Are Converse Comfortable For Flat Feet?

Generally, it is believed that Converse sneakers are not good for flat feet, but I disagree. Converse are good for flat feet. However, not all converse sneakers are good for flat feet.

The Converse shoes that are good for flat feet must have arch support and the CHUCK TAYLOR brand has amazing arch support that is very conducive for flat feet.

I would be talking briefly about 2-3 of the Chuck Taylor brand that is best suited for you as a flat feet individual.

My favorite Converse sneakers that are comfortable for flat feet

CONVERSE ALL-STAR High-top sneaker

This is one of the Converse sneakers that’s comfortable for you if you have flat feet. It has an amazing sole that is strong and high enough to provide support for your feet.

Furthermore, it has an Eva insole that provides additional comfort. It has a rubber sole.

What makes this amazing footwear different from other Converse sneakers is that it provides extreme comfort for your feet and toe. People with flat feet often feel uncomfortable in certain shoes.

However, with the CONVERSE ALL-STAR High-top sneaker, you can rest assured of extreme comfort. It is durable and has a great fit.

Furthermore, its thick soles make flat feet comfortable. I used the CONVERSE ALL-STAR High top sneaker for 2 years before buying a new one and I never regretted my experience with it.

If you have flat feet and you are looking for footwear that is comfortable and offers extreme support for your feet, then the CONVERSE ALL-STAR High-top sneaker is a good fit for you.

CONVERSE Chuck Taylor all-star

This is another Converse sneaker that is suitable for flat feet. It has a rubber and synthetic sole which is anti-slip and offers stability to your feet.

It is durable and sturdy enough to protect your feet and toe every time. It also offers arch support to your feet which is very necessary and essential for you if you have flat feet.

It has an iconic silhouette and an ORTHOLITE insole for additional comfort. This amazing footwear is affordable compared to other footwear and it delivers premium quality.

Furthermore, the CONVERSE Chuck Taylor all-star is strong and can withstand every pressure you subject it to.

It is also lightweight and has a loosely fit feature that creates room for your feet for comfort. Wearing the CONVERSE Chuck Taylor all-star for long hours would not be a problem because it does not cause sores and blisters to your feet and toes.

If you have flat feet, the CONVERSE Chuck Taylor all-star is one of the numerous Converse sneakers you can wear without ever bothering about feeling uncomfortable or having pains.

Converse Women’s All-Star Lugged Sneaker

This footwear has a very distinctive quality that is different from other Converse sneakers. The CONVERSE WOMEN’S ALL STAR LUGGED SNEAKER is one of the strongest Converse sneakers I have seen.

It is for women, but it is extremely durable and strong for any purpose. What makes the CONVERSE WOMEN’S ALL STAR LUGGED SNEAKER distinct as well is that it has a very strong and high sole that provides maximum support for females with flat feet.

It has a very high arch underneath which makes your feet comfortable. Furthermore, compared to other Converse sneakers, it is not lightweight because of its amazing make-up. It comes in a mixture of black and white which makes it attractive and classic.

The CONVERSE WOMEN’S ALL STAR LUGGED SNEAKER is also very affordable compared to the quality it provides. It has a rubber sole which is as hard as a rock for stability and sturdiness.

If you are a female or if you have a female who is flat feet and having issues with the best sneaker that provides comfort for her, then the CONVERSE WOMEN’S ALL STAR LUGGED SNEAKER is best suited for her.

Converse Men’s Street Canvas


This footwear is for the male gender alone. It is lightweight and extremely comfortable for your feet. It is very durable and strong enough to withstand the harshest conditions.

Furthermore, it offers adequate arch support for your flat feet insomuch that wearing the CONVERSE MEN’S STREET CANVAS would make you forget that you ever had flat feet.

Wearing the CONVERSE MEN’S STREET CANVAS would provide adequate support for your feet because of its Ortholite insole feature that provides comfort and its strong rubber sole that provides stability.

It is a high-top sneaker with a Classic All-star ankle patch. It is also lightweight and makes walking around easy and comfortable. It also has a padded footbed and an inner elastic tongue that makes it stretch out pretty nicely for added comfort.

If you are a male who has been faced with the challenges of getting the best Converse sneaker that would provide support for your feet and comfort to your toes, then Converse MEN’S STREET CANVAS is my recommendation for you.

Converse sneakers are often recommended for those with flat feet, but it is not the only footwear that can be worn by those with flat feet.

If you are not a fan of Converse sneakers, I would be talking about the other brands of footwear that are suitable for you and provide adequate comfort for you.

Furthermore, it is important that you always look out for footwear that provides adequate arch support to your feet.

Other footwears that are comfortable with flat feet

REEBOK men’s classic sneakers

Are Converse Comfortable For Flat Feet?

This footwear falls into the category of shoes that are comfortable for flat feet. It has a rubber sole that makes it strong and fit enough to carry any amount of weight.

