What Type Of Shoes Do Monks Wear?

Depending on the country and territory, monks may be allowed to wear shoes and they might be restricted to wear footwear. According to the Buddhist code, a monk is allowed to wear footwear that does not cover his toe and heels.

Do Monks Really Wear Shoes

What Type Of Shoes Do Monks Wear?

In the US, monks wear street clothes with shoes while the Dalai Lama wears Rockport shoes.

Monks should wear shoes if they want to protect their legs against danger and injuries. It is true that a typical monk should have nothing to do with the pleasures and luxuries of human existence, but basic amenities are necessary for survival. Part of this necessity is footwear.

During cold seasons, it is extremely unhealthy to expose your feet to the bare ground, this might lead to blisters and it might cause you to catch the flu in the case of extreme cold weather.

Furthermore, it is common to see monks walking around in sandals or barefoot. The choice to wear footwear or not is dependent on the codes that govern the monks in a particular territory.

It is however important to note that whenever a monk goes into the temple to perform his services, he is restricted to wear footwear.

Monks can wear shoes ONLY outside the temple and not otherwise.

8 Comfortable shoes monks wear

S/no Name of footwear Ranking Rating (1-5)
1 Buddhist monk martial shoes Best affordable monk’s shoe 4/5
2 Summer hollow sandals for monks Best monk’s shoe for summer seasons 4/5
3 Taichi shoe for monks Best monk’s shoe with strong sole 4/5
4 Buddhist monk’s shoe for men Best monk’s shoe for men 3.5/5
5 Buddhist casual traditional shoes for monks Best monk’s shoe for flat feet 4/5
6 Traditional unisex summer shoes for monks Best attractive monk’s shoe 4/5
7 Unisex Buddhist black lay monk’s shoes Best comfortable monk’s shoe 4.5/5
8 Light old Beijing cloth monk’s shoes Best lightweight monk’s shoe 4/5

Buddhist monk martial shoes

What Type Of Shoes Do Monks Wear?

This is one of the footwear for monks. This footwear is lightweight and makes walking around easier and quicker. Furthermore, the sole of this footwear is noise resistant.

Noise-resistant shoes are very important for monks because as much as possible, it is very important to avoid less noise in order to calm the voice of the soul and delve deeper into your consciousness which is carried out with the art of meditation.

Definitely, a shoe with a noise-resistant sole is the best choice for every monk. This is what makes this footwear different from every other footwear that is suitable for monks.

The rubber sole is made in such a way that if you stamp your feet on the floor, you would only make little or no significant noise.

This footwear is also affordable and almost free. If you are a monk or if you have friends who are monks and they are looking for footwear that is suitable for them, then this is one of the best shoes for monks. This shoe would give you the ability and privilege to walk around without causing a distraction to others.

Apart from this distinctive quality, there are other qualities that make it amazing. It is durable and lasts long. Most importantly, it is not luxurious and fashionable.

As a monk, avoiding fashion is one of the most important traits and qualities because it is believed that luxuries corrupt the soul according to the Buddhist myth.

This footwear is not luxurious at all and this makes it the best pick for you.

Summer hollow sandals for monks

What Type Of Shoes Do Monks Wear

This is also an amazing footwear that monks like to wear especially during summer. This is the best shoe you should wear as a monk most especially during summer.

The material of the SUMMER HOLLOW SANDAL is made of a very breathable material that keeps your feet cool during summer. Summer seasons are hot and sweaty feet are a position you don’t want to find yourself in.

As a monk, you want to keep yourself in extreme tranquility by avoiding unnecessary distractions. This footwear has a lot of openings by the side and on top of your feet which allows air to flow through. This is not a shoe you should wear during the winter season because it would make your feet vulnerable to cold and sore blisters.

This is a very soft footwear that looks fragile on the outside but is very strong because of the make-up. It has a rubber sole that is anti-slip and noise resistant.

It is very flexible and can fold into any degree you subject it to. This is a footwear I would recommend anytime and any day if you ever want to have a great and comfortable experience during the summer season.

However, whenever you are placing an order for this footwear, ensure you order a larger size than your normal size.

This footwear runs small and is not true to size. Furthermore, what makes this footwear distinct from other footwear listed in this article is how compatible it is for summer.

This footwear takes away every reason for your feet to sweat or gets uncomfortable.

Taichi shoe for monks

What Type Of Shoes Do Monks Wear

Looking at the sole of this footwear, you can tell that it was built to last. This is why I call it the “POWER SOLE shoeâ€. Of all monk shoes I have seen and personally interacted with, this is the best shoe for a monk with the strongest sole.

The sole is made of rubber, but it was built so strong in a way that no pressure can suppress. This footwear was tested for strength and it was subjected to several tests; in my opinion, I expected it to break in half, but to my greatest surprise, it stood strong with just a few bruises that didn’t run deep.

This is a shoe with very strong rubber sole quality. Furthermore, the sole has an amazing design which I call “THE SOLE WITH TEETHâ€. This design is for traction and stability.

