10 Best Shoe Trees for Thursday Boots (Reviewed in 2023)

Shoe trees work in all types of footwear, and if you get the right one you will find that it really is worth it. They will take care of the shoes on the inside for you to absorb the moisture, retain shape, preventing and smooth creases.

And don’t get me started on the great smell of you getting cedar shoe trees. From your loafers to sneakers to dress shoes and then boots, I present the best shoe trees for your Thursday boots footwear.

My list of top 10 shoe trees for Thursday boots

Best Shoe Trees for Thursday Boots

Here is a quick table of all the shoe trees and their categories:

Name Category
Cobbler’s Choice Cedar Boot Tree Overall best
Florsheim Woodard Cedar Shoe Tree Most comfortable
B&E LIFE Plastic Shoe Trees Best for sneakers
FootFitter Western Cedar Boot Tree Best for high vamp
Allen Edmonds cedar shoe trees Best for dress shoes
Shoe Snob Alder Wood Shoetree Best for loafers
Luxinton Shoe Tree Best for flat-soled shoes
Cedar Elements Women Combination Shoe Tree Best for women boots
Houndsbay Shoe tree for boots Best for wide heel
Stratton Boss Cedar Boot Tree Best for height

Cobbler’s Choice Cedar Boot Tree

Best Shoe Trees for Thursday Boots

The first on our list is Cobbler’s Choice Cedar Boot Tree and I will tell you why they are the first. To begin with, they are made of natural cedar wood grown in the USA.

Cedar is known for its great quality of absorbing moisture from boots and leaving behind a great aromatic scent. They have a split toe that can be adjusted so it extends to the edges of your Thursday boots and feels them out well.

This will in turn prevent wear and tear especially in leather boots. These boot trees are solid, sturdy, and tall enough to fill out the entire heel and height of your boots.

They have a brass knob that serves as a handle for pulling them out. It also gives it an elegant look. They are available in small, medium, large and extra-large, all in men’s sizes.

It will interest you to know that these are the perfect boot trees for your Thursday boots because the company recommended them.

Ready for your pair of Cobbler’s Choice Cedar Boot Tree?


  • Tall shaft height
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Great for boots
  • Prevents wear and tear

Florsheim Woodard Cedar Shoe Tree

Best Shoe Trees for Thursday Boots

You are probably wondering, most comfortable? That doesn’t make any sense. It is not for our feet. And right you are. They are the best and most comfortable for your shoes and boots.

The work of a shoe tree is to prevent creases and maintain the shape of any footwear it is put into. These however do much more.

They prevent creases and wrinkles by retaining the shape and structure of the boots, ensuring that the materials and stitches are not ruined.

They also straighten the seams and linings inside the boots, even the insoles. This will make your shoes more comfortable when you put them on.

This will give your boots a better look and feel. They are made of 100% cedarwood and a curved heel so that it serves as a handle.

It is available in small size (8 wide to 10 medium), large size (9.5 wide to 11.5 medium), and extra-large (11 wide to 14 medium).

If you are up for it, these are machine washable. These are great for sneakers.


  • Wide range of sizes
  • Protect the boots inside and out
  • 100% moisture-absorbing cedarwood
  • Retains the shape of the boots

FootFitter Western Cedar Boot Tree

Best Shoe Trees for Thursday Boots

Whether boots or shoes, these are great for high vamps. Most shoe and boots trees don’t have the high vamp that center shoes need. With time the boots look different at the vamp area from the rest of the boots.

These however will prevent that. Aside from the high vamp, they also have a curved toe. The curved toe will easily fit into your boots and maintain the shape.

The sturdy heels and toes are joined together by a brass better piece that holds them securely in place. It is also spring-loaded so that it can squeeze into any boot with a snug fit and not change the shape.

Instead of brass knobs, these have leather loops for handles to make it easy to pull them out especially if they are high boots.

They are available in medium (7 to 9.5), large (10 to 12) for women, and medium 8 to 10), large (10.5 to 12), and extra-large (12.5 to 15) for men.


  • Leather loop handle
  • Great for boots with a high vamp
  • Curved toe to fill out the toe block
  • Spring centerpiece
  • Sturdy

B&E LIFE Plastic Shoe Trees

Best Shoe Trees for Thursday Boots

This is the only shoe tree made of plastic on our list and they are perfect for sneakers. Boots require something sturdier than plastic because they are made of leather that is not as flexible as the foam and fabrics that sneakers are made of.

B&E shoe trees are made of hard plastic and steel. They are adjustable and with a height of 9.45 to 12.40 inches (24cm to 31.5 cm), these can fit into men’s sneakers from size 5.5 to 11.5.

One reason these are very popular is that they are lighter than the shoe trees made of wood and they are very effective.

Many shoe trees are designed for boots and shoes and any for sneakers but these lightweight babies will be great for long trips with many footwears.

They come in packs of five and two, so you will get much more than you will get in value if you get these. These shoe trees don’t come in sizes.

You just do not need to be adjusted. Also, be careful with these. This hard plastic shoe tree is not as tough it seems.


