Ecco vs Allen Edmonds Dress Shoes: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Ecco and Allen Edmonds is that Ecco shoes are specifically recommended by podiatrists to people who have issues feeling comfortable when they wear shoes.

Ecco vs Allen Edmonds Dress Shoes

Most especially those who have flat feet or high arches. While Allen Edmonds are shoes built with premium leather materials like cordovan and calfskin which are combined with a cork footbed that provides a unique comfort to whoever is wearing it.

If you have flat feet or a high arch, Ecco shoes are the ones recommended by podiatrists to help you remain comfortable all day long.

I will be doing a deep dive into the comparison of these shoes to enable you to make a decision on the exact one you want to get for yourself.

What is Ecco shoe brand?

Ecco is a popular Danish shoe brand and retailer that deals in the production of footwear. This brand was founded in 1963 by Karl Toosbuy in Bredebro, Denmark.

Ecco started out manufacturing shoes and selling in retail, then they moved over to manufacturing other leather accessories and other goods.

Over the years, Ecco brand has evolved to be the shoes that are popularly known for their excellent sole construction.

Ecco shoes are made from direct injection polyurethane sole units. This sole construction is considered to be the best so far and it was an innovation of the Ecco brand.

This is one of the reasons why Ecco shoes are specifically recommended by podiatrists, especially for those who are having any issue with their feet, for example, those that have flat feet, high arch, etc.

When you wear Ecco shoes that are recommended by podiatrists you will begin to feel comfortable all day long without experiencing any form of pain on your feet.


  • Ecco shoes have the best sole construction
  • Ecco shoes are durable
  • Ecco shoes are comfortable
  • Ecco shoes are best for those who have foot defects.
  • Ecco shoes are specifically recommended by podiatrists
  • Ecco shoes are breathable
  • Ecco shoes are versatile


  • There are several complaints of their soles disintegrating

What are Allen Edmonds shoes?

The Allen Edmonds shoe brand was founded in the year 1922 by Elbert W. Allen Sr. Allen Edmonds is one of the shoe brands in America that is highly respected by many people.

They are popularly known for their high-quality upper leather which tends to last so long for you all day long.

Shoes like this that have a leather build are usually the best if you are looking for something durable, comfortable, and of high quality.

Allen Edmonds are among the best quality dress shoes that you can get for yourself.

If you are going for formal occasions or things like business meetings or training and you need a leather formal shoe to wear, Allen Edmonds shoes are the best for you and they will not only last long, but also fit you in a stylish way, be comfortable and durable.

Allen Edmonds shoes are a good investment if you ask me, you would be investing in your fashion and style by picking one of these Allen Edmonds shoes.

You can even go as far as picking two pairs. Allen Edmonds shoes are mostly for men and they are not unisex. What this means is that it is not suitable for women to wear.


  • Allen Edmonds shoes are really good dress shoes
  • They are high quality
  • Allen Edmonds are a premium handcrafted shoe for men
  • They are durable


  • They are not Unisex

What similarities do Ecco and Allen Edmonds share?

These two shoes are entirely different when it comes to the build quality and the general function of the shoes.

Despite the difference between the shoes, they have some similarities which I will explain in this segment of this article.

Here are the various similarities that these shoes have:

  • They are both durable
  • They are both high quality and comfortable shoes
  • They are both fashionable

They are both durable

Nobody would like to spend so much on Ecco shoes only for them to not last long for them. Durability is one thing that people usually look out for before they purchase shoes. They always want value for their money.

This is a similarity between Ecco shoes and Allen Edmonds. When you spend your money on any of these shoes you will not regret it because you will get value for your money spent, and you will also be able to make use of the shoe for a very long time.

When shoes can last for you it saves you the cost of having to spend some money to purchase new shoes.

They are both high-quality and comfortable shoes

When it comes to the quality of the material build, Ecco and Allen Edmonds shoes are really good and they usually take their time to ensure that they make their shoes out of the best of quality.

When you have shoes that are made of high quality, they tend to be more comfortable for you, making it possible for you to wear the shoes all day long without complaints of discomfort.

Everyone wants shoes that they will be comfortable in all day long. That is what ECCO and Allen Edmonds shoes do for you.

They are both fashionable

I like that Ecco shoes are fashionable, the same thing applies to Allen Edmonds shoes.

Allen Edmonds shoes have a premium high-quality leather build that is so attractive and stylish, making them so fashionable that any good outfit you wear them on, still fits you so well.

Fashionable shoes tend to fit a wide range of outfits. That is what makes the Ecco and Allen Edmonds shoes fashionable.

When next you go to the store to pick up either Ecco or Allen Edmonds shoes, you should expect to be able to use them for your special outing.

