15 Shoes that Change Colors in the Sun

The following 15 shoes are examples of shoes that change colors in the sun.

  1. Start LED Shoes
  2. Tecaros Fairy Tail Anime Logo Cosplay
  3. Columbia Megavent Shift Water
  4. Alkass Roller Shoe
  5. Skechers Energy Light-109471
  6. UBELLA LED Wheel Shoes
  7. Shinmax Fibre Optic LED
  8. Green Voice Woven Color Change
  9. Top Tech High Top Dance
  10. Tricandide LED Flashing Sneaker
  11. Air Force 1 UV
  12. Vans UV Ink Classic Slip-On
  13. Vans UV Ink Era Stacked
  14. Vans UV Ink Old Skool Stacked
  15. The New Converse Collection

Start LED Shoes

Shoes that Change Colors in the Sun

This shoe is a pretty stylish and fashionable one, they go well with summer attires. The tip is rounded and many people might find this uncomfortable.

The removable footing insole is an added advantage as it can make for easy cleaning if needed.

Shoes that Change Colors in the Sun

If found uncomfortable, it can be removed and changed with maybe a more comfortable foam footing that will enable it to provide more arch support.

It has a pull flap at the back that creates an ease in putting the shoe on.

Shoes that Change Colors in the Sun

The lace-up style is very popular and can even be compared to most sneaker lacing. The charging port is hidden and avoids being damaged by external forces.

Although it is inside the shoe, its comfortability is confirmed as it is well aligned with the build of the shoe, it is strategically placed to not run on the feet or even disturb when walking.

The prices are fair and are affordable. The rubber design makes it unique and appealing and even with no loud call, its special appeal and trendy looks will surely attract some eyes.

You can make one out of so many of these led shoes on Amazon.

Telacos Fairy Tail Anime Logo Cosplay

Shoes that Change Colors in the Sun

Known by some people as Japan’s Converse, their durability and style can be compared to many that people know already.

They are comfortable and have a handsome lifespan if handled properly. This shoe is unique in its own way as the designs on it have been hand-painted especially with exceptional detailing and accuracy.

The stars on it are dreamy and are sure to complement any casual outfit. The shoe tends to be narrow so there is a need to measure your feet before getting it.

This shoe does not enlarge with ease so if you have a foot ailment or wounds as the case may be, it is advisable to get a larger size or an extra size it will make the foot move in the required way and be comfortable.

The paints are activated as you walk about in the sun and will glow in the dark at twilight.

The Telacos Fairy Tail Anime Logo Cosplay is created to appeal to people of high fashion sense, artful and dreamy, comfortable for those who would want something that will express their personal style.

The durability of this shoe makes it trustworthy and it can be used on a daily basis for its exceptional nature.

The price will go in line with acute budget so don’t panic, it has a fair price tag.

Columbia Megavent Shift Water

Shoes that Change Colors in the Sun

These shoes have features of a color-changing rubber midsole and logo. The construction is similar to a running shoe but it is quick to dry and can be used in moist and wet areas.

The footbed has holes that enable the shoe to dry quickly.

The mesh material is suitable for wet or dry feet. The shoe is designed to dry rapidly as the midsole features side water holes to drain the water each time you go in and out of the water.

The mesh upper also dries quickly to make for cool feet during hot days. Its unique features make it easy to wear for sports or jogging along the beach.

The most unique feature of this shoe is its fast-drying ability, check out the insole; perforated to release water and allow inflow of air that will cool off the feet during hot days.

Although the midsole is designed to drain water too, it doesn’t take a particle of its quality away.

It can be used for jogging and can be worn on beach visits too. The cost is a little more than expected but it is perfect for the price.

Shoes that Change Colors in the Sun

You can get yours here for the women

And trust me the men aren’t left out as you can get yours here too.

Aikuass Roller Shoe

This shoe is great for wet environments, they are efficient in protecting the feet from unseen sharp objects and rugged terrain.

The color is influenced by temperature which is quite interesting, this offers a lot of flex in the sole and the top cloth dries quickly, is stretchy, and confirms the sole perfectly.

The outsole features small holes that enable quick drying.

Shoes that Change Colors in the Sun

The shoe is weightless and helps reduce feet fatigue very comfortably such that you will have a feeling of wearing socks, they also dry quickly and have an EVA removable sole, the color-changing upper does not degrade with repeated use and the durability is lasting.

The sole is a traction sole and is perfect for use in a slippery area, these also avoid shock and offer protection for the Joints creating balance in the process, the shock absorption can be seen in the insole; it has a honeycomb detailing that is very suitable for shock absorption. The sole is antislip.

The shoe stretches offer a perfect fit, important for engaging in physical activities; this is important because it provides security and safety.

The safety measures are capped by the provided extra traction. You can get a pair of Aikuass roller shoe on Amazon.

