Can You Wash Skechers Go-Walk?

Can your classy Skechers go-walk be washed? Absolutely yes. Skechers Go-Walk series is washable due to their soft woven wool fabric which features a heathered finish that is one hundred percent machine washable.

Skechers is a casual, performance, and fun footwear made by an American company founded by Robert Greenberg and Michael Greenberg. There are different models of Skechers Go-Walk.

The following are my favorite models of Skechers go-walk:

How to Wash Skechers go-walk

Keeping your Skechers Go-Walk can be surprisingly easier than you thought. You don’t need to keep a dirty and stinky shoe simply because you don’t want to damage it.

Here I am going to help you out with different ways you can wash your Skechers GO-WALK without damaging it or causing a nuisance due to the odor coming out of your shoe.

There are different ways you can wash Skechers Go-Walk

Doing Machine-Washing

Using a pillowcase or laundry bag to hold both shoes, wash on the cold gentle cycle, and hang to air-dry. Do not place shoes in the dryer. Make sure when you air dry it is not placed directly in sunlight or harsh conditions.

You are to keep it in a dry, room-temperature, well-ventilated spot. If you decide to wash the insoles, make sure to air dry just outside of your shoes before you put them back in.

It might take a few days for your shoes to properly air dry, but don’t get impatient and put them in the dryer. Putting them in the dryer will damage your shoe. Skechers do not recommend putting your shoes in the dryer.

Another important thing you must be aware of when washing your Skechers Go-Walk in a washing machine is never to wash both shoes at the same time to avoid decoloration.

Use Athletic Cleanser gel and a soft cloth

Another way you can wash your Skechers Go-Walk is by using the recommended Athletic Cleanser gelâ„¢. You spray your Go-Walk with this gel and used a soft cloth to clean it thoroughly.

Avoid using a hard brush so as not to damage the shoe when washing.

Apply a stain and water-proofing spray to your Skechers Go-Walk

You can apply a thorough spray and leave to dry, make sure it away from direct sunlight. A second coat is also recommended. You are to apply prior to wearing.

Wash with detergent and a soft cloth

If you don’t have the Athletic Cleanser Gelâ„¢ you can use detergent and a soft cloth to wash it but do not use bleach to avoid decoloration and damage to the wool fabric material.

To maintain the quality of your purchase of Skechers Go-Walk shoes, this is the recommended method of washing your Skechers

  • Remove dirt from the upper and outsole by using a small brush or towel.
  • Prepare a mixture of soap by pouring laundry detergent into warm water
  • Dip your cleaning material (either a brush or soft cloth) into the soapy mixture.
  • Wipe down the affected area. Apply a little amount of unpolluted, warm water with the brush or cloth and brush/wipe off the surplus soap
  • Allow shoes to air dry.

What to do when your Skechers go-walk stink

Can You Wash Skechers Go-Walk?

One major problem almost everybody faces could be a stinky shoe unfortunately Skechers GO-WALK isn’t any exemption. The stinky problem has been the major reason why many that wear open-toe shoes do.

Fortunately, Skechers has this in mind, and that they have produce products to combat stinky shoes. I am visiting recommend some methods to urge eliminate stinky Skechers Go-Walk shoes;

Use Skechers Shoe Care Odor Eliminator Spray

Skechers has provided an easy and reliable product to chase bad odor far away from your Go-Walk Skechers. It’s specially formulated to stay shoes feeling and smelling fresh.

It keeps your shoes fresh and deodorized. Give your shoes a radical spray and leave them to dry. A second coat is additionally recommended.

To stay your shoes fresh and deodorized, I propose using Skechers Shoe Care Odor Eliminator Spray. It’s specially formulated to make the shoe feel and smell fresh.

Punching a hole in your Skechers

Another way to get rid of stinky Skechers Go-Walk is to use this homemade method. Get the following materials:

  • A package of 3/16″ eyelets. They come in lots of colors!
  • Dritz Fray Check.
  • An eyelet setting tool. (Most packages of eyelets will include a punch style tool but I find the plier style easier to use.)
  • Leather punch – optional.

a. First, put 3 drops of Dritz Fray Check-in a line along the instep of your Skechers Go-Walk shoe. Then leave it to fully dry, then punched a hole in each spot.

b. Using the eyelet pliers, set an eyelet in each hole.

c. Then apply Dritz Fray Check on the within of the shoe all around each eyelet.

d. Using this method works like magic as it gives room for air to go into your Skechers shoe and your feet also can receive the air.

Note you still need to wash it from time to time but this method can eliminate the bad odor that can make your Skechers Go-Walk shoes stink.

Rubbing Alcohol

Pour some rubbing alcohol into the spray bottle. (Make sure you mark your spray bottle so people realize it isn’t safe to consume.

Spray the alcohol inside each smelly shoe. You only need a couple of sprays to do the trick!

Make sure you are doing this in a very well-ventilated room or outside.

