Does Ajio Sell Fake Shoes?

No. Ajio does not sell fake shoes.

A lot of times, what makes people think Ajio sells fake products is because of the low price of these products. Also, there are times when different price tags are added to the same product.

I might not be able to say what the cause of this is, but I have experienced it once or twice while making a purchase on Ajio.

Apart from these, the products they sell are original and last very long. Ajio sells original shoes. They don’t sell fake shoes. None of the products I got from this store came out wrong or counterfeited.

Does Ajio sell original PUMA products?

Does Ajio Sell Fake Shoes

Yes. Ajio sells original puma products.

From my experience, puma shoes on Ajio are original and not counterfeit. The colors of the puma shoes on Ajio are not odd and different from the colors on the original puma store/website. Furthermore, there is no foul odor of gum/adhesive whenever you buy puma shoes from Ajio. This is one of the ways to know that puma shoes are original.

When I made the order, I took time to observe every part of my puma shoe and I realized that I got value for the money I paid. Any puma shoe you get from Ajio has its own unique code that makes it different. This code appears both on the delivery package box and on the inside of your puma shoe.

On the tongue of your Puma shoe, you would also find the anti-counterfeit label there which is one of the factors that prove the authenticity and genuineness of any shoe.

Ajio sells cheap shoes, but they sell original shoes. If you need to purchase puma shoes on Ajio, then from my experience, there is nothing to fear at all because you would get original puma shoes only for a less expensive price than other online stores out there.

The caps and shirts made by puma are also sold on Ajio and these are all original. The shirts last long and are made of premium cotton material. The texture is the same as the puma shirt I bought directly from the puma store.

Ajio sells original puma products.

Does Ajio sell original Converse products?

Does Ajio Sell Fake Shoes

Yes. Ajio sells original Converse products as well. I use Ajio a lot to get some of my shoes most especially when I am looking for affordable products and I have been amazed every time by the quality of the products that get delivered to my doorstep.

Recently, I made a purchase of Converse Chuck Taylor sneaker and it came in as expected and was original. I am a shoe collector and I am quite skillful at recognizing original from counterfeited shoes.

The first place I checked was the inside of the Converse sneakers. There is a number on the inside of every original Converse sneaker which must be identical in all Converse sneakers.

Once this number is different, then one of the sneakers is fake. I checked this number with the number inside another Converse sneakers I bought from another online store and they were identical.

Furthermore, the sole of my Converse sneakers were soft and strong enough to keep my feet stable while walking. Looking at the back of the sneakers, the logo was perfect.

It has a filled-in five-point star with the CONVERSE ALL STAR name written on it with the correct colors. Also, the sewing threads all across the sides were solid and of the same pattern.

Ajio sells original Converse products and this is coming from my first-hand experience with this online store.

Does Ajio sell original SuperDry products?

Does Ajio Sell Fake Shoes

Ajio sells original Superdry products.

Superdry products are sold on Ajio store as well and these products are original. Unlike the fake Superdry products that do not have a visible logo on the breast and neck of the shirts or hoodie, the Superdry products sold on Ajio do not have such irregularity.

Furthermore, the Superdry products sold on Ajio are made of cotton, and these products all have unique codes to make them unique. You would never find a similar code to any of these Superdry products.

Ajio sells original Superdry products. The only difference is that these come at an affordable price. However, their quality is not in any way minimized.

Does Ajio sell original Levis products?

Does Ajio Sell Fake Shoes

Original Levis products are sold by Ajio as well.

Levis products sold on Ajio come in a well-packaged manner with accurate descriptions of whatever it is that you ordered for. Levis produces both shoes and wears.

The Levis jeans sold on Ajio comes in both slim-fit and mid-rise form. These jeans come in beautiful colors of either blue or black.

These jeans never fade and from my experience, all the Levis jeans I have purchased on Ajio were stretchy and they all fit perfectly.

The Levis sneakers are also very quality. These amazing sneakers have the branded logo on them which is located at the back of the outsole and also attached to the body of the sneakers.

Furthermore, the insoles are soft and comfortable. The Levis sneakers sold by Ajio are very durable and lasts for long.

Ajio also sells Levis slim-fit cotton shirt which is also original and lasts long.

Every Levis product sold by Ajio are original and they have the branded logo of Levis with a unique number to each of these products. Just like every other product, they only come at a cheaper price than other online stores.

Does Ajio sell original Nike products?

Does Ajio Sell Fake Shoes

Yes. Ajio sells original Nike products.

I was shocked to discover this amazing truth. I never even realized that Ajio sells Nike products until I made my research and discovered that they sell Nike products.

Furthermore, I was a bit skeptical about making the purchase because I just heard about Ajio (before I made my first purchase on their website) at that time and all I heard was that they make fake products.

