress-up shoes with similar designs.

They almost have the same varieties that can be a means of comparison when customers want to make a purchase.

They are made of leather

Both brands are made of leather which makes them able to withstand a good amount of water, makes them easy to clean, eco-friendly and gives them a nice smell.

The leather makes the shoes more stylish and formal. Leather shoes are more presentable and fashionable. It increases durability, some more than others, depending on the quality of leather. It promotes comfort too.

Both brands are welted shoes

Welting is the use of welt, a piece of material, mostly leather placed around the edge of the shoes, slipping between the sole and the upper covering of the shoe. They are used to cover stitch lines.

This attains an inherent strength, staying durable when simple stitching will fall apart or wear out after a long time. Since the sole is only attached to the welt, it is always easy for a cobbler to take off the welt for resoling or repair and this increases the life span of shoes.

Shoes with welt are neater and have better finishing than those without welt.

They can be worn to similar occasions and events

Both Allen Edmonds and Florsheim have the same sense of style and can be worn to similar events. Their long wings bear a similar design, and if one would overlook the greater quality of the two shoes, they can both be worn on the same outfit to the same place.

They both belong to the same class of fashion style and are very sleek and stylish. Though sophistication varies due to the difference in the grade/level of their qualities, still, both shoes remain fashionable.

They are both old brands that have existed for a long time

Both brands have existed for a very long time and decades after decades have made changes to their brands, some good and others, not so good changes.

Though the Florsheim has existed longer than Allen Edmonds, both brands have been in the market for a long time and for decades have served their customers in their own way.

They are both expensive shoes

Though one is more expensive than the other, both brands bear well-recognized names that are appreciated in parts of the world and they are both pricey shoes. They also offer recrafting services. This increases their pricing and gives you options for changing the style of your shoe.

Differences between Allen Edmonds and Florsheim

Allen Edmonds vs Florsheim
Florsheim Oxford Shoe

Even if both brands look identical in the design of their shoes, there are other differences that stand them out.

And these are differences during the production of the shoe. From the outer sole to the upper leather, here are some of the differences these brands may have.

  • Florsheim soles are made of only leather while Allen Edmonds have different combinations
  • Allen Edmonds inner soles are covered with glove leather
  • Allen Edmonds has a 360-degree Goodyear welt while Florsheim does not
  • Allen Edmonds has its upper leather tanned, while the Florsheims doesn’t
  • The Allen Edmonds are a bit pointy at the ball of the foot than the Florsheims
  • Allen Edmonds shoes are more breathable shoes

Florsheim soles are made of only leather while Allen Edmonds have different combinations

Florsheim soles are made of leather while Allen Edmonds soles could come as leather, rubber, or a combination of both.

The Florsheim leather is usually soft and breaks off or wears out easily. For the Allen Edmond soles, they are made of strong soles that tend to last longer. This makes Allen Edmond a more durable brand than Florsheim.

Allen Edmonds inner soles are covered with glove leather

Just like the outer soles, the inner soles of both brands are made of leather. The Florsheim are covered in something referred to as glove leather while the Allen Edmonds are covered on the inside with thicker leather.

The inner soles of the Florsheims are only covered halfway through, they contain padding which only covers half of the footbed.

The Allen Edmonds on the other hand has its insole covering the entire footbed. Both shoes have padding but while Allen Edmonds has its entire insole fully padded, the Florsheims has the heel part of the footbed padded.

Beneath the insole, the Allen Edmonds possesses a cork. This cork enables the shoe to take the shape of your feet allowing a perfect fit. The Florsheims on the other hand lacks this.

Allen Edmonds has a 360-degree Goodyear welt while Florsheim does not

Every shoe with a welt is expected to have its stitches last long. It is a great characteristic of a shoe with finishing. Both shoes are welted shoes. The Allen Edmonds has a 360-degree welt.  This is one thing that stands it out from other shoes.

The Florsheim’s welt does not go 360-degree round the shoe. This welt makes it very easy to take out the stitches during repair or when you want to re-sole or remodel.

Allen Edmonds has its upper leather tanned, while the Florsheims doesn’t

The upper covering of both shoes, which is the m0st visible part of the shoe, is made of leather. Both leathers are calf leathers.

Allen Edmonds has its leather tanned, while the Florsheims doesn’t. Allen Edmonds leather is a bit softer than the Florsheims.

Both shoes may be made of the same type of leather, but they are not of the same quality. Though the Florsheims recorded using calf leather, maybe in the past they did, but right now most of their shoes don’t last long.

It has this extra glimmer, which is great in terms of outlook, but it still lacks that quality you need. The leather wears out easily. The Allen Edmonds on the other hand could last you years.

The Allen Edmonds are a bit pointy at the ball of the foot than the Florsheims

The shape of both shoes is almost the same. In some designs, the Allen Edmonds are a bit pointy at the ball of the foot than the Florsheims.

They are also a bit slimmer than the Florsheims. The Florsheims are a bit wider and perfect for people with a wider foot.

Allen Edmonds shoes are more breathable

One amazing characteristic of good leather is breathability. After all the layers put together to make a shoe, especially as expensive as these ones, it will be so heartbreaking to not be able to wear your shoe because it sweats when you wear it.

Each leather of the Allen Edmonds is perfectly layered on each other, properly handcrafted, and perfectly stitched together. Each layer of this leather, padding, and cork allows enough air to your feet. They do not allow your feet to sweat as the Florsheim do.

Why you might need a Florsheim in your closet

Though Florsheim is nowhere near what it used to be in the past, and you might not be very okay with its durability but it could still serve you.

They are not too pricey, at least they are cheaper than the Allen Edmonds. They are perfect options for when you need to go on a “not so exclusive party” or a party that doesn’t need you to be all dressed up.

You can have it as your go-to shoe for a very simple casual occasion like a casual meeting, a simple date, a hangout with friends, an interview, or any regular event that is not very grand. For such occasions, Allen Edmonds might seem too dressy.

With Allen Edmonds you might be looking at very exclusive events like a ball, a grand dinner, an exclusive exhibition, e.t.c. and if comfort is the problem, you might consider getting an extra pair of insoles for extra balance to your feet.

Their services are also top-notch. They deliver on time and they offer one of the best packaging skills. Whatever they lack in this present day in quality, they sure have in packaging.

However, Allen Edmonds makes some of the finest shoes not just in the United States, but in many countries in the world.

Their commitment to satisfying their customers’ wants and providing stylish, sophisticated, very comfortable, and durable shoes, is very impressive.

Their recrafting services are top-notch. Their prices might be on the higher side, compared to Florsheim, but they are worth their prices.

They offer you the class, style, sophistication, and comfort you need when shopping for footwear. They are shoes that will serve you very well for a very long time, so you can consider them as investments.




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