Myntra vs Meesho: Which Is Better?

When you are talking about Myntra and Meesho, you refer to two very authentic e-commerce brands that have been commended by many customers and sales experts for their quality, security, and customer service.

Myntra steps forward as the best between the two, because of its focused approach in the e-commerce world, customer-friendly business model, and amazing return on investments.

Myntra vs Meesho

On Myntra, the online sales of premium fashion and lifestyle products are facilitated smoothly – as can be confirmed by many of Myntra’s customers today. This is a brand that can be trusted to make the right deliveries on the money.

You’ll get value for your money.

Shopping on Myntra is something that many online shoppers – particularly those in India – love to do because of the ease and comfort of the whole process. Asides from Myntra’s provision of awesome fashion products, we should also praise the great customer service that they exude.

Although Meesho has its strong points, Myntra is a much better e-commerce business when all things and factors are put into deep consideration. Myntra has a long history of satisfying customers with the best fashion and lifestyle products.

As it stands, Myntra has the edge over Meesho.

Why is Myntra better than Meesho?

It’s that ROI, isn’t it?

Yup. It is.

The major reason why Myntra is better than Meesho today is the fact that Myntra has constantly shown how well it understands the online market enough to make successful sales and generate exponential profit.

Even before Flipkart’s 100% acquisition of Myntra in 2014, Myntra has been doing huge numbers in the fashion and lifestyle e-commerce niche. Since its inception, Myntra has been exceptional.

Flipkart (owned by Walmart) got attracted to the glow and bright lights over at Myntra and proceeded to strike a deal of undisclosed sums in order to acquire the fast-rising company 100%.

The deal got through fast due to how many investors Flipkart and Myntra already had in common; if Myntra didn’t have solid future business plans to maintain their current level of success, companies like Flipkart wouldn’t invest in them.

When Myntra got established in the year 2007, by Mukesh Bansal, Ashutosh Lawania, and Vineet Saxena, it is doubtful that the founders envisaged such a huge level of success and revenue over the past years.

On Myntra, you can customize T-shirts, mugs, food flasks, and other personalized gift items on a very affordable budget. The lifestyle catalog and aspect of Myntra’s business scheme is one that further interests many people to do business with them.

Myntra has more functional and profitable business strategies than Meesho.

Meesho should definitely be applauded and lauded for the positive dealings that they have actioned and brought to life in the years that they have been in business. There are a lot of economy boost structures and completed product deliveries that make Meesho one of the best in the business.

However, the fact still remains that Myntra still brings in more profits to the bank when the chips are down. If you are looking for some awesome fashion styles, and personalized lifestyle items, Myntra is definitely a place for you to look.

Major differences between Myntra and Meesho

Myntra and Meesho certainly have some differences that we have to settle. As you might notice, these two brands have different business models that are simply unique to their individual kind of perspective.

It is good for customers to understand the differences between these e-commerce brands today; when the differences are thoroughly understood, informed decisions can be rightly made.

The major differences between Myntra and Meesho are:

  • Product Variety
  • Authentication and True Value of Sales
  • The Try and Buy Feature
  • Leveraging search optimization
1 Product Variety Myntra sells fashion and lifestyle products. Meesho is mostly in the resale of a diverse number of products including fashion products, gadgets, electronics, food, drinks, lifestyle items, furniture, books, etc.


2 Authentication and True Value of Sales Myntra bears the responsibility for any questions about the authenticity of the fashion and lifestyle products that they sell.


This company only gets its veritable products from the manufacturer (directly) or from authentic distributors.


Due to the resale activities on Meesho, most of the products that are advertised for sale on the platform are from several sources that may not be completely assessed for authenticity.


3 The Try and Buy Feature Myntra has a lovely “try and buy” feature that gives it the edge over most of the other e-commerce companies in India.


Meesho doesn’t have the “try and buy” feature.


 4 Leveraging search optimization Myntra’s search optimization technique centers on keyword processing and search suggestions based on the preferences of customers.


Meesho has a unique search feature that lets customers actually see some of their fashion picks as they are worn by different models of different sizes and weights.


This feature lets customers really know the sizing and measurements to make on various fashion styles.


