Yeezy 350 Tight on Toes: What Do I Need to Do?

Why are Yeezy 350s too tight on my toes? This is the question that is on the lips of many customers of this shoe brand today. When you first buy your Yeezy 350s, you might find out that these shoes are a bit too tight on your toes, at first, making them to be uncomfortable for you.

There are several reasons for tight-toed Yeezy 350s, but you don’t need to be too worried about all of those issues because they can be easily solved when you follow the steps that we have outlined here for you in this article.

Take the following steps if you find out that your Yeezy 350s are too tight on your toes

Yeezy 350 Tight on Toes

  • Re-Check Your Shoe Measurements and Size Up Properly
  • Break The Shoes In With Constant Use Over Time
  • Wear Thick Socks
  • Freeze The Shoes To Make Them Less Stiff
  • Heat Your Yeezy 350s With A Blow-dryer

Re-Check Your Shoe Measurements and Size Up Properly

When you find out that your Yeezy 350s are too tight on your toes, it means that they don’t fit you properly. At this point, you need to go back to the drawing board and recheck your shoe measurements so that you are sure of what Yeezys fit you.

You might have gotten the sizing wrong somewhere, but it can all be corrected once you know the right way to base your sizing and measurements as you purchase Yeezy shoes.

Whenever you want to buy Yeezy 350s, it is important for you to go up at least a half size because these shoes are known to be very snug and cozy on the feet. When you go up in size, you will find that your shoes will be infinitely more comfortable for you.

Your shoes should be comfortable shoes that let you to add on extra enhancements and accessories (like insoles and liners) if you wish to make the shoes even more comfortable.

Always purchase Yeezys 350 a half size up over your regular shoe size – this is to ensure that they fit you in a very proper and comfortable way.

Break The Shoes In With Constant Use Over Time

The first time you wear your new Yeezy 350s, they might feel a bit weird and uncomfortable on your feet as you begin.

If you are confident that you have gotten all the sizing requirements correctly, all you need to do is to wear your new shoes often in order to break them in.

If you don’t break in your Yeezy 350s properly, they will not be able to adequately mold around your feet and give you that extra cushioning that you need to walk around comfortably and smoothly.

When you break in your shoes by wearing them as often as possible, it prevents most of the blisters and sores that might come on your feet in the future.

Apart from wearing them often, you can also break your Yeezy 350s in by stuffing some socks and newspapers in them overnight.

Wear thick socks

Another simple way you can make your Yeezy 350s fit your feet better is to wear comfortable, thick socks that will serve as comfortable cushions for your feet anytime you wear your shoes.

When you wear really good socks of premium quality, you can easily slide your feet in and out of the Yeezy 350s without all the pain and strain that would occur when you don’t wear socks.

Purchase thick socks that are either made from cotton or woolen materials so that you can wear your Yeezy 350s in comfort and ease.

Get these really comfortable socks to wear with your Yeezy 350s right now:

Freeze the shoes to make them less stiff

Once you freeze your Yeezy 350s for a short amount of time, you can really get them to become more stretched and less stiff on your feet, especially the toe area. The “frozen” shoes often will fit you better after this exercise is done.

All you need to do to make this work is to fill up two sandwich bags with water and put them in the shoes (don’t let the water leak).

Once the shoes are put in the freezer, they will expand as the water in the sandwich bags freeze up and expand overnight.

Once you dry up your Yeezy 350s, they won’t be as stiff and rigid on your toes as they used to be.

Heat your Yeezy 350s with a blow dryer

This solution for the tight toe area is one way that many people have tried successfully over the years. After you heat up Yeezy 350s with a good blow-dryer, you will find out that these shoes mold to your feet better and more efficiently.

Just place the heat level of your hairdryer on medium and use it to heat the shoes till they become warm and soft to your touch. Focus on the toe area and any other problem areas of the shoes as you perform this heating process.

Your shoes won’t cause you any discomfort again once you have taken this step the right way.

Why are Yeezys usually tight on soles? 

Your Yeezys are tight on the soles because they are made from a specially-engineered AdiPRENE sole material that makes Yeezy shoes extra-comfortable and very breathable.

These soles are not too tight on your feet, but they definitely do give you that boost that you need for more gallant steps.

The Yeezy 350s have soles that may need to be broken in for a week or two after you have bought these shoes. They are shoes that are made to be very snug and comfy, so you may not be really used to how firmly they hold on to your feet for more support.

