Vans Filmore vs Vans Sk8-Hi: Which Is Better?

Whenever you are on the lookout for comfortable sneakers that let you do your daily business coolly, you can always count on the very functional Vans sneakers.

Today, we’ll be looking at the Vans Filmore and the Vans Sk8-Hi; some of the best Vans to ever be made.

The main difference between the Vans Filmore and Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers is that the Sk8-Hi has a higher upper than the Filmore Vans.

Vans Filmore vs Vans Sk8-Hi

While the Vans Sk8-His are predominantly high-top sneakers with high uppers, the Vans Filmore sneakers are low-top sneakers with lower uppers.

The Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers are one of those Vans sneakers that really stand out because of their focused design on skateboarding activities. The high uppers of these sneakers give them more traction and balance for extreme sports.

Many customers love to purchase either the Vans Filmore or the Vans Sk8 – His for leisure or strictly skateboarding activities, and we are now about to find out why.

Vans Filmore vs Vans Sk8-Hi: First Impressions

With your first glance at a pair of shoes, you can truly know all that you need to know about the footwear. For one, you can immediately know (when you are truly true to yourself) if the shoes will fit your style or not.

From the first look, you can tell whether a pair of shoes will fit you well or not, and this is very important. People need to be able to trust their guts whenever they go out shopping for shoes.

You might be carried away by the glitz and glamour of shoes that would end up being total crap for you, but your instincts will be firm.

Try as much as possible to understand what you feel about any product whenever you take your first glance.

At first glance, you will notice these:


Vans Filmore vs Vans Sk8-Hi

  • Suede and Rubber Sole Materials.
  • Vans Signature Waffle Outsole.
  • Lace-Up Closure.
  • ComfyCush Insoles

The Vans Filmore sneakers are really great sneakers that will surely last you long enough, due to the long-lasting suede and rubber sole materials that are used to manufacture them.

And when you add the fact that the ComfyCush insoles of the Vans Filmore sneakers really keep your feet warm, cozy, and stable, you will easily see why the Vans Filmore shoes are one of the most comfortable Vans ever made.

These sneakers are really cool for your feet; they will give you enough balance, stability, flexibility, functionality, and comfort for the long days and the short days as well.

For the all-day feeling of greatness and ease, you should surely buy these Vans Filmore sneakers today. They are durable enough to last you for a really long time. 


Vans Filmore vs Vans Sk8-Hi

  • Monochromatic Port Royale Suede and Canvas Material.
  • High-Top Uppers.
  • Classic Vans Waffle Outsole Design.
  • Zip-Up Closure Type.

The Vans Sk8-His are made with Monochromatic Port Royale Suede, along with sturdy canvas materials, that are built to give your feet one of the best experiences they can get while skating.

These sneakers are true skate shoes to boot (pun intended), and you will really be impressed by the extra traction and balance that you will get with the high-tops that come with these shoes.

The high uppers of these sneakers can be zipped up conveniently, whenever you feel like it; the Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers can definitely be described as convenient shoes that have functional designs to make your movements easier.

And, given the fact that the Vans Sk8-His are created with the Classic Vans Waffle Outsoles, customers can be pointedly sure of the high-durability levels and comfort of these shoes.

The Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers are definitely high-fashion shoes that you should put on the bucket list today. They really might have the knack for coming in handy for you.

Vans Filmore vs Vans Sk8-Hi: Let’s get to the comparison

Let’s compare these two shoes with the following important features:

Features Vans Filmore
Vans Sk8-Hi
Sole Suede and Rubber Soles Classic Vans Waffle Outsoles
Durability The Vans Filmore Sneakers are very durable sneakers that definitely last longer than the Vans Sk8-His Vans Sk8-Hi Sneakers do not last as long as Vans Filmore
Price Vans Filmore can be bought between $43.72 and $89.99 most of the time. You can buy Vans Sk8-His at prices between $70 and $109.98
Insoles Vans ComfyCush Insoles Comfortable EVA insoles


Vans Filmore fits comfortably well enough when you get them in the appropriate size for your feet.


These sneakers are true to size.

Vans Sk8-His definitely need to be gotten in the right size before you can enjoy them; they are quite roomy, but the heel area might need some breaking in (because these shoes are high-tops)
Fashion Quality



Vans Filmore come off as more fashionable, trendy, and exciting than the Vans Sk8-His sneakers that are manufactured today The Vans Sk8-His are cool high-tops sneakers that can really bring out your style today; however, they are not as stylish as the Vans Filmore sneakers
Overall Quality When all the data is considered, the Vans Filmore sneakers come forth as more comfortable, durable, stylish, functional, and efficient than the Vans Sk8-His The Vans Sk8-His are great high-tops that you should definitely consider getting for yourself today.


These shoes will serve you well for a very reasonable amount of time


The suede and rubber soles of the Vans Filmore shoes are so thick and durable in the long run. You can rest easy when you buy these sneakers for your wardrobe; they won’t break down easily.

Vans Filmore vs Vans Sk8-Hi

On the other side of the bridge, the Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers are made with molded rubber soles that are styled after the Classic Vans Waffle Outsole designs.

Vans Filmore vs Vans Sk8-Hi

When the soles of these two Vans are compared, the Vans Filmore evidently come forth as the winner because they have much better soles that last you for a really long time.

The comfortable, durable, and flexible soles of the Vans Filmore sneakers are better than those of the Vans Sk8-His.


In terms of durability, the Vans Filmore sneakers are known to last much longer than the Vans Sk8-His. There are a lot of Vans-buying customers that can attest to this fact.

The construction and design of the shoe soles are the reason why the Vans Filmore shoes are more durable and long-lasting than the Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers.

