DC vs Vans: Similarities & Differences

DC Shoes and Vans shoes are both American-based shoe manufacturing companies known by a large community of persons for their great works regarding the sports fields.

They are of different brands and types. One peculiar specialty of the DC and Vans company is its manufacturing of sports footwear including skateboard, snowboard fashion accessories, and apparel.

Both shoes have unique qualities attached to them. Vans shoes are a lot more popular with skateboarders and riders as they can be used to ride BMX. 

Due to individual differences, a lot of skateboarders prefer Vans shoes to DC Shoes.

This article will bring to your notice the similarities and differences between these shoes. I’ll make comparisons.

For those who have a hard time making the right choice of shoe to get, with this content, you should be able to choose correctly.  So what would it be?

Let’s go straight to our deal.

What are the similarities between DC and Vans shoes

DC vs Vans
Vans Old Skool Shoes
  • Generally, DC and Vans shoes are skateboard sneakers
  • Occasion casual shoes
  • They possess unisex features
  • DC Shoes and Vans shoes are durable
  • DC Shoes and Vans shoes are affordable shoes

Generally, DC and Vans shoes are skateboard sneakers

This points out the original essence of the shoes. Both shoes have technology that makes skating cool with less injury to the joints and bones around the feet. 

Although they come in various styles ultimately fit for sports operations, both shoes, DC, and Vans can be used as sneakers for casual wear as it suits perfectly.

It is not caged to one specific use as people think. That’s one similarity they share amongst others I’ll explain better as we ride on

Occasion casual shoes

As I stated earlier they can be used on casual clothes, this brings me to this point.

Despite the occasion involved, you can choose to wear either a DC Shoe or Vans for outings. Different people wear it to any occasion as the case may be, multiple times.

The good thing is it wouldn’t be obvious. These days, people have evolved into wearing athletic apparel to school, work, parties, which is now leisure-oriented.

Vans are even used in fashion runways. It can be worn on Fridays with denim, or a blazer, High tops like boots make a good impression on outings.

They possess the Unisex features

For a clearer understanding, unisex refers to males and females. This means both shoes can be worn by males and women.

It is not particular to a specific gender. That is male only or female only. Rather, there are sizes for both men and women.

Couples can rock these shoes together when going on vacations or outings.

This unisex feature applies to both brands. DC Shoes have their unisex collections as well as the Vans brand. This is another spotted similarity.

DC Shoes and Vans shoes are durable

One thing is to purchase these shoes and the taste of time is another.

No one wants to own shoes that rip off on two or three occasions after usage. It can be annoying and brings a lot of regrets.

This is the edge Vans shoes and DC Shoes have over other brands. They tend to carry on and stay durable for a couple of months or even years.

So you don’t have to be scared that your Vans’ shoes will wear off easily as they will not disappoint you either will the DC Shoes. Be rest assured of their durability.

DC Shoes and Vans shoes are affordable shoes

This is one quality associated with both shoes that can be gotten without negating your budget.

DC Shoes can be slightly higher in price than Vans shoes, which means that Vans shoes are relatively cheaper.

There is not much slack in price ranges depending on the type of shoe in mind.

One can acquire a DC Shoe for $50. Vans shoes can also be gotten between $30 to $60, which is affordable.

For low-income earners, some specs are also very affordable .as they are shoes to be owned. One can save up to get them.

Differences between both DC and Vans shoes

DC vs Vans
DC Shoes
  • The difference outsole texture technology
  • The difference in the overall sole technology
  • The difference in the insole technology
  • Price difference
  • Difference in material build
Technologies Main objective DC Shoes Vans shoes
The outsole texture technology Improves grip DC Shoes come with a dynamic grip technology Vans shoes are built with a waffle grip outsole. This is Vans signature
Overall sole technology Firm connection to the skateboard Made of thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU) Usually made using vulcanized rubber
Insole  technology  Protects the feet Impact I technology Vans shoes engage closed cell foam for the insole to make
Midsole technology Support during landing Same TPU  Also closed-cell foam
Price difference Budget in check as you won’t have to empty your savings Usually a bit costlier than Vans Quite affordable compared to DC Shoes
Material make up This is essential for its aesthetic ability and to extend durability. Some of its types are made of canvas and leather Vans shoes are mostly made of leather and suede

The technology difference in the outsole

The outsole is regarded as an important component if not the most important as regards to skate shoes.

This reason is its essence in grip, firmness, stability as well as flexibility. It should have some sort of cushioning effect in resisting abrasions.

For DC Shoes, it is a lightweight, sturdy construction to improve grip and sole durability.

It generally makes use of rubbers in different durometers. This is equipped with dynamic grip technology (DGT).

The rubbers are soft, medium, or hard for efficient grip and durability. In some form, it absorbs shock.

The soft rubber would give a board feel. Each area of the shoe gets the material that suits it. This is a very nice feature.

Vans shoes have an advanced rubber compound on them. They are popularly known for their signature waffle foam technology.

This entails a grid pattern with an encrypted code that takes over the work of slip resistance during skateboarding.

