Crocs Bogota vs Yukon: Who is the Winner?

I was struck by the similarities between the Crocs Bogota and Crocs Yukon. However, Crocs Bogota prevails due to reasons like breathable upper, lightweight, more comfortability, and a better fit.

Crocs Bogota vs Yukon
Left: Crocs Bogota, Right: Crocs Yukon

Bogota foams feel like they are less sturdy while Yukons on the other hand, are made with sturdier Croslite foam and are more resistant to cold temperatures.

Although Crocs made like this are less likely to withstand harsh weather like rain or snow, unlike the Yukon brands, they still feel more capable and more valuable.

Why is Crocs Bogota better than Yukon?

Crocs Bogota Crocs Yukon
Lighter footbeds Thicker footbeds
Leather uppers Thermoplastic uppers
Softer Croslite foam Sturdier Croslite design
Lighter weight Lightweight

The appearance of the two types of Croslite foam is different; Yukon Crocs look nicer than the Bogota but the latter’s material is pleasant to touch and sink your feet in. This makes Bogota more comfortable.

The cheaper pair in Yukons have a higher chance of falling apart when worn regularly for a long period of time.

Shoes made out of softer Croslite foam cost more and are more quality and better for money value.

  • I make a choice of Crocs Bogota because it is more comfortable, lightweight, and elegant.
  • Crocs Bogota is also very stylish
  • I used to wear Yukon Crocs but over time, they felt too stiff for me but they seem to be comfortable even if they are made from plastic.
  • Although Crocs Yukon looks good, I am more attracted to the appearance of Bogota. Their heel is high enough so your feet will feel comfortable as well as your back and legs.
  • I chose Crocs Bogota because they have a very good-looking and classy design that is very comfortable to wear and walk on.

The most important thing that I like about these clogs is that they give your feet enough space to breathe, unlike those other kinds of shoes.

The material they use for their production is very light and comfortable as well as waterproof, so you can use it not only at home but also when you go outside.

You can also purchase them in different sizes depending on the size of your feet, which is a plus for me since I have wide feet.

These Bogota clogs fit perfectly on my pair of feet and I will surely recommend them to my family and friends.

What are the differences between Crocs Bogota and Yukon

Crocs Bogota vs Yukon
Crocs Bogota
  • Bogota has lighter footbeds
  • Crocs Bogota has a higher level of leather upper than Yukon
  • The Croslite foam on the Bogota is softer
  • Yukon Crocs are slightly heavier

The Bogota has lighter footbeds

The most important thing is how they’re constructed. The more arch support they provide, the more rigid the shoe.

Shoes with lighter footbeds like the Bogota are usually better for sensitive feet. On the other hand, Yukon has thicker footbeds and is usually better for people who need extra support.

Footbeds are thin, thick pieces of foam that fit inside the shoe. They can be found in shoes for all kinds of sports. Footbeds are designed to support your feet and improve your comfort.

Footbeds can help relieve pressure points, correct alignment problems, and keep your foot comfortable so you can perform better.

Crocs shoes do not come with removable footbeds, which you can take out or replace with another footbed which is why you need to understand what you need.

Yukon Crocs are made to absorb shock during impact while the Bogota provides stability during movement.

Yukon has thermoplastic uppers (faux leather)

Leather is the traditional material for shoe-making. It is usually more expensive than thermoplastic, because of its greater weight (leather is about twice as heavy as thermoplastic) and higher durability value.

However, leather also has some disadvantages. Leather uppers tend to be heavier when wet and retain moisture.

But in my opinion, Bogota Crocs are better than the Yukon in terms of uppers.

Here are some of my reasons:

  • Comfort: Crocs Bogota is more flexible than Yukon so that your foot can conform to the shape of the inside of the shoe when you walk in it.
  • Walking in Bogota is much more comfortable than most Crocs shoes.
  • Thermoplastics provide some shape and protection, but they might give you blisters if you walk more than a couple of hundred yards.
  • The Bogota don’t have blister problem because leather bends instead of cracking under pressure.

The Croslite foam on the Bogota is softer

I have been wearing Bogota Crocs for several months now, and I love them. I love the way they make my feet feel, and I love how they make me feel.

  • This makes the Bogota much lighter, more stylish, looks weird to most people when you first wear them out of the box, and don’t quite fit when you first try them on.
  • They are better for some uses but worse for others than shoes with sturdier Croslite foam are.

The reason shoes with softer Croslite foam like the Bogota feel so good is that they’re designed to be comfortable when you’re doing stuff.

When you walk in them, your foot moves in ways it moves in when you’re just walking around or running around or whatever else you’re doing in your life.

Shoes like Yukon are not as soft as the Bogota, but it is a little more durable.

If you are not sure where to start, try this:

  • Push down with your thumb on the shoe. If it feels firm, it has thick Croslite foam. If it feels softer, it has softer Croslite foam.
  • The Sturdier Croslite foam makes the shoe heavier by about 10%.
  • The Sturdier Croslite foam gives the shoe a stiffer feel, which some people prefer.
  • The Softer Croslite foam makes the shoe lighter by about 10%.
  • The Softer Croslite foam gives the shoe a more flexible feel, which some people prefer.

