Vans vs Puma: Similarities & Differences

Vans and Puma brands are some of the best brands of sneakers, which you can bank on for their quality and amazing features.

There is no doubt that you will enjoy yourself whenever you wear any of these brands.

When it comes to enjoying comfort and convenience with sneakers, I will recommend both vans and puma brands to you.

The comfort you will enjoy while wearing any of these brands cannot be found anywhere else.

However, I am going to be talking about the similarities and differences between both brands in order to help you make the best decision between both brands.

I must say at this point that Vans and Puma are amazing brands. This article is not to choose which brand is better than the other.

This post is to compare these brands in order to enlighten you about the similarities and the differences.

Have you been looking for the differences between vans and puma?

Have you been looking for the similarities between vans and puma?

Then, this is the best place for you. I will reveal the different features of each brand, which makes them similar and unique.

This will help you to make the best decision between both brands.

Vans vs Puma
Vans vs Puma

Paying attention to these sneakers, you will likely not find any differences between them. Apart from the colors, you will likely not find any differences between both of these sneakers.

Do not worry! I am going to point out the differences and similarities between both sneakers in this article.

Similarities between Puma and Vans

  • Comfort
  • Breathable feature
  • Insoles are comfortable and cushioned
  • Sole quality
  • Durability
  • Design


Comfort is the most important factor to consider when selecting the sneaker to wear. Without comfort, you will not be able to focus on what you ought to do.

In addition to this, your feet, toes, heels, and ankles will go through pain. Most times, they develop a painful blister, which might lead to health issues if not properly treated.

Vans and Puma are not one of those uncomfortable sneakers. With these sneakers, you can be sure of never feeling uncomfortable.

They have amazing qualities, which makes them one of the top brands, which makes comfortable sneakers.

Let us look at each feature in more detail:

Breathable feature

Vans and Puma brands make sneakers with breathable features. This is the reason why many people enjoy their vans and puma sneakers.

Having a sneaker with no breathable features will affect the good condition of your sneakers.

When your feet begin to sweat, the moist goes into your insoles, which makes them damp. After a while, your shoe will begin to smell.

This is the reason why a sneaker with a breathable feature is important. It helps to keep your feet dry and cool during hot weather conditions.

Even during summer, the breathable feature is still necessary to expel moist. Vans and Puma have this feature.

The upper material used in making Vans and Puma brands is breathable. There is free airflow with these sneakers.

Therefore, you will not have any challenge with your feet getting sweaty and slippery because of the choked moist.

The insoles of Vans and Puma brands of shoes are comfortable and cushioned

This is great for arch support and convenience for long hours of standing.

If you have a job that keeps you on your feet all day, or you plan to visit the park, you need to ensure that the insoles of your sneaker are cushioned enough to give you the support you need.

Vans and Puma will do a good job. From my experience with both brands, they offer the same level of comfort. I ran a test of wearing each sneaker for 2 hours each.

The same way I felt when I wore my PUMA sneaker was identical to my VANS sneaker.

I had to check to ascertain that I am not wearing the same sneaker.

This is the reason why I have mentioned this quality right here. You will enjoy the insoles of both sneakers for long hours of standing, walking, or running.

Whenever you wear your Vans sneaker, there is a pillow-like feeling that comes as your feet touch the insoles.

There is a way your feet get absorbed into the insoles and give you a sigh of relief.

This is the same for Puma sneakers as well (but with additional padding for extra cushioning).

You will feel comfortable whenever you wear these brands of sneakers because of their insoles.

Sole quality

Vans and Puma brands have the same sole quality. I will give you the following aspects of their outsoles, which look identical:


When it comes to enjoying firm grip, Vans and Puma is my favorite. Their outsoles are stable.

The traction patterns underneath their outsoles give you a firm grip whenever you walk on slippery floor surfaces.

Both brands have rubber outsoles

Therefore, it is impossible for water to penetrate the outsoles. This is also a good reason why the outsoles are slip-resistant.

Since water cannot penetrate the outsoles, the sneakers will not be slippery and cause you to fall.

In addition to this, the fact that water cannot penetrate Vans and Puma sneakers gives these brands a good durability score.

Both brands have durable outsoles

The outsoles of Vans and Puma brands are durable and will last. Even under pressure, you will not experience sudden deterioration.

You will enjoy your sneakers for 3 years before you begin to experience deterioration or wear and tear in the sole region.

The outsoles of Vans and Puma are lightweight

If you have ever tried one of these brands’ sneakers on, you will testify to this. It is easy to walk around in Vans and Puma sneakers. The reason for this is that the outsoles are not heavy.

Compared to boots or some other sneakers, the outsoles of Vans and Puma are easy to walk around in. With these sneakers, your feet muscles will be relaxed.


