Red Tape vs Campus Shoes: Which Is Better?

The prominent difference between Campus and Red Tape shoes is in the type of sole they are constructed with. Campus shoes are built with Eva outsoles while Red Tape shoes are built with TPR outsoles.

Eva soles have an elastic property and more ability to absorb shock compared to TPR soles. It makes up for quirks your feet may encounter on the ground and provide them with adequate balance, relaxation, and protection.

Red Tape vs Campus Shoes

They are lightweight to enhance swift movement. Also, they require extra care because they get colored easily after a few wears.

TPR soles are not rubber soles but are made with a blending of rubber and plastics. They are cheaper to produce than Eva soles which makes Red Tape shoes more affordable than Campus shoes.

They are slip-resistant, to ensure an erect position even on slippery surfaces and do not get colored easily. These soles are not as durable as Eva soles because they cannot withstand long wears.

Red Tape shoes

Red Tape vs Campus Shoes

Red Tape is an exceptional shoe brand that upholds its allegiance to delivering its customers the best of world-class styles with incredible quality, comfort, and affordability.

The advent of Red Tape shoes was in the year 1996 when it was Indians global leading shoe in countries such as the Uk and Europe.

Ever since, Red Tape shoes have been advancing even better, innovating better designs and quality of their shoes.

The excellence they’ve exhibited over time has enabled them to transcend from just making men’s shoes to also wears.

Campus shoes

Red Tape vs Campus Shoes

Campus is one of the oldest shoe-making factories in India, they deal in the production of active foot wears and have been existing since 1983.

After existing for over twenty years, the growth of the company can be evidently seen in its 15 percent annual growth rate and its 20 percent share in the leisure shoe industry in India.

HK Agarwal who is the founder of Campus shoes was driven by the need for good quality activewear at a more substantial amount.

They major in producing both sports and casual footwear and even at their minimal prices, Campus shoes are very comfortable, durable, and beautiful.

Campus vs Red Tape shoes: Comparison

First Glance

Beneath the mesh material used at the top of the Campus shoe, there is memory foam which gives it ridiculous comfort.

The memory foam fills everywhere in the shoe making you feel like you have a shoe that has been custom-made for your foot.

It has a breathable mesh upper and the colors are bright and awesome. They have more of a sporty look and can be worn to the gym, for running or jogging, or for any sporting activity.

Asides from sporting activities, they give a casual look and can be worn to run errands. They do not only look good but feel good.

The outsoles are fully articulated so as you are walking, the shoe is going to flex.

On the heel panel of Red Tape shoes, there’s a nice welt technology which is another layer of support to keep your feet settled on the sole so you can get maximum satisfaction from the shoe setup.

They have very flexible and light outsoles with some sort of designs which gives them nice traction on both slippery and oily surfaces.

The top is made with a heavily mesh perforated material that is very breathable and lightweight.

It is pretty well padded but well breathable at the same time so you can get adequate ventilation in your feet.

They are made in bright shades and can fashionably pair with almost any casual outfit.


Campus shoes are made with good quality materials which makes them lasting and durable.

You can wear them for your day-to-day activities and be rest assured in terms of comfort and durability.

The memory foam insoles in Campus shoes keep the feet cool by wicking out moisture produced by the feet which is likely to cause odor.

The outsoles are built to give you a nice balance and make it serve more purposes like a casual dress shoe, running shoe or a general sports shoe.

Red Tape shoes are made with more sub-standard materials which makes them less quality.

The sole which is like the foundation of the shoe is expected to give you balance but is the first part that wears off even after the first day of use.

The mesh top of the shoe is very breathable and allows for ventilation but it’s not bonded with a strong cement and will in no time pull off from the sole.


Campus shoes are true to size and have a perfect fit. You know how annoying it can be when you are going for a first walk or running a new pair of shoes and they feel too tight or too big or just too uncomfortable.

Campus shoes are made to be 0.5 to 0.65 inches longer than your foot so as not to compress your toe.

They are also available in half sizes to accommodate any type of feet.

Red Tape shoes are true to size, they give your feet a snug fit and provide room for your toes to wiggle meaning that they are not too tight.

They do not slip around your heel so that when you walk or run, you rest assured they won’t go off your feet.

They are wide enough to accommodate the width and breadth of your feet without being too free.

Most people love to pair their sneakers with socks, especially active sneakers for running or any type of sport, and this is made possible with Red Tape shoes.


The materials used in Campus shoes were not only selected to make them look trendy or fashionable but also of good quality.

The uppers of Campus shoes are made mesh fabrics, these mesh fabrics are formulated from nylon and polyester yarns and are incredibly breathable.

No doubt these shoes are attractive and many people desire to buy them but are scared of having smelly feet, but the mesh material used in making the top allows for the inflow and outflow of air.

Such that you no longer have to worry about odor-causing bacteria because the airflow wicks out every moisture produced by your feet.

The mesh fabrics are super fashionable and less expensive and so you can have a trendy shoe that costs less.

