High Top Converse With Sweatpants: 10 Different Ways to Style

Converse shoes have come a long way to get to us. It’s got such a rich history with skateboarding and street life that today if you don’t have a pair in your collection, I should ask you, “what the heck do you wear then?”

High Top Converse With Sweatpants

Still, in a light mood, you have probably styled these shoes in every conceivable way; jeans, shorts, and if you’re a lady, skirts and skinny jeans.

There’s one way you may not have styled it though: with sweatpants.

Let me share 10 converse styling ideas with sweatpants that I found on the internet with you.

Converse, sweatpants, and an Oxford shirt

High Top Converse With Sweatpants
Instagram: @Hip

Surprised? Don’t be. We are talking about converse shoes here, one of the most versatile shoes you can have in your wardrobe.

Who would ever think you could style a converse High-top with oxford shirts, right? But you can, in fact, you have a certain license to do with your converse shoes whatever the hell you want.

So why don’t you try this on one sunny, but breezy day. Say you need to go out alone or with friends, you all should wear your converse shoes and do a variety of dress combinations; short or long-sleeved Oxford shirts with converse hightops.

If you have an afro to top it all off, even better. Don’t forget to take photos of yourself. Wow your social media fans with this look, spread the gospel of versatility.

It is important that you get your sweatpants right. One of the advantages of styling your converse with an Oxford shirt and sweatpants is you do not need to tuck your shirt in.

You achieve a dual look being able to maintain your casualness and still fit in around the workplace.

Converse, hoodie overall, and a facemask

High Top Converse With Sweatpants
Instagram: @luky_styk

You can never go wrong with this look. Stylish and in it. Get yourself a sweatpant that’s the shade of green, not too bulky, because, you know, the red converse Chuck Taylor hightop is a streamlined shoe.

Add to it a hoodie with prints on it; a shade of red and some other color that matches your sweatpants. Since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, some countries have relaxed covid rules, so you may not need a mask.

But if this isn’t the case in your area then spot a blue facemask like this one, and give yourself the ninja vibe with your hoodie up.

Try out this look today while it’s still the temperature in your area may still be cool enough for hoodies. It will be spring soon and you’ll have to loosen up on sweatpants.

The Chuck Taylor hightop, especially the red color, is one of the most versatile shoes to style with sweatpants. High-tops as you can see fit really nicely with sweatpants.

Blue Converse, grey sweatpants, blue anorak, and peace sign

High Top Converse With Sweatpants
Instagram: @limkuma

For everyday activity, converse shoes are there for you. To make these activities a joy and comfort, sweatpants are needed.

Obviously, it is not only the young that love converse shoes. Even seniors can get with the converse and sweatpants rave. This style is especially ideal for when you need to go to the grocery store, take the kids to and from school, or simply go for a walk.

Hitting a converse shoe up with an anorak is, crowning it with a baseball cap is something we love to see. It’s not just great for the gram, it’s also good for the culture.

It’s been a hard fight for humanity recently, you can lighten things up on your end by reminding yourself what it was like to be young. Wear a converse shoe and sweatpants today.

Converse, sweatpants, and a simple t-shirt

High Top Converse With Sweatpants
Instagram: @boriszow._.attila

This is a laid-back way to style converse shoes with sweatpants. No fluff, no extra weights, just your body under a light garment.

And of course, a pair of the iconic converse shoes to go with it.

Any converse shoe will do, but in this look, you need a Converse Pro. A t-shirt that’s the same shade of grey-like your sweatpants and a pair of dark shades to imbue some mystery.

This look is great for an evening stroll. If there’s an overcast sky, even better. And if your city happens to have great and memorable scenery, oh swell. Have a companion or do this alone, your choice.

As long as you have someone take photos of you doing your thing. Personally, I don’t want to miss out on your fun.

Converse, sweatpants, and green anorak

High Top Converse With Sweatpants
Instagram: @w.shoya.w

Like I said earlier, with converse shoes – especially Chuck Taylors – you can never be wrong. Dig this look: white Chucks, white sweatpants, and a green jacket. It’s not the best in the world but it’s enough to get our attention.

