Allen Edmonds vs John Lobb: Which Is Better?

The difference between Allen Edmonds and John Lobb shoes is hardly noticeable as both shoe manufacturers are competitive and they are determined in giving nothing less than the best of their knowledge and capability.

However, the major difference between these shoes is based on their heel side. The John Lobb shoes have a chunky heel, which is a general term used on shoes that have heels with a wider foot that is typically square in shape while the Allen Edmonds, on the other hand, doesn’t have those.

Allen Edmonds vs John Lobb

Allen Edmonds vs John Lobb: Which Is Better?

Judging based on my experience wearing Allen Edmonds, research and reviews online, it is safe that I am making the right choice for most of the people out there by taking the Allen Edmonds as the better shoe out of the two.

Take note that Allen Edmonds shoes are made with some of the finest materials there is. From their thick authentic sole to their fine leather body and their handcrafted designs that make the wearer stand out among others.

They are basically equipped to give you comfort and make you look good and classy.

Shoes made from the Allen Edmonds are known to come with enough space inside to let your feet lay comfortably inside. The laces are there to make sure that they fit you perfectly.

They are basically created to withstand any weather condition and also keep you away from any form of injury that would have occurred to your feet.

The material used in making these shoes are hand-picked leathers that are carefully inspected for faults before being used in crafting these shoes.

The manufacturing company of Allen Edmonds works with world-class tanneries in ensuring they use top-class resources for their shoes.

Brief History of Allen Edmonds Shoes

The Allen Edmond shoe is a US deluxe shoe-making and retailing company.  They have a head office at port Washington.

The company was first started in Belgium, Wisconsin. In the year 1922 by the founder who is named Elbert W. Allen, Sr.

Mr. Elbert was born and brought up in the Cumberland River of Tennessee. He founded the Allen Edmonds in his early 20s.

Since the emergence of the company, they have made and sold millions of their special shoe models. The company is known for its incomparable designs that are handcrafted pattern by pattern on each piece of shoe.

Allen Edmonds manufactures their shoes in Italy, Dominican Republic, and some other locations, then they bring it down to the united states for finishing touches. They also now have around 78 branches which is undeniably a massive increase from late 2008 when they operate just 18 stores.

Each shoe is made with an original 360 Goodyear welt which makes them durable, versatile, and comfortable.  After these shoes are molded into a perfect shape, they are then attached with a thin strip of leather with fine stitches that add more beauty to the outer appearance of the shoes.

The inside of these shoes offers a different kind of feeling.  The material used in cushioning the inside makes them comfy and soft for the feet. They have some removable insoles which support the foot and help it fit in comfortably and perfectly.

The Allen Edmonds is a unique brand that gained most of its popularity from making shoes for the US Army and US Navy during the 2nd world war.

With many of the shoes in the US being manufactured outside the country, Allen Edmonds is among the few companies that manufacture around 95% of their shoes in the united states of America.

Today, the Allen Edmonds brand is one of the respected shoe-making brands around the world and their product is known for its originality.

Brief History of John Lobb Shoes

The John Lobb is a distinguished name in the world of men’s shoes. The company is founded by John Lobb Bootmaker in Basingstoke, United Kingdom, in the year 1849.

Ever since the emergence of the company, John Lobb has sold millions of its shoes around the globe.

John Lobb started off making shoes for gold miners and he later manufactured his skills and became more popular when he opened a shop under his name in London and started producing shoes of different varieties for the European Royalty in the year 1866.

Following the success of the first shop, the shop which turned into a company, which was small at that time gained more popularity and went international in 1899.

By 1976, John Lobb opened its first boutique in Paris and later on launched its first ready-to-wear collection of shoes. John Lobb now has a network of 19 global stores all around the world in places like Beijing, Tokyo, New York, and Dubai.

John Lobb shoes are handmade shoes that go through a special process of 190 steps in other to make them unique. An important piece of information that anyone who wears John Lobb shoes should be aware of is that each pair of John Lobb takes about 50 hours and 3 fitting appointments to bring it to the shape it has.

Here’s a fun part:

To walk down the history lane of John Lobb and not mention his act of selflessness would be a bad deed.

When he was making shoes for the gold miners, he noticed that those who supply gold miners made much more income than the miners themselves so he secretly made a compartment for gold particles at the heel side of the shoes he made for the miners.

Are there similarities between Allen Edmonds and John Lobb shoes?

