Crocs Kadee II vs SwiftWater: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the Crocs Kadee II and Crocs SwiftWater is that some of the Crocs Swiftwater products are not as bulky as the Crocs Kadee II.

Crocs Kadee II vs SwiftWater

The Crocs Swiftwater has a much firmer feel to the shoe/straps. The Crocs Kadee II can be said to be more feminine compared to the Crocs SwiftWater.

Why is this comparison important?

The Crocs Kadee II and Crocs Swiftwater have a lot of products, I mean different designs of shoes, all made to serve-different-purpose and meet up with different areas of our needs. From sandals, flip flops, and shoes for men and women in general.

This comparison is to review and analyze some of these products that make our most purchased or talked about list.

Everyone has a choice of what they wear and as such everyone has an opinion to give on their favorite products.

This comparison is made in an attempt to gather different reviews from different customers all over in order to make a presentable and clearer-argument as the article progresses.

History of Crocs Kadee II

Crocs Kadee II vs SwiftWater

The Crocs Kadee II is made from Croslite material a well-known material used by Crocs manufacturers. This croc happens to have more cushioning and offers more comfortability compared to the Crocs SwiftWater.

Products of the Crocs Kadee II are lightweight just like most Crocs today, some of the Kadee shoes come with outsole traction which gives you a stable grip on the ground when you walk on loose soils.

The Kadee Flops is another example of good and durable flops. They are a very light and comfortable plus, there is a chance they won’t go about making the Flip Flop sound when you walk with them.

Crocs have come a long way dropping numerous designs and models of shoes all for the well-being of their customers. This is not an exception as they are long-lasting and functional regardless of when and what they are used for.

The Kadee collection has a lot of designs and shoe models that meet different and special areas of needs in our lives, this is something we will discuss better as the article progresses.

History of Crocs Swiftwater

Crocs Kadee II vs SwiftWater

Crocs SwiftWater is one of the rugged versions of Crocs. They are perfect for any kind of adventure including rigorous outdoor use and other tough adventure.

They are durable, they won’t go AWOL on you if you understand what I mean as they are a great value for money.

They are well protected even against harsh weather and they will keep your feet protected from blisters and plantar plates causing injuries, vibrations from imbalance, or impacts made while walking or working in them.

This sandal is one of the collections of the Swiftwater from Crocs, they have a lot of other shoes all made for a different purpose.

Basically, the Swiftwater collection was made for a targeted set of people like Hikers, and even workers as they are easily convertible to outdoor and indoor use.

They have great sole traction and some of them like the flip flops and sandals come with arch supports to equally distribute the vibrations made from walking around the feet.

Another undeniable fact about the SwiftWater is that it covers both genders more compared to the Crocs Kadee II, the Crocs Kadee II is more feminine whereas the SwiftWater collection has men’s and women’s shoes in it.

What are the Similarities between Crocs Kadee II and Crocs SwiftWater

The Crocs Kadee II and Crocs SwiftWater collections both have quite a few similarities. They share a common idea in offering comfort to their customers whenever they wear their products. Not to mention the most important feature of offering protection to their customers.

Let’s get to the similarities:


Quality I always say is the foundation every company or brand that plans to last long in the world of fashion needs to build on.

I am confident to say that Crocs products are never caught off guard in the world of manufacturing quality products for the world.


Croslite foam has rather been the most used material by Crocs manufacturers. In fact, when you make a search for Croslite material, pictures of different cCocs shoes will be displayed to further exhibit the beauty of the material.

This is one similarity both shoes share, both are made from Croslite material.


After having a quality product, made from credible and durable material, it will only be appropriate if the product offers comfort if not it will be a wasted investment.

This is one feature the manufacturers of Crocs do not joke with, they ensure their products give the required comfort when worn by anyone with the Crocs Kadee II and Crocs Swiftwater inclusive.


Both Crocs serve a multipurpose feature in the sense that when you make a search for Crocs Kadee II or Crocs Swiftwater, different designs of Crocs will appear, all made for different purposes. They are rather diverse with their creation is the perfect sentence to use here.

Comparison between Crocs Kadee II and Crocs SwiftWater

Crocs Swiftwater has a lot of products on the line, the collection is set up to cover surplus parts of areas you are in need of. However, the Crocs Kadee II Is much preferred compared to the Crocs SwiftWater.

It is said that the Crocs Kadee II is more comfortable compared to the Swiftwater plus it is more cushioned and more forgiving.

Nevertheless, so many reviews did justice to these arguments made by customers. It is believed that the Crocs Swiftwater is cuter and slightly bulkier compared to the Kadee.

In this part of the article, we will be doing some justice to these arguments. Let’s roll!!

First Glance

Crocs Kadee II

Crocs Kadee II vs SwiftWater

  • Croslite material in display
  • Outsole traction
  • Elastic back Straps
  • Flexible and functional
  • Feminine

The Crocs Kadee II like I said earlier is more feminine compared to the Crocs Swiftwater. These are Croslite made sandals and Flops that meet our daily needs. They have an elastic back strap made supposedly to ensure a more perfect and secured fit.

