12 Best Arch Support Shoes for Babies (in 2023)

The American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society says arch support shoes are meaningless for babies because they are undeveloped until the age of eight.

Built-in arch support in shoes may be needed for babies who experience pain from flexible flat feet after running or other physical exertions.

Below are the best arch support shoes for babies should you need one.

Best Arch Support Shoes for Babies

Shoes Unique features
Pediped Flex Jake Sneaker Padded sockliner
Saucony Baby Jazz Hook and Loop Sneaker Triangular lugged outsole
Stride Rite 360 Gogo Sneaker Spacious toebox
Tsukihoshi Storm sneaker Insole infused with green tea extracts
Gubarun Sneakers Can be worn without socks
Bless Children Baby shoes Anti-collision mechanism
Stride Rite Mateo Ortholite memory foam
New Balance Kids 680 V6 Shoes ABZORB midsole mechanism
Adidas Duramo XL Running Shoes Foamy midsole
Nickelodeon Toddler Boys Sneaker Treaded outsoles
Stride Rite Baby Ace Leather Sneaker Machine wash
Nauti Nati Baby Slip-on sneakers EVA outsole material

Pediped Flex Jake Sneaker

This shoe is recommended for babies just getting the hang of walking. They are recommended by pediatricians too as the shoe provides support for the tender baby’s feet.

Since the feet of a baby are nowhere near developing an arch, it is important that the development of their feet is monitored to make sure that they are on track.

These Jake shoes stay on even as the baby waddles about your home, falls, and gets up.

The uppers on the shoes cover the feet completely, and this is important to protect the tender skin.

They are lightweight and flexible. They feature a toe bumper and a hook and loop strap closure for a secure fit. These shoes are endorsed by Harvard Researchers so you can trust them.

Saucony Baby Jazz Hook and Loop Sneaker

Best Arch Support Shoes for Babies

This is a beautiful shoe from Saucony that your baby is sure to love. It comes also with arch support sure to assist in your baby’s feet development.

If you notice your baby feeling discomfort on account of its feet after a session of play, then you know this shoe is a must.

It is a low-top shoe designed this way to protect your baby from falling too far off the ground.

It features a wavy overlay at the quarter panel and a mesh sock liner for protecting your baby’s skin from blisters.

A two-tone midsole helps cushion your baby’s every step, triangular lugs under the outsole provide much-needed traction and flexibility.

Soon your baby can learn to unstrap the hook and loop closure which is also a part of the learning process for him.

The upper on this shoe is suede and nylon. Saucony is one of the most respected names when it comes to shoes in general.

Stride Rite 360 Gogo Sneaker

Best Arch Support Shoes for Babies

The quintessential baby shoe, Stride Rite comes with this shoe that’s going to make your baby enjoy every step they take. Are you looking for arch support?

Here it is, with comfortable memory foam footbeds for good measure.

It’s also got the perfect amount of traction to keep your baby in a fun mood all day.

It’s got linings to prevent odors, it is designed so you can machine wash it.

The sock liner is oversize to allow for easy on and off.

And of course, the closure is hook and loop. And if your baby has wide feet you can remove the insole to allow for a more comfortable fit.

No wonder the shoe is called gogo. It is one of the best shoes for babies on the market. They are lightweight and your baby will love to keep them on for longer.

The inbuilt support gives a snugger fit as your baby grows out of it, and just before you have to change it.

It’s also got a spacious toe box so your baby can wiggle his little toes. For babies learning how to walk, they’ll feel comfortable in this shoe because the sole is flexible, not too soft, and not too hard.

Tsukihoshi Storm

Best Arch Support Shoes for Babies

This shoe is all about arch support. The Tsukihoshi company believes what most of us only guess is that whether you like it or not, babies should wear shoes with arch support.

And why not? Perhaps the theory is, as the baby’s feet mature and form their own arch support, there ought to be a mold for it to form to.

Makes a lot of sense to me. Away from that, this shoe is very practical in the things it offers.

For one thing, this shoe provides barefoot comfort that allows your baby’s feet to splay for better balance. Better balance leads to great foot health. (See what I mean?)