Skechers Energy Light

The shoe is made of leather and synthetic material, it has a color-changing switch, holds its charge for half a day, and makes recharging pretty easy.

The shoes have been made to resist quick wear out, the clothes on the inside are made to be breathable and make for comfortable use. It keeps the feet from feeling oppressive in the long term.

It will surely surprise you as it did me of the cost, it is quite inexpensive for the quality, the color options of this shoe is wonderful as they provide a range of wild and sensual colors to choose from, it is designed to conform with the taste of the person who wants to wear it.

It has an edgy style that matches the outfit perfectly and can go with colorful African wear.

Have you seen a shoe that is designed to last long and not wear out? This sure is the shoe and obtaining it would be a great fear.

In the long term, the feet are kept from being oppressed or uncomfortable judging from the cloth inside of the shoe lined and breathable.

They come with a Y wire that can be connected to a USB to make its charging very easy and stress-free.

The sole is thick and those who tend to use shoes for a long time might find this uncomfortable and will not be able to use it for a full day.

Your kids would love a pair of these for Christmas.

UBELLA LED Wheel Shoes

Shoes that Change Colors in the Sun

This is a very interesting shoe that will appeal to your sense of fashion, it’s uniqueness and beauty is a welcome addition to the aura it brings, they have a multiple color sole and a wheeled heel.

The sides are elastic and can accommodate large feet, and it gives a perfect on and off appeal, the interior is cushioned to give a fashionable appeal and an exciting adventure that will make you want to acquire more.

The wheeled heel is unique and makes you stand out in the crowd, you can rest assured that the wheels will not pop out to disgrace you as it has a special button that controls its release and retraps.

The interior plush footbed is enticing and has a comfortable feel that will create a sweet sensation when you walk or even Sprint.

The leather lining has the capability of long-lasting stuff and does not stretch providing a touch of sweetness.

With over-exposure to the sun, the covers won’t work so it is not recommendable to wear them all day.

The design looks to fade when transforming although it might seem like it is disappearing.

The shoe is underpriced for its fineness and handsome design, the materials used are of a higher grade level.

It can be likened to a skating shoe as the design is somewhat similar in nature, it is very recommendable for those who want to add a taste to their casual dress style.

Your kids would definitely love you more if they get a pair.

Shinmax Fibre Optic LED

Have you seen a fibre optic shoe before? Hardly can one see this kind of shoe because it is scarce. It can be used in a number of environments.

The shoe Is a perfect fit for indoor and outdoor environments ranging from sporting activities to normal day-to-day life. It is light in nature and is stress-free making it a comfortable shoe to use in walking for a pretty long time.

There are 7 colors to choose from and different other flashy modes for easy customization. Judging by the softness of the top, it is a support for your feet and provides perfect ventilation.

It has a hidden switch behind the upper flap that has no seam, unless you are told, you won’t know there is a switch therein.

Even if the lights are off, the shoe still stands very fashionable as it was designed for its beauty to reflect even without the lights.

Its cost will not vary from that of average sports footwear, the design allows for easy airflow to the feet and prevents general fatigue, it offers a feeling of softness and balance.

It is recommendable for festivals and mostly outdoor events as the colorful nature can match a bunch of beautiful and colorful clothing materials or outfits.

And they will surely catch some eyes; it’s safe to say all eyes that lay its glaze on them. You can glaze people’s eyes with just a click to Amazon and get yours.

Green Voice Woven Color Change

Shoes that Change Colors in the Sun

Take a look at the beautifully woven pattern, made from leather activatable by the sun depending on the intensity of the ultraviolet rays, it is normally affected by the sun rays and won’t change when indoors from normal lights unless the lights have a UV component.

Step out in the sun and see the eye-catching scenario it would create. Want to go out on a beach walk? This is the perfect shoe as it is waterproof and can withstand a pour of water.

The shoe, if exposed to the sun too much can cause the leather to fade affecting the color-changing property of the leather making it to be less pronounced.

The interior of the shoe is lined with leather and very soft making it very comfortable stuff to wear about.

The shoe insole is detachable. It has a fitted casual flat bottom but those who tend to prefer arch support might find this uncomfortable.

The stylish appeal, the waterproof nature all make the price a special one to listen to. Wear it in a crowd and you will answer questions of direction, you will surely recommend it for anyone.

TopTech High Top Dance

Shoes that Change Colors in the Sun

This shoe is very attractive and you would throw a number of glances at it. It has a handsome quality and its durability is long-lasting.

Ordering it is pretty safe as the company offers a refund for loss or dissatisfaction. It is comfortable to be used as a dancing shoe as it is fitted with PU synthetic leather.

It is waterproof in the real sense but it might not stand well when it comes in contact with water. The toe top features a number of perforations that allow air into the toe space.

This is great for those who would use the shoe for strenuous activities like dancing and walking long distances, it allows air to come in and expels heat making the foot not smell.