The waffle sole has a criss-cross shaped look or appearance. The sole also has a strip on the rubber foxing tape which is its trademark. The strip is molded in.

Vans shoes have an outsole with three layers of foxing tape glued together. They bulge out and pile up with overlapping parts. All these make up the vulcanizing construction.

The technology of sole in general

The sole of  Vans is made up of vulcanized rubber as stated earlier in this article.

Vulcanization involves a mixture of sulfur and natural rubber then passing through heat.

This is why lightweight materials like nylon cannot be used for vulcanization. It will eventually melt during the process.

Suede material can withstand heat, therefore used to make the upper part of the Vans shoes.

It is added for firmness to the skateboard, giving stability to the skateboarder.

Air pads and other shock-absorbent cushioning materials are implanted in the outsole.

The DC Shoes on the other hand are mostly made of thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU).

This matters because it aids in its durability and gives it the resistance to oil, abrasion, splitting, etc.

The feel of TPU is versatile in the sense that it can be soft like rubber or hard like plastic. It can be smooth too to touch, hence providing grip and stability.

TPU contains unique properties that enhance performance and flexibility. To shoe designers, this is great because its hardness can be customized.

Furthermore, the landing will have a better motion when on DC Shoes because of its composition and flex stems.

The make-up of both shoes is specific to each brand. You have to choose the one you’d probably be comfortable with against all other factors.

For example, The DC Shoes do not have waffle foam technology, unlike the Vans shoes. If you like the waffle look, you can give Vans shoes a try.

If you’re the type that cares more about efficiency, then DC Shoes might just do the trick.

Insole technology

Perhaps having a good outsole modification isn’t enough, there is insole technology that is all about the individual needs of the skater.

It needs to be soothing to the feet. One unique measure is the fact that insoles can be removed when ruined or ripped off and then replaced with new ones.

This however can be seen in high priced rather expensive shoes.

Insoles are of different types providing different degrees of firmness and protection.

Vans offer similar but different insoles to those of DC Shoes. The DC Shoes adopted an impact-I technology that came in handy during skating.

This technology intends to save the bones and joints of the feet while skating.

We observe a rubber cone curving in an inward direction with a low durometer which provides some form of compression when landing.

Impact-I technology protects the feet from hard hits at all times.

The Vans shoe in its unique way has a closed-cell foam construction. The foamed surfaces are preshaped.

There are also cushioning materials in the heel that are thinner to give a broad feel. Vans shoes also have some flexible, lightweight resistant insoles.

The insoles are anti-bacterial that cool the foot and are also resilient.

The midsole technology

Many people do not know where the midsole lies in a shoe. The midsole lies between the outer and inner soles. It is made of heat-resistant plastic.

The DC Shoes use TPU to make their midsole. DC Shoes have a product called “unilite” which has an ultra-light and flexible midsole.

This reduces the weight of the shoe to the barest minimum and offers great performance and comfort.

DC Shoes went ahead to upgrade the densities of the midsole in their shoes.

This ensures lesser weight, much more comfort, and support.

Vans shoes still make use of closed-cell foam for the insole which makes it heavier than the DC Shoes.

Midsole construction is a major aspect shoe manufacturers develop these days.

Price difference

In this area, reviewing sales documents will give an account of the price dissimilarity. About 78% of Vans shoes are sold out compared to those of DC Shoes.

DC Shoes are almost always sold out once released because of their efficacy.

Although the price range is still a barrier to some people budget-wise. In the absence of DC Shoes, Vans shoes sell better.

This is because DC Shoes are expensive compared to Vans shoes. Vans shoes take the spotlight.

So, a lot of people will go for Vans shoes that are relatively cheaper and widely distributed.

Dc Shoes don’t have an exposed culture rating for their products. This makes it a bit difficult to see the full sales progress.

Unlike Vans shoes that have an exposed culture rating, everyone sees it and works with the progress.

Material used

So the material make-up is a distinct feature of the shoes. The texture is not the same. DC shoes are made up of canvas and leather.

This is seen in the DC high tops. As mentioned in this article, canvas and leather can withstand heating during manufacturing, unlike nylon.

The Vans’ shoes also are made of leather and suede. The leather is just like canvas because the top of the shoe is resistant to heat.

Moreso, I think another choice for the said material is for aesthetic reasons. People appreciate it when they see good material that will last for a long time.

They’d rather get one quality product than ten fake ones. Also, materials like canvas and leather do not rip off easily. Except for suede, they are resistant to water.

They perform admirably in winter weather. Especially leather material. Vans shoes made of leather build up warmth during cold weather.

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This article has pointed out some notable distinctions and likenesses between DC Shoes and Vans shoes.

It has also a detailed description of both shoes that will help those who have an issue with making the right choice.

The variation spotted is what makes the shoe unique for use. Gone are the days when people only wore shoes such as DC Shoes and Vans for sporting activities.

These days it is also worn for athleisure. You should be elegant regardless. It’s up to you to decide which brand you’d prefer.

As for me, I’ll go for the DC Shoes

How about you?

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