Its ultra-lightweight sole is unlike some shoes and provides amazing control for walking. Its shock-absorbing, slip-resistant, non-marking EVA/TPR outsole provides a lightweight grip.

The insoles are removable in case you really need to. The shoe is designed with child-specific patterns that are going to make it a favorite for many parents.

The insole is also infused with green tea extract instead of chemicals.

Gubarun Sneakers

Best Arch Support Shoes for Babies

Some breathable shoes with proper arch support for babies. This sneaker is all mesh, curved at the toe to keep babies from tripping over when they walk. Your baby can enjoy sufficient ventilation all the time as they play.

For safety, you have non-slip, slip-resistant soles. Babies should not be carrying extra weight around so the shoe is lightweight.

It is an entirely easy-on design, simplistic yet stylish. They can be worn with or without socks, they dry quickly if they get wet which is a great advantage considering the unpredictable nature of babies learning to walk.

They are very easy to get on and off because of the wide sock line and the hook closure.

Size up for your kid when getting one of these because they usually come big. Some customers suggest buying the size that way considering how fast babies grow.

It is ideal for home, school, and playground activities.

Bless Children Baby shoes

Best Arch Support Shoes for Babies

Yes, bless your baby with these shoes. Your baby is probably learning to walk, he’ll need shoes that come with reinforced toes, and an anti-collision mechanism.

These shoes are slip-resistant and wear-resistant. These features envisage your baby’s running and walking around the house.

The lace and velcro closure allows easy on and off, even by your baby’s small hands. The uppers are made of breathable mesh material that allows for ventilation. It also allows comfort for the feet.

And most importantly, the shoes offer arch support which is great for the forming little feet of babies.

It is stylish and extremely budget-friendly.

Stride Rite Mateo Sneaker

Best Arch Support Shoes for Babies

This Mateo was designed for a stumble-free play. It features easy, rounded edges that allow the unhampered flow of walking around the home, even around obstacles on the floor.

The ortholite memory foam provides comfort to protect the tender feet of babies.

The wide sock line allows easy putting on and off. The closure is a strap, your baby is able to quickly learn how to groom himself with time.

They are made with durable materials that make it possible to pass them on if you’d like to. The sock line is wide and open wide so that your baby can dip his feet easily. You should order a wide width if your baby has chunky feet.

And if turns out that what you ordered is big, then have your baby wear them with thick socks.

Some babies do find wearing shoes a drag and would quickly pull them off in the process of play.

But with this Stride Rite Mateo, your baby is bound to fall in love with shoes. Your baby will find them too comfortable to want them off.

The shoes are flexible with slip-resistant soles so you are sure your baby is safe even on a relatively wet floor.

This allows the baby to enjoy balance when they walk as well. The shoe further protects the feet with microbial, recycled twill linings which reduces odor.

New Balance Kids 680 V6 shoes

Best Arch Support Shoes for Babies

From New Balance comes to these running shoes that feature some arch support. Of course, your baby won’t be running the trail or anything like that. But his trail is on the home, around the living room, along the hallways.

As he runs, he develops more arch in his feet, and his feet get stronger. He needs a good shoe to help this development along. This shoe features minimal leather and mesh upper, it offers flexible support and easy comfort.

The stitch-down tip allows for flexibility and durable use. As your baby drops his leg in every step, the ABZORB midsole mechanism absorbs all the shock that’s supposed to hurt the little feet.

The cushioning and compression resistance helps protect the baby’s feet even in a fall.

The strong rubber outsole provides stability and durability for prolonged wear and tear.

These New Balance shoes are available in different colors from neutral to bolder hues. Your kid is sure to fall in love with the streamlined silhouette, and the shoe is sure to provide the needed arch support with prolonged use.

Adidas Duramo XL Running Shoes

Best Arch Support Shoes for Babies

This is another running shoe I added to this list because it features arch support for baby feet.

Adidas is a world-renowned footwear company. If anyone would understand the importance of arch support, it would be Adidas. And they seem to believe, contrary to what science says, that babies need arch support shoes.

