At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Converse?

Unless maybe you have foot-related problems or you have flat feet, Converse can be worn by anyone regardless of their age.

And because this classic footwear is as soft as soled moccasins, these footwear’s were never meant for long-distance walks; instead, these Converse shoes were designed for shorter distance activities and like the basketball players who started the game of wearing “Converse all-star sneakers†for each game they played.

A young African rocking his Converse on an African print

That is why none of the high top or low top Converse flat shoes, provides ankle support to the foot, as well as little or no padding, thus making these shoes have an overly flat sole that tends to wear out easily.

So, if you should experience frequent discomfort wearing Converse sneakers, then it’s high time you just stop or switch to a better low-top flat shoe with good ankle support and padding features.

I started to notice the trend of wearing these all-time favorite Converse sneakers, especially amongst the older aged groups than in the younger dudes and of course, I was perplexed because I had thought that, old age actually brought with it a whole lot of foot-related problems.

And because Converse shoes are designed with soft soles, they are not ideal for rocky ground surfaces, they actually provide little arch support to the owner and no padding features at all.

Thus a lot of precautions and advice as to wearing these soft-soled shoes called Converse started to gain ground among people across all age groups.

But interestingly, I also discovered that these minimal shoes- All-star Converse, actually are not all that bad, despite that these flat shoes actually get worn out easily especially on the soles.

So, I have organized here in this blog post everything you need to know about these high tops shoes.


What Kind Of People Wear Converse Sneakers?

Okay, so let’s talk about some of the age-appropriate groups, and why the wearing of Converse is actually trendy amongst them.

I wear Converse, you wear Converse, and everyone just seems to be wearing Converse sneakers.

So, there are shoes for a particular occasion that don’t cease to consider age, and Converse sneakers is one of them.

And I think why most people actually wear this shoe is because of the classic style and beauty these sneakers adds to your outfit.


At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Converse?

I can’t really say if this group still has the highest number of people that wear Converse sneakers.

Because the trend is actually shifting from the youngsters to adults.

Anyways, teenagers love wearing this footwear because the fashion industry just keeps making it for them.


At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Converse?

This group of people actually wear this footwear mostly for comfort, the rubber soles, and the little padding on the inside.

College students

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Converse?

Converse sneakers are indeed a great choice if you are going street gong-ho. And college students just seem to be on the highway rocking these footwears with different styles that just make lecturers just stop and stare in excitement.

As a college student, you are at an age where you’re encouraged to look unique. Take advantage of it while you can.

The seniors

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Converse?

The seniors are also not left out of the Converse frenzy and this is the reason why Converse transcends age. Anyone and everyone can wear it. Trust me on this.

What You Can Style Your Converse With at Any Age

You probably don’t want to end up sobbing for your money after buying a pair of Converse shoes (though this rarely ever happens…coz you will actually fall in love at just a mere sight of this footwear!).

Anyways, It’s so fashionable to wear sneakers with just about anything. Jeans, jackets, pants, skirts, and dresses.

So just have fun selecting your favorite pair or more and I’ll show you how to rock these cotton sneakers with an appropriate outfit that actually suits the trend for any age group.

Here are some of the general tips on how to wear Converse sneakers with your everyday outfits, whether it is high-heeled, or the low tops types for durable fitting on your feet.

Lace-up neatly

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Converse?

The trick here to wearing any Converse shoes is for you to lace not too tightly or else you start getting signs of worn out.

So, take note of this while still on it. Knot graciously and boldly as well.

Combine with Jeans

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Converse?

Just as how peanut butter goes sweetly with bread, it’s the same with jeans.

This actually makes it easier for you to get your feet all prepared for the day’s journey.

Women casuals go with your Converse

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Converse?

When you rock your sneakers with a dress or skirt, it shows you are going the casual route, and this is really a cool style.

The trick is to actually have sneakers that are not too high towards the ankle and not too sporty.

Thin soled Converse is the perfect match for bare legs and a skirt.