This look can happen any time of day and can be rocked anywhere too. This look is a cross between an all-out casual and formal. Yes, even sweatpants can be styled formally.

High-tops by their nature give off a formal look. Sweatpants help to dial down the temp a little so you can fit into a free day.

To make things further interesting, add a red tee inside. This look is good for everything from walking, hanging out with friends, going to the library, lectures, and a weekend cookout.

Converse, sweatpants, and a sweatshirt

High Top Converse With Sweatpants
Instagram: @truthfullycharlie

In this look you have the Converse All-Star Move styled with sweats. The sweatshirt is branded but yours may not even be. It’s a day to go for that brisk walk, who cares if the shirt is branded.

Cool look with the sweatpants sitting on the high-tops, nothing beats the feel around your ankles. This is for ladies who love to take care of themselves.

Next gym day, do this; leave your hair down, put on some light makeup, tie your Converse All-Star Move on and top it up with the sweatshirt. If you don’t think a jacket on it all is overkill then by all means go ahead.

Converse, grey sweatpants

High Top Converse With Sweatpants
Instagram: @seongjun_ah

With a Converse Run Star Hike platform as seen here, you can style with sweatpants and jackets, and caps. It’s the platform shoes for me though.

The trick is also in how you combine your colors. Sweatpants usually come in grey colors. And the most popular converse shoes are black with white rubber outsoles.

In my opinion, this is exactly what makes it easy to style. Converse shoes are ready out of the box, hence they can be worn with just about any kind of dress.

In this style, you have the baseball cap topping it out. It blends really well in a laid-back way.

If you are a skateboarder this look is ideal for a casual afternoon on the skate court. Or even for a more outdoorsy ride on the street.

Converse, pink sweatpants, sexy top

High Top Converse With Sweatpants
Instagram: @mari.molinab

Ladies, here’s a styling idea for a bright day’s outing. Platform converse shoes with pink sweatpants, and a sexy top is all you need to switch up on your style as spring comes in.

This is a minimalist style that I suggest every lady who loves sneakers should try. Converse shoes are minimalist, and so are sweatpants. The idea is to appear formal and trendy at the same time.

Here the sweatpants are not too stringy in the cuffs. It’s not baggy as well, with just enough length to stop above the top of your shoes.

Not the color combination as well; pink and black have never been so mutually exciting. The feminine color pink combines well with the harder black. Add a dash of white or other matching colors of socks to the mix.

Rock this look at beach parties, nights at a club that’s not too strict about dress codes. You can rock this look to class if you’re a college student too. Converse and sweatpants allow you to be yourself.

Converse, sweatpants, striped sweatshirt, and face cap

High Top Converse With Sweatpants
Instagram: @twashfit

That’s what sweatpants are for – exercise, gym day. When sweatpants meet converse shoes though, you can quickly go from exercise to just living your life the best you can, and keeping the memories.

Here is a style idea: grey sweatpants, black converse chucks, black sweatshirts, and a grey cap.

You can add a cup of coffee if you want. But you get the point. Converse shoes and sweatpants seemed made for each other as this style shows.

Converse, sweatpants, blacktop, denim jacket, dark shades

High Top Converse With Sweatpants
Instagram: @becciabey

Add a little black bag to pack your stuff. I love this look for ladies who go to college. It’s sweatpants and converse so I don’t see you being admitted anywhere dressed this way.

Get yourself a faded blue denim jacket or shirt, grey sweatpants, and a black pair of Converse Chuck Taylors.

You may complete this look with medium-length black socks. Make sure the length of the denim jacket is short, thus accentuating your figure.

Seal this look with a pair of dark shades and a black bag. This is one of the coolest ways to style converse and sweatpants.

So do you have sweatpants in abundance? Do you have converse shoes but you’ve been styling them with jeans and other pants all this time?

It’s time to switch up your style by adopting any of the sweatpants styles above.


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