So they made these running shoes for your baby. These shoes feature breathable uppers, soft foamy midsoles, and heel support.

In the middle of the shoe is arch support for the baby’s feet. It offers two sets of closure, a lace-up, and a strap.

The lace-up closure can be left as a custom, one-size closure while the strap can be used anytime your baby is putting the shoe on or off.

The shoe features the Adidas logo on the tip of the outsole. The rubber outsole is designed to offer grip upon contact as your baby learns to walk, then run.

This shoe is designed for both infants and toddlers.

Nickelodeon Toddler Boys Sneaker

Best Arch Support Shoes for Babies

Kids have their favorite characters printed on their shoes in these Nickelodeon Toddler shoes.

Your baby gets to meet characters that have entertained kids all over the world for decades and have them on their feet all day.

These shoes use lightweight materials in construction to provide comfort for your kid.

This shoe features an easy hook and loop closure. This means your baby doesn’t have to struggle to wear his shoes. All he needs to do is quickly learn how to loop the strap over and tighten it to his own taste.

Kids somehow have a fetish for wet surfaces, and puddles and are attracted to muddy terrains. With this shoe, you can rest assured that your baby is safe.

The shoe features a treaded sole for non-slip and extra traction. With this shoe, he can walk and run without causing you anxiety.

Your baby will love to see his favorite characters like Nickelodeon’s Shark families; baby shark, mommy shark, and daddy shark, all printed on the side of the shoe.

The shoe is also lightweight with high-quality construction intended for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Delight your baby with this Nickelodeon shoe on his birthday.

Stride Rite Baby Ace Leather Sneaker

Best Arch Support Shoes for Babies

These athletic sneakers are lightweight and constructed with the intent of making the walking stage of your baby a leisurely one.

Your baby can enjoy mimicking his favorite sportspeople in this sneaker when he plays in the yard.

It features a suede and mesh upper, and a rubber outsole for traction on smooth or wet floors, protecting your kid from sustaining injuries from the inevitable falls that would happen.

The footbed is constructed with memory foam for the baby’s tender feet for enhanced comfort. The lining is further designed with microbial lining to protect your kids budding immune system from odor and germs.

They are easy to clean: either clean them with damp clothing or stick them in your washing machine for a good wash using mild detergent.

You can rely on this shoe for every season and developmental stage of your child. The shoes offer a versatile look that your baby can walk with, and dress with at any time of day. Your baby can run, climb, and jump in these kicks.

These shoes are thoughtfully made. Parents who love their babies and are keen on seeing them progress from infants to strong kids need to buy one of these.

Nauti Nati Baby Slip-on

Best Arch Support Shoes for Babies

Sometimes a baby can be taught early on in their development about getting ready fast. This is why you need a slip-on for your baby.

This one is from Nauti Nati and it is designed for babies who are learning to walk and move on in life. Babies can be very active people and are expected to travel around the home a lot, hence the mesh uppers in this shoe.

The mesh uppers help to ventilate your baby’s feet while he plays. It also allows for durability and a softness that a baby’s skin needs.

Babies need as much comfort as they can get when they are just starting out as toddlers, so this shoe is designed to provide this.

It features a smooth lining and a padded midsole for cushioning. Your baby can run all day in these shoes and not feel any chafing, nor does he suffer any blisters.

There’s a pull tab on the back of the heel of the shoe that makes it easy to put the shoe on. Once your baby gets the hang of it, you no longer have to worry about him.

The elastic band across the length of the midfoot also allows for a secure fit around the feet.

The outsole is made of EVA material providing a comfortable feeling, especially if your baby is a first-time walker.

Upon first glance, you’ll notice the unique design on this shoe; the fashionable appearance, and the mix of colors you can choose from. You can purchase them in as many colors as you want.

Note that the shoes I’ve shown here have one thing in common: none of them is a sandal.

It is important to limit the use of sandals by babies who are only just learning to walk. Learners are excitable and easily attracted to bright, colorful things.

For example, your baby can be curious about a fire burning at the stove and want to touch it. Shoes that cover the feet protect them from hot spills in the kitchen and from harmful twigs and sharp-edged obstacles outdoors.


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