If you find out that your Yeezy shoe soles are still so tight on your feet after you have worn them around for a week, you may be dealing with shoes that don’t fit you properly.

Please go and check your measurements again with the store in order to know where the problem lies.

With the right kind of measurements, and with sufficient breaking-in of the shoes, your Yeezy 350s (and your other snug Yeezy shoes as well) should fit you perfectly around the sole area.

Yeezy shoes are built for comfort and style so you shouldn’t have much trouble with making them fit you properly.

Do Yeezy 350 loosen up?

Customers are generally really concerned about the snugness and firmness of the Yeezy 350s that are being sold today.

Do these Yeezys 350 loosen up? The answer to the question above is Yes, Yeezy 350s do loosen up after you have worn them around for a while.

Patience and continuous use of these high-fashion sneakers are what you need to adequately make your shoes fit you better.

After you break them in, Yeezy 350s will definitely loosen up around your feet in a way that makes them to be very comfy and flexible as you wear them every day.

There is no need for you to panic if you find Yeezy 350s a bit too tight for you when you first buy them, they will definitely become looser for you to comfortably wear in the future.

Get your Yeezy 350s in the right size (remember to size up), and break the shoes in for the appropriate number of days after you have bought them from the store.

When the right measurements are gotten, and once you apply some of the principles that we have outlined for you here, you should have your Yeezy 350s in the best fit for you.

Many customers report that their Yeezy 350s are now more comfortable and cozy-fitting for them after they have worn them for some time.

Why do Yeezys hurt my toes?

Yeezy shoes hurt your toes a bit because they are actually made to be firm and snug around your feet.

The toe-box area of Yeezy 350s are very firm and a bit rigid when you first buy them. This is to ensure the ultimate kind of feet support for you at all times.

Apart from the basic design and size modeling of Yeezy shoes, you might find out that these shoes hurt your toe area simply because you have not gotten the measurements of your shoes in the way that you should.

Keep this fact in your mind, whenever you are buying cozy and snug Yeezy shoes, you should always go up half a size in order to really get the comfort and value that you really desire for your money.

Yeezys won’t really hurt your toes or give you much trouble with its comfort levels, once you truly endeavor to buy them in a size that is the right and appropriate for you. Going up half a size (or a full size) is one of the best ways to ensure that you get your measurements right.

Also, you need to properly break in your new Yeezy shoes for at least a week after you buy them. This is to make them comfier and relaxing for you to wear about all the time.

Why do Yeezy 350 hurt my heels?

This all balls to the issue of sizing and measurements once again. Yeezy 350 will hurt your heel if the shoe is tighter on your feet.

First of all, if you find out that the heel areas of your pair of Yeezy 350s are hurting you, you need to check your sizing again.

The heel area is one of the problem areas of most shoes that are sold today; therefore, if you have a problem here, it is normal.

Not only is this heel issue normal with new shoes, but it is also very fixable once you get down to it.

It is very likely that you have gotten your measurements wrong when you got your pair of Yeezy 350s, so you need to revisit that for proper clarification.

Improper measurement is the leading cause of tight and uncomfortable heel areas in the Yeezy 350s of shoe-wearers worldwide.

We have already outlined the right ways to measure your Yeezy shoes for the right fit; you will have little to no issues once you follow our guidelines.

However, if you got your sizing and measurements right, all you need to do is have a little patience while you break in your Yeezy 350s by wearing them often and stuffing the heel area with old clothes, newspapers, etc.

Once you size your pair of Yeezy 350s correctly (and you break them in appropriately, for at least a week), you should have no problems with the heel area of the shoes hurting your heels and being uncomfortable for you to wear.

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Yeezy 350s are often too tight on your feet because you may have gotten them in a size that is not suitable for you at all.

Once you get the proper measurements for all your shoes, you shouldn’t be having problems with this case.

When Yeezys are tight on your toes, heels, or the soles of your feet, you need to reconfigure your size alignments and get these snug shoes in the proper size for your feet.

Yeezys are made to be firm and snug on your feet as you wear them so you need to size them properly.

Once you get the right pair of properly-fitting Yeezy shoes, all you need to do is to break them in and wait a while for these greatly fashionable shoes to loosen up and fit you much better.

Yeezy 350s loosen up and become more comfortable for you once you have worn them around for a reasonable amount of time.

These are the best Yeezy 350s for you to purchase today:

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