Red Tape vs Skechers: Which Is a Better Running Shoe?

Running shoes are presumed to be of good quality, comfortable, airy, and cushioned. There are factors to consider when choosing the right pair of running shoes.

Red Tape and Skechers are a type of sports shoe created to be lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and durable.

Skechers offer more diverse styling options, they can be used as dual-purpose shoes to pair outfits. While Red Tape sports shoes are created to be lightweight and comfortable.

The major difference between these two sports shoes is that both are created for comfort but Skechers offer more when it comes to fashion styling options.

Red Tape vs Skechers

First glance

When I first wore my Red Tape sports shoes, they felt light on my feet and looks like classic sports shoes.

The upper of the shoe is made of a mesh or breathable material that allows for it to be aerated. While I wore the shoes my feet doesn’t get moist.

The inside of the shoes has cushion insoles against friction.

My first impression about Skechers is comfort and style, they are so stylish that they have become my go-to shoes for sports and any casual occasion.

I have been wearing Skechers for a month now and I can say it is comfortable because they are made with EVA soles, this is a type of soles that is very durable and light on the feet.

Skechers have cushioned insoles made of a soft cushioned material that helps protect our feet from direct gravity. Skechers are really stylish, light, and unique.

Red Tape

Red Tape vs Skechers

  • Intermediate material quality
  • Easy workout shoes
  • The round mouth ensures adequate toe space
  • High and upper size shoe errors cause folding
  • Affordable


Red Tape vs Skechers

  • Casual-purpose sport footwear
  • Round mouth for toe comfort
  • Cushion memory soles
  • Expensive
  • Quality

I have been wearing Skechers sports footwear for a pretty long time now and I can say for sure that it is quite comfortable and stylish.

When I run or jump do not feel my heel hit the ground hard, instead, it feels bouncy on my feet. This is because the sole of Skechers is made with EVA material.

My ankles didn’t rub against the inner of the shoe as it is laid with cushion insoles that help the feet feel comfy.

Skechers have advanced memory foam in their insoles that cushion the feet and mold them to their shape.

This gives your feet the perfect balance and fit, ensuring you don’t feel strained whenever you wear them even for long periods.

My Skechers footwear easily goes with my casual outfits making these sports shoes my favorite.

Comparison between Red Tape and Skechers Running shoes

Features Red Tape Skechers
Construction The overall build is defined by the model design Built to withstand tough situations like in industry
Stitching Red Tape is specially hand crafted. Machine woven
Leather Leather, nubuck, and canvass are used in production Made from genuine leather or synthetic materials
Pricing Low cost affordable Pricey
Build quality Quality is good Rugged and smooth quality designs
Insole The insole has EVA foam technology Advanced insole design with quality cushioned memory foam.
Outsole The outsole is made of durable rubber and contoured design Outsole made from firm flexible rubber
Fit and size They are usually half a size larger than your size Half a size larger than your size
Style Can be worn for both formal and informal occasions Styling these shoes has a wide range of applications.

Red Tape vs Skechers Running shoes: Construction

Red Tape shoes have good construction and generally can serve you for whatever purpose you intend to use them for.

They aren’t too bogus and have defined shapes in their designs.

Skechers footwear has a known reputation for high-quality shoes for both industrial use and sports purposes.

They are more durable than Red Tape and have designs that suit each model.

Red Tape vs Skechers Running shoes: Stitching

For Red Tape shoes most are handcrafted leading to the strong fit and durability of its products.

Skechers’ footwear is mainly woven using a machine. Different kind of materials used in its construction also affects the king of stitching employed in its use.

Red Tape vs Skechers Running shoes: Leather

Red Tape uses a combination of leather, canvas, or Nubuck in producing its footwear.

Some of its production models have used either a combination of both or just a single material.

Skechers running shoes are made from premium leather for its shoes and synthetic materials for other production models.

They have a known reputation for quality leather that last a long time of use.

Red Tape vs Skechers Running shoes: Pricing

Red Tape footwear is more affordable than its Skechers counterparts. Difference of about 50 – 100$ in price between them, however, some models are similar in price.

Red Tape vs Skechers Running shoes: Build Quality

When it comes to build quality, Red Tape footwear is average in comparison to Skechers which have a more rugged approach and style in its industrial footwear models.

Other models are built using high-quality materials, better for withstanding wear and tear.

Red Tape vs Skechers Running shoes: Insole

Insoles are an important factor to consider when buying shoes and Red Tape shoes come with EVA foam laid inside the shoes to provide a plush comfortable base for your foot.

Walking and running in them is easy as they delay the onset of foot fatigue or injuries.

Skechers on the other hand has advanced memory foam in their insoles that cushions the feet and molds to their shape.

This gives your feet the perfect balance and fit, ensuring you don’t feel stained whenever you wear them even for long periods of time.

Red Tape vs Skechers Running shoes: Outsole

Red Tape shoes boast a rubber outsole that is soft and lightweight. They have contours in their design to ensure you remain stable and better positioned when wearing them.

While Skechers have rigid yet flexible rubber outsoles that can withstand wear and tear. Also, providing traction preventing slips and falls on all surfaces.

Red Tape vs Skechers Running shoes: Fit and Size

Red Tape sports shoes and Skechers both run a size upward when shopping ensure to make use of a size chart as sizes differ in different regions.