Yukon Crocs are slightly heavier

Most lighter-weight shoes are almost always better than normal-weight shoes. They last longer and run more efficiently. They can be packed tighter and still provide good protection. How is this the case?

The difference is mostly in cushioning and material thickness. Bogota Crocs have less cushioning and thinner material, but they also have a significantly different design.

The most important difference between both Crocs in terms of weight is the sole unit, which supports most of the shoe’s weight and determines its flexibility and durability.

The sole unit on the Bogota is generally thicker and sturdier than that on Yukon shoes.

This allows the former to use a firmer midsole material without making the shoe too rigid, allowing for better energy transfer from your foot to your running motion.

The upper part of the shoe, where your foot makes contact with the shoe, is what determines how comfortable a shoe will be.

Because Bogotas weigh less, they can afford to make the upper part thinner without adding much weight or bulk to the shoe; this gives them a more comfortable feel.

Similarities between Crocs Bogota and Yukon

Crocs Bogota vs Yukon
Crocs Yukon
  • Both are Crocs shoe brand
  • Both shoes have great material uppers
  • They have a round toe design
  • Presence of heel straps in both designs

Both are Crocs shoe brand

Because they are both Crocs shoes, they use Croslite. Croslite foam weighs less than other shoes, and they are very comfortable.

They also last longer than other shoes. The foam absorbs shock and holds its shape, so your feet aren’t constantly pounding the pavement.

These factors make them perfect for walkers, runners, or anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet.

  • The foam had some peculiar properties: it was squishy when you pushed on it, but if you tried to pull it apart, your fingers just slid off the surface.
  • It looks like polystyrene or Styrofoam but was made from a different kind of plastic.
  • The key ingredient was something called an emulsion polymer.
  • The surface of an ordinary piece of polystyrene foam is covered with a thin layer of oil, which makes it feel smooth and powerful.

Both shoes have material uppers

The upper materials of shoe uppers are generally divided into two categories: leather and manmade materials. Of these, leather remains the most popular material for footwear because of its natural properties.

Both brands use durable material that is comfortable to wear and can be dyed in a variety of colors. If you want a really high-quality leather shoe, though, you have to pay more money.

The less expensive leathers used in low-end shoes can stretch out of shape and become uncomfortable over time.

But even the higher-quality leathers sometimes don’t perform well in hot weather because they absorb moisture and become heavy and stiff – this will make your feet hot and uncomfortable.

  • The manmade materials used in Crocs upper are generally lighter weight and offer the same durability or breathability as regular shoes.
  • Most manmade Crocs uppers are made from polyurethane or PVC.
  • Some other Crocs used in shoe uppers include polyester, nylon, spandex, and microfiber.

They have a round toe design

Shoes with round toes became popular in the last decade. This year will be remembered for two big trends in women’s shoes: strappy sandals and shoes with round toes.

You can’t really tell which is more popular; it depends on whether you are talking about shoe stores (where strappy sandals are most popular) or fashion magazines (where rounded toes are most popular).

So, it seems like no matter what kind of Crocs you want, there is a good chance it will be in style this year.

If you look at old photos from the 60s, you notice that the people wearing shoes with rounded toes aren’t as young as you might expect.

The style was still going strong in the 90s, and I think it is making a comeback now. Oh, well. At least people who wear them look taller and thinner because of the illusion that they have long toes.

It’s a good idea to wear shoes that make you look a bit taller. This design is also very protective especially when Crocs does it!

Presence of heel straps in both designs

Another innovation from Crocs was the heel strap. They are meant to keep the shoes on your feet while you are walking or running or just standing.

The designs of the straps are different for different types of shoes, but it is still very evident that they have been inspired by surgical materials.

I’m a big fan of both crocs shoes. I think they’re one of the best purchases we’ve made in a long time.

Both are great for camping because you need to strap your heels into the crocs if you want to keep them from slipping and sliding everywhere.

Final words

Crocs Bogota vs Yukon

First of all, I love Crocs Bogota. This is not an easy thing to say in public. Because in my country is a very popular topic to criticize these shoes, but in fact, I think they are great.

When you are at work or in the university, everyone wears classic shoes or boots. And that’s boring! The most important things are comfort and health.

Classic shoes don’t give you that feeling when you wear them all day long. But with Crocs like Bogota, it’s different.

They are very comfortable for your feet and legs because they were designed with ergonomic principles, so your legs will feel better after wearing them for long periods of time. Just look at the straps!

Also, If you work in a place where there are a lot of water, mud, or puddles, classic shoes can be damaged by water or mud, but not Crocs! They are perfect for outdoor activities too!

The Bogota Crocs are really lightweight! You can carry them everywhere without any problem because they only need a few spaces in your bag or shelf!

If you want to take a walk with your dog or go to the park with your friends, no need to take some other shoes just put on your Crocs.

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