Vans and Puma sneakers are durable. Under the proper usage condition, you can wear your Vans or Puma sneaker for 3 years.

This is not a bluff! I recently had to give out my Puma sneaker because I needed to reshuffle my shoe collections in order to create room for new ones.

When I gave it out, the quality was still as new as expected. I enjoyed my Puma sneaker more than I expected.

This was the same experience I had with my Vans sneaker when I began to wear Vans. The durability and strength you will enjoy from both brands will blow your mind.

They are both strong brands of sneakers.


If you take a close look at the pictures above, you will not be able to observe the difference in their different designs.

Apart from the color, they look identical. Therefore, it might be difficult for you to distinguish between them just by checking their design.

There is a slight difference between the designs, which we will see in another section of this article.

Differences between Vans and Puma brands of sneakers

There are some differences between Vans and Puma sneakers, which we will look into in detail.

S/no Features Vans Puma
1 Design Vans is not as attractive as Puma. Therefore, if you need an elegant and good looking sneaker, you might want to consider Puma Puma has many attractive and beautiful sneakers. Therefore, it is the best choice for a good outlook.
2 Insoles The insoles of vans are cushioned and comfortable, but not as much as Puma The insoles of Puma has additional padding on the inside, which Vans does not have.
3 Outsoles It has rigid outsoles. The outsoles are flexible.
4 Product Variation It has a lot of products, but not as many as the Puma brand It has various product options from which you can select


When it comes to design and attractiveness, these brands of shoes do not rank accordingly.

Therefore, if you have an eye for attractive shoes, then you should read this section until the end.

In general, both brands of sneakers are attractive and everyone who wears them will enjoy the beauty that comes with both brands.

However, we cannot help but notice a great difference between Vans and Puma brands.

Vans is not as attractive as Puma’s brand of shoes. Vans has many shoes, but the color combinations are either single or checkered. This relegates your outfit to the color of the vans you buy.

However, Puma has many creatively designed sneakers, which will give you an instant attractive outlook. I love wearing my Puma sneakers to look good.

In addition to this, Puma has many color variants, from which you make your selections.

Vans vs Puma
This is an example of a Puma sneaker

Looking at this picture, it is easy to tell the difference between a typical Vans sneaker and a Puma sneaker.

Puma sneakers are attractive and more elegant than Vans sneakers. Therefore, if you need an attractive alternative, then you should go for Puma.

Puma brand of sneakers is the best attractive sneaker out of the duo.


The insoles of this Puma has additional padding than the vans sneaker.

From my experience with Vans, the insoles are supportive, comfortable, and offer arch support.

However, over time, they will begin to deteriorate and you will start feeling the hard outsole material.

The absence of additional padding will eventually expose your feet to the outsole’s inner material.

However, the insoles of Puma have additional padding, which gives you an additional comfortable experience.

Because of this, the insoles are durable and will make you comfortable for years without deteriorating or deflating in air pressure.

Therefore, if you are going to be wearing your sneaker consistently for days and for long hours, then you should go for Puma sneakers. The insoles will keep you comfortable for long.

The only criteria to wear Vans for long hours of walking is by getting new pairs of removable and cushioned insoles for additional padding and comfort.

If you want to enjoy your vans sneaker, then get a pair of removable insoles. This will come at an additional cost.


The outsoles of Vans is rigid. The reason for this is that Vans is made for skating. In order to enjoy your skating.

The rigid outsoles will give you full motion control. However, for walking around, you might feel a little bit uncomfortable when walking with your vans at first.

From my experience, vans sneakers is a bit uncomfortable at first. I later realized that the reason for this uncomfortable feeling was that my feet is not used to the rigid outsoles of Vans.

However, after a few days of walking, I felt comfortable.

However, for Puma, the outsoles are flexible. Therefore, you will feel comfortable from the onset. You must bear in mind that the reason for buying your sneakers will determine which is best for you.

However, for normal walking sneakers, the Puma brand of sneakers will do a good job. The outsoles are flexible.

Therefore, you will be able to bend your feet and toes without facing any resistance from your sneaker. You should bear in mind that Puma is a brand, which makes many athletic shoes.

Therefore, a flexible outsole is a necessity for good sporting activities.

Product Variations

Vans has many shoe collections, but Puma has more options than Vans. Therefore, if you need more product variants, check out Puma.

If you have a specific need without looking for alternatives, then you will easily find what you are looking for in Vans.

Logo Design

In order to know the difference between each brand, check the log designs.

Therefore, if you are finding it hard to know the difference between Vans and Puma, then check the logo design.

There is a difference in the logo design. This is obvious. However, let me show you the different logo designs.

Vans vs Puma Vans vs Puma

There is a huge noticeable difference when you check the images above. Therefore, always check the logo design on the sneakers you want to buy. You will see a clear difference.

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