They come with frictional soles that We will discuss more as the article progresses.

Crocs Swiftwater

Crocs Kadee II vs SwiftWater

  • Croslite foam in display
  • Adjustable straps
  • Breathability holes
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Unisex

SwiftWater collection is perfect and I feel it is perfect enough to fill your wardrobe with. They are specially designed to withstand tough terrains, and engage in indoor and outdoor activity with no side effects.

They come with arch supports which makes it possible for you to wear them for long hours engaging your work stress-free.


Crocs Kadee II

Crocs Kadee II vs SwiftWater

The Crocs Kadee II are fancy and classic; you can get a pair for just $20 on you should keep an eye out!

Crocs Swiftwater

Crocs Kadee II vs SwiftWater

With $20, you can get a pair of SwiftWater shoes on take a look!!


The prices of this cCocs varies; depends on the shoe you are buying. The prices stated here are more like the lowest prices of shoes you can get on either collection.

However, the Crocs SwiftWater is way more expensive compared to the Crocs Kadee II. You should have that in mind when you look them up.


Crocs Kadee II

Crocs Kadee II vs SwiftWater

  • True to size
  • Flexible straps

The Crocs Kadee happens to be full of surprises. They are unbelievably comfortable; you should consider ordering a normal size, they have flexible straps for easy on and off.

Crocs Swiftwater

Crocs Kadee II vs SwiftWater

  • True to size
  • Velcro straps

Swiftwater collection has a number of different shoes, some like the sandals come with Velcro straps that ensure a perfect fit. You should consider purchasing a normal size.


It is important to note that the Shoes are made from Croslite material which makes it possible for a more customized fit, although this feature covers the Crocs Kadee II more because it is less combined with other materials like the Crocs SwiftWater.

You can consider leaving your shoes under the sun for some time to have a customized fit.

Arch Support

Crocs Kadee II

Crocs Kadee II vs SwiftWater

  • Arch support

The Crocs Kadee II are light and airy, plus they have a very nice, accurate, and good arch support that helps the foot medically when you walk with them.

Crocs Swiftwater

Crocs Kadee II vs SwiftWater

  • Good arch support

Crocs SwiftWater is well molded to give not just the best appearance, but also medical benefits. It has well-formed arch support that helps distribute vibrations around the bottom of the foot.


Both shoes have great arch supports.


Crocs Kadee II

Crocs Kadee II vs SwiftWater

  • Croslite outsole with Traction

The outsole of the Crocs Kadee II is just excellent; it will give you a strong grip to the soil you walk on. they have Traction lugs to ensure you are protected even in slippery environments.

Crocs Swiftwater

Crocs Kadee II vs SwiftWater

  • Traction soles

SwiftWater is adventurous, comfortable, and promising. They are protective and beneficial. The soles won’t leave you sliding through watery or slippery environments.

They have traction lugs that give you stability when you engage in your adventures.


The Crocs SwiftWater is better than the Crocs Kadee II in this aspect in the sense that the soles of the Crocs Kadee II might slip on dusty grounds and when your feet get sweaty they will make your feet slip out.

Why you should buy Crocs Kadee II

These are collections of outstanding shoes are all made to satisfy particular areas of need in our daily life. They are sleek, durable, and versatile. getting a pair of Kadee Crocs is optional and depends on your profession.

They will leave you looking sleek and presentable no matter which of the shoes you buy from the collection.

They are 100% Croslite foam, this makes them flexible and durable. They have a credible sole that gives a strong grip on the ground when you walk.

Although it is possible that the method of design used in making the traction of some of the Crocs Kadee II might leave you slipping on dry and dusty grounds.

The outsole is designed to give a strong grip to wet ground but it kind of does the opposite when used on a dusty floor.

This is one disadvantage that some of the Crocs Kadee II might have, other than that it is a great collection.

Why you should buy Crocs Swiftwater

The SwiftWater collection from Crocs is a very perfect selection of unique products that are best for outdoor and even indoor use as the choice of use entails.

This collection as seen from the comparison done are up of sandals, flip flops, and even slides. The shoes in this collection are made from Croslite material, which gives them their flexible nature and durability.

They are functional and come with great cushioning plus they have great arch support which makes them medical fit for long hour use.

There are many reasons why you should buy the Crocs Swiftwater, one of the reasons is that they are versatile no matter which one of them you buy, it is capable of serving you perfectly. They are also great water shoes.

Personally, I feel the SwiftWater sandals are one of a kind. It has Velcro straps that make it adjustable in order to ensure a perfect fit which is one thing workers need.


One major feature the Crocs Kadee II sandals have that makes them loved and preferred over other Crocs is the diversity in their design, there seems to be a Crocs Kadee II made for any adventure you wish to engage.

This covers the Crocs Swiftwater collection too. There are slippers. Sandals and slides from both collections are credible.

With all being said and done, choosing one that suits your spec is a decision you will have to make on your own.

There isn’t much difference between both collections other than the fact that Swiftwater gives a much firmer fit compared to the Crocs Kadee II which is more spacious in some of their designs and bulkier.


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