When the shoe soles of a shoe are of a high quality, it is a given for the durability levels of the shoe to be high as well (because the shoe soles are basically the foundation of the shoes).

Since the Vans Filmore shoes have better and more durable soles than the Vans Sk8-His, it is a no-brainer that these sneakers are more durable and long-standing than the Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers.

The Vans Filmore sneakers are much more durable than the Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers that are manufactured, distributed, and sold around the world today.


The cost prices of the Vans Filmore sneakers range from $43.72 to $89.99 at most of the online and offline marketplaces that are accessible today.

On the other hand, you can buy the Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers for cost prices between $70 and $109.98. I think that it is a reasonable price range for skating shoes that really do the trick.

Therefore, in essence, the Vans Sk8-His tend to cost more than most of the Vans Filmore sneakers that are made, distributed, and sold all over the world at this moment.


Vans Filmore makes use of the Vans ComfyCush insoles that many customers have come to associate with the Vans’ feeling of ultimate comfort and ease.

When you wear the Vans Filmore sneakers, trust me, comfort won’t be a concern for you at all.

Vans Filmore vs Vans Sk8-Hi

The Vans Sk8-H sneakers are made with comfy EVA insoles that balance and steady the feet really well, because of the skateboarding activities that these shoes are built for.

Vans Filmore vs Vans Sk8-Hi

If you are looking for comfort, you won’t exactly get it in a pair of Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers; this is because these shoes are built more for stability, traction, and high-performance.

The insoles of the Vans Filmore sneakers are much more comfortable than the insoles in the Vans Sk8-His.


Sizing can get tricky when you are shopping for Vans sneakers, depending on where you are shopping from. However, you don’t have that trouble with the Vans Filmore.

The Vans Filmore sneakers are true-to-size footwear that will surely fit you well enough once you get them in the right size for you. Get your shoe measurements right before you shop for these shoes.

The Vans Sk8-His also fit you well enough once you get the right sizes of them. However, you need to be extra careful with the high-tops of these Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers.

The heel area of the Vans Sk8-His can really become a problem if you make even the slightest mistake with your shoe measurements. Caution is duly advised here as well.

Of the two, the Vans Filmore shoes have the better fits and the most accommodating feeling for your feet. Proper measurements and sizing will give you fewer troubles with these sneakers though.


The Vans Filmore sneakers are quite fashionable to behold, especially when you take in all the unique detailing and styles that are expressed on the body of these sneakers.

It can surely be said that the Vans Filmore sneakers are trendier, chicer, and more fashionably valuable than the Vans Sk8 -Hi sneakers today.

Vans Filmore vs Vans Sk8-Hi
Vans Filmore vs Vans Sk8-Hi

While the Vans Sk8-His represents a true version of the Vans sneakers that have come and gone, we must look to the future now. The future is certainly looking bright at this time.

Vans Filmore vs Vans Sk8-Hi
Vans Filmore vs Vans Sk8-Hi

The Vans Filmore sneakers are more fashionable and stylish than the Vans Sk8-His.

Overall quality

In all of this, the Vans Filmore sneakers are apparently the better sneakers in today’s discourse. These stylish high-fashion sneakers are very efficient and functional, as well as comfortable and durable.

When you compare the Vans Sk8-His to Vans Filmore, you will easily see that there are a lot of points where the Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers come up short.

Although the Vans Sk8-His are really good sneakers, when they are compared to Vans Filmore, they just don’t really match up to the competition.

The Vans Filmore sneakers are better than the Vans Sk8-His.

Use these two shoes as more evidence of the facts at hand:

Vans Filmore vs Vans Sk8-Hi


Vans Filmore vs Vans Sk8-Hi
VANS Sk8-His

Why you should buy Vans Filmore?

Vans Filmore sneakers are stylish Vans sneakers that will definitely add a certain style increase to your wardrobe and fashion sense today. You need these kinds of shoes if you want to stand out in a good way.

When you compare the Vans Filmore to the Vans Sk8-His, you will surely see many reasons why you should go out and buy yourself a pair of Vans Filmore sneakers today.

The Vans Filmore are comfortable, fashionable, cost-effective, durable and highly functional. Buy these sneakers today and you will reap the benefits of your purchase for a long time.

Purchase these Vans Filmore today:

Why you should buy Vans SK8-Hi

The Vans Sk8His are high-performance Vans sneakers that are made mostly for the extreme sporting activity of skateboarding. You are bound to love how these sneakers feel on your feet while you skate around.

You should buy these high-top sneakers if you want to really get your groove on at the skate park. People have noticed that the extra traction and stability that the Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers bring helps them to make their movements more fluid and comfortable.

The price is good for these sneakers today, and the deal is good as well. As it is, you definitely should strongly consider buying the Vans Sk8-His for yourself today.

Take a look at these Vans Sk8-HIs today:

Vans Filmore or Vans Sk8-Hi: Which will you go for?

When all is said and done, I will strongly advise you to buy the Vans Filmore sneakers over the Vans Sk8-Hi. There is no hidden agenda here; the Vans Filmore shoes are simply just the better sneakers for you today.

In the Vans Filmore sneakers, you have fashion, function, comfort, flexibility, durability and lightweight coziness. It is important for you to get great sneakers like these in your wardrobe today.

Your style deserves the positive upliftment that only great sneakers like the Vans Filmore can give you conveniently. I want you to buy these sneakers because they are sincerely some of the best fits that you will ever purchase.

The Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers are definitely good Vans sneakers, and that’s cool. However, in the long run, the Vans Sk8-His won’t give you the satisfaction that the Vans Filmore will give you.

Buy the Vans Filmore today and enjoy having your great sneakers for a great time.

I hope you have fun shopping…


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