15 Best Cognac Riding Boots (Reviewed in 2023)

Riding boots are those protective shoes we wear that offer us protection from falls or accidents whenever we go riding either on a horseback or even on a motorcycle.

There are different types of riding boots, all are specially designed to serve the same purpose, today we shall discuss more on the Cognac-riding boots.

With Cognac being one of the most used and effective colors when it comes to horse riding and all, it has gradually dominated the world of protective riding boots.

We shall be discussing the best out of Cognac-riding boots as the article progresses, grab a seat!!

Top 15 Cognac Riding Boots

Best Cognac Riding Boots

Best Cognac Riding Shoes Unique Features Ratings
Lucchese Caiman Men’s Riding Boots Unprecedented Fit & Comfort 4.5/5
Strappy Riding Boots for women Amazing adjustable fitting system 4.5/5
Dublin Riding Boots Sweat absorbent feature & great arch support 4.5/5
Dr. Scholl’s Brilliance Riding Boots Inside full zip for customized fit & Finished pull 4.5/5
Tuff Rider Country Waterproof Riding Boot Water Proof Leather & Lining 4.5/5
Nautica Youth Fashion Riding Boots Sturdy outsole for strong grip & Zips for Easy Off and On 4.5/5
Kenneth Cole Wind Riding Boots Decorative Adjustable feature & Shiny Polish-Able Exterior 4.5/5
LONDON Noble Riding Boots Water-resistant & Heel of 2 Inches’ 4.5/5
Cowgirl Riding Boots Comfortable, Stylish & Versatile 4.5/5
Men’s Tactical Light Weight Riding Boots Padded tongue & Lining fabric for breathability 4.5/5
Women’s Tall Shaft Riding Boots Slightly Padded insoles & Zip Adjustable fit 4.5/5
Justin Square-toe Bent Rail Riding Boots Rugged looks & Exceptional Craftsmanship 4.5/5
Steve Madden Women’s Riding Boots Blended stitches & Almond closed Toe 4.5/5
Ariat Rambler Cowboys Riding Boots Dual Side Pull Tabs & Comfortable Cushioning 4.5/5
Hispar Men Riding Boots Three Buckle Straps for Customised fit 4.5/5

Lucchese Caiman Men’s Riding Boots

Best Cognac Riding Boots

This is among the limited versions of shoes, by limited I mean they are made to matching orders. Shoes like this are very expensive which is why their product is made to meet up existing orders only.

You must be wondering what is making this particular cognac riding shoe this expensive, this is because it is made with 100% leather and a combination of credible crocodile skin.

With Hornback being a majority in the materials used, it is no doubt one of the uncommon materials used in the manufacturing of shoes.

Regardless of the price, these shoes have a normal fit and you can get a pair for just $1,250 online, you should keep an eye out.


  • Limited Edition
  • Unprecedented Fit and Comfort
  • Twisted Cone Last
  • Handmade design
  • Leather Sole
  • Caiman Hornback Tail Skin


  • No warranty

Strappy Riding Boots for women

Best Cognac Riding Boots

Children are the future of tomorrow; it will only be appropriate if we could manufacture protective wear for them also.

Children these days like to be involved in adult activities, they don’t let the fact that they are children hinder them from participating in any kind of adventure including horse riding and even biking.

These boots were made specifically for the aim of providing credible feet and leg protection to girls and juniors in general.

They have strappy ankle buckles and side zip-ups for an adjustable fit and a perfect grip on the legs. They are made with a double toe box to protect the toes from horse stumps and other accidents.

Recommended for children, they have arch support just enough to make it medically beneficial for the wearer. Your children are practically protected while they have fun.


  • Perfect fit true to size
  • Adjustable fitting system
  • Chunky low heel
  • Close almond toe
  • Inner side zipper closure


  • Not water resistant

Dublin Riding Boots

Best Cognac Riding Boots

The pair of Cognac boots is made for everybody. These are not equal to the price tag, they are absolutely complete and lack nothing a good riding shoes is supposed to have.

They have arch support for a balanced distribution of energy from impact and vibration made from riding, they come with cupped heels to ensure a commanding usage by the owner.

This helps your feet fit in with extra support and less stress from walking.  

You don’t have to worry about the sizing, they fit true to size and they come with adjustable shoelaces in order to have a customized fitting feature.

To cover the aspect of comfort, they have soft removable insoles which also contribute to allowing the wearer have a befitting and well-deserved feeling of comfortability while riding.

These are one of the great cognac riding boots on the market, you are definitely going to end up looking sleek and master of the game if you turn up in this.

You should consider getting a pair of these.


