Vans Platform vs Regular: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Vans Regular and the Vans Platform is that the Vans Platform has more cushioning and padding than the Vans Regular.

Vans Platform vs Regular

The Vans Regular was the first Vans produced by the company and it is known to be the “Original Vans”.

The Vans Platform offers better comfort than the Vans Regular. With the Vans Platform, you can stay on your feet for a longer period of time than when you wear the Vans Regular.

But this is not all about these Vans sneakers, let’s check out the first impression about them.

Vans Platform vs Regular: First impressions

What is your first impression of these sneakers? What sets them apart from each other. Are they similar in some way or different in some other ways?

Let’s take a look at these sneakers to know them better.


Vans Platform vs Regular

  • Rubber latex
  • It has little weight
  • Waffle rubber outsole
  • Extra bounce
  • Lace-up
  • Cushioning insole
  • Metal eyelet

It features a waffle rubber outsole and a padded collar for support and flexibility. The suede upper has a furry lining. It is made with a vulcanized sole unit which is a rubber bonding process that molds the sole to the upper of the shoe.

It features a lace-up system. It has extra weight and It has added cushion to protect your ankle. The insole offers maximum arch support to the feet. The shoe is spacious and gives your toes enough space to breathe.

The shoe has a lace-up closure system and its lace is made of elastic with metal eyelets. It has a rubber midsole that gives it a little extra stiffness. It is higher and stiffer.

It has a soft suede upper and sturdy canvas combination to give you cool looks and durability. It has a rubber waffle tread at the bottom.

It has extra padding at the collar to protect your ankle and good cushioning on the insole. Its inner material is made of textile. It has side straps with a round toe and smooth lining.


Vans Platform vs Regular

  • Rubber latex
  • Waffle sole technology/bottom design
  • Arch support
  • Suede
  • Lace-up closure
  • Original Vans

The Vans Regular is the first Vans footwear to be produced by the company in 1966. They are the original Vans classics sneakers like the Old Skool sneaker. They were originally built for the purpose of skating.

They are made of suede and leather, and also made of layer foam; a layered canvas, and a recycled rubber counter or air fused rubber.

The outsoles are made of a classic gum rubber outsole which is quite hard i.e the waffle sole technology. They have a lot of fiber in them to give structural strength.

Vans Regular soles are made of Rubber latex which is extracted from rubber trees through a tapping process. This rubber comes from factories in California.

They are slip-resistant and the perfect shoe for skating. They have a wide surface for skating and have a simple style. They are usually referred to as the “Original Vans”

They have lace-up closure and a padded collar for extra comfort. They also have a canvas upper and unisex sizing.

They possess a thin but spongey insole. Their linings are made with faux leather vinyl.

Vans Platform vs Regular: Comparison

These Vans shoes will be compared based on the following technical features

  • Comfort
  • Colour
  • Fit
  • Cushioning
  • Height boost
  • Weight
  • Outsole
  • Insole
Features Vans Platform Vans Regular
Comfort More comfortable Not as comfortable as the Platform
Colour Have limited colors Comes in different colors
Fit Stretches out as you wear it. Usually fits snugly to your fit and it is true to size.
Cushioning Adds an extra level of cushioning to your feet Does not have the same level of cushioning as the Platform
Height boost Boosts your height because of the thick sole Does not add so much to your height because of the less padding and cushion
Weight Weighs lighter than the Regular Slightly heavy
Insole It has a cushioning insole It has a thin insole


Vans Regular offers straight out-of-the-box comfort. It is very comfortable and features a foam midsole, padded insole for added arch support. It was made with comfort in mind.

The comfort improvement of this shoe is remarkable. Though its comfort cannot be matched to the Vans Platform but it is also comfortable. If the Vans Regular was not comfortable, you won’t be able to wear it as you wish.

Vans Platform is super comfortable and as well stylish. They are very comfortable and fit perfectly. It is more comfortable compared to Regular Vans.

It is roomy and it defines your leg perfectly. It does not require you to break in the shoe before wearing. It offers a out of the box comfort for an all day wear.

They are perfect for people with wider feet and make it very easy to walk in. The extra thickness of the rubber gives more bounce and makes the shoe more comfortable to wear.


Van Platforms are mostly white color-based. They have limited color combos like cream colour and black, white, and black.

It does not feature too many colours, this makes it possible for you to be able to wear it with any outfit of your choice.

