Old Skool vs Comfycush Vans: Comparison

The major difference between the Vans Old Skool and the Comfycush is that the Van Comfycush is more comfortable than the Vans Old Skool.

Old Skool vs Comfycush

The Comfycush is known to be extremely comfortable and more durable than the Old Skool.

The design on the Vans Old Skool is an iconic side stripe design with dual colors while the design on the Comfycush is a colorful classic design with elastic inserts at the sides.

The Old Skool is less expensive while the Comfycush is more expensive. These sneakers have more differences than it meets the eyes, let’s take a look.

What you should know about Vans Old Skool

Old Skool vs Comfycush

  • Low top
  • Suede overlays
  • Rubber waffle outsole
  • Canvas upper
  • Reinforced toecap
  • Padded collar
  • Iconic side stripe

This sneaker was the first real skateboard shoe designed by Vans, it is a low-top silhouette lace-up sneaker.

Its upper is made of canvas with suede overlays. It features a signature rubber waffle outsole which has vulcanized lugs for better outdoor traction.

The sneaker’s suede overlays include reinforced toecaps and the heel overlay. It has a padded collar for better support and flexibility.

The tongue at the side panels are made out of the canvas. It features the iconic Vans stripe at the side. The stripe is made of leather, it is the only part of the shoe made of leather.

The inner part of the shoe has a faux leather lining with padding, it’s made with flannel that has heat retention layers to keep you feeling warm and dry with its moisture-wicking properties. Its insole is glued in. It uses tech top finishing at the top.

What you should know about Vans Comfycush

Old Skool vs Comfycush

  • Slip-on style
  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • Cushiony outsole
  • Foam and rubber construction
  • Moisture-wicking material

A very noticeable feature of the Vans Comfycush is the increase in comfort, it is designed to be more comfortable than other Vans.

It does not feature lace but it has a slip-on style. It is a lightweight shoe that has lots of cushioning.

It uses less thin material and a bit less rubber. It is constructed for an interior comfy fit and added support.

It has a rubber cushiony outsole, this outsole gives a perfect fit that would make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

It features a foam and rubber construction which is a perfect combination to offer good grip and comfort. This rubber outsole provides durability and traction to your feet.

The Comfycush features an interior that has arch support and moisture-wicking lining materials to help wick away moisture.

Its cushiony sole is made with a Comfycush technology which offers softness and comfort. The sole provides excellent traction and grip.

Comparison between Old Skool and Comfycush


Features Old Skool Comfycush
Comfort level Very comfortable Extremely comfortable
Cushioning Sockliner provides a cushion to the feet Comfycush technology provides extra cushion
Weight Heavy Lightweight
Outsole Rubber waffle outsole Soft cushiony outsole
Insole Footstool insole Cushioned insole
Inner /upper part A breathable fabric and canvas and suede upper Moisture wicking lining and textile and leather upper
Price Less expensive Very expensive
Midsole Platform midsole Foam midsole
Fit True to size Runs small
Durability Durable More durable
Design Iconic side stripes design Classic design with elastic inserts

Comfort level

Vans Old Skool is very comfortable. It has a wide toe-box to give your feet enough room to breathe. It offers great comfort all day long.

Its sturdy rubber sole and flexible construction make the shoe very comfortable. Its traditional laces also make it very comfortable as it can be adjusted to be either loose or tight. It gives balance and support.

It is not just comfortable but also durable. Its sole also provides enough support and comfort.

Vans Comfycush will provide you with zero discomforts. With the Comfycush, you would not struggle with comfort as you did with the other model.

It is designed to be extremely comfortable. It is the most comfortable Vans sneaker model. It features cushiony insoles, a foam midsole for support and it’s lightweight. It has a super comfy fit for all-day wear.


Old skool features an enhanced sockliner for good cushioning and better impact protection.

Sockliner is a thin material often used in providing enhanced comfort to the feet. It has thicker cushioning for better ankle support. it helps to return energy.

Comfycush sneaker incorporates Comfycush technology. This cushioning technology is exposed on the bottom i.e the underfoot cushioning.

This technology is a material and construction inside the sneaker. It is an upgraded comfort technology that helps to utilize comfort.


Vans Old Skool is heavier than the Comfycush. It weighs about 1.03 lb (pounds) – men’s size 12.

The Comfycush is lightweight. It is designed to be light and soft. It weighs about 1 lb. This means that you can easily wear the Comfycush for a longer period of time without feeling any pain on your feet.