Men’s casuals

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Converse?

Converse has those sneakers that will suit whatever style you’ve got in mind.

So, is it blazers, a lightly-colored dress shirt is a building block that your trousers and jackets can build off of.

Also don’t scorn the humble white shirt!

Converse with Shorts

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Converse?

Converse goes amazingly well with shorts and it gives you that casual look and feel.

If you intend to wear your high-top. ensure that your short is a little above your knees to give that balanced and stylish look and feel.

Low-top sneakers, on the other hand, hold their own when matched with traditional knee-length styles.

Tops/ jackets

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Converse?

As for your top, keep it cool and classic with a plain white tee, or go bold and a little bohemian with a patterned, short-sleeve shirt.

Another way to express your Converse sneakers in a casual outfit is to match with a distressed or cropped Denim or maybe a bomber jacket which will give you that perfect casual look.

How To Wear Converse In Your Twenties

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Converse?

As a young person looking good is the deal, that’s why the best way to wear these sneakers right now is by pairing them with the most forward and fashionable styles that have made their mark on 2021 (especially the trending street style of dressing).

Like Converse are the perfect choice for almost any street style look

Though picking out from the various collections of Converse, is another battle line to conquer. Because all Converse shoes are just the best, especially for short-distance trekking and who don’t need the best!

You should also note that you can wear Converse best on casuals.

How to Wear Converse in Your Thirties

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Converse?

Wearing Converse sneakers can either make or break your dressing.

But you can actually appear stylish and still look your age at the same time.

Anyways, as a thirty-year-old, go for jeans, especially the dark wash types.

So, try on pattern t-shirts that have the perfect blend of colors.

Be free to wear inner colored polo inside the t-shirts should in case you want to look a bit casual.

How to wear Converse in your forties

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Converse?

The secret here is to look deliberately stylish on Converse sneakers. So you have got to be careful with your choices of color rather than give the impression that you are trying to disguise your age.

You should be fully aware of the importance of you wearing something you are comfortable with, No? With that in mind, it’s only fitting that for many women and men in their 40’s, sneakers remain a mainstay in their wardrobes.

How to wear Converse in your 50s

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Converse?

When it comes to what kind of footwear should be in your wardrobe as a 50-year-old, then a philosophy to personalize is that less is actually best (in terms of quantity and styling).

If you are looking sharp and taking care of your appearance by investing in a quality sneaker as Converse, it’s easier for an older man with grey hair to move about confidently and with respect as well.

Also, try as much as possible to avoid oversized trousers or even high-rise sweatpants with too many pockets, colors, or even zips. This does not go so well with Converse shoes.

Anyways, if you are to choose from any of the Converse sneakers, go for those ones that don’t come with built-in heels ( you probably don’t want to heighten that Achilles heel foot problem).

What does wearing Converse mean?

I would put it this way, Good shoes, better look, best comfort!

That’s just the simplest answer to give. Because when you are trying to rock the skinniest of all your jeans, then nothing charms more than this classic footwear.

I just find sneakers to look rather fun, athletic, and laid back and showing someone who can relax and not always take life too seriously.

That’s why a pair of fun low sneakers keeps reappearing on my wish list!

So, if you are putting on or even trying out for the first time, any model of converse sneakers, whether it is the high-heeled type or the low top types, then it simply means that you are on a journey to finding a good shoe that suite your personal style of dressing.

What makes Converse so unique?

I would say that from the blog post so far you will notice that despite the flaws that Converse shoes have, they actually possess that sweet spot on the heart of Converse lovers.

Thus, there is something to be said about this particular style of flat shoe that hasn’t changed for over so many decades now but still looks awesome.

So, come rain, come sunshine, amidst rocky grounds, super flat heels, less ankle support, and on and on and on.

These babies still rock!

And here is a convincing list of why these minimal shoes are still unique despite all odds.

They don’t stink when you take care of them properly 

Yeah, it’s really true because they are designed with cotton materials that tend to aerate the feet easily and drive out all heat and foul-smelling causing microbes.

