15 Ways to Wear Joggers with High Top

In this article, I will be showing you fifteen ways to wear your Joggers with High tops.

Believe me, this is going to be an amazing experience and if you follow the process discussed here, you will look even sleeker whenever you rock your joggers with High tops.

Ways to Wear Joggers with High Top

Let’s get down to business!!

Here are 15 ways you can wear your Joggers with High tops

Grey Joggers + Black Leather Jacket with Nike Air Force 1 High tops

You will want to try out this lovely combination of the Nike Airforce 1 High tops, and a black jacket with a Grey Jogger.

This is one of the simple yet trendy wears and combinations that anyone can do with a couple of High tops and joggers.

You can wear this to hang out with friends and even participate in indoor adventures like games and the rest.

The insole of the Nike Airforce 1 (See on Amazon) is made with soft materials to enable long hours of use with no side effects which makes them perfect for relaxation.

Ways to Wear Joggers with High Top


Black Joggers + Nike Air Command force High tops

Black Joggers might look like a common combination but the perfection tends to give different vibes and impressions when you combine the black Adidas Joggers with the White Nike Air Command force.

The Uniqueness of this combination can be seen from the matching stripes both the Joggers and the High tops have, when you take a look at the sole of the Airforce 1 you will notice dazzling swoosh in black color and also the stripes at the sides of the soles.

This combination is a perfect fit for hiking and outdoor adventures because the traction on the soles gives you a strong grip on whatever terrain you walk on.

Ways to Wear Joggers with High Top


Converse All Star Sneakers + White pairs of off-white Joggers

Converse All-Stars are one of the most recognized shoes in the world today (See on Amazon). They have thick universal soles that make them perfect for any terrain.

The High tops classic is a remodeled version of the sneakers, it offers beauty and turns out to be of perfect combination with a pair of off-white joggers and white socks.

When you look at this combination there is something special about it that goes with the white color, from the all-stars having a dazzling mixture of white, to a pair of white socks and then the off-white joggers to blend the whole thing.

You might not be a fan of the All-stars High tops sneakers, but this combination is sure going to leave you looking sleek and trendy plus perfect for any adventure including planned and unplanned adventures.

You should give this particular combo a try!!

Ways to Wear Joggers with High Top


Jordan Youth Air Jordan 1 Retro High “Cactus Jack” + Black Oversized Joggers with Socks

Air Jordan is one of the craziest shoes with trendy designs.

Sometimes you need to pay close attention to details to be able to differentiate one model of Jordan from the other.

The Nike Air Jordan (See price on Amazon) happens to be a perfect combination when combined with a black oversized jogger.

This is a very simple combo, you need to make sure the jogger is bigger than you, for the ladies reading this, this should be the perfect time and reason to take that jogger from your boyfriend in order to make this cut.

Or you can just get a pair of oversized joggers that will give you a perfect grip just before the ankle in order to mash up this look.

A pair of Cactus Air Jordan, black Oversized Joggers with White socks, and your bag is going to leave you looking sleek with no stress.

Ways to Wear Joggers with High Top


Jordan Men Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG + Grey Pairs of Joggers with White Socks

The swoosh on Nike Socks proves to be an effective touch in today’s fashion world.

You can effortlessly look cool and outstanding from others if you would simply just wear your joggers and let them rest just above the Nike Swoosh on your socks.

That’s not all, a sleek match would be to attach the Nike Men’s Air Jordan Retro High OG (See price on Amazon) with a pair of grey joggers to complete your mad vies.

This is a whole different vibe as the color match is something out of the ordinary, if you ask me, I think this combination Is going to leave you looking all greyish with a touch of Sky blue and white.

Ways to Wear Joggers with High Top


Off-white Nike High-Top + Up and down Off-white Joggers with White Socks

This is the first one on the list for those who love up and down matching outfits.

Apparently, a pair of Hoodies and Joggers of the same brand can minimize the stress of you looking sleek.

Hold on, did I forget to mention that y’all will need to complete this look with a pair of Nike High top sneakers?

The uniqueness does not only lie in the Outfit but in the coloring as well, from an off-white hoodie and jogger to off-white Nike sneakers (See price on Amazon) with a purple swoosh and purple stripes. Just like I said, this will leave you looking effortlessly cool.

Ways to Wear Joggers with High Top


Hand Painted Customized Joggers + customized obsidian Air Jordan 1 without Socks

Here is for those who love to customize their look.

Some fashion gurus can go the extra mile just to nail the look. There is certainly an inspirational image within that drives them through this length in the search for perfection.

Another sleek combination will be the Combo of any hand Customized/painted black jogger to a design of your choice.

Worn with a customized Obsidian Jordan 1 also to match the customization since we are all customizing now and then to ensure you give the gang or better still a master of the street look, mash these up with no Socks to leave your skin visible just a bit.

The fun part of this is that you get to customize these to whatever designs you feel like using whatever means you find okay. There is no law hindering this art!!

Ways to Wear Joggers with High Top


Tyson Everyday Striped Jogger and Hoodie with a mini side bag + Jordan Men Air Jordan 1 

Another one for those who love to look complete with the same outfit up and down.