Product variety

This is the major difference between these two great e-commerce brands: While Myntra specializes in the online sale of fashion and lifestyle products, Meesho diversifies its catalog to include the sale and resale of most of the products that can be sold on the e-space.

Meesho sells different kinds of products like food, drinks, electronics, furniture, etc. as Myntra focuses its business model around the domination of the fashion and lifestyle niches of the e-commerce world.

In fact, Flipkart actually acquired Myntra because of Myntra’s apparent dominance in India’s online sales of fashion and lifestyle products. Flipkart wanted a good leg into those niches and Myntra turned out to be their best option.

Authentication and the true value of sales

Customers often wonder about the authenticity and quality of the products that they order online. This is a huge concern that is often brought to mind when one is in online sales situations.

On Myntra, the assurance that customers have is that the company only gets its fashion and lifestyle products straight from the manufacturer, or from verified sources that have been allowed to distribute these products.

On the other hand, since Meesho has a lot of reselling going down on its platform, there is no possible way for the management to actually, fully authenticate all the products that are put up for sale.

The sources that provide the products for sale and resale on Meesho cannot all be truly assessed and spoken for. Myntra has more security when it comes to product quality assurance.

The try and buy feature on Myntra

On Myntra, you can actually try on the fashion products that you want to purchase before you authorize the payment that you are to make. This feature is called the “try and buy” feature.

This is a wonderful feature that lets verified customers satisfy their sizing and style requirements wholeheartedly before making a purchase.

Since you don’t want customers regretting their shopping decisions, these kinds of innovative, customer-friendly structures are extremely needed in the e-commerce world.

Sadly, like most other e-commerce brands involved with the procurement and sales of fashion items, Meesho does not have this unique “try and buy” feature.

As it stands, Myntra is one of the few fashion e-companies to have a cool and customer-empowering feature like the awesome “try and buy” feature.

Leveraging search optimization

When searching for things on Myntra, you can easily notice you’re your search results are going to be keyword results that somehow to your preferences and the purchases that you have made in the past.

Myntra suggests products that might be interesting to you (also relating to what you searched for) after they have thoroughly scoured their inventory for the exact fashion and lifestyle products you want.

On the other hand, let us look at Meesho’s unique search features:

Meesho actually has a great search feature that lets fashion lovers make better decisions by seeing certain bestselling products on the bodies of different models.

These models are of diverse sizes and body types across the scale; this is wonderful because it lets customers to really understand what kind of clothes would match their measurements.

Features of Myntra

Some of the features of Myntra are:

  • Specialized Sales Of Fashion and Lifestyle Products
  • The “Try and Buy” Feature
  • Customer Satisfaction

Specialized Sales Of Fashion and Lifestyle Products

Myntra is involved in the successful online sales of fashion and lifestyle products today. You can easily get some of the best fashion items in the world once you get to shopping on Myntra.

Value for your hard-earned money is something that you can trust to get when you bring your business to Myntra. You can just even check online right now and see the many positive reviews that have been posted up by satisfied customers.

Myntra really has a respected space in the fashion and lifestyle niche of the e-commerce business.

The “Try and Buy” Feature

Myntra’s “Try and Buy” Feature is so cool because it lets you confidently make a successful order when you are not too sure about the sizing and fit of the fashion products you are buying.

You only pay for these orders once you have tested and confirmed the fit, style, authenticity, and quality of the products you have ordered from  Myntra.

Most e-commerce brands have to adopt strategies like this in order to really give some power to the paying customers. Customers are more at ease when they are given nice options like Myntra’s “try and buy” feature.

Only certain verified Myntra customers are allowed to use this feature right now.

Customer satisfaction

The way customers are satisfied when they finish positive transactions on Myntra must be truly commended by everyone because it is no mean feat.

Not only can you easily get the products of your choice through personalized search functions, but you can also ease back into your couch while the Myntra customer service team takes care of any complaints that you might have.

Once you know what you want, ordering for it and getting it shouldn’t be a problem for you as you browse through Myntra.

Features of Meesho

Some of the features of Meesho are:

  • Wide range of Products on sale
  • Profitable Resale Business On The Platform
  • Great Search Optimization Features

Wide range of products on sale

There are a lot of products that are being sold and resold on Meesho today. You can find most of the things that can be sold online whenever you shop at Meesho.

