Vans Doheny vs Authentic: Who Is The Winner?

The battle between Vans Doheny and Authentic is a pretty tough one.

This is because they are both casual skate-style shoes that are great for everyday wear, they both feature a lace-up system, and they are both available in a wide range of colors.

These are the things that most Vans enthusiasts look out for when picking their next pair. So, it would be a waste of time to base our comparison on those features.

I did a laser-focused observation on both models, and here is what I found out:

The Major difference between Vans Doheny and Vans Authentic is that Doheny is made of Canvas and Suede while Authentic is built with Canvas and leather.

Vans Doheny Vs Authentic

Also, the Vand Doheny has a High profile look with numerous designs, while Authentic is characterized by its Low profile looks and minimal design.

The classic lace-up for Authentic is usually made with metal eyelets, but that of Doheny is traditionally made with plastic eyelets.

If you are conflicted between both styles, these are the areas you should focus on that will help you come to a final Verdict.

So the factor that surrounds your decision is more of personal preference and usage (and maybe budget) than style or overall quality.

Both styles are designed to be worn for a long time, and they both have excellent toe protection. But on the obvious, Doheny styles are set apart because of their crepe rubber look and deck shoe-inspired stitching.

In the rest of this article, we will go through a comparative review of both styles to see which one should be placed above the other on your scale of preference.

A good place to start would be identifying why comparison articles like this are important. 

Why the need for this comparison? 

The design of the Authentic has hardly changed, even though its sales have quadrupled exponentially since its inception.

People who buy Vans are usually drawn by how glorified of a skate shoe it is, its remarkable Vulcanized outsole, lightweight, and signature waffle tread pattern.

Fortunately, both the Vans Authentic and Vans Doheny do not fall short in these areas, and that is why it is easy to conclude that they are both an allrounder.

So, anyone looking to make the best decision between these two styles will need to look beyond the obvious. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Vans Doheny? 

Vans Doheny vs Authentic

Following its launch in the fall of 2009, Vans Doheny sneakers became popular for their West Coast style, beloved by California locals. They abruptly became a staple for any skater or fashion lover’s wardrobe.

The footwear revived accolades for their vintage-inspired high-tops with pre-worn black soles and soft nubuck uppers.

However, anyone considering this style should be aware of the following pros and cons of the pair:

Pros of Vans Doheny

  • A wide sizing coverage for anyone and most foot size and shape
  • Available in a wide range of colors and pattern designs 
  • Excellent shoe protection and holds up for a long time. 
  • Incredibly flexible 
  • Equipped with a flexible outsole 
  • Slip-resistant 
  • Mesh inserts that provide breathability.

Cons of Vans Doheny

  • It takes a long time to break in but becomes impressively comfortable afterward. 
  • A bad choice for hikes and runs, as opposed to the Authentics
  • It has less padding when compared to Era 
  • The weight of the Vans Doheny is slightly higher 
  • No angular stitching at the front for improved aesthetics 

What are the Pros and Cons of Vans Authentic?

Vans Doheny vs Authentic

It sure makes sense that the Authentics are one of Vans’ most popular styles, given that they’re the shoes that kicked off the skateboarding brand in 1966. 

This shoe comes with a simple, lace design with the adorable casual Canvas upper.

New colors and patterns grace the Authentic, but the brand has remained loyal in retaining the original offerings of the style.

Above all Vans creations, the Authentics are considered a timeless piece of footwear, considering how long they’ve remained part of popular culture decades. 

Anyone thinking of buying Authentics over other Vans styles should be ready to chest the following pros and cons:

Pros of Vans Authentic

  • Impressively comfortable for long-standing hours are concerts or walking around the city.
  • The canvas fabric breathes well
  • Not too long laces
  • Slip-resistant, of course! 
  • Available in several colors and patterns 
  • There is the ComfyCush Authentics for those with higher arches 
  • Available in various sizing options suitable for everyone

Cons of Vans Authentic

  • It has a minimal design which doesn’t sound good to fashion-forward folks
  • It takes some hours to break-in 
  • Not as versatile as the Doheny for casual purposes. 

What similarities do both styles have?

The Major features that establish similarities between Vans Doheny and Vans Authentic are that both styles feature:

  • Same design – lace-up design, heel and toe detail. 
  • Leather is used in both Vans styles
  • They are both Slip-resistant 
  • They both have the sizing system advantage 
  • Similarities in waterproof upper 
  • Both are comfortable for skating and off-board activities. 

Same design – lace-up design, heel and toe detail

Vans Doheny vs Authentic

There are many pointers to the similarities between Vans Doheny and Authentics in the general design area.

Aside from the Lace-up and heel, toe construction, we can see that both models are available in a light stone with a white lace section with a brown heel, and also offered in dark loden with brown lace and a brown heel, among other variations. 

Leather is used in both Vans styles

Vans Authentic and Doheny account for some of the Vans styles made of soft leather.

A closer look at the top of both shoes reveals that they are equally unscuffed to retain their natural appearance.

They are both Slip-resistant

Vans Doheny vs Authentic

It is rare to come by any Vans style that does not do well in the area of slip-resistant.

