12 Best Vans for Wide Feet (Reviewed in 2023)

If you’re looking for Vans that are great for wide feet, you don’t have a lot of options.

The first is to buy a pair of wide-fit Vans. The company makes a few styles of shoes in its wide fit, including the authentic and old-school models (See price online).

Best Vans for Wide Feet

The wide fit isn’t available in all styles, though, so you may want to look at other options if the style you want doesn’t come in wide fit.

Another option is to buy a men’s or boy’s size of your favorite style. Men’s and boy’s sizes tend to be wider than women’s sizes since women’s feet are typically narrower than men’s.

A final option is to wear socks with your Vans – adding an extra layer of material can make them feel roomier.

See my top 12 Vans for Wide Feet

Vans for Wide Feet Features Rating
Vans Era S It has a classy look 4.8/5
Vans Chima Pro The upper of the shoe  is constructed with Vulc Lite technology 4.5/5
Ultra Range SEO It has a ULTRACUSH thin sock liner for relaxation 4/5
Cracked Leather Authentic It has a Molded heel made of DURACAP, SICKSTICK, POPCUSH technology. 3/5
Vans Unisex Classic Slip-On Sneakers The SICKSTICK heated rubber sole is seamed. 4.5/5
Vans Authentic Lo PRO It has a full-length EVA insert for balance. 4/6
Vans Slip-On Pro It is made of DURACAP and UltraCush™ HD technology sock liners 4.5/5
Vans Half cab It has a thick collar for the ankle beam 4/5
Vans ComfyCush Sneaker It has a thin lining 4.3/5
Vans Kyle Walker Pro It has a rubber inserted between the upper and second layers 4.5/5
Vans Sk8-Hi It is wide and super satisfactory for your broad feet 4/5
Vans Checkerboard Slip-On It has a hard Whiffle outsole 4.5/5

Vans Era S

Best Vans for Wide Feet

Era S, previously known as style 95 has been modified to uppers composed of silhouette and canvas.

It was designed for outstanding performances by musicians and skaters because of its flexibility, great feel, and forceful traction.

Its versatile feature gives it a unique styling with jeans and other occasional dresses and sports activities.

This shoe has a low top, reliable heel, uncertain arch support, and standard styling. It is constructed with a flat sole and little cushions for sensitivity and impressive traction.

With a substituted shoelace, you experience an innovative, dashy feeling.


  • Classy looks
  • Fits true to size
  • Extra laces
  • Balance and exciting board feel
  • Strong grip
  • It goes with casual clothing
  • Insole
  • Additional shoelace


  • No arch support

Final Verdict

This footwear is low-top footwear, with an accommodating sole, insole, and midsole. It is sharp, staunch, and safeguards your underfoot. Its ‘not-tight’ feature is just perfect for you.

Vans Chima Pro

Best Vans for Wide Feet

Has a synthetic sheet inserted into the toecaps which makes it durable. Added to the material used to construct the shoe’s upper are DURACAP and Pro Vulc Lite technology, this also balances the structure and increases the strength of the toe box.

It is made up of a silhouette material For a good board feel and balance, Ultra Cush Lite around the heel area gives the shoe additional cushioning for relief.

The sole is made of rubber and a technology called Vans waffle sole. It is thin for flexibility on surfaces, its sticky features grip surfaces easily.

Unlike other models, It is light in weight and has a lining made of suede.


  • Simple and lightweight
  • It has an actual fit
  • Durable
  • Extensive and sturdy toecaps
  • A wide and grippy sole
  • Sturdy grip
  • Ultra Cush insole
  • Appropriate threading
  • Comfortable and stable


  • Sidewalls spill fast

Final Verdict

If you need a quality shoe that shields your feet from tough terrains, then Vans Chima Pro is best for you.

It is built with UltraCush insole to protect your feet from irritability and has a stabilized sole and a reinforced toecap which has a synthetic coating and a wide foot area.

Ultra Range SE

Best Vans for Wide Feet

This shoe was made with new technology materials and innovations such as; Complete support EXO skeleton to protect the feet and ensure that the soles fit perfectly.

They are running sneakers built with low tops with smooth cushions. It is versatile and has a fully inserted thin layer midsole for support

It has a light feel and a well-ventilated, seamless upper made of suede, cloth, and artificial materials.

The molded midsole provides relaxation with a rubber waffle sole for aggressive grip and versatility. It also has an Ultra Cush opening for ventilation, and a midsole for convenience.

It is properly cushioned and comfortable. It is not completely authentic to size but great for its portable arch support and style. You can get yourself more than a pair in numerous colors.