Meesho’s inventory list includes products like fashion wear, sport gears, work tools, furniture, gadgets, accessories, electronics etc. When you shop on Meesho, you have many options to choose from at resale value.

Profitable Resale Business On The Platform

Customers and users that patronize Meesho have the opportunity to make money on the platform by selling and reselling some of the products that they have in stock.

Usually, this is a win-win situation for everyone involved because the users get to make money from Meesho while other customers get to buy the product that they want at resale value.

These affordable resale deals often make up a huge percentage of Meesho’s daily business every day.

Great Search Optimization Features

Meesho has a praiseworthy search feature that allows customers to view certain fashion products on models of different sizes and shapes. It is a great initiative because it really gives customers an accurate idea of how certain clothes, shoes, and accessories would fit their personalities.

When you have great search results like this, it won’t be long before customers are constantly making accurate online purchases of the fashion products that they desire.

Working at Myntra Vs Working at Meesho

If you want to be gainfully employed at either Myntra or Meesho, then this part of the article is especially for you. We have outlined all the information that you need to know about working at these e-commerce brands today.

As far as you have your credentials in place, you shouldn’t have any trouble applying for a good job at Myntra or Meesho. In the meantime, it is important for you to have all the details that you need for the interview preparations.

For you to work somewhere, you first have to do some research concerning the company and its businesses. Once you make these kinds of preparations, you will rarely be caught unawares by anything that comes your way as you try to get the job.

The features that have been used to effectively compare the working environments of Myntra and Meesho are:

  • Location of Headquarters
  • Number of Employees
  • Revenue
  • Overall Rating.
  • Employee Compensation and Benefits
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Work Culture and Value System
  • Job Security and Employee Advancement Opportunities
  • CEO Approval
  • Recommend to A Friend?
  • Management Appraisal
  • Salary Satisfaction
  • Interview Procedures
  • Length of Interview Process
  • Difficulty Level of Interviews

Myntra scores higher than Meesho in most of the areas highlighted here, including the Overall Rating, Work/Life Balance, Employee Compensation and Benefits, and the Work Culture and Value System.

It would seem that Myntra’s employees are far more satisfied with their jobs than the employees that work at Meesho are with theirs. A lot of Myntra employees were eager to tell about their comfortable working experience at the online sales brand.

This table further explains the working experience at Myntra and Meesho:

Location of Headquarters Bengaluru 4th Floor, Affine Analytics Building, No. 98, 4th B Cross Road, 5th Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095.
Number of Employees 1,001 to 5,000 employees 51 to 200 employees
Revenue Over $1TCr $10L to $50L
Overall Rating 4.2 3.6
Employee Compensation and Benefits 3.8 3.3
Work/Life Balance 4.0 3.2
Work Culture and Value System






Job Security and Employee Advancement Opportunities 3.7 2.7
Management Appraisal 3.8 3.2
CEO Approval 89% of the employees at Myntra approve of Amar Nagaram, the CEO of Myntra 91% of the employees at Meesho approve of Vidit Aatrey’s leadership as the CEO of Meesho
Recommend to A Friend? 80% of the employees at Myntra say that they would comfortably recommend the business to a friend 76% of Meesho’s employees say that they would recommend Meesho to a friend of theirs
Salary Satisfaction 76% of the employees at Myntra think they are being paid well 65% of the employees at Meesho are satisfied with their salaries
Interview Procedures People report that they have a nice time when they are interviewed for a job at Myntra No reports yet
Length of Interview Process The whole process takes about two weeks The interview process usually takes about a month
Difficulty Level of Interviews The difficulty level of the interviews is medium. This information has not yet been stated by a former interviewee.


In conclusion, we evidently have Myntra as an e-commerce brand that has been shown to be much better and more efficient than Meesho over the past years.

Myntra’s return on investment is something that is astronomical in proportion when you consider that they only focus on the online sales of fashion and lifestyle products.

Even though Meesho sells products that vary in their numerous categories, they still don’t still get the amount of revenue that Myntra racks in on a daily basis.

Shop at Myntra today: they are a great online business that can’t wait to correctly style you up today.


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