UltraCush vs ComfyCush: Which is Better?

Comfycush is better than regular Ultracush Vans because it’s more comfortable. Comfycush is better than rubber-induced cushions because it will make you happy when you stand in it.

UltraCush vs ComfyCush

The idea for ComfyCush came from the inventor’s observation that, although some people like foam more than others, everyone likes it more when it is softer. That’s what this product is all about.

The only limit is your imagination!

Why did I choose ComfyCush?

Shoes are very important for human beings and we use them in our daily life. When we choose a shoe we consider many factors like price, color, design, and most importantly, comfort and style.

There is no denying that the comfort and styling of the ComfyCush play a major role in my decision, but I am still going with it.

One of the best options for stylish look, performance, and also durability in the Vans variety is the ComfyCush.

ComfyCush is better for two reasons. First, you get more of it. Second, it feels better.

The basic idea behind ComfyCush is to have extra cushioning, instead of forcing the user’s body to hold up the cushion.

This requires us to have a layer of material that is thick and soft enough to be comfortable, but thin enough to avoid being big and bulky.

Foam is cheap and easy to make. It is highly versatile and can be used to make products of every size, shape, color, and texture.

But it is not very comfortable. Softer foam is better, but it usually costs more, takes up more space, and has other problems as well.

ComfyCush upgrades foam with two layers of soft fabric on the top and bottom.

This makes it much softer than plain foam at no extra cost or space penalty, yet still inexpensive enough that you can order any size you want without worrying about the price.

Foam products are great for many applications because they are cheap, soft, and easy to work with.

But until now there hasn’t been a way to get them really soft without adding cost or cutting into their versatility. Although ComfyCush solves this problem by making them softer right in the first place!

Differences between Ultracush and Comfycush

UltraCush vs ComfyCush

Ultra Cush ComfyCush
No rubber Rubber
Lightweight Regular weight
Insole padding All-sole padding
Heel support Memory foam support
Wider shape Narrow shape
Limited color options Various color options
  • Vans Comfycush is more grippy
  • The UltraCush is naturally lighter
  • Ultracush has better padding
  • UltraCush uses higher heels for support
  • Comfycush Vans has a better shape
  • ComfyCush has more color options

ComfyCush is more grippy

The difference between shoes with rubber soles and insole padding and shoes without them is not only that rubber is more comfortable, but that it lasts longer.

The real difference is that the rubber makes it possible for you to walk with immense grip on various terrains like slippery surfaces, snow, or ice. This reduces the chance of blisters as well.

If you look at a pair of Vans ComfyCush, you think they are just shoes with some rubber on the bottom. But the rubber padding is what makes them different from other Vans like the UltraCush.

With a perfect blend of foam and rubber, it proves to be one unique pair. Not all shoes combine rubber and foam this well.

Rubber is an astonishing material. It is elastic, which means that when you stand on a rubber surface, it will deform to absorb some of your weight.

But unlike most elastic materials with hard foams, the ComfyCush also bounces back quickly to its original shape – good for bouncing, good for running fast, and of course for skateboarding.

Rubber is resistant to heat and cold. And most remarkable of all, it can be made so thin that it can be stretched over almost any form – that is why the ComfyCush beats the UltraCush hands down in terms of insole grip and long-lasting comfort.

The UltraCush is naturally lighter

A lot of people don’t understand the main difference between UltraCush Vans and ComfyCush Vans. Yes, they look similar but they’re not of the same weight.

The weight doesn’t matter that much in terms of how comfortable they are, but it does make a difference in long-lasting comfort and durability.

Simply put, the UltraCush might not last you like the ComfyCush. It all depends on the intensity of your usage though. You can use them for several years if you’re lucky.

The reason is that the insoles are made out of pure memory foam and aren’t as thick as ComfyCush which combines some amount of rubber. This makes them wear down faster and get holes easier than regular weight shoes do.

ComfyCush weighs more because they’re made with sturdier and thicker material. They’re made with rubber that is soft but won’t be as lightweight as the Ultra Vans.

But one thing is certain: they will last longer than the UltraCush.

Ultracush has better padding

With its knack for insole padding rather than all-round, the UltraCush is kind of special for skateboarders. I say this because their insoles are extremely squishy and cushioned when I wore them.

The Ultra also has features of both skateboarding shoes and fashion sneakers, which mean that they can be worn in either occasion.

UltraCush uses higher heels for support

When you will walk in shoes with higher heel support; you will feel improved stability in your walk and they provide you ultimate comfort when walking long distances.

The UltraCush also provide good ankle support when walking on uneven road. They are ideal for people who walk on a regular basis or who spend lots of time on their feet.

On the other hand, if you will walk with shoes that rely on memory foam for support; you’ll feel like walking on pillows.

With the ComfyCush, you can walk long distances without facing the problem of tiredness or blisters.

Also, if you want to run in shoes that will help you run faster, increase your stamina and reduce the overall stress on your feet, knees, and entire body, you should be looking at shoes with good heel support.

I realize that the main reason ComfyCush is so popular is because of the way it feels while walking around the house or mall. It feels like walking on marshmallows.