However, if you are into sports you can also wear Campus shoes because they are lightweight and won’t restrict your running stride but rather enhance it.

The uppers of Red Tape shoes are made with medium-quality PU mesh materials which aim at providing your feet with optimum cushioning and relaxation.

They are resistant to easily wearing off even if they come in contact with a rough surface. They are breathable and allow ventilation.

The PU mesh materials give them a versatile look and make them suitable for almost any casual outfit in your wardrobe.


From the moment your heel hits the ground to the moment your toes leave the ground, different muscles fire at different points.

Where those muscles are active, you need a reliable insole to stabilize the foot, and this is what Campus shoes provide you with.

Campus shoes’ memory foam footbed gives your feet incredible comfort and cushioning, it is shock absorbent and breathable.

When you look at insoles that come in your regular shoes, you’ll discover that they are thin, flimsy, and wears out easily over time.

When you consider that under the insole is a very hard surface which is the ground,  you will see why they are counter-productive to your health.

It may be comfortable to bear with the surface underneath but that is the only benefit.

The comfort technology used in Red Tape shoes is top-notch. The insoles are made with removable memory foam insoles.

This enables you to easily wash them after a series of wear to keep them neat and void of odor.

The memory foam footbeds give your feet the support and cushioning they need, whilst also providing backing for your arch.

When you want to eliminate foot pain or joint issues such as the knee, back, hip, and ankle pain, the most common solution for your ordeal is the memory foam insole.

These insoles work because foot and joint pain are a result of misalignment and balance.

Your body is interacting with the ground in a way that causes unnecessary strain when you stand, run or walk.

The memory foam insoles bring your body back into alignment and address the foundation of your health.


Campus shoes are made with TPR soles which is a very flexible, durable, and lightweight soles.

The lightweight feature of the sole enables it to be versatile for various purposes, they can serve as casual shoes and running shoes.

They give you nice strides and have pretty good traction which keeps your feet resistant to slip.

These soles get colored easily after being worn over time. The TPR soles give you a good balance on the ground and keep you comfortable all day long.

When it comes to comfort, Red Tape shoes are exceptional. They are built with EVA soles which gives them flexibility so that even when you dash your feet on a hard surface, you don’t feel the impact so hard.

The Eva sole is responsible for the lightweight feature of Red Tape shoes. They are built to be lighter than conventional rubber soles.

The balance in Red Tape shoes is a factor customers appreciate and look out for and this is a result of the EVA soles.

They provide comfort as well as balance to your feet which aids in giving you a good walking stride and improves your posture.

Their outsoles are anti-skid which gives you an aggressive grip on oily and slippery surfaces.

Pros of Campus shoes

  • They are inexpensive and accessible to anyone.
  • They have incredible comfort technology.
  • They easily break-in.
  • They are versatile.
  • They allow easy access to ventilation.
  • They have an anti-skid sole that gives the feet nice traction on slippery and oily surfaces.
  • They are lightweight.

Cons of Campus shoes

  • Campus shoes are not enduring.
  • Their soles get colored easily.

Pros of Red Tape Shoes

  • Fashionable and affordable.
  • Versatile and suitable for almost any casual dressing.
  • They have a perfect fit.
  • They are breathable.
  • They give you a nice balance on any surface.
  • Their outsoles are oil resistant.
  • Their insoles give you an improved stride.
  • Their insoles are removable, making them easy to maintain.

Cons of Red Tape shoes

  • The mesh material used in constructing the top of the shoe easily pulls out.
  • Their outsoles are poorly built and will in no time wear off.

Final Verdict: Winner

Without a doubt, both Campus and Red Tape shoes are fashionable and made affordable for people who can not pay for a pair of Adidas or Jordan sneakers. Their comfort technology and versatility are top-notch.

However, you would want to consider Campus shoes because they have proven to have an edge over Red Tape shoes.

You should understand that because both shoes were intended to be affordable, they were built with a cheaper production cost.

Although they had to use less expensive materials during production, Campus shoes are produced with more quality materials than Red Tape Shoes.

The cheaper cost of production is extremely visible in Red Tape shoes as the outsoles can easily get a crack after the first day of wearing them.

These shoes have proven that they are not reliable and are not efficient for your day’s activity.

The soles of Campus shoes on the other hand have a level of durability and will last longer even after a series of consistent wears.

The comfort technology used in the production of Campus shoes is top-notch and cannot be compared to that of Red Tape shoes.

They were built to accommodate, protect and support your feet. This comfort technology makes them versatile and can serve as a running or any sports shoe without causing blisters or discomfort in your feet.

In general, Red Tape shoes are often seen offering mouth-watery discounts as bait to gain more sales.

They get people to hop on these amazing offers like getting two pairs of shoes for the same amount you will get a pair of shoes.

You may want to reconsider your plan of hopping on their discount offers because you may eventually prefer getting a pair of quality shoes to buying two shoes for the same price.


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