  • Full-grain leather upper material
  • Crafted with waterproof lining
  • Double cushioning lining
  • Removable insole
  • Arch support and cupped heel
  • Slip-resistant rubber sole
  • Adjustable laces at the top

Dr. Scholl’s Brilliance Riding Boots

Best Cognac Riding Boots

Very comfortable and protective, the heels are measured approximately high to the knee from the arch.

This is in order to make them legit riding boots and of course to make them more comfortable for you when you ride.

We should not be forgetting one more importance of a riding boot which is to cover the leg and protect the leg of the rider from an accident as the case may be.

The exterior design of this shoe might be misleading in the sense that it doesn’t fully display its beauty and benefits.

You should take note that these come with inside zip in order to give you that deserving grip and let you perform well and enjoy your ride without fear of anything.


  • Inside full zip for Enhanced fit
  • Memory foam cool fit inside
  • Decorative matte finish buckle
  • Knee-high from arch
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Durable sole
  • Easy on and Easy off


  • Not waterproof

Tuff Rider Country Waterproof Riding Boot

Best Cognac Riding Boots

Talk of great riding boots, these are one out of the many we are yet to discuss here in the world of great riding shoes.

Made by Tuffrider, the feeling you get when riding in one of this seems to be from another world, unexplainable is the right word for it.

They are cool and look absolutely beautiful for the ladies to rock even If they are not riding.

They are versatile, their functionality check is awesome, and the materials used in making these boots make them legit one of the best there is in the market.

You are protected and your comfort is guaranteed, the insoles are soft and removable, they are made with rubber soles which ensures strong grips on the ground regardless of the kind of soil you walk on.

An extra feature is a fact that these are cognac boots, it only gets more interesting from here.


  • Waterproof Lining and Leather
  • Memory Foam Insoles
  • Rubber outsole
  • DrawString Closure
  • Elastic gussets
  • Elastic Round toes

Nautica Youth Fashion Riding Boots

Best Cognac Riding Boots

When you look at the design of this boot, you will notice how creative the designers were to have embedded it with an adjustable strap that the ankle position.

For me, this counters any form of uneasiness or even unfitness that you might have around the ankle.

In most cases what makes the ankle twist and causes you pain is over space in boots. with the strap at the ankle side, you don’t have anything to worry about in regards to that.

Even with the fact that they are cheap, they are very durable and can be worn all year round.

They come with zips for easy on and easy off. the only turn off on this boot is the fact that they have a wider upper compared to other boots, but that again comes in handy because this design allows air to circulate and ventilate your feet while in use.


  • Made with high-quality Vegan leather
  • Zips for easy on and off
  • Sturdy outsole for strong grip on the soil
  • Extremely durable
  • Well-cushioned insoles
  • They are Lightweight


  • The upper part of the boot may be too wide

Kenneth Cole Wind Riding Boots

Best Cognac Riding Boots

This looks very good and is very light for riding boots, they are not even that expensive as you can get a pair for just $100 online and even lesser or a bit higher depending on the size and also the design since they come in different models.

From the manufacturers, they are not made with original leather material but this is not a turn-off as it lacks anything compared to other boots.

The fitting and sizing are well-considered which is why a zip is attached to it on the inside to make it have a customized fit.

I would advise you to order a half size down in some cases to avoid the possibility of having one with instability due to wide heels.


  • Decorative adjustable buckle
  • Shiny exterior
  • Inside Zipper
  • Flexible nature
  • Made of faux leather


  • Not made with Real Leather
  • Possibility of wide heels in some sizes

LONDON Noble Riding Boots

Best Cognac Riding Boots

These are one of the few you are going to come across here with these pull-up tabs that were put in place to assist the wearer to have an easy-on and easy-off.

I have seen a case where one has to sit down on the floor or somewhere for them to be able to pull up their boots. In this case, you can easily stand and pull them up since they have pull-up tabs.

Unlike many of the boots discussed here, these have a whole cut kind of design making them capable of receiving polish and giving out the best display of shine compared to others.

The material used is not waterproof although it can repel water for a certain amount of time.


  • Pull tabs for easy on and easy off
  • Whole cut vamp
  • High heel of 2 inches high
  • Functional inside Zipper
  • Water-resistant


  • Not waterproof

Cowgirl Riding Boots

Best Cognac Riding Boots

Now, this is for those who love to have their children protected and look sleek. The Bebe Riding boots as other calls it is very well designed and manufactured to withstand any kind of weather.

What this means is that your child can wear this anywhere and anytime, their functionality is on another level, you can use them for riding boots and also for other adventures, and even for fashion.

It has a soft interior just perfect for a girl child. They are very sleek-looking and take a little amount of your time to keep them clean and bring them back to shape.

