Vans Classic Slip-on vs Asher: What You Should Know

Vans is an American manufacturer of sleek and comfortable skateboarding shoes, it was founded by two brothers on March 16, 1966, who worked at a family-owned rubber manufacturing company that simply wanted to showcase their spin on skateboarding shoes.

The Asher is a model of Vans that gets its design inspiration from the classic vans, The Asher is a slip-on Vans shoe with a sleek and lightweight silhouette.

You can hardly tell the difference between the Asher and the Classic Vans slip-on, however, there are still noteworthy and telling differences.

Similarities between Vans Classic Slip-on vs Asher

Vans Classic Slip-on vs Asher: What You Should Know

Material quality

The classic Vans slip-on is made with textile material that is very durable, lightweight, and breathable, the material is made to withstand whatever form of abuse or mishandling it’s put through.

Skateboarding is a sport that involves a lot of leg movement and sometimes slipping and falling, the shoe is durable enough to withstand rigorous movement.

It is also very lightweight because as I mentioned earlier the leg movement needs to be smooth and easy, using a bulky material will hinder movement and make it ineffective.

The breathability of the material is paramount because your feet need air circulation when you are wearing the shoes to keep you refreshed from excessive sweating.

The Asher is designed to be a bit more stylish, although it still maintains the sleek and comfortable aesthetic, the uppers are made with a variety of materials depending on the graphic design.

For example, the checkered graphic design is made with a blend of a Textile and Cotton material that provides breathability and an ultra-lightweight aesthetic.

This however makes it less durable compared to the classic Vans slip-on.


There isn’t a glaring difference between the Classic Vans slip-on and the Asher when it comes to the quality of the Sole.

However, the Classic Vans has a Platform design type alongside the regular Sole, unlike the Asher.

Vans Sole are typically made of rubber which makes them highly durable and the flat and well-threaded aesthetic helps provide great traction for most surfaces.

Vans can be considered anti-slip. This is a given for shoes that are made for skateboarding, the board is usually smooth and can get slippery.

They are both made with the Gum-Rubber material which is a natural material obtained from a type of tree, this material provides maximum grip support for your feet.

The slip-resistant nature of Vans is what makes it a favorite, and it is present in both of these equally amazing pairs of shoes.

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The Asher is inspired by the classic Vans slip-on, therefore the design and aesthetic are eerily similar to the latter, however, there are slight differences.

The side-stitching that is present in the Asher is non-existent in the classic slip-on, also the Vans logo is placed at different spots.

The Asher has a narrower and slimmer design which is ideal for people who typically have smaller or thinner feet.

The heel is padded with a comfortable soft foam which gives the Classic slip-on an ultra-comfy feel, typically this design difference makes the Asher less comfortable to wear than the Vans classic slip-on.

From the width of the Sole platform to the waffle design underneath the sole and the shape of the uppers, these are all very similar designs that exist in the Classic Slip-On and the Asher.


The Asher and the Vans classic slip-on are made with a similar Sole, which is a natural rubber sole with the iconic waffle design.

Typically the sole of a shoe contributes to about 60% of the general weight of a shoe, and because the Asher has a sleeker and more streamlined design, it has less weight than the Vans classic slip-on.

The Insoles of the classic slip-on are way thicker and heavier, which gives it a soft feel for your feet, almost like you are walking on fluffy clouds.

The insole also adds to the weight distribution and adds to the weight of the Vans classic slip-on. Everyone has a different taste when it comes to comfort level, the classic slip-on favors a more traditional soft insole to provide comfort while the Asher trades that for a more lightweight feel.

Overall usage quality

When it comes to usage and purchase, Vans enthusiasts typically go for the Vans classic slip-on because it is considered to be amongst the main collection in the Vans Line.

However, the Asher is made as a cheaper and more affordable alternative that can be found in departmental and retail stores.

If you value comfort over affordability then the Vans classic slip-on should be your ideal pick, however, if you are looking for something within your price range then you should consider the Asher.

A lot of people are ignorant of the fact that the Asher is also made by Vans and mistake them for Vans knockoffs, they are not knockoffs, they are just a more affordable alternative.

If you search for reviews on the Asher it is mostly negative and the honest fact is that most of the reviewers haven’t really used the product, they just see it in a department store and assume it is fake then build their opinions around it that limited interaction.

These are equally good shoes with similar designs and alternative features.


The comfort levels of the Vans classic slip-on and the Asher are different because when it comes to the softness of the Insoles, the Classic slip-on beats the Asher by a mile.

However, due to the sleeker silhouette of the Asher, it is more lightweight than the Vans classic slip-on.

Also, the comfort level of the Vans Classic slip-on is elevated by the padded heel which makes your feet feel like you are getting a massage while walking.