Before you wear the shoe, ensure that it is dried completely.

Use Baking Powder

Pour a good amount of baking soda into your go-walk and leave it overnight so that the soda can help absorb the odor. Just remember to dump out the powder in the morning before putting your Skechers Go-Walk shoes back on.

Cotton Balls and Fragrant Oils

Another great way to get the smell out of your Skechers Go-Walk shoes is to use some fragrant oils. Simply pour some drops of essential oils onto a plant disease or two and place them inside each shoe.

The citrus fragrance is super amazing and you need to get that into your Skechers go-walk shoes. Trust me this is one of the best ways to get rid of the odor when your Skechers shoe stinks.

Is there anything wrong with wearing Skechers

No. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with Skechers. I love simplicity and sophistication, and Skechers covers that. The technology of the cushion makes it even more attractive to wear.

Skechers are great, classy, cozy, comfortable, and fun to wear. Finding something wrong can be very much controversial. You will simply fall in love with Skechers.

And if I am going to identify something that can be wrong with Skechers it is this stereotype that wearing it means you are probably biomechanically poor.

Another thing that could go wrong with wearing Skechers is long-term use of toning shoes that provide inadequate foot support, like the Shape-Ups, which can damage the plantar fascia causing excruciating pain within the feet even when the foot is resting.

What makes Skechers go-walk excellent for walking

Skechers Go-Walk is undoubtedly excellently made for walking. The technology and material used to make the shoe make it a top walk shoe globally.

Earlier in the article, I listed different models of Skechers Go-Walk. I am going to explain why each one is excellent based on the technology around manufacturing it.

Sketcher Go-Walk Lite

Can You Wash Skechers Go-Walk?

This model was specifically designed for women. Go walk lite was design to be casual, very light, fun, and easy to walk about. It is made of mesh fabric uppers in casual and feminine style slip-on shoes, along with an Air Cooled Goga Mat insole and 5 GEN cushioning system.

Skechers Go-Walk Air

Can You Wash Skechers Go-Walk?

This model is incredibly lightweight, dual-density, responsive ULTRA GOâ„¢ cushioning, a Goga Mat Air Cooled insole system, and soft, breathable woven mesh uppers. It is made for performance.

Skechers Go-Walk 5

Can You Wash Skechers Go-Walk?

The Go-Walk 5, which is the newest version after the Go Walk 3, is very equipped with ULTRA GO cushioning high-rebound COMFORT PILLAR technology.

It also has the Air Cooled Goga Mat insole.

Skechers Go-Walk Smart

Can You Wash Skechers Go-Walk?

The Go Walk Smart takes advantage of the ULTRA GO cushioning, highly powerful COMFORT PILLAR technology, and the Air Cooled Goga Mat insole system.

The top is built leveraging a fabric that delivers a cozy wrap around your feet. It is easy to put on and remove.

I recommend this type of go-walk because it is comfortable and stylish.

Skechers Go-Walk Evolution Ultra

Can You Wash Skechers Go-Walk?

This model is designed for men. the Go Walk Evolution Ultra possesses the ULTRA GO cushioning, ULTRA PILLARS for a rebound, and Air Cooled Goga Mat insole technology6. Skechers Go-Walk Joy: This is for ladies.

It is a light and comfortable shoe with a 5GEN cushioning system, Goga Mat insole, and breathable knit mesh uppers.

Skechers Go-Walk Max

Can You Wash Skechers Go-Walk?

For the foremost cushioning and shock absorbency, you’ll be able to choose the Go Walk Max, which contains a very thick platform sole, with ULTRA GO cushioning.

Key features of Skechers go-walk shoes that make them excellent for walking

  • A cushioned and shock absorbing Midsole
  • A durable and flexible outsole.
  • Padded Tongue and Collar.
  • Heel panel Overlays.
  • Integrated Outsole.
  • Air Cooled Goga Mat Insole for cushioning.
  • Dual-density outsole.

The lightweight shoe features two cushioning systems that aim to create each step lighter than the last. They feature high-rebound technology within the insole and underfoot that’s crafted to take care of the shoe’s cushion, irrespective of how often you wear them.

The knit mesh upper and also the cooling insole is breathable, so you will not worry about giving your feet a prospect because the months get warmer.

The Go-Walk is additionally comfortable, fun, and straightforward to wear. the various models also offer you the opportunity to settle on the one you’re most comfortable with. There are models made especially for either men and ladies.

Skechers GO-WALK is unquestionably a product worth getting. the worth just about affordable compare to shoes from Nike, Addidas, and Puma.


Skechers Go-Walk is top of the models Skechers you ought to definitely get. Buyers like it, reviewers provide a decent rating for this class of shoes.

Skechers as an organization has moved from just making utility-style boots and skate shoes. The company has since diversified to incorporate athletic and casual styles for men, women, and youngsters, as well as performance shoes.

Add comfort to your day with their range of walking footwear for ladies including the innovative Skechers GO WALK collection.

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