Yeezy vs Ultra Boost: Are Yeezys More Comfortable Than Ultraboost

Making comfortable footwear is what German sportswear company Adidas is widely known for and its ultra boost and Yeezy shoe collections are no exceptions at all.

The Yeezys are made with the “Ye” style which represents  Adidas’ collaboration with Hip Hop superstar Kanye West, currently known as Ye.

This shoe collection was launched in 2015 and has shoe editions in its collection like Yeezys 380, 350 V1, and V2.

Meanwhile,  the Adidas Ultraboost shoe collection was also launched in 2015 and has amazing footwear in its collection like ultra boost  20, 21, 22, 4.0, 1.0 amongst others.

Although both the Yeezys and the Ultraboost possess great features, the major difference is that the Ultraboost shoe line stands out in terms of comfort offered to the feet when worn.

Why Is the Ultraboost More Comfortable?

Are Yeezys More Comfortable Than Ultra Boost

It may come as a shock to many that the Ultraboost is a more comfortable shoe line than the Yeezy, considering the price tag placed on each shoe in its collection and the hype that backs it up but it isn’t.

Softness and Weight

The Ultraboost shoe collection has a lighter structure which offers a softer feeling to the feet when worn.


The Ultraboost is made with a far more snug and rugged dense structure which ensures its long-lasting use.

Outer Structure

They are built with a beautiful outlook and a firm structure which ensures a greater grip on the feet as compared to the Yeezys.

There is also an added advantage of BOOST material on the Ultraboost shoe collection which ensures that you feel warmth in every step you take when you have them on.


The Ultraboost’s more elegant primeknit upper design ensures the firm hug of the footwear on your feet and furthermore offers great flexibility and support when worn.

Stretchy Sole for comfort

Furthermore, the maximum freedom offered by the Ultraboosts stretchy and elastic sole gives your feet a great feeling of comfort and also bounces you back up on each footfall.

The stretch-web outsole is more durable so you don’t need to worry about them pulling off or wearing out anytime soon.

Superior Heel Design

One of the stand-out features that make the Ultraboost more comfortable than the Yeezys is its heel design which offers support up to the Achilles level and its ability to exceptionally retain energy.

Better Boost Midsole Quality

Even though the midsoles of the ultra boost and Yeezys are built with the same BOOST material, its impact can be felt more by your feet when you have the Ultraboost on due to its soft outsole meanwhile the Yeezys’ hard outsole build-up prevents your feet from experiencing the full boost quality.

Ultra boost has more balance and stability

Although the Yeezy shoe line is more bouncy and its wider build-up are considered a better alternative than the narrow design of the ultra boost Shoe collection, the ultra boost shoe series offers a better and greater balance and stability making it a more comfy shoe.

Inner Build Up

One of the major factors that makes it more comfortable than the Yeezy shoe series is its inner buildup which contains a lace cage design that gives the feet enough space for relaxation.

Although it is breathable than the Yeezy due to the absence of perforations which allows air into the feet, the ultra boost is built with a softer lining and a great cushioning coupled with firm padding which ensures its maximum performance during running or any other exercises.

However, despite the Ultraboost being the comfiest shoe among the two, the great feeling offered by the Yeezys when worn cannot be overlooked.

It is built with a very thick outer body and a great underlay in its toe area which prevents pain and sores on your toes. It also has a soft insole which offers a great feeling to your feet.

Its shoe collection is more structured than the ultra boost, and it is properly knitted with tough and rugged materials which makes it both stable and durable.

Its build-up makes it more bouncy than the Ultraboost and its upper is designed with a great style that also effectively supports the feet.

It has tiny holes which make it breathable and a wider bottom which gives great relaxation to the feet and makes it perfect for people with wider feet.

However, its lack of lace cage design, its heavier structure, and less stretchable design make it fall behind The Ultraboost shoe collection in terms of comfort.

Interestingly, before the Ultraboost shoe line was created in 2015. The Adidas company did research using the Aramis system which is popularly used by NASA to carry out research on the problem faced by runners and its customers when putting on a shoe.

They tried to resolve those problems in this shoe line by using new top-notch technology to manufacture the series.

Differences between Ultraboost and Yeezy series

Are Yeezys More Comfortable Than Ultra Boost
The Yeezy 350

And Although both of the shoe collections were launched in the same year, the purpose was at which they were created varies hence each was built with different features to suit its specific purpose.

The Yeezys are built with a wide bottom which gives an enhanced relaxation to the feet and makes it great footwear for people with widened feet while the ultra boost is built with a more narrow design.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean the ultra boost is bad for people with wide feet. They are made in various sizes which can commodate any kind of feet.

However, when it comes to sizing a shoe from any of these collections, you must note that the Yeezys go up half the size while the ultra boost goes down half the size.

  • Yeezys are built for fashion and lifestyle while Ultraboost are athletic shoes
  • The Ultraboosts are also made with a denser structure while the Yeezys are built with a thicker structure
  • Yeezys are more expensive
  • Ultraboost has superior shock absorption to the Yeezys
  • Different primeknit materials
  • Yeezys are narrower in width than Ultra Boost
  • Ultraboost is true to size

The Yeezys are built for lifestyle hence its stylish and weird designs

Some of its shoe models are even designed to emit light in dark places.  Meanwhile, the ultra boost is built for performance hence it has a sporty look and a less-stylish design.

It appears more decent and presentable and can also be worn for casual and unofficial events.

The Ultraboosts are also made with a denser structure while the Yeezys are built with a thicker structure

However, the Yeezys features holes, perforations, or spaces that make them very breathable, unlike the Ultraboost which attains its breathability with little or no perforations or holes on them.