The Asher has a more rigid and sturdy heel which most people consider relatively uncomfortable, it does edge the classic slip-on in terms of weight though, it is lighter.

If you are the active type or your job requires you to be on your feet for extended periods, then the Asher is a great pick due to its lightweight nature.

However, it does not mean the classic slip-on is less comfortable. It provides a different type of comfort for a more subdued atmosphere where you don’t have to move around a lot.


The fact that the Asher is desired to be a more affordable and mainstream option should be a telling factor that it is less durable than the Vans classic slip-on.

Although the Soles are pretty much the same material and quality, the uppers are made with a different material.

While the classic slip-on leans into a more textile-oriented material for the uppers, the Asher uppers are made with synthetic materials which are a lot less durable than textile.

Also, the stitching is different for the Asher. It leans into a more stylish aesthetic which staves off a bit from the solid stitching patterns the classic slip-on has which is a lot more durable.

The uppers are the main concern for durability in the Asher, the material is known to wear and tear quite easily. If it isn’t taken care of properly then the material begins to fade and lose shape.


When it comes to attractiveness the Asher is more eye-catching than the Vans classic slip-on because it comes in a wide variety of graphic designs and colors.

The sleek silhouette also makes it very cool, we can all agree that smaller stuff are usually cuter.

The stylish stitches of the Asher also give it an eye-catching aesthetic that is very hard to ignore, if you like colorful and playful designs on your footwear, the Asher should be the ideal pick for you.

I can’t speak for everyone but I love colorful things, and the Asher provides that aesthetic. The classic slip-on also has its pick of colorful choices.

Differences between Vans Classic Slip-on vs Asher

S/n Features Classic Vans
1 Features Variation The classic slip-on has a well Padded heel area for added comfort



It also has a more Robust Insole



The Heel area of the Asher isn’t padded and is less comfortable


Has a sleek Insole

2 Fit It is bulkier compared to the Asher Has a streamlined and sleeker silhouette
3 Price The Classic Slip-On is more expensive As a cheaper alternative to the Classic Slip-On, it is more affordable
4 Shape


It has a sleek shape, with a more rounded toe area Sleek and stylish across the whole shoe
5 Design Has a limited color option Comes in a variety of colorful and graphic design options

Features Variation

At first glance there is hardly any difference between the Vans Classic Slip-On and The Asher, However, when you put them on and use them for a while.

You’d notice subtle differences like the padded heel that is present in the Classic Slip-On and the extra cushioned Insole which are both absent in the Asher.

The Classic Slip-On is way more comfortable than the Asher. The stitching patterns also differ from one another because the Asher favors a more stylish approach but the classic slip-on focuses on the traditional.


The Asher has a more eye-catching silhouette due to its streamlined nature, it is slim and portable. Although it is not a great pick for people with large feet.

The Asher is also more lightweight than the classic slip-on which gives it a different kind of comfort level, the uppers are typically lighter and more breathable, and very sweat absorbent.

The Asher comes highly recommended for females because it looks cuter and it’s sleeker, not that men don’t also like those features. It is just a recommendation.


The Asher is made as an affordable option to the classic slip-on, wow, feel like I’ve made the statement a thousand times over now.

However it is a fact, the Asher is way more affordable and readily available, and accessible than the Vans Classic Slip-On.

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As stated above, the Asher is slightly sleeker than the classic Slip-On which gives it an edge when it comes to portability.

Although they look eerily similar and the shapes can’t be sorted out at first glance, they are slightly different from the Asher on the slimmer side.

The classic slip-on also has a more rounded toe area which provides more room for your toes to move around.


The Classic slip-on comes in about 5 color options while the Asher comes in a wide variety of color choices and graphic designs.

If you like colors that pop and you like to wear bold outfits, then the Asher is a more ideal pick for you.

It also comes in custom designs which you can have made when you purchase a pair, when it comes to design, the Asher edges the classic slip-on due to the versatility and wide range of selection.


There are more similarities than differences between the Vans Classic Slip-On and The Asher which isn’t surprising when one is modeled after the other one.

However, due to the fact that the Asher is more affordable, some of the features are different and the quality of the materials also differs.

They are both very great pairs of shoes and I would recommend them both, however, they each have unique features to offer which makes them stand out in their own ways.

For a playful and colorful aesthetic, the Asher is the best choice for you, if you like the traditional look with a well-cushioned insole and comfortable feel then the classic slip-on is for you.

No matter what your preference is, they are equally awesome pairs of footwears and contrary to popular belief, they are both products of Vans. Get yourself a pair or purchase them as a gifting option.

Purchase either of these shoes or both, You will not regret it.

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