Thursday Boots vs Blundstones: Which is Better?

The main difference between the Thursday Boots and the Blundstones is in their re-soleable feature. Even though the Blundstones are somewhat durable shoes, the re-soleable ability of the Thursday Boots gives them an edge over the Blundstones.

Thursday boots adopt the welt construction process in their footwear that accounts for their footwear being re-soleable. By attaching this welt to any footwear, it becomes waterproof and the soles can be improved upon.

Thursday Boots vs Blundstones

Welt construction is one of the most appropriate methods to make footwear more durable and long-lasting. The process makes it easy for worn-out soles can easily be replaced by an experienced cobbler.  This welt also stops water from entering the footwear and provides better comfort in your footwear.

Apart from the welt construction, there is also some other difference between these boots. You might have been looking for such kind of information that would help your indecision as regards whether to opt for the Blundstones or Thursday boots.

You could have been wondering what features stand both boots apart or which of the boots is a better pick.

Well, we know that choosing between each boot can be very difficult as they both have some awesome features. Everyone wants boots that could be your new pair of best mates.

Boots that could be your go-to whenever you set out for work, going to the pub for a cold one after work, or even going out fishing. So, you will want a new set of mates that won’t let you down.

So, we understand that buying a new set of boots is therefore a big deal especially when you are torn in between the Blunnies and the Thursday Boots. It is one decision you have to be considerate about before making a pick.

We will therefore be providing you with some insights as regards both boots. We will be citing some other differences between both brands of footwear, the similarities, and why you can opt for either of both footwear.

Thursday Boots vs Blundstones: Which footwear is better?

Thursday Boots vs Blundstones
Thursday Boots

Thursday boots pride themselves on offering quality boots at affordable prices. They are a classic style that can be worn for any event at all. They were created to find the right balance between durability, comfort, versatility, and affordability.

Their dedication to ethically and handcrafted footwear is second to none. They ensure that the materials used in making their footwear are not just high quality but that they are ethically sourced.

Thursday boots have a better material quality and they make use of stitches rather than the glues of Blundstones. They are more delicate, however, if what you want is an extremely rugged boot.

They are ideal for regular wear and occasional rain. The Blundstones will therefore be a tougher alternative. It, therefore, means that the better of the boots will be a case of your preference.

Key differences between the Thursday Boots and the Blundstones

  • The difference in Welt Construction
  • The difference in the extra footbed
  • A lot of Thursday boots product lines come with laces
  • Blunnies come with a shock protection system

Welt Construction

The Goodyear welt construction is one major feature that is in the Thursday boots but not in the Blundstones or Blunnies as they are fondly called.

The Goodyear welt construction is a key difference between disposable footwear and heritage boots. This construction process makes for tightly crafted boots that are long-lasting and immune to water penetration.

It also solves the issues of re-soleability, as we have earlier mentioned, by adding a new element. This element is what is called the welt. The welt is a piece of leather that sits between the upper and outsole. This welt construction has seen a rise in popularity over the years.

This process is time-consuming and capital intensive but they make the footwear more durable. The addition of the welt also provides more comfort for your boots than they would normally have.

The welt creates a small cavity beneath the insoles of the boots. This cavity is then filled with granular cork that will ensure that there is a cushion to every stride you take. This Goodyear welt construction makes the Thursday boots resoleable, comfortable and waterproof.

An extra footbed is also another difference between both boots

It is a common feature of the Blundstones that you wouldn’t readily find in the Thursday boots. The Blunnies are a bit more generous to narrow feet than the Thursday boots.

They come with a removable comfort footbed that helps narrow feet feel comfortable in their footwear. This additional footbed makes it easy for narrow feet to have a snug fit in the Blunnies.

This footbed comes alongside your Blunny at no extra charge. The Blundstones are always comfortable with foot-beds and supports whereas Thursday boots don’t have this feature.

The wide-toe box of Thursday boots is usually too large and roomy for those with narrow feet.

The majority of the footwear in the Thursday boots product line comes with laces

The Blunnies however are majorly lace-less. The Blunnies are typically ankle-high elastic-sided boots. This elastic on the side of the boots makes it easy for you to slip them on and off without issues.

Although, they have a range of other boots that have laces and zippers but not quite as popular as elastic-sided boots.

The Blundstones come with a shock protection system that is not found in the Thursday boots

They are made with an extreme impact protection technology that allows for protection and support. This technology enables the boots to absorb up to 90% of energy with high impact as you take on every step.

They come in handy to reduce fatigue from workplaces and some health issues which could be back, legs, or feet issues. This feature is not just in the work boots of the Blundstones but also in the casual boots.

Thursday Boots vs Blundstones: Similarities

Both footwear is among the world’s most comfortable and durable footwear. They are worth every penny you spend on them and they also have some similar features in question.