  • Shoes that have foot support on their foams shoes like the ComfyCush are not as effective when it comes to improving athletic performance.
  • The comfort of the rubber-induced memory foam makes it almost irresistible to anyone who wears heels for long periods of time, but skaters need something else entirely.
  • Most people who wear them believe they are getting the same benefits as they would with the Ultra, but this is not true. A shoe will excellent heels is best for skateboarding.
  • The Ultras are more breathable than the ComfyCush.

Comfycush Vans has a better shape

  • Vans skateboarding shoes, with their old-school design and wider shape, have become a hit among the younger generation.
  • The UltraCush has been popular among teenagers for its simple design and wide shape. The shoes are also comfortable to wear, according to some teenage skateboarders.

The UltraCush is better for people who have wide feet (for example, me).

This kind of shoe make my feet more comfortable. I can walk more easily in them. On the other hand, ComfyCush is better for people who have narrow feet (for example my wife).

I think that everyone should wear the type of shoe that fits him or her best. It won’t hurt if you wear some other type of shoe once or twice but then go back to your usual brand/model/size of shoe.

But if you constantly change your type of shoe it can cause problems with your feet because they need time to adjust to them.

There is nothing wrong with wide-shaped shoes, but they are not for everyone. They fit better than narrow-shaped shoes to those who have wide feet.

If you do not have wide feet, the UltraCush will feel a little shaky in your feet, therefore exposing you to sore feet or blisters.

If the choice is between the two, it is often a matter of personal preference. But if you are choosing among many shoes, the fact that some shoes fit better than others should play a role in your decisions.

There are some cases where if you look at most shoes, they are neither wide nor narrow.

  • The UltraCush is often used for outdoor activities like hiking because the wide shape keeps the balance on steeper terrains.
  • Some people also see it as an option for running because they are lightweight. They are also grippier than the ComfyCush.
  • The ComfyCush however, is more often used for indoor activities like work or parties.
  • The Ultra is more functional and balanced while the ComfyCush is cushy and comfortable. They are also extremely fashionable and depend more on style.

A person who is built for UltraCush shoes will probably feel comfortable wearing them almost all the time. This is because they are more breathable and lightweight.

A person who prefers the ComfyCush will probably not feel comfortable wearing them for as long as he like. In my experience, squishy shoes will relentlessly cling on to your feet all day!

ComfyCush has more color options

The ComfyCush is not only more comfortable but also more attractive than the Ultra. They have a lot of color options too.

If you want to buy a pair of skateboarding shoes, it is suggested to choose some with more color variations for better style.

The ComfyCush is famous for its wide variety of colors, types, and patterns. One of the most popular varieties is the checker model.

This shoe has two layers of foam padding, one rubber, and one memory foam. This combination on the sole gives it a lot of solid support when you step down.

The inner layer is softer than the outer layer to ensure that your feet will feel comfortable when wearing these shoes.

This type of Vans shoe is offered in an assortment of different colors and styles so you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for if you decide to buy some for yourself!

Ultra brands have no additional insole but make no mistake; they still provide some needed comfort or cushioning. The soles of these shoes are attached directly to the upper part.

This makes them lighter than other styles, but it also means that they don’t have any additional padding or arch support inside them.

  • The most popular color of the UltraCush is Black.
  • But the ComfyCush comes in original colorways: Black, Red, and Blue, and also in many different styles such as stripe, checkerboard print, and multicolored prints.
  • There are also Sk8 Hi’s (high top shoes) which come in even more colors such as white/black checkerboard print, white/light blue checkerboard print, black/white checkerboard print, black/yellow checkerboard print; and also in styles such as stripe print and multicolored prints.

Similarities between Vans Comfycush and Ultracush

UltraCush vs ComfyCush

  • Vans Comfycush and Ultracush possess excellent uppers
  • Both Vans models provide padded insoles
  • They are both versatile shoes

Both possess excellent uppers

The Vans UltraCush is a modified version of the Classic Era. The uppers were made from a ruggedly smooth canvas and reinforced with cotton or leather.

They both provide a comfortable walking experience on your foot up to the toes.

Both Vans models provide padded insoles

The footbed, padded tongue, and collar added extra comfort to this skate shoe.

While the UltraCush was designed for skating, it became popular among runners because of its excellent support and durability.

These insoles also become the breaking point for the choices of competitive athletes.

They are both versatile

As a result, runners have been able to enjoy a classic skate shoe at a reasonable price too.

One of the best similarities between both shoes is their versatility, making them not just great for skating, but also for snowboarding or just casual wear. In fact, they are so versatile that some people even use them for work!

  • Both Vans shoes have are very durable thanks to their canvas uppers and vulcanized rubber soles.
  • This makes them both famous choices for good for skating, snowboarding, running, fashion, style, or just walking around town.

Final words

ComfyCush has made a big contribution to street fashion and sports culture. There are different types of ComfyCush models based on what style they are best known for and design: slip-ons.

One of the unique designs of the Vans shoes is the slip-on shoe without laces that you can slip on at any time.

The most important feature of these shoes is that these sneakers can be worn on different occasions, such as skating, skating, skateboarding, and so on.

Vans is a famous brand of shoes, so many people like to wear Vans shoes. But some people think that there is no difference between the Ultra and Comfy.

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