  • Great for sneakers
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Available in packs of five


  • Needs to be handled with a lot of care

Allen Edmonds combination cedar shoe trees

Best Shoe Trees for Thursday Boots

We all know and trust the luxurious Allen Edmonds. Well, why not their shoe trees? These are very good for dress shoes. They are great for absorbing moisture and other harmful smells from your shoes.

These shoe trees have an adjustable split toe. This feature allows the shoe tree to extend its width so that it can absorb moisture from the edges of the shoes and leave them completely dry.

Another feature is since these are made from 100% natural cedar, they will have a lovely scent that not only deodorizes your shoes but eliminates any type of odor from sweat or your feet.

These shoe trees have a curved heel block so you can easily pull out the shoe trees with your fingers.

The shape of these shoe trees is great for all dress shoes, from brogues to oxfords because they give your shoes arch support, have a great toe box that is not too small or too big and will fit true to size.

They are available in small to xx-large sizes.


  • Arch support
  • Fit true to size
  • Great for eliminating odor
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Split toe feature

Shoe Snob Alder Wood Shoetrees

Best Shoe Trees for Thursday Boots

Shoe snob shoe trees are great for dress shoes but they are great for loafers. What I love about these shoe trees is how they are great for both leather and synthetic material loafers.

They are great for loafers and you can tell by the results but you can also tell by their shape and structure. These shoe trees are not made of cedar, they are of Alderwood.

It is great for absorbing moisture completely, just like cedar. The only thing you miss is the aromatic smell cedar has. I will pass these as the most aesthetic on our list.

They have a varnished look and have a rich deep red hue. They don’t come in the regular small, medium, and large sizes. Instead, you will find that they coke in European, UK, and USA sizing.

The size ranges from 3 to 14 in UK sizes, 4 to 14 in US sizing, and 37 to 47 in European sizes. They have a high vamp and a black knob for a handle.


  • The hollow opening allows fresh air
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Curved rounded full toe block
  • Curved heel for handle
  • Protects the upper and soles


  • They are measured in size E width

Luxinton Shoe Tree

Best Shoe Trees for Thursday Boots

And we are back to cedar. These cedar shoe trees are for leather shoes. They protect the leather and lining and smooth out any wrinkles on the shoes.

They have a contoured toe box that is meant to fill out the toe box and prevent wrinkles. With their twin tubes and spring, these can easily fit into your shoes and with light tension maintain the shape without ruining the shoes.

They feature curved heel handles that are ideal for flat-soled dress shoes and oxford shoes. The holes at the sides allow for air to come into the shoes and the cedar wood to absorb moisture.

Also, it leaves a refreshing scent in your shoes. They are also adjustable with their split toes, allowing you to extend them widthwise.

They are European-sized, and they come in small (40 to 41) and large (44 to 45).


  • High vamp for loafers
  • Adjustable split toe
  • Made of 100% aromatic cedar
  • Spring-loaded for light tension and ease in placing
  • Great scent


  • They come in only small and large sizes
  • They are European-sized, so conversion can be tricky.

Cedar Elements Women Combination Shoe Tree

Best Shoe Trees for Thursday Boots

These are specifically for women’s boots. The reason they are specifically for women is that unlike men’s boots and shoes, women have small-sized feet and so their shoes are small-sized as well.

Owing to this, women’s shoe trees have to be specifically designed so that men’s boots don’t ruin women’s shoes. These are made of 100% cedar too, and they absorb moisture from boots.

If you have high boots, you can easily pull this out with the curved wood handle. They fit in nicely and won’t stretch or disfigure your shoes.

For sizing, they come in medium, large and extra-large packs.


  • Split Toe
  • Durable
  • Measured in women’s size


  • They are not available in small sizes

HOUNDSBAY Cedar Shoe Tree

Best Shoe Trees for Thursday Boots

So we are not new to cedar or split-toe shoe trees anymore. So what makes these special? An interesting feature of this shoe tree is that they have a wide heel that will fill out any shoe.

Now you don’t have to worry about the ankles, heel counter, and generally the back of their shoes not being filled out. These also have a handle to pull them out.

And for those who find it difficult to differentiate the left from the right, from the picture above, you can see they are labeled. There will be no confusion.

They come in twos, and the size range is small to xx-large. With these you are not just taking care of your shoes, you are making a worthy investment.


  • Easy to differentiate with their labels
  • Made of 100% sturdy aromatic cedar
  • Great for wide heels
  • Full toe block

Stratton Boss Cedar Boot Tree

Best Shoe Trees for Thursday Boots

These are boot trees. They are great for high boots like Thursday boots and will keep not just the toe and heel bit the shaft in perfect shape. The toe block is full with a split toe.

It is adjoined to the full block with a spring allowing it to compress and fit into boots. For the heel block, it is high and full so that it fills out the entire heel counter and ankles.

They will retain the shape of your shoes and prevent wrinkles and creases from forming on your boots. They are made of 100% cedar that will deodorize your boots and absorb odor and moisture.

They have little metal knobs for pulling them out, and the sizes range from small to xx-large. Stratton Boss Cedar Boot Tree is a must-have.


  • Tall for high boots
  • Deodorize boots
  • Absorbs moisture


And those are the 10! They all have different categories so pick the one that will serve your needs. Also, consider your size, don’t have to return, reorder, or get disappointed.


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