But, that does not stop you from washing them frequently.


This is exactly the key feature of this footwear because they are designed to be as soft as soled moccasins.

So you get this soothing feel when walking on these sneakers.

Super light

Converse sneakers are actually what people describe them to be. You only know after a first trial.

Really light and easy to walk on, that’s why most people prefer wearing these sneakers for long-distance trekking.

Ideal for short distant walks

One of the reasons, Converse sneakers is made is actually for a light amount of walking or short distance walks.

Extra insoles option

Converse sneakers actually come with great insole options, especially for people with related foot problems.

So you can insert your orthotics in and off you go!

Are Converse shoes still cool?

Yes of course! Converse sneakers are still as cool as ever.

I have found, if not a classic way to rock those your old-school sneakers in a more modern-day way.

And I can say that what started off as footwear for basketball players in those days, started gaining traction amongst different age groups.

These super-light shoes are really good especially when you wear Converse sneakers with trends that make people just stop and stare.

So, this classic footwear just tends to make your outfits stand out, so it goes with any casual outfit in your wardrobe.

What color of Converse should you get?

Choosing a pair of Converse amongst a variety of colors is just the same feeling you get when choosing your birthday theme for the day because you will be left with an endless list of choices.

I know Converse sneakers come with a variety of color models, such as patterns, grayish, off-whites, and the tacky colored type.

Thus this makes one spend hours and hours in a store trying to decide which is actually worth buying.

So let’s get over with this choice dilemma and see what colors of sneakers actually rings a bell to your style and choice of dressing.

The Black Low Top All-star Black Converse

This dark sneaker is actually ideal for a black, cuffed skinny jean or skirt combined with a plain white tee, or even with a short-sleeve shirt.

And because this black low-top Converse actually gives this edgy feel to the feet while walking, they match perfectly well with your outfit.

The Off-White Low Top Converse

This old-fashioned white or beige type pair offers the perfect deal for casual outfits especially for people who are trying to get accustomed to wearing this footwear as summer sneakers.

So to make the most out of these classic shoes, pair them with light-colored pants or darker-colored jeans, then round them up with a shirt and a denim jacket.

Navy all-star Converse sneakers

These classy sneakers make it possible for you to try out vibrant colors and this gives you a happy person.

You can try them on different casual outfits except for suits (except you’re going comfy!).

Grey all-star Converse sneakers

If you’ve been wanting to try the chunky sneakers trend but it feels a little too bold for you, consider this grey pair—they’ll feel more natural and wearable.

How old is too old to wear Converse

You can rock your Converse anytime and at any age.

There is actually a fine line to walk between looking classic and looking old-fashioned. And old age could just be that perfect time to rock a pair of sneakers for just old times’ sake.

As I observed, most adults don’t buy the advice on what to and what not to wear anymore.

All because it’s not all about the trend and who is fit to follow the trend, instead it’s all about what is good for mental health.

However, in the midst of having fun wearing these sneakers, try as much as possible to avoid oversized trousers or even high-rise sweatpants with too many pockets, colors, or even zips. This does not go so well with Converse shoes.

Similarly, if you are to continue in this trend of “adult converse rockers†without necessarily looking childish or the unfashionable type, then be on the lookout for the color appropriate to your age group.


So, this is it!

This article was all about how to wear Converse sneakers amongst all age groups ranging from the ’20s, ’30s, ’40s, and the ’50s.

Also, every myth about when exactly is too old to stop wearing Converse shoes, whether it is childish or maturity was answered. Plus some of the best ways to combine the clothes in your wardrobe with these footwear’s to give you that desired casual look (especially the trendy street style look) was discussed.

So, whenever you want to look fashionable and casual, do it intentionally by adding some of the unusual traditional clothing styles that will make people not only stop and stare at your outfit but also be “wow-ed” as well.

Comment down below on how the whole experience of wearing Converse sneakers went!

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