So, let’s look at a couple of the similarities that they share.

  • Timeless style
  • Durability
  • Comfort

Timeless Style

Getting this pricey footwear could breathe life into your shoe collection. You just have to admire the timeless appeal of both footwear so much so that you could get torn between the two.

Both boots are very stylish especially when you now consider the long-lasting effect that both boots promise. A lot of people have grown to love the practicality of the boots. So, you will get a lot of eyes on you and attract attention to yourself on choosing to wear any of these boots.

They both have modest appearances yet are complex. They cut across several generation gaps making their unique blend fit for both the elderly and the young.

So, whether it is the laced-up ankle footwear of the Thursday boots or the elastic side ankle footwear of the Blunnies, they are all a perfect fit for any occasion.


The durability of both footwear is why a lot of people find it hard to decide between either of the footwear. Both footwear is bound to last for decades and it is another reason why they are worth every penny.

Although, different approaches have been taken by both brands, that still does not undermine the durability of either footwear. They are boots that you will most likely outgrow.

A lot of persons have recommended both footwear for their longevity. Many claim that they have not experienced such longevity with any other footwear.

You could be the type of person that likes to kick trees, explore forests and leave a trail, yet none of this footwear will suffer major wear.


Although comfort is a personal preference, both footwear offers a good level of comfort. The boots are a great compromise between comfort and style.

Users of this footwear can take walks for long miles and yet feel no iota of discomfort.

Why you should add a Thursday Boot to my shoe collection?

Thursday boots are high-quality boots that are good-looking and considerably well-priced. They are stylish enough for a walk on the street and also, for many years of work and durability.

Carefully crafted shoes

They are artisan-made boots that have been carefully designed and crafted. With the qualities that come with these boots, they should have high prices. However, the brand has subsidized the pricing to an understandable price point.

These boots are made with top-quality leather

The leather materials are sourced from top leather-making companies in the United States. They also have a soft glove lining that makes them more durable and breathable than cheap synthetic linings.

The boots wrap around your feet easily

The Goodyear welt construction is another plus that comes with these boots. This construction process makes these boots more rigid than glued boots.

The Thursday boots can also become comfortable once they break-in

They could be as comfortable as any pair of sneakers once you break in the pair you have. This is one feature that makes them very prominent all over.

This could take a couple of days but eventually, the shoes give in and you have optimum comfort.

These boots come with anti-fatigue steel shanks for support and they offer a responsive walk

The footwear also has an anti-slip feature that helps with a firmer grip on the boots.

Generally, the boots are well detailed and they have a casual dressy style

They are therefore classic enough for you to wear them with a pair of jeans for a casual style or even conventional office wear.

They might not be the cheapest boots you will find around but they give you value for your money. These boots can be considered a worthy long-term investment.

They are boots that will last for years as against footwear that you have to throw away after a couple of months.

So, why opt for Blundstone boots?

Thursday Boots vs Blundstones

Blundstones are a great example of function-meets-form

They are great-to-work shoes with the comfortability and durability that they offer. They are made with extremely excellent materials that will wear and age beautifully.

These boots are becoming trendy in the fashion world so, wearing them for a special function would not be out of place. They offer above-average durability particularly when you consider their price point.

Blundstones is one of the few examples that show that outsourcing does not necessarily mean poor quality like a few shoes out there.

You can’t help but admire the timeless style of the Blunnies. If you consider them alongside their durability, they are very style-friendly. They might look simple but the Blunnies come with a lot of sophistication.

The boots have been designed to meet the need for protection for the wearer with the inclusion of protection technology.


One thing peculiar about the Blunnies is the fact that their materials are supportive, protective, and breathable.

This helps with good hygiene for your feet as they help to curb foot issues like blisters. They also naturally shape your foot over time.

Well-cushioned footbeds

The Blunnies are also famous for the footbeds that come alongside their boots. These foot-beds help to provide cushion and comfort for your feet. The Blunnies make use of different types of foot-beds.

They also come with quality linings that keep your feet comfortable in hot and cold weather conditions. They draw heat away from your feet during hot weather conditions and keep your feet warm when it is quite cold.

The insoles are quick-drying and breathable ensuring that you are comfortable at work no matter how long you are in them.


Deciding on a boot to purchase can be a big deal for many people. The popularity of the Blundstones and Thursday boots has not made that decision any easier.

We do know, however, that by now you must have had a favorite pick in mind with the insights that we have offered. We have been able to carefully highlight the major differences between both boots.

We have also shown you some of the features they share as well as some good reasons why you could opt for either boot.

So, follow our insights, decide on the brand of boot you want, and enjoy the longevity that comes with it.


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