I must also point out that the sole is slip-resistant (it would be a sorry sight to see a holy monk falling down while walking won’t it?) and it is also noise resistant (as much as possible a monk should avoid noise because noise reduces the voice of the inner consciousness and prevents connection with your CHI.

A footwear with noise resistance is common for all monks no matter what they are doing or which territory they occupy). The TAICHI SHOES FOR MONKS is the best shoe with strong sole quality.

This is a footwear I can guarantee its quality sole. It has other qualities like a breathable feature that keeps your feet cool and comfortable. It also has a loose fit feature that does not make your toes cramp up and painful.

It is also very affordable and does not poise luxury (which is against the beliefs of monks). Get this footwear for your monk friend or as a monk. It has been tested to be one of the shoes with the strongest sole quality that is durable, lightweight, and comfortable.

Buddhist monk shoes for men

What Type Of Shoes Do Monks Wear

The only distinctive feature of this amazing footwear is that it is not made for all. This footwear is made for men alone. This is the best footwear for men that I can wrap my hands around.

It has an amazing sole quality that is durable. It is made of rubber sole which has a slip-resistant and nose-resistant feature. The sole also has traction which keeps your feet and toes steady while walking or running.

The body of this shoe is made of cloth material which is easy to wash and dry. This cloth material is of superior quality. This means that it cannot fade or tear off easily. The BUDDHIST MONK SHOE FOR MEN is extremely suitable for men. It is lightweight and does not make walking uncomfortable.

It comes in four different colors namely black, coffee, orange, and grey. There is nothing luxurious about this footwear which makes it the best footwear for monks. This is absolutely amazing, right? This footwear is also made of breathable material which keeps your feet cool and comfortable.

Furthermore, you can wear this footwear for long without feeling sores and pains in your feet and toes. However, I must say that the sole of this footwear is not as strong as the Taichi shoe for monks.

Buddhist casual traditional shoes for monks

What Type Of Shoes Do Monks Wear

All monk’s shoes look funny, right? Most times, I laugh when I see how small they look and how less attractive they are. However, this is why they are extremely unique even though they are not popular compared to CONVERSE, VANS, PUMA, etc.

The Buddhist casual traditional shoes for monks is a type of footwear with such funny looks.  The first time I saw this footwear from afar, I laughed at how it looked; but when I got closer and interacted with it, I was amazed at what POWER lies within it. The sole is super and strong.

It has arch support which makes it suitable for monks with flat feet. The arch support is very high and it reduces shock and pressure which flat shoes might place on individuals with flat feet. Out of the footwear I have listed, this is the best footwear that provides the best arch support and is suitable for individuals with flat feet.

It has other amazing qualities like a strong cloth material which is used for its make-up. It is also lightweight and makes walking around easier and more comfortable.

However, it has a firm fit which might make wearing it for the first time uncomfortable; if you can apply certain break-in techniques, you can quickly expand the shoe and make it comfortable in a matter of hours and maybe a few days.

This footwear is not flexible because of the nature of its make-up. It is also affordable for everyone. If you are a monk with flat feet, the Buddhist casual traditional shoes for monks is suitable for you.

Traditional unisex summer shoes for monks

What Type Of Shoes Do Monks Wear

I appreciate it when I find a shoe with simplicity and elegance. It is true that monks don’t use fashion and they are not drawn to luxury. But this work of art found in the Traditional unisex summer shoes for monks blew me away.

Looking at this footwear from afar would make you think it has a white insole and an opening on the sideways. But when you interact with it, you would realize that you were wrong. This footwear is made with a cloth material that has a breathable feature.

Furthermore, I can confidently say that the Traditional unisex summer shoes for monks is the best attractive monk’s shoe you can ever find in the market. It is also a shoe that can be used both in the summer and winter.

The little hole designs made in the white net-like fabric on each side make it compatible for summer seasons. The distinctive features of this footwear make it stand as the best attractive footwear for monks in the market.

Unisex Buddhist black lay monk shoes

What Type Of Shoes Do Monks Wear

This is footwear is very comfortable. It is made of suede cotton material which has a little bit of added padding for extra comfort.

When you wear this footwear, you can be assured of extreme comfort without ever bothering about having sores and blisters as a result of discomfort from wearing tight footwear. It is lightweight and durable.

It has a breathable feature that keeps your feet cool and comfortable even during extremely hot seasons. This footwear is affordable.

Light old Beijing cloth monk’s shoes

What Type Of Shoes Do Monks Wear

It is true that every monk’s shoe must be light. However, among all the footwears I have listed in this article, the Light old Beijing cloth monk’s shoes is the best lightweight monk’s shoe you can ever find in the market.

Furthermore, its sole is made of premium quality that is slip and noise-resistant. However, it is not true to size. You should order for a size higher whenever you want to order.

In general, the Light old Beijing cloth monk’s shoes make walking around easier than every other footwear you can find in the market.


Apart from shoes, monks are allowed to also wear socks or go barefoot. The best and only socks I can recommend is the ZooBoo Buddhist Shaolin leggings for monks which are durable, made from cotton, and keeps your feet warm.

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