  • Light feel
  • Ventilated upper
  • Super comfy
  • Convenient midsole
  • Waffle softened rubber outsole
  • Toe box mold
  • Skeletal structure
  • Flexible and thin sock liner
  • Fashionable and available in unique colors.


  • Low quality

Final Verdict

Don’t look too far for a suitable sports shoe, Vans UltraRange EXO SE footwears are comfortable and give you the flexibility you need during your training, exercises, and sports workouts.

Cracked Leather Authentic

Best Vans for Wide Feet

This shoe was initially made for skaters and surf riders. It is sturdy and flexible, simple for everyday use

It has a molded heel made of DURACAP, SickStick, and PopCush innovative technology, all of these materials make the shoe structurally stabilized and grippy.

It has a low top made with strong, cracked-looking leather. The lace-up contours close to the ankle region make your feet comfortable and adjustable to fit your broad feet.

The attractive metal eyelet on the silhouette material and strong leather-designed upper of the shoe suits its functionality. This shoe is simple wear that fits almost everyone and comes in several colors and designs.


  • Different color varieties
  • Light in weight
  • Strong hold and adhesion
  • Rubber sole
  • Lace-up ending
  • Flexible
  • Runs wide


  • They are ordinary shoes.

Final Verdict

The full-leather upper and modern vulcanized sole generates strength, balance, and flexibility for your feet. These structures also give the shoe a sturdy and durable quality.

Vans Unisex Classic Slip-On Sneakers

Best Vans for Wide Feet

This shoe is reliable with an upper made of narrow silhouette and mainly suede material. The opening close to the ankle area is near the shoe’s upper and this eases ventilation.

With heels constructed from leather which tights the ankle from sliding, it is lightly cushioned with attached tape to the sides of the shoe, making it more tough and adjustable.

The sole is fragile, made of heated rubber, and is neatly assembled with seams which makes it last and gives the shoe a comfortable feel and steady traction. It has a POPCUSH insole and a wide tongue opening.

The shoe is stable and sturdy, especially the heel region, although after some time of usage, they become weaker and more comfortable.


  • Durable
  • Strong grip
  • Stable heel
  • Rubber sole
  • Reliable for athletic actions
  • Sensible insole
  • Lightly cushioned for flexibility


  • It doesn’t have an actual fit.

Final Verdict

If you need a lasting shoe with impressive traction for athletic activities, Vans Classic slip-on is a satisfactory choice.

It is lightly padded, with a suede-made upper and an ideal sole, stitched round for your workouts.

Vans Authentic Lo PRO  Shoes

Best Vans for Wide Feet

The soles of these shoes are not fully rubber, although their traction, strength, and flexibility during skating and other athletic activities are highly commendable.

They are comfortable skating shoes with a soft silhouette, which is breathable, low tops, and canvas upper which shoes’ sizing and fit are constructed particularly for women.

Its insole gum waffle rubber insole makes your feet balanced and flat. More so, it is light in weight.

The midsole has a full-length EVA insert. It is cushioned with a soft socks lining which fits true to size and has a comfortable feel.


  • Runs wide
  • Balance
  • Vulcanized Rubber insole
  • Fashionable
  • Lace-up profile
  • Attractive metal eyelets
  • Durable
  • Classic pattern
  • Cotton lining
  • Matches virtually every outfit


  • Incomplete protection

Final Verdict

This shoe has a comfortable feel with a balanced and flexible sole for skating. As a result of its stylish looks, it can be worn with anything, for events and sports. This makes it footwear of dual-ability.

Vans Slip-On Pro

Best Vans for Wide Feet

This upgraded Slip-On version looks simple, feels comfortable for casual wear, and enhances performance for athletic activities.

It has a Vulc Lite structure which makes that is flexible with an original thread that strongly holds the upper together.

The DURACAP and UltraCush™ HD technology sock liner and insole are steady, protect your feet, and make the shoe durable. It doesn’t have a close fit, the toe-cap is small, notwithstanding soft.

This canvas is adequately cushioned and sewn around the ankle region to prevent tears and wear. It has a classic structure available for unisex.


  • Strong grip
  • Long-lasting
  • Simple and comfortable
  • Runs wide
  • Protection
  • Rubber raffle sole
  • Socks liners
  • Balanced and comfortable
  • Classic design


  • No lace-up profile

Final Verdict

If you desire a long-lasting shoe for your wide feet, this Pro version of Slip-On is an ideal choice for you. They are balanced and good for tough terrains.

Vans Half cab

Best Vans for Wide Feet

The top of the shoe from toe to the collar is reinforced and furnished to shield and support your feet.

They are most preferred among road walkers, surfers, and skaters for their locked feature and protection while hopping or flipping. It is a vulc shoe little cushion for efficient functionality.

