Can Yeezys Get Creased?

Yes. Many shoes get creased, Yeezys inclusive. But Yeezy does not generally crease.

Worthy to note also is the fact that even among shoes that creases, they have different creasing rapidity. The difference between the extent to which shoe crease depends on two factors.

The first is the amount of void (space) left when you put on the shoe. The second is the type of materials with which the shoes are made. Hence some shoes crease easier than others.

The only exceptions to this are shoes whose upper are designed with highly elastic polymeric materials and certain special feet protective military and industrial workers’ footwear with metal linings in-between their fabrics.

Those footwear are not prone to crease because of the rigidity of their metal linings. They largely cover the toe areas and the vamp, and at the heel counter, it runs down to where it meets with the sole.

Creasing only happens when the toe area is subject to bend. With metal linings in the toe area, bending is not possible.

Do Yeezy 700 crease?

Can Yeezys Get Creased

Yes, Yeezy 700 can get creased too. But relative to other shoes, it doesn’t quite get creased easily.

The Yeezy 700 came into the limelight in 2017 when Kanye West introduced it. The sole is chunky and the upper is running-inspired.

Most running-inspired shoes have special attention paid to their uppers because they are “running-inspired” as the name is self-explanatory to their purpose of use; running.

During running, which is done on the toes, where “under toe” slants up such that the shoe’s upper is sure to squeeze, this should cause the shoe to crease by the constant squeeze of that material.

As such, special materials are used in the upper; a combination of different materials, plus padded tongues, such as seen in the Yeezy 700 which makes it relatively less prone to creasing.

Do Yeezy 700 V3 crease?

Can Yeezys Get Creased

No. Yeezy 700 V3 does not crease.

The main part of a shoe where creasing effects and is visible is the upper part.

Well, the upper of Yeezy 700 is made with fabric and polymeric materials that are big on flexibility such that they exactly return to their original shape even after having been subjected to different twists and bends.

The Yeezy 700 v3 released in April 2020 is designed to withstand creasing as there are visible polymeric materials used as “vein” designs guarding the sides of the shoe’s tongue; a place where creasing also sits on shoes, the design extends down to the outsole and near the vamp.

Polymeric materials like polyurethane as used in the Yeezy v3 700 gives it an edge over creasing.

Do Yeezy 350 crease?

Can Yeezys Get Creased

No. Yeezy 350 does not crease. Its upper, like that of Yeezy 700, is a perfect blend of fabric and polymeric materials.

The Yeezy 350 is even largely made of fabric. Looking at the shoe itself tells a lot about the impossibility of its creasing.

Besides, even if a fabric can at least crease (which is impossible by virtue of the facts of material science) a fabric’s weave will be the core determining factor of its tendency to crease.

And it is a general rule that the weight of fabric has direct proportionality to the complexity of the weave’s construction which will, in turn, increase the fabric’s wrinkle or creasing resistance.

All of these, we have seen in the Yeezy 350; this makes the inability of Yeezy 350 to crease more than apparent.

Note: The main reason why Yeezy 700 v3 and Yeezy 350 do not crease is that creasing majorly happens on shoes with leather toes, and the aforementioned shoes do not fall in this category.

Do Yeezy slides crease?

No, Yeezy slides do not crease. Except when subjected to extremely harsh conditions.

In fact, creasing is one of the pointers to spotting fake “Yeezy” slides that seek to imitate the patterns of original Yeezy slides.

They are nothing short of knockoffs. Understand that the Yeezy slides are made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), and EVA is a blend modifier at contents.

It can drastically reduce crease possibility and wrinkles of any sort. The designers definitely had shoes’ deformities in mind, like creasing, when they designed this product to have used such a material.

For a fact, EVA isn’t just termed “EVA” in the world of footwear, but “crease-resisting ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer foam shoe material.”

The importance of the EVA material is the footwear world is not one that can be undermined or easily neglected. It offers a variety of packaging structures and footwear at large.

Footwear designers know that EVA is the ideal choice for puncture resistance, crease resistance, and flexibility.

When you make that smart choice for EVA in shoes’ production, the benefits are:

  • Excellent resistance to flex crack
  • Low shrink temperature
  • Improved puncture resistance
  • Great impact strength
  • Excellent caulking and flow in the seal area

With all of these qualities, Yeezy slides are definitely not going to crease easily. But in rare cases where your Yeezy slides crease, below is how to remove crease from Yeezy slides.

How to get the crease out of Yeezy slides

You can get the crease out of the Yeezy slides by the use of:

  • Hand dryer
  • Pressing iron

1. Hand dryer

First, you will have your story bottle filled with water and then spray on the areas of the shoes where the crease is seen.

Ensure that you spray it just on the surface of the shoes. Do not spray excess to an extent where the shoe gets saturated.

Massage the water into the crease using your fingers.

Hold the dryer 4-5 meters away from the shoe while facing it directly to the areas where it creases.

Rotate and keep on until the shoe is restored back to its desired shape.

2. Pressing iron

Here you need not just a hand dryer but a satin cloth as well. You will let the cloth on the crease after having saturated it with water.

Run the iron over the cloth on the creased areas of the shoe.

Ensure that the cloth is constantly moving. When the cloth dries, spiritize it with water.  In-between the process, do well to lift the fabric so that you can be monitoring your progress until the crease is removed to your taste.

Note: what happens when you use any of the suggested ways is, when heat is applied to most polymeric materials, it weakens their bonds, and if continued, it’d get to an extent where they’d flow.

But here, we’re not interested in having it flow (melt). So you’d apply heat to the right degree to weaken the bonds, then it solidifies and gains an extent of rigidity upon the removal of heat. It is this simple.

Do Yeezy 500 crease?

Can Yeezys Get Creased

Yes. But not quite as easily as shoes solely made with leather material.

The Yeezy 500 is a hybrid shoe designed with nubuck, genuine suede, a pigment of full-grain leather, and mesh. The high-quality nubuck material gives it a smooth, uniform, and very velvety surface.

Technically, Yeezy 500 creases when put under high pressured conditions. Even at that, its creasing is almost always insignificant because the nubuck material, suede pigment, and mesh play significant roles in making sure that the shoe returns to its original state after having been subjected to pressure. Especially the mesh.

A mesh is obtained from the oil refining process where polyamide monomers get extracted from the oil, furthermore, the monomers are made to undergo reactions with acids to become polymers. The polymers solidify after the reaction.

Then they are melted and made to pass through spinnerets to form strands of polymers. Once the strands become cool, they’re taken to the fabric industries where they get converted to mesh fabric.

Knowing that mesh fabric is first, a polymeric material with high crease resistance and is used in the Yeezy 500 should tell you how difficult it is for Yeezy 500 to get creased.

Do Yeezy foam runners crease?

Yes, Yeezy foam runners crease. But the creasing that happens on Yeezy foam runners is more of a minor squeeze than an actual crease.

The crease is only visible on the heels, and that is where it ends. The toe area, being the part of a shoe where if creased will bring about raising an eyebrow, doesn’t get affected by creasing on the Yeezy foam runners.

The shoe is made as a single component even. The foam material used for its production is not one that easily gets compressed or the type that hardly gets back to its factory shape when twisted or bent.

The Yeezy foam runners are comfortable shoes. They are made with Algae and ethylene-vinyl acetate that compresses lightly under the foot when you walk in the shoes.

They make you feel as though you’re walking on foam. And the properties of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, as mentioned in the explanations of the shoes above should tell you how much resistance the Yeezy foam runners have to crease.

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