The interior also has a soft material for fine comfort. This shoe is not recommended to be washed in a machine or in hot water, it can be cleaned with just a wet or damp cloth as the rubber is smooth.

You can also use shoe polish for extra protection, one that is suitable for leather materials.

The insole is also removable and soft, this is good because if removable, it can be cleaned making away with odor that might appear over time.

There is an easy charge feature and it comes with a remote that will help in switching the lights when necessary.

The lighting is designed with great durability that would make it to even still be intact when the shoe starts to show signs of wear and tear.

The outsole is formed in a manner that absorbs shock and it will help in protecting joints from unnecessarily wearing out.

The strap high up helps to stabilize the ankle when vigorous motion might affect it. I would recommend this to my dancer friends anytime any day.

Tricandide LED Flashing Sneaker

Shoes that Change Colors in the Sun

Check out the designs, it will be a great asset to have when you’re an artist that demands costume usage. Danvers can use this shoe to draw attention to their footwork, as attractive as it looks.

Just the way it compliments costumes so does it complement casual outfits too, it adds a perfect picture to garb and will draw your attention any time of the day.

The charging is sufficient and can last up to half a day from charging of up to three hours providing a glow like never-ending.

The battery is inside the shoe, it comes with a wire that helps to charge with any USB cord, the switch for changing the color is in the shoe too and they do not cause discomfort in any way.

They are fitted perfectly and plastered in a way that will not cause an instruction to an individual’s walking style or size of foot.

They are not waterproof but can be polished with a suitable leather and colorless polish to strengthen its protection.

The design of the sole looks straight and has a cool impact on those with long and wide feet. It is fashionable and will go with jeans and shorts. Its charging is easy to assess.

The price is not bank-breaking and would compare in cost to shoes its kind. The gummy bottoms help in its special feature of shock absorption and also protects the feet.

They are great for parties and events like Halloween when costumes are needed. It is an eye-catching phenomenon. If you’re a fan of pirates these will fit you well. Rock on!

Air Force 1 UV

Nike has also decided to play upon their special Air Force 1 as they have made a product that changes it’s special colors in the sun.

The outsole is transparent, has fitted white leather panels, the midsole is monochromatic and there is a dubrae placed on the lace.

The color changes when exposed to UV rays and looks magical, the photosensitive upper allows it to change its color completely when affected.

Vans UV Ink Classic Slip-On


In sunlight, this shoe involves a clear blue dotted and checkered color that rises from the sole to the upper part of the shoe, it pops into action when exposed to direct sunlight making it clearly beautiful and enticing.

In sunlight, the clear blue dotted color is activated and shines to give credit to it’s producer complimenting the dress style of the attire used with it.

Hey Daniel, I thought your shoe is white, how come its color has changed? It was definitely a surprise for my friends and they asked me to place an order for them too.

At a glance, this shoe would steal you from your preexisting fantasy and make a new one for you.

Vans UV Ink Era Stacked

Shoes that Change Colors in the Sun

The beauty is seen in its exposure to the sun, the design is a perfectly dotted style and when exposed to the sun reveals a floral print that appears on the dotted pattern, the silhouette elevates the classic style and puts a beautiful invite to anyone that wishes to have a glance.

Just like the former, this shoe too is unique in its own way, imaging stepping out in a one patterned shoe and stepping down in a crowded place shows the same shoe with an added floral design acutely patterned to bring out a clean one.

Vans UV Ink Old Skool Stacked

Shoes that Change Colors in the Sun

Take a slight look at this in the sun and be captivated, the colors are eye-catching and would be the best you would want to use.

Colors ranging from blue to purple when affected is what you would want to make your day with.

The permanent color is designed in a leopard skin fashion and appears in that style when kissing the sun.

Check out these Vans topics:

The New Converse Collection

Shoes that Change Colors in the Sun

This shoe is white in color, they look like the normal white regular sneakers but change color when exposed to UV rays.

The intensity of the color change depends on the amount of sunlight that it receives, the color changes from pastel shades to vivid colors, and the transformation happens quickly.

The color quadrant is divided into four making it reflect like a rainbow when it receives enough light.

The soles on the underside give a preview of what you should expect, they show you the colors you might see when the changes come.

With this shoe, going out once in a while won’t be a shy thing. This shoe has been done in collaboration with Chinatown market and its release is a fascinating one.


Shoes that change color in the sun; if you haven’t come across one before, you should be planning on placing an order for one.

Consider your activities and events, get a variety of these shoes and be an eloquent representative of yourself.

Stress-free charging, lasting and durable shoes, ones that are easy to dry and drain water easily, with perfect soles that are anti-slip.

Ranging from the use of shoes that do not have unique features to shoes that have eye-catching and inviting features, shoes that change color in the sun have proven to compliment the lifestyle that most fashionistas intend to live.

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