This suede-designed is made for skaters with a soft, thick collar for ankle beam, neatly stitched suede upper, and sturdy cap for protection.

It has toe shapes to enhance flexibility. For surfers, the rubber sole holds up nicely and has a strong grip on the boards during ollie.

The edges are closed up with duct tapes, as a result, of its contemporary looks, it can be worn with casual dresses of different colors.

It is available in the high, low, and mid-top, which is a  significant option for you to select from.


  • Grippy
  • Balanced and comfortable feel
  • Closed and well-padded collar
  • Large toe box
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Removable insole
  • Relatively cheap
  • Different colorways.
  • Not expensive


  • Lightly cushioned

Final Verdict

The high-top pads serve as an ankle brace, with outstanding cushioning that shields the feet from blows and difficult landscapes.

Vans ComfyCush Sneaker

Best Vans for Wide Feet

It has a removable insole that has a light feel with a little cushion with an expensive and striking look. For stable wear, it has a lace-up profile.

The shoe is versatile and can be used for other recreations aside from sports training.

It has a canvas upper, is well-cushioned, and has a thin lining that soaks up moisture and prevents irritation.

It is designed with a rubber sole which is soft and made with foam. The shoe is not heavy and adjustable. It has an attractive look and is super comfortable.


  • Satisfactory for exercises
  • Well softened sole
  • Affordable
  • Light feel
  • Fashionable looks
  • Detachable Insole
  • Versatile
  • Flexible


  • Little arch support

Final Verdict

It has an elegant design and expensive looks which makes the shoe attract pleasant comments and gives you a bold stride.

Vans Kyle Walker Pro

Best Vans for Wide Feet

These shoes are constructed with quality fabrics. The toe compartment is stitched round for durability with the opening of the shoe properly cushioned and padded for protection.

The top is round and the entire shoe, is round, giving you great support. It has an efficient sole that grips strongly.

The CUSH HD technology is used in constructing the insole to absorb shocks and safeguard the feet from the harsh climate.

Its padding and wide opening make it comfortable, with well-placed heels which give the shoe stability aside from the moisture that the foam generates as it lacks a well-designed structure for ventilation.


  • Melted rubber between the upper and second layer and portable sole
  • Soft insole
  • Properly padded and cushioned
  • Stability


  • Heavy

Final Verdict

Vans Kyle Walker Pro has a track record of durability. Aside from the outstanding materials used to construct the shoe, it has strategic stitches to prevent your shoe from tearing.

Vans Sk8-Hi

Best Vans for Wide Feet

This shoe is renowned for its high quality and it is been used by musicians and top sportspersons. The sneaker is wide and super satisfactory for your broad feet.

The upper of the shoe is made of a silhouette with typical threads on the canvas and leather material with a high top that protects your ankles and supports your joints. It is tough and fluffy, but after a while, and gets weak when worn over time.

The sneak has a rubber sole which is comfortable for specialized moves.

It has little cushions adequate for exercises and an HD technology footbed for convenience. Its reliable footbed and melted sole and reinforced toe box give the shoe an aggressive grip.


  • Pleasant for large feet
  • Removable footbed
  • Sturdy
  • High quality
  • Grips forcefully
  • Classic structure


  • Too light cushion

Final Verdict

Vans Sk8-Hi sneaker Is notable for great performance due to its reliable structure and balanced pattern.

Vans Checkerboard Slip-On

Best Vans for Wide Feet

This shoe has a Checkerboard design (1 cm long) from the shoe toe to the part of the heel.

It is relatively cheap with uppers uneasy to clean. The shoe gets dirty hastily as it is constructed with canva upper.

Fastened to the upper and sole of the shoe is a foxing tape that moves around the rim at the closure of the shoe.

At the footbed, there is a thin canvas topping for comfort. Original Checkerboard Slip-On shoes are not so reliable, but the Comfycrush category of this shoe is more comfortable and has a softer outsole with stylish glances.

The upper part of the shoe has a creamy faded-looking color mixed with a darker pigment which is stitched irregularly.

These shoes are untrue in size.


  • Low price
  • Fashionable design
  • Hard Whiffle outsole
  • Protection
  • Insole
  • Lasting and comfortable
  • Interior lining
  • Padded collar


  • Difficult to clean

Final Verdict

Although easy to clean, the adjustable straps and white part of the midsole attracts dirt easily.

Unlike other shoes, you can get your Checkboard Slip-Ons clean with little effort and walk on any occasion with admirable footwear.


Vans is valued for its excellent footwear that widens to fit your feet a number of times.

They are comfortable, attractive, and versatile, made in different colorways and sizes for men, women, and children. Vans shoes are durable.

If you have wide feet and you need a shoe that is perfect for you, Vans are a great option.


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