You can bank on Doheny and Authentics for rainy days as they both feature the brand’s signature waffle outsole that helps maintain stability and improved traction even on slippery surfaces. 

They both have the sizing system advantage

A general problem with buying sneakers, especially ones used for skating, is the defect of not being true to size.

Well, that is not the case for Both the Authentics and Doheny. They have a wide sizing coverage that makes them a good choice for people. 

Similarities in waterproof upper

I examined the upper construction of both the Authentics and Doheny and a feature that reflects the green light was that they are both waterproof.

This means that the upper of both shoes are water Repellent. This should not be mistaken for waterproof shoes as we are only talking about the upper. 

Both are comfortable for skating and off-board activities.

Yes, the demographics of Authentics and Doheny’s target market are individuals who participate in one sporting activity or the other, usually skating or running.

They share a similarity in comfort generation and ability to adapt to the outdoor lifestyle, thanks to their level of breathability. 

As you can see, both the Vans Authentics and Doheny have a lot in common. So the decision-making has just become x2 harder.

But here is how we know which is best for you:

Vans Doheny vs Authentic: The comparison

Having a good pair of stylish canvas sneakers like the Vans Authentics or Doheny is great because they can individually to-go with any of your outfits.

While both are great investments, which one is worth your pick?

The table below expresses my findings on how these two styles measure up in upper make, weight, shape, padding, design, and usage. 

Differences Vans Doheny Vans Authentic
Upper make Made of Canvas upper Made with sturdy suede and canvas upper
Weight The weight of the Vans Doheny is higher than that of Authentic The weight of the Vans Authentic is lower
Shape It has less skinner profile It has a skinner profile than Doheny
Padding No liberal use of padding for competitive cushion offering It has a high-padded collar
Leather heel cap No leather heel cap It has a leather heel cap
Design Angular stitching at the front is not visible in Doheny Vans Angular stitching present at the front of the Authentic Vans shoes
Application Best suited for Casual outfit style Best suited for skateboarders

The interpretation of the comparison table above means that there are some scenarios where it would be best to pick Vans Doheny over the Authentics and vice versa.

This is a result of their overall quantity composition and what each feature offers.

Based on what has been established from the comparison table, it means that one of the styles will be great for the following activities than the other:

  1. Vans Doheny is a great choice if versatility is what you had in mind when narrowing your selection to these two styles.
  2. Vans authentic is the best guy if you want any of these shoes to have the footwear you can wear for hiking or running.
  3. Vans Authentic is not promising for casual footwear to the beach. The Doheny is the best guy for that.
  4. Vans Doheny may be versatile, but its score point in the area of athletic activities is lower than Vans Authentic. So the latter is the better choice for purposes under that category.
  5. Vans Authentic will hold up much longer than Vans Doheny for everyday use and rough handling.
  6. For any leisure summer activities, push your investment to Vans Doheny. 

Why should you wear Doheny sneakers? 

Vans Doheny vs Authentic

Doheny has a strong reputation on the lips of many skaters. This is largely attributed to the quality of their material and the excellent sole construction.

The Vans Doheny and Vans Authentic are both products of vans; for this reason, there are very high possibilities that both shoes share the same prestige.

However, Vans Doheny appears to be convincing when we focus on the need for footwear that will serve better during the Spring and Summer months.

These warm outdoor months are when you’d need Vans like Doheny that offer the right comfort for summer-related activities.

It can take up to 2 to 3 years of wearing Doheny Vans before you think of replacement or repair. That’s a good reason why you’d want to wear this style. 

Why should you wear Vans Authentic? 

Vans Doheny vs Authentic

On the other hand, Vans Authentic sneakers are similarly comfortable everyday shoe that matches almost every outfit.

You can’t draw a line of flaw between this and the Doheny. Although, it appeals to those who love flat sneakers because the original classic Authentic feels flat.

But to cover a wider market, the brand rolled out the ComfyCush Authentics for those with higher arches or who spend long periods on their feet.

Authentics has the potential to get you hooked and continue to love vans. It is a good option for those trying Vans shoes for the first time. 

It appeals more to Vans enthusiasts interested in low-profile footwear that is still a great match for everyday use.

Although it is built with the same vulcanized construction as Doheny, Authentics seems to be promising in standing the time because the more you wear it, the better it becomes.

Another aspect of Authentic glory that is not shared is its availability in many checkered, striped, marine, and plaid styles.

Final remark

We have come to the very edge of decision-making on which of these styles is the winner.

So far, we have seen that both Vans models are made of suede material with a canvas upper, they both possess good quality and last reasonably long, they are within a price range that is affordable, and both shoes have Aesthetically pleasing designs in their own according, plus no downside in sizing.

So, you won’t be making a bad decision going with any of these shoe models.

However, I recommend you push your investment to Vans Doheny if you want good quality and versatile footwear for the summer. 

But for a more athletic purpose, you won’t go wrong by choosing the Vans Authentic as they are suitable for everyday wear and other rigorous activities like hiking and running.


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