However, I gave it a try because of the cheap price and the first Nike sneakers I got were amazing. I still use it till today.

Ajio sells original Nike products which are durable and trade-marked by Nike.

Don’t expect your Nike product to come in a NIKE-BRANDED box anyways. Since it’s sold by Ajio, then the package comes with an Ajio branded box.

There is nothing to worry about concerning this at all. The Nike shoes sold by Ajio are so soft and comfortable to wear.

The SKU number on the label of the package box is the same as that on the inside of the Nike shoe.

When it comes to Nike products, there is nothing to worry about. From my experience with Nike shoes, Ajio sells original Nike shoes and this also extends to all of the Nike products as well.

The price might be cheaper than what you would find in the original Nike store, but the products are of good quality.

Does Ajio sell original Adidas products?

Does Ajio Sell Fake Shoes

Beyond doubt, the Adidas product sold on Ajio is original.

The Adidas backpack that is sold on Ajio comes in the exact color of backpacks found on the Adidas original store. Furthermore, the branded name of Adidas is visibly seen at the upper back of the backpack.

The quality of synthetic material used in making them is high and of authenticity. The Adidas backpack sold on Ajio is of high quality and lasts long.

The Adidas slip-on has stripes of white and black on the top which is a general trademark of the Adidas brand. The insole is soft and comfortable to walk in. Ajio sells original Adidas slip-on as well.

Ajio also sells Adidas T-shirts and Joggers which are of high quality and textile design.

When it comes to the Adidas sneakers, you are going to get quality at a low price on Ajio as well. The Adidas sneakers sold on Ajio are comfortable, durable, classic, and of good quality.

You would see the branded logo of Adidas on every shoe you get on Ajio. There is a unique code you would always find in every Adidas shoe you get on Ajio which is unique to every shoe and in common with every original Adidas sneaker out there.

Does Ajioo sell original Armani products?

Does Ajio Sell Fake Shoes

There are more than 1,000 Armani products on Ajio. These products range from wristwatches to wears. All of these products are original and authentic.

The wears are made of high-quality material. Unlike the fake ones that look slimy when you hold them, the Armani wears sold by Ajio differ from that.

They are firm, quality, and branded with the Armani logo for authenticity. Furthermore, the stitching on the Armani shirt I bought is uneven. Fake Armani shirts have uneven or rough-end stitches.

Furthermore, the Armani products come in different labels:

  • Emporio Armani is aimed at younger individuals with a lot of celebrity endorsements. You can find this product on Ajio as well in its best quality and affordable price.

Ajio sells original Emporio Armani wears in its best quality and with all the trademarks of the Armani brand. There is no need to make a fuss about the price because it is cheap and affordable.

  • Gorgio Armani is a luxurious label that is majorly targeted at wealthy people.

This particular label comes with custom-made sections for celebrities and influential people. This particular label comes in very expensive prices which makes it less affordable by a lot.

The Gorgio Armani product cannot be found on Ajio. Ajio does not sell Gorgio Armani products.

  • The Armani Exchange is another label that is commonly found today. It is mostly available and affordable by every other Armani label.

The Armani Exchange product is found on Ajio and they are original.

Generally, every Armani product you find on Ajio is quality. If you take a closer look at the price range, you would not find much difference between their price and other online store’s price when converted to $.

Armani products are expensive and this is also applicable to the Ajio store as well. However, if you are concerned about quality, then you don’t have to worry because every Armani product sold on Ajio are quality and durable.

Does Ajio sell original Skechers products?

Does Ajio Sell Fake Shoes

Yes, Ajio sells original Skechers products.

Skechers is a brand that produces sneakers and work boots.

On Ajio, there are about 700 Skechers listed. I have not used all of them, but from my experience with the SKECHERS GO RUN 400 RUNNING SHOES and the SKECHERS ULTRA GROOVE TEXTURED SPORT SHOE, I can say that the products they sell are original.

Skechers shoes come with a strong sole that is anti-slip and some of these soles have high-traction patterns. Furthermore, the insoles are soft and supportive enough for your arches and heels. All these are found in the Skechers I bought on Ajio.

The price is not as expensive as other online stores, but it is also not ridiculously cheap enough to cause you to doubt the quality of the product.


From my experience and the feedbacks of other customers, the Ajio store is a great place to get amazing and quality products at an affordable price. Although the delivery time is a bit slower than other stores, you would eventually get your products delivered to you on time.

Furthermore, when it comes to fake products, I have not gotten any fake products from Ajio since I started buying shoes from them.

I have seen a lot of people talk about Ajio store in a negative light, but from my first-hand experience, the Ajio store sells original products. These products might be cheaper than usual, but it does not in any way mean less quality.

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