Ecco vs Allen Edmonds Dress Shoes: Comparison

Ecco vs Allen Edmonds Dress Shoes: First glance

When you place the Ecco and Allen Edmonds shoes side by side the first thing you will notice at first glance is the build quality.

For the Allen Edmonds, you will notice the premium look of high-quality leather build, while that of Ecco shoes is soft and supple leather.

There is a clear difference between the two builds as you can see that the Allen Edmonds is obviously of more premium quality and tends to be tougher.

At first glance, Allen Edmonds is far more attractive.

Ecco vs Allen Edmonds Dress Shoes: Design

When it comes to design, both Ecco shoes and Allen Edmonds have really good designs, however, one tends to outshine the other.

Obviously, you cannot compare the sturdy and handcrafted design of the Allen Edmonds shoes. It beats the Ecco shoe hands down when it comes to design.

Shoes that are handcrafted usually look better because those who made the shoe usually take their time to handcraft it, thereby making it look better.

Allen Edmonds shoes are really amazing dress shoes with great design. This is not to say that Ecco shoes do not have a good design, they actually do, but it cannot be compared to the handcrafted design of Allen Edmonds dress shoes.

Winner: Allen Edmonds

Ecco vs Allen Edmonds Dress Shoes: Fit

As for the fit, Ecco shoes are built in a unique way that fits from the heel forward to the instep. Ecco has the freedom to fit, what this means is that it is able to fit a wide variety of feet.

Allen Edmonds shoes do not fit a wide variety of feet like Ecco shoes. Allen Edmonds shoes tend to be narrow.

When you wear the Ecco shoes you will notice that it comes with good support, especially for those who have flat feet or high arches.

When they wear they tend to be more comfortable unlike when they wear shoes without arch support. That is the main reason why podiatrists especially recommend Ecco shoes.

Winner: Ecco shoes

Ecco vs Allen Edmonds Dress Shoes: Sizing

When it comes to sizing, Ecco shoes fit true to your US size. This means that if you get the US size you do not have to size up or down, the shoe will fit you snugly and leave no space at all.

This is not applicable to Allen Edmond shoes, the Allen Edmond boots run big, while the dress shoes are true to size.

What this means is that it is half a size bigger than your actual size for the boots. When you want to get yourself Allen Edmond boots and you want to pick your exact size, what you need to do is go half a size down.

As for the Allen Edmonds dress shoes, since they are true to size you do not need to size up or down, just simply get your shoe size and it will fit you properly.

Winner: Tie

Ecco vs Allen Edmonds Dress Shoes: Price

To compare the pricing of the Ecco and Allen Edmond shoes, it is usually obvious which one costs more.

The Allen Edmonds shoes are made of premium leather quality which is handcrafted. Shoes that are handcrafted usually take time to build and make into the finished product that you see.

You do not expect a premium leather handcrafted shoe to be so cheap. Allen Edmond shoes are actually expensive, the price is actually worth it, especially if you check it based on the work that has been put into making the shoe.

If you like the extra premium quality that Allen Edmond offers, you should be ready to pay the extra bucks to get the premium quality.

However, this is not applicable to Ecco shoes. Ecco shoes are made of Subtle leather which is not handcrafted like that of the Allen Edmonds.

Ecco shoes do not cost a lot like that of Allen Edmonds. To purchase Allen Edmonds shoes you would be spending about $300, while Ecco shoes cost about $140. You can see the clear difference when it comes to the price.

Winner: Ecco shoes

Which one is better? Overall quality

To compare the Ecco shoes and Allen Edmonds shoes when it comes to the overall quality. It is clear that Allen Edmonds has better overall quality.

You can see that the Allen Edmonds are handcrafted with the finest leather material which has high quality, while that of Ecco is made of soft and subtle leather.

Premium and strong leather are always better than the subtle ones because they will definitely last longer and they will be able to resist any form of tough handling.

The clear winner here is Allen Edmonds when it comes to the overall quality.


These shoes that I have reviewed in this article are really great shoes and they offer really great value. However, for the sake of this article, I need to recommend one for you.

The one you should go for depends largely on what exactly you need from these shoes. If you are considering your pocket but you still need something that has good quality and is also versatile to be worn with a wide variety of outfits, you should go for Ecco shoes.

Also, if you have flat feet or any type of feet defects that makes wearing regular shoes uncomfortable for you, then you should go for Ecco shoes because it is specifically recommended by podiatrists for those who may have foot defects.

On the flipside, if you like the premium leather dress shoes that give you this luxury feel when you wear them and you do not mind spending about $300 on a pair of dress shoes, then you should go for Allen Edmonds.

If you are on a budget you should not even go for Allen Edmonds because it costs about three times the cost of Ecco shoes.

It is best to pick these shoes based on what you need them for so that you will not make a mistake in picking the wrong type of shoe which you may later regret.

After reading this, you should be able to pick one for yourself based on this review.


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