Red Tape vs Skechers Running shoes: Style

Red Tape is strictly a sports shoe as they have no fit on any other wear part from our sports outfit.

Whereas the Skechers has a dual purpose usage because of their designs and fits on other outfits.

Pros of Red Tape

Simple workout shoe

Red Tape is a simple workout shoe produced solely for sport; this shoe cannot blend with another outfit as it is rigid in its design as an athletic shoe, the shoe is designed to fit and stabilize a person’s legs during a workout.

This is achieved by the flat soles, these flat soles won’t do justice to your casual outfit when hanging out with friends, making it only suitable for workouts.

Round mouth for toe space

Red Tape sports shoes are produced with a round mouth design which enables the toes to rest and be placed properly without strain.

When a sneaker has a narrow-mouthed design it tends to squeeze or constrict the toes making it painful during exercises and movement, so rounded mouth sports shoes are the best option for a sports shoe or sneakers.

Mesh material

Mesh fabric is a breathable cloth material used in the production of sports shoes, this material makes the shoe breathable which aids the feet to get aerated, without this breathable mesh the feet would gather moisture and sweat.

This leads to the foot slipping out of the shoe or causing bacteria to build which is not good and can lead to an infection.


Red Tape is relatively affordable for a simple sports shoe as the price falls around a hundred to one fifty dollars.

Colour options

The beautiful thing about the Red Tape sports shoes is that it comes in different color options.

Cons of Red Tape Running shoes

Color bleeds

The colors on Red Tape sports shoes bleed as they come in contact with wetness, and the colors bleed out on other parts of the sneakers.

One way to control color bleeds is the use of salt and cold water. Soak the shoe in a mixture of cold water and salt for twenty minutes. This is an effective way to help control bleeds.

Average material

The material used in the production of Red Tape sports shoes is average material as the material tends to wear and tear off easily.

Often times than not the shoe flakes and peels lose traction of soles, the colors bled out in contact with rain or washing, and the gum used in the production of the shoe wears off too causing the sole of the shoe to fall off.

Heavy feet

Red Tape sports shoes have a more buffed appearance, this is a result of the extra padding technique used in the construction of the shoes.

Another factor contributing to heavy soles is the plastic the soles are made from.

Does not run true to size

When shopping for a pair of shoes it is important to be aware of your shoe size because size charts vary according to regions, hence the use or consult of a size chart will be advisable

The Red Tape sports shoes do not run true to size as you have to size them upward to get your perfect feet.

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Pros of Skechers running shoes

Classic dual-purpose sports footwear

Skechers is a classic dual-purpose sports footwear that looks decent for a casual fit and a good sports shoe too.

Round mouth for toe comfort

The mouth of the Skechers footwear is rounded in shape; this is a good feature that gives the toes enough room to rest on.

This is a good feature of Red Tape, a narrow mouth would cause the toes to squeeze contracting blood flow during activities.

Without this feature, it would be hard to work efficiently in these shoes.

Cushion memory soles

Skechers sports shoes have inlaid memory cushioned soles, this cushion insoles help to reduce the gravity between our joints, feet, and ground.


Skechers is well designed as they can serve a dual purpose either casual or sports purpose. Their variety of colors and patterns gives the shoes a bigger edge, especially when trying a casual outfit.

Skechers are produced in different designs, patterns, and colors leaving you with a variety of options to choose from.

Cons of Skechers running shoes


Skechers running shoes are a bit pricey as not everyone will afford that.

Skechers sports shoes have earned themselves a good reason to be bought as this shoe does not only last a long while but also has a good thrift value.


When shopping for a shoe, it is advisable to know your actual size and how to use a chart because sizes differ in countries.

Skechers do run size upward, proper care has to be taken when shopping for the right pair and size of shoe, some countries differ with size hence it is advisable to use a size chart.

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Final Verdict

Skechers is a good sports footwear brand because it offers a double purpose of usage, this shoe can be paired in different colors and outfits.

They have good grip technologies; meaning that you wouldn’t have to worry about shipping during activities.

They aid the joints and bones from friction because of the cushion memory insoles.

Skechers has proved itself worthy of trust as they command a value for pre-loved or thrift on the fashion market.

Skechers have proved to be of better pick and quality with these points below


The Skechers footwear brand has proven to be a better pick than the Red Tape because it is produced with quality materials that enable the shoes to last for a long time.

The durability of the shoe has earned people’s trust in this item as it has a pre-used item value on the fashion market.

If proper care is taken for your shoes they would last up to four years.

Classic dual-purpose sports footwear

Skechers sports footwear can pass for both casual and sports activities because of its unique designs and color options. They also have the ability to serve as a casual fit.

Round mouth for toe comfort

Skechers have a rounded toe section construction that allows room for toe space to prevent toes from squeezing and restricting blood flow.

Cushion memory soles

The inside of the shoe has cushioned memory insoles that help the feet not to get sore. They act as a pad between your joints.

Grip technology

Skechers sports footwear is produced with grip technology, grip technology is a technique in which the soles are created with material that aids grip and traction.

Grip and traction help our feet not slip during sports activities.

Skechers sports footwear is constructed with cushion memory soles to protect the joints and feet.

In conclusion

I hope you agree with me that Skechers is better than Red Tape running shoes in terms of durability, comfort, and resale value.


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