A percentage of BOOST material is added to the Ultraboost which makes it superior to the Yeezys in shock response-ability and this makes its midsoles a lot more durable.

The Ultraboost’s large lace cage design and stretchable design are absent in the Yeezys while the Yeezys’ large underlay located around its toe area is also absent in the Ultraboost shoe series.

Yeezys are more expensive

If you must own Yeezys footwear then you must be able to break the bank as each of its model cost a fortune.

To acquire this masterpiece costs between $200 to $3,000 while the Ultraboost shoe collection is more affordable and can be purchased even if you are spending on a budget cause it costs between $160 to $300.

Nevertheless, the lesser price tag placed on the Ultraboost doesn’t mean it offers less freedom to your feet or it provides lesser comfort to your feet, or is less durable.

This can be further proven in its upper which is built with an elegant sock-like primeknit design that hugs your feet firmly, enhances flexibility, and offers great support to it.

The upper of the Yeezys shoe series are made from various materials which include roller knit, re-engineered primeknit, fabrics, suede overlays which are coupled with rugged and premium leather, mono-filament engineered mesh, algae, and polyester. The Yeezys are made from RPU and reflective nubuck.

Furthermore, The soles of the Ultraboost shoe series are built with a special thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which remains hard when the weather is hot and flexible.

Different prime knit materials

In terms of the prime knit materials used in both the Yeezy and the Ultra Boost, the Ultra Boost has a stretchier top than the Yeezy making it a more comfortable fit for the wearer.

The Yeezy boost 350 v2 is made with an upper constructed prime knit in three different colors for some and synthetic yarns.

The sole is designed to be durable, responsive, and shock-resistant while the Ultra Boost is made up of a unique thermoplastic polyurethane [TPU] that is used to build the individual pods that construct the sole.

They not only provide a superior energy return but also keep the same state no matter how much the temperature changes which means they won’t go soft in the heat the way EVA does or tends to.

Yeezys are narrower in width than Ultra Boost

There is a huge difference in the width of both shoes, while the Yeezys have a narrower width than the Ultra Boost.

It is advisable to purchase a size up if you want to get the Yeezys for those with flat feet so it does not become uncomfortable when you force your feet into it but the Ultra Boost adjusts to feet size.

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Similarities between Ultraboost and Yeezys

Are Yeezys More Comfortable Than Ultra Boost
The Adidas Ultraboost

The most notable similarity between both series is the traditional and trademarked Adidas BOOST midsole design.

This midsole technology was developed in 2013 from a collaboration between the Adidas Innovation Team (AIT) and German heavyweight chemical company, BASF which is regarded as the largest chemical producer on planet earth.

Each midsole designed with the BOOST technology contains 3,000 thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) energy balls which offers incredible energy return.

And despite their uppers being made from different premium materials, they are both supportive to feet and offer great comfort and stability.

When you acquire a shoe from any of these collections, be rest assured that you are going to be seeing them for a long time because they are highly durable.

They are built with a similar-looking backheel which ensures easy slip-on/off and a similar-looking sock line.

They are both very secure and well-cushioned with great workmanship.

Their insoles are very soft and they make it possible for you to wear any of these shoes for long hours without feeling pains on your feet.

Its breathable design also ensures that your feet aren’t sweaty after walking or running to a long distance.

They are both made with classic and stylish designs to suit different activities and events hence their versatility.

They are both firmly padded and built with solid and rugged soles made from tough materials which ensure they last for a long time despite the surfaces they step on.

In what situation should you wear the Yeezys

Yeezys are fashionable pairs that are specially designed for lifestyle. If you need a shoe for walking long distances, for attending parties or casual events then the Yeezys shoe collection is the perfect choice for that, considering its stylish and classic looks.

Its bouncy build-up and breathable design ensure that you have no obstruction while dancing to the music or worry about your feet getting sweaty after having them on for a long time.

The lifestyle-friendly features they possess come as no shock at all considering the fact that they are made by Adidas and Hip Hop Star Ye (formally Kanye West) who is widely known for his unique and weird fashion looks.

In what situation should you wear Ultraboost

Meanwhile, the Ultra boost’s great balance, dense structure coupled with its stretchable design are specifically made for sports.

If you need lightweight and stable footwear for exercising or carrying out sporting activities like running then you should go for the Ultraboost hence it contains all the features you need.

It is perfectly cushioned for great performance and it grips the feet firmly allowing you to go a long distance without losing spring in the process.

It also offers great support and maximum freedom for the flexibility of your feet.

Nevertheless, it can also be worn for casual activities and unofficial events.

How to style your Yeezys

Yeezys are designed by Kanye West in collaboration with Adidas and they come in various styles such as low-top, high-top, and boot styles.

Yeezys can be worn with casual and nighttime looks. Kanye West often rocks his with tapered jeans and graphic t-shirts.

If you want successfully rock a Yeezy, first off select a pair of black socks for a modern and stylish look, you can choose from different varieties of socks.

Rolling up your jeans can show off your Yeezy shoes, you can also wear it with joggers, leggings for that relaxed and casual, classy look

How to style your Ultra Boost

Ultra boost like I stated earlier was mainly made for runners but it can also be used to rock various clothes such as your jeans, joggers.

Just like your Yeezy, you can also rock your Ultra Boost with a pair of socks of any variety and you should pull up your pant legs also to show off your shoes although this is not necessary.

Wearing a face cap and polo on your Ultra Boost tends to give that casual feel. You can also rock your shoes with some accessories to pull off that classic look you want.

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