It also has arch support that makes it suitable for your feet. It has a padded sock liner and a midsole that provides support and also absorbs shock when you are walking in it. Compared to the quality it offers, the REEBOK men’s classic sneaker is affordable.

If you are not comfortable with Converse sneakers, then the REEBOK men’s classic shoe is the best fit for you. However, I must state that the REEBOK men’s classic sneakers are for the male gender alone.

POLO Ralph Lauren Classic sneaker

Are Converse Comfortable For Flat Feet?

This is another brand of sneakers that can be worn if you have flat feet. It is comfortable and offers stability to your feet. Compared to the REEBOK men’s classic sneakers, it is lightweight and classic in design.

It offers arch support for your flat feet and takes away the worries of feeling pain as a result of wearing the wrong shoe for your flat feet. The POLO Ralph Lauren Classic sneaker has a rubber sole that does not cave in easily.

I used my POLO Ralph Lauren Classic sneaker for 3 years before I gave it out. The sole never waned or caved in.

It has a quality sole material that provides comfort to your feet. Furthermore, the fabric-lined molded insole of the POLO Ralph Lauren Classic sneaker provides adequate comfort and shock absorption to your feet.

It is true to size and you don’t have to worry about ordering for a size up or down (from my experience).

HKR Arch support walking shoes

Are Converse Comfortable For Flat Feet?

I refer to this footwear as the “HEAVY-DUTY†because of its heavy qualities. This is probably the strongest among the shoes I have mentioned in this section. It has a great traction rubber sole which is durable and keeps your feet steady enough.

Furthermore, it has an arch support insole that provides adequate support for your flat feet. It also has a memory foam construction that alleviates pains and provides comfort where it is needed.

This amazing footwear is suitable for every occasion like running, walking, dancing, long time standing, workplace, restaurant, shopping and so on. It is for the female gender.

It is also very affordable compared to the quality it offers. It also has a cushion design that softens your steps and makes walking comfortable. Its rubber outsole would keep your feet and toes safe and comfortable on any terrain.

Give this amazing footwear a trial if you are looking for another brand of footwear that is suitable for flat feet.

REEBOK women’s renaissance shoe

Are Converse Comfortable For Flat Feet?

This is a very classy footwear. It offers arch support for flat feet. This footwear is ideal for long walks, running, and other activities.

It is not heavy compared to other footwear for people with flat feet. Reebok Brand is known to produce premium footwear for every purpose and this is one of the amazing products of the Reebok brand. It is affordable.

Furthermore, it is important to note that this footwear can carry any weight and not quake in. It has a high rubber sole that does not give you a feeling of walking on the ground. The sole also offers high traction which gives you a firm grip whenever you are walking.

It has a padded tongue and collar, it also has a memory tech footbed that provides support for your ankles and toes. However, I would love to point out that the REEBOK women’s renaissance shoe is not true to fit and you need to order a little size higher in order to get the best fit size for you.

How to make Converse sneakers more comfortable for you

  • Learn to loosen up the lace in order to create more room for your feet and toes.
  • Learn to wash your Converse sneakers. The fabric of your Converse sneakers might be a little stiff which might cause blisters and sores on your toes. You must always wash them in order to get them softened up a bit and make them comfortable to wear. It is extremely uncomfortable to wear dirty Converse sneakers. They make your feet smell and disfigure the shoe. This is little compared to the blisters and sores you would have to deal with as a result of wearing it.
  • It is not always compulsory to wear socks with your Converse. My Chuck Taylor looks just fine without socks, but there are times I wear socks because of the cold weather or for fashion purposes. However, if you wear socks with your Converse sneakers, it is advisable to learn to update and change your socks from time to time. Old and worn-out socks make your feet uncomfortable and it might give you a feel of having a loosen grip. Wearing socks makes your Converse comfortable especially for long walks. Thick black socks are recommended.

Are Leather Converse Better than Canvas

From my experience, leather Converse sneakers are not comfortable because they don’t breathe, unlike canvas. Leather Converse are very attractive and they tend to last longer, but they make my feet uncomfortable and sweaty.

Leather Converse sneakers are also very easy to clean because of their sloppy material. However, canvas keeps your feet cool.

However, both leather Converse and canvas are very good footwear and you can select any one of them depending on your preference and fashion taste.


Converse sneakers have been in the footwear industry for a long time and have established themselves as footwear that offers comfort and durability to its customers.

If you are flat feet, the footwear listed in this article would offer you premium support and durability.

However, whenever Converse sneakers are making you feel uncomfortable, ensure you try breaking them in by wearing thick socks and wearing them for a long duration of time. Once you do this consistently for 3-4 days, you should have reached your desired break-in.

This article is a guide and not a verdict. The information in this article is from personal experiences with each footwear. We also got reviews from users. Your experience might differ, but I am sure the information gotten here would be helpful for you.

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