Vans Regular/classic comes in so many colors. They combine different colors together.


The Vans Platforms usually stretch out. It is recommended to get a half size down from your normal shoe size. The shoe fit perfectly and are stable to the fit. It runs bigger than the Regular Vans.

The Regular Vans fit snugly, this means that they fit with allowance at all. It is also true to size.


The Vans Platform adds a little extra cushioning to your feet especially if you are usually on your feet for a very long time.

They are great for prolonged standing or walking and have a nicely treaded bottom.

They also provide your feet with extra heel cushion and more than average arch support. Offers enough support for any activity you want to carry out.

The Vans Regular sneakers do not have the same level of cushioning as the Vans Platform. Has less cushioning and this makes the shoes not very suitable for prolong standing.

Also, they do not have enough padding and this gives the shoe less amount of arch support. The less padding and cushioning of the shoe makes the Vans Regular thinner than the Vans Platform.

Height boost

The Vans Platform adds to your height. It adds a little height to your normal height as the shoe is a bit higher than the Regular Vans.

They can make you a bit taller due to the sole by giving you a little lift. The height of the Vans Platform is 1¼ inch in size 5 USA.

The Van Regular does not so much add to your height due to the fact that it is thin. Its less padding and cushion make the sneaker thinner, so it does not have much height boost.


The Vans Platform is lighter than the Regular. The weight of this shoe helps you wear them for a pretty long time. It also makes walking very comfortable and enjoyable.

It also adds an extra bounce while you walk. it weighs about 1 oz and it is 1 ½ inches thick. They are constructed to be lightweight.

The Vans Regular is a little on the heavy side. They do not weigh as light as the Vans Platform. It weighs about 2 oz 1 lb.


The Vans Regular features a signature waffle rubber outsole. This makes the sneakers feel slightly heavy. It is slip-resistant and durable. It can be used for skating on any surface as it would give a good grip.

The Vans Platform has a suede outsole with premium materials to give the shoe a casual look. It has a signature waffle pattern outsole for good traction on any kind of surface.

It is constructed with a premium suede upper with vulcanized rubber, this combo gives the sneakers some height and classic style.


The Vans Regular insole is thin and not removable. The insole is thin but spongey and made with faux leather vinyl. They are basically glued to the inside of your shoes.

It is difficult to rip out and when you rip them out, some pieces of foam can stay glued to the shoe. You can use a hair dryer to warm the glue in order to get it out easier.

The Vans Platform has a cushioning insole with added arch support. It is also removable. It has a dense foam molded insole which provides the best support and cushiest ride and a high level of comfort.

Why you should buy Vans Platform?

You should buy the Vans Platforms because they are very comfortable compared to the Regular Vans. It is simple but very much comfortable.

It adds a little amount of extra cushion making it great for people that are always on their feet. They also have nicely treaded bottom.

Its insole is very thick, it is about 1 ½ inches. The bottom waffle design gives the shoe an extra bounce and as well adds to the comfort and easy of wearing the shoe for a long period of time.

It is pretty easy to keep it clean since it is made of a suede material. The low cut top is made of leather in order to protect your ankle. The shoe allows you to wear any type of socks whether low or high.

The padded collars of this shoe gives support and flexibility. It has an extrapadding and can keep you on your feet for long.

Vans Platforms to buy:

Why you should buy Vans Regular?

The Vans Regular can be used as your everyday shoe. It is sold for about $65 plus free shipping. It is the best sneaker for skating as it was made for this purpose.

Though, it has less padding but it performs excellently well when you use it to skate. This is due to the fact that it has a slip resistant sole that helps to keep you standing firm and for a long period of time and it has a wide sole that helps you to skate on a wide surface comfortably.

The Vans Regular is a versatile shoe, they are designed in a very stylish way that can suit any outfit and any event. It also has a durable canvas build at the upper and it is very much comfortable.

Its waffle sole technology is a rubber sole that helps you get a better grip and stand firm without slipping. It is a very comfortable shoe even though the comfort cannot be matched to the Van Platform.

Vans Regulars to buy:


The Vans Platform is the overall best for me.

This is because I am always on my feet and the sneakers that seem to have the features to deal with this and has proved to be the best to offer it, is the Vans Platform.

It has a lot of cushioning and padding that helps for a prolong standing. Asides that, it helps to boost my height. It adds some inches to my height and gives a kind of bouncy feeling whenever I’m walking.


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