Allen Edmonds vs John Lobb

Here are some similarities between Allen Edmonds and John Lobb’s shoes:

  • Skin/Leather Upper
  • Quality soles
  • Silk laces
  • Upper stitches
  • Removable insoles

Skin Upper

One thing the Allen Edmonds and John Lobb shoes have that is similar is the kind of material used in making the upper of their shoes.

Both shoe-making companies make use of synthetic and original skin/Leather materials in making the top part of their shoes.

This gives the shoes the beauty they display that makes them attractive to the eyes and also makes them quality and Packard.

Quality Soles

The soles of these shoes are both made from high-quality leather material, rubber, or even a combination of both materials as the case may be.

It is as a result of the original material they use that makes the shoes have the slip-resistant feature which increases the safety of the wearer and also the durability of their soles.

They make them last longer than most shoes even with regular usage, a value for money.

Silk laces

With the kind of materials used in making the upper of these shoes, it is likely possible to have a problem with the lace not holding the eyelets together perfectly in order to give you a perfect fit. This is why these companies use a silk material in making the laces.

They are strong and durable plus they won’t cut or break as a result of tying them together in other to have a perfect fit.

This is also one thing both companies have in common.

Upper stitches

One beautiful similarity that is not seen in these competitive companies is the amazing stitches on the upper of both shoes.

One could say they both agreed to make use of the same designers to design the upper of their shoes even though they are both competitive companies but no.

Each company has a standard of how they make the stitches on the upper of their shoes but regardless, it is one thing they have in common.

Removable insoles

Now we all know the importance of removable insoles in shoes. This is one thing no shoe company will want to not have.

As sometimes in some cases, the shoes you buy might be a perfect fit but because of the kind of insole in them, they might seem a bit tighter than expected so the insoles can be removed and replaced in other to have a perfect fit, and yes this is one feature both shoe companies have in common.

What are the differences between Allen Edmonds and John Lobb shoes?

The difference between the Allen Edmonds shoes and John Lobb shoes are:

  • Materials used in Allen Edmonds are Goodyear welt while John Lobb uses leather materials
  • John Lobb’s shoes are generally more expensive than Allen Edmonds shoes
  • Allen Edmonds are products in the USA while John Lobbs are made in England
  • Allen Edmonds has better customer care service

Materials used in Allen Edmonds are Goodyear welt while John Lobb uses leather materials

The materials used in producing these shoes differ in a lot of ways.

The Allen Edmonds uses a 360 Goodyear welt material in making their shoes which makes them versatile, long-lasting, and comfortable. The John Lobb shoes on the other hand are made with 90% leather materials.

From the upper to the vamp of the shoes and their soles are made with rubber or leather material and sometimes a combination of both, an original leather is used to make it look good and shiny.

John Lobb’s shoes are generally more expensive than Allen Edmonds shoes

The price tag on the John Lobb shoes ranges from about $1,000 and above. While the Allen Edmonds shoes do not have a specific price attached to them rather they are moderately and considerably expensive.

Allen Edmonds are products in the USA while John Lobbs are made in England

The location of these shoes is another difference they share.

The Allen Edmonds are shoes that are manufactured from scratch in Port Washington, Wisconsin, United States of America, while John Lobb on the other hand is shoes that are manufactured in Northampton, England.

Allen Edmonds has better customer care service

The customer care of Allen Edmonds shoes is on another level. They have a repair rather than replace policy for their loyal customers.

They replace the soles and heels of the shoes of their customers for free, this makes them the most patronized and loved shoes among both locals and high-class citizens.


The Allen Edmonds is a respected brand among other brands most especially for their duty towards the US Army and US Navy.

During the world war, they served the Military with quality shoes which earned them loyal customers for the sake of the quality they offered.

These shoes are most importantly affordable to all, even with a few hundred dollars, one can acquire a pair of Allen Edmonds as they are moderately and considerably expensive.

John Lobb on the other hand is a distinguished name in the world of shoes for men. They have a high record of attending to top-class people, from royalties to top politicians and businessmen.

They have a price range starting from $1,000 and above. The John Lobb is a unique brand that got its popularity from attending to high-class personalities.

Regardless, Allen Edmonds is a popular brand in America, Dubai, and Japan.

Their affordability and quality make them wanted in different regions of the continent.

Most people want to spend less money and achieve quality and comfort and the Allen Edmonds offers both which makes them the best among the two of them compared together.


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