Customers that wear Comfycush have confirmed that this sneaker is lightweight and very soft to the touch.


Vans Old Skool has a hard rubber waffle outsole, it is a solid vulcanized rubber outsole. This sole is quite durable as it is a combination of natural and synthetic gum rubber.

The sole is about 7mm thick. This sole offers a superior grip and support while skating. It has a light brownish or tan color waffle sole.

The Van Comfycush has a more cushiony outsole which is softer to the touch. This sole is the updated version of the Vans sole.

Its layer design makes the Comfycush sneaker lighter and more flexible than the Old Skool. The outsole is quite durable and as well offers good traction. The color of the Comfycush is of a darker sole.


Vans Old Skool has a footsoul insole. It helps to enhance your experience by adding comfort and support to your feet. This insole also gives a cloud-like feeling.

Vans Comfycush has a cushiony insole that is padded with arch support. This insole is more comfortable than other insoles, it is designed to offer more comfort and support than other insoles.

The cushiony insole means that the insole has more cushion and provides more comfort.

The inner and upper part

The interior of the Old Skool has a breathable fabric which the circulation of air throughout the shoe. It also has a tongue inside which offers grip.

For the uppers, it is made of a durable canvas and suede upper.

The interior of the Comfycush is made of canvas and cotton-based. Its interior also incorporates improved arch support for maximum support to the feet and a moisture-wicking lining which helps to wick away moisture and keep the feet cool and dry.

For the uppers, it is made of a textile and leather upper.


The Vans Old Skool costs about $51 to $60 depending on the style, some may even cost lower. It is usually affordable, you do not need to break the bank to get a pair.

The Vans Comfycush sneaker price ranges from $60 to $80, this depends on the style. Its high price is due to its improved features.


The Old Skool has a platform-style midsole with a heel patch. This midsole is very thick and as well gives the shoe some added height.

The Comfycush incorporates a foam midsole which is more cushioned and soft. This foam midsole provides enough support and cushioning as you walk.

Its midsole is softer than other midsoles. This midsole makes you feel like you’re walking on a cloud. It improves all-day support.


The Vans Old skool fit true to size. For this Vans to fit true to size, it means that the shoe will be exactly the size of the feet. There is no need to size up or size down as you can order for a pair depending on your feet size.

The Vans Comfycush runs small. You would need to size up to get a perfect fit.


The Vans Old Skool is durable. This sneaker is made of a vulcanized construction which makes it long-lasting and durable enough to be worn for a long time. Using the vulcanized construction is the best way to make a sneaker.

The Comfycush is more durable than the Old Skool. It is built for long-lasting comfort. It can be worn for 10 hours without hurting the feet.

It would be better to get more than one pair for you to wear for a longer period. Many customers have come to really like the Comfycush because it is built for durability and comfort.


The Vans old skool features an iconic side stripe design. It usually comes in dual colors like; black and white or blue and black.

This side stripe is also known as the Jazz stripe. The Jazz stripe is made of leather, it is the only piece of the shoe that is made of leather. It has several stitching throughout the sneakers.

The Comfycush has a classic design at its top. It has two elastic inserts which give the shoe a perfect fit. This shoe is usually a slip-on silhouette. It is quite stylish and very fashionable to put on.

Why you should buy Vans Old Skool?

You should buy the Old Skool because it is Vans first skate shoe which has leather panels for improved durability.

This skate shoe is very much comfortable and would keep you comfortable and feeling dry all day long. It does not require any break-in period.

This sneaker can also keep you very warm. Its traditional lace-up will give you a secure fit. The Comfycush gives you an experience where comfort is more important than any other feature.

Best Old Skool Vans to buy

Why you should buy Vans Comfycush

You should buy Comfycush because it is a light sneaker. It is much more comfortable than other pairs of Vans and it is versatile.

It can be worn for skating, walking, and other casual activities and goes with any outfit. It is softer and more cushiony.

It has an internal lining that helps to absorb and regulate moisture.

This lining material will keep you dry and fresh all day long. it is designed to be lightweight, soft, and comfortable.

The Comfycush has an anti-slip sole for good performance. It is also fashionable.

Best Old Skool Vans to buy


The overall best sneaker for this article is the Comfycush. This is because it is designed to be very comfortable with extra cushion. It is very soft and lightweight.

Though it can be expensive because of the type of material used in making it, it is worth the price.

It is more durable and more comfortable than other types of Vans sneakers. It is a slip-on sneaker with two elastic inserts for easy wear. 


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