I personally love this outfit, a green hoodie with matching stripes from the shoulders to the edge of the joggers.

Speaking of being sleek effortlessly, this is another way to do it. Get a pair of up and down and then complete the look with a black Nike Air Jordan.

You can wear this to wherever you want to, the dress-up lets you hold a mini side bag to allow you to carry along some valuables and perhaps some electric devices like your phone or even your Tablet.

Ways to Wear Joggers with High Top

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Drew Puffer Jacket – Red Tyson Jogger – Camouflage + Red Nike Air Jordan

Some people prefer to look colorful from their head to toes. This is more of the street and gangster.

A pair of red-edged glasses blended with a red Drew Puffer Jacket with a red Tyson Jogger in camouflage Pattern and then to complete your look, a pair of red Nike Air Jordan with white stripes.

If you ask me, all eyes are gon be on you if you turn up the street looking like this. The joggers and High tops color lets you rock them with a plain top not necessarily a jacket or even red.

You can try this same pattern of dressing with plain white tops and you are sure to look sleek regardless.

Ways to Wear Joggers with High Top


Black Cropped Top + Pink Coloured Joggers for women and Vans Unisex Hi-Top Sneaker with White Socks

Do you love to work out as a lady and you sometimes get confused about what to wear to maintain your beauty and also keep the air coming in while you go about your activities in the gym with no stress?

This dress tip is for you ladies. You don’t have to be confused anymore, with just a black crop top and a pair of pink Joggers accompanied by a pair of pink Vans High Tops (See on Amazon).

You are bound to have a fun-filled workout day and still maintain your classiness and ruggedness with extreme comfort while you engage in your gym session.

Ways to Wear Joggers with High Top


Grey Combat Leather Joggers + Nike Men High tops Shoe with White Socks

The previous one was for the ladies so it will only be fair to follow up with the men’s dress tip on gym adventures. The joggers where initially made for athletes therefore it is only fitting to wear them to the gym.

And a fun fact is as a man, you can go shirtless to the gym rocking just your Nike Men High Top shoes and your Combat joggers with a pair of white socks (See on Amazon).

There is no better way to flaunt that perfect body and amazing curves than with the Nike and a pair of Grey Combat Joggers.

Ways to Wear Joggers with High Top


Green Hoodie and Joggers + Nike Men’s Basketball Shoe High tops and Socks

Green Hoodie YES, but striped green Hoodie NO, then this is for you. I reckoned some of you might not buy the idea of wearing a striped hoodie with a jogger which is why I’ve decided to include a stripless hoodie with joggers.

This will go with your pair of white High Top shoes regardless of the color of your hoodie and jogger and regardless of the brand of the high tops, this is definitely going to be one of the best combinations you have ever worn.

One thing with the High top is that they happen to be a perfect match with hoodies regardless of the design the hoodie came with.

Ways to Wear Joggers with High Top


Off-White Hoodie and Joggers with Black cap + Jordan Off-white High tops Sneakers

We can all agree that Off white colors blend well with other colors right, I mean look at this comb.

A black P-cap, off-white hoodie, and joggers with a pair of off-white Jordan High top Sneakers.

You ain’t gonna look sleeker than this is a hoodie if you ask me. You can turn up on occasions and or parties looking like this and still take all the attention, all eyes on me kind of attention.

The Joggers come with adjustable rope on the waist for a customized fit.

You should try this out and thank me later.

Ways to Wear Joggers with High Top

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Blue New York top and Joggers + White Men’s Jordan 1 Mid SE Grey Green

Blue is my favorite color, if you will ever get to the junction of imagining how your writer looks like then this should be the perfect description of me.

I love blue to the extent that I decided to include it in ways to look sleek with your Joggers and High tops.

We can all agree that blue joggers with New York T-shirts bring out the sleekness in you. To top it all with a grey P-cap and a white pair of High tops carrying touches of green.

This combination looks simple but brings out quality and shows how unbothered you are with what you are wearing.

It shows a comfortable you, ready for whatever comes your way and yes, even perfect for a picture or two.

Ways to Wear Joggers with High Top

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White Mickey Mouse Top and Joggers + Black Air Jordan

Mickey Mouse shirts are known to match so many outfits and complete a sleek look. With your pair of joggers and Nike Jordan High Top Sneakers, the whole expression will differ from ordinary to a more extraordinary format.

I like this style more because of how light and free you will be when you turn up in this, it’s like you don’t want any attention even though attention is all you are gon get as long as you are in them.

Then to look at the mickey mouse on your chest giving out that smirky look LOL. This is nevertheless one of the ways you can wear your joggers with High tops to loo absolutely astonishing and sleek.

Ways to Wear Joggers with High Top

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The ball is in your court, you now have 15 ways in which you can combine your joggers and High tops to look even sleeker than you used to.

The links to the shoes are embedded in their names, you can tap the names of the shoes and it will direct you to where you are bound to get more classic High tops at affordable prices that will complete your look.


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