With just a damp rag, even your child can do this.


  • Officially licensed Bebe
  • Comfortable and stylish for baby girls
  • They are made with high-quality leather materials
  • Can be worn for all-weather
  • Extremely versatile


  • They are not waterproof

Men’s Tactical Light Weight Riding Boots

Best Cognac Riding Boots

This military version of Riding boots happens to be the one and only one of its kind. It is of high knee design and is made with synthetic rubber upper.

It has a fabric lining for enhanced breathability and comes with a padded tongue for added cushioning.

It has a water repellent feature; you should enjoy longevity usage as long as you don’t intentionally wear them in water for long.

The sole is made with rubber and it has traction lugs to ensure a strong grip on the ground you walk on. the sole also contributes to how stable your legs fit in the stirrup.


  • Extremely Lightweight
  • One of the only knee-high riding boots of its kind
  • Made with synthetic upper
  • They have a fabric lining for breathability
  • They have a padded tongue for added cushioning
  • Traction rubber sole
  • Enhanced comfortability for longevity usage


  • Does not have a perfect fit (ordering a large size down should do the trick)
  • They are not waterproof

Women’s Tall Shaft Riding Boots

Best Cognac Riding Boots

It will be delightful to know that these go with anything you wear, be it jeans, leggings, tights, or even dresses.

These are riding boots that give out a classic expression and ensure a respectful and decent look. This entails that they are not just made for riding but rather can be versatile.

The sizing Is well taken care of, they have zips at the side to allow even people with wide feet to wear them and then zip up for a firmer and stable fit.

You should consider getting a pair or two for your wardrobe.


  • Finished with a slightly padded insole
  • Have an opening of 12/13 inches’
  • Zip Adjustable fit for a throw at fit and sizing Perfection
  • They are easy on and east off
  • Remarkably versatile and fashionable
  • High heels for ladies
  • Knee-high Boot


  • The calf opening may be a bit above 13 to 15 inches’
  • The boot shaft might be too long, consider proper check before ordering

Justin Square-Toe Rail Riding Boots

Best Cognac Riding Boots

This pair of riding boots gives you a professional craftsmanship look, all eyes on you when you turn up in one of these.

They have a classic design that is rare, one unique thing is the fact that they are affordable regardless of their design and craftsmanship.


  • Excellent detail stitching
  • Double-stitched welt
  • Rugged looks and exceptional craftsmanship
  • Has recommended arch support


  • They are not slip-resistant
  • The Color of design might fade away if exposed to excess sunlight

Steve Madden Women’s Riding Boots

Best Cognac Riding Boots

These boots look cute and the quality is also credible. They are light and the leather does not take time to break in giving you the customized and perfect fit you deserve.

They are stylish, made for women who love to slay while being adventurous and all. they are affordable for the features they possess; you should get a pair or two for versatile use.


  • Blended stitches
  • High heel of 3.25 inches’
  • 15 inches boot opening
  • Almond closed-toe
  • Leather and nubuck upper


  • Tight calves if you buy regular size

Ariat Rambler Cowboys Riding Boots

Best Cognac Riding Boots

The combination of the lightweight well-cushioned EVA Midsole and outsole that is featured in these boots makes it extremely comfortable and durable.

They have a master Craftsman display on the exterior, a silent but professional design. To learn more about these riding boots, tap the name above.


  • Dual side pull tabs for easy on and off
  • They have an unlined interior
  • Full-grain leather upper with a retro stitch pattern
  • They have excellent cushioning

Hispar Men Riding Boots

Best Cognac Riding Boots

I saved the best for the last, I think we can all agree that with a perfect look at this pair of cognac riding boots, all others discussed are n way near this particular one.

This has an ensured sizing feature, attached with a rubber sole and a thick toe box for protection against horse stump and other accidents.

I am more perplexed by the amazing curve noticeable at the calf of this, it’s like it is made to perfectly fit the calf of its wearer and then there is room for adjustment in case you have a wider or narrow calf.

This is simply an outstanding design.


  • 3 Buckle strap for a proposed stylish look
  • Fully leather lined moisture
  • They come with 1-year material and workmanship warranty
  • They have shoelaces for more enhanced fit
  • They have a calf like a curve also for a customized fit
  • They have rubber soles


Riding should have just gotten easier and more fun if you ride in one of the shoes reviewed here. They are protective, they are sleek looking, and very comfortable.

They are also carefully selected for versatile use, there is no limitation to what you can use them for.

They are also easy to maintain and a number of them are very very affordable. Besides they are Cognac, who doesn’t love Cognac? 😉


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