Are Yeezys More Comfortable Without Insoles?

Yeezys are more comfortable with or without insoles.  If your Yeezys runs a little tight and uncomfortable, you can remove your insole to allow for additional space for your toes and feet to fit in properly.

Yeezys can be worn without insoles. Yeezys runs a little tight at times and this happens mostly at the toe cap region.

Removing the insoles would make it a little loose and comfortable to wear. All Yeezys have removable insoles which makes them very easy to remove.

When I bought my Yeezy 350(SEE HERE ON AMAZON), I felt very uncomfortable whenever.

Eventually, I decided to remove the insoles (which came out quite easier than I expected – it almost looks as if the Adidas brand made the insoles removable on purpose) and try it on.

Are Yeezys More Comfortable Without Insoles
My Yeezy 350

It was more comfortable than wearing with insoles.

How to make Yeezys more comfortable?

Yeezys is a good shoe that provides amazing comfort and is durable enough to last for the long haul. However, there are a few issues I have had constantly with my Yeezy 500 which made me uncomfortable for a little while before I got a solution.

Are Yeezys More Comfortable Without Insoles

It ran too tight at the toe region which makes it impossible for me to walk for a long period of time. Furthermore, the insole looks a bit too cushioned and high which makes it a bit tight generally.

This was the major issue I had which led to other difficulties I experienced with my Yeezy 500 while wearing them.

I must admit that Yeezys are damn attractive and have good body structure. The only issue with this set of shoes is the fit.

It runs a little bit tighter than usual and this might lead to a lot of feet and toe pains and severe conditions.

I have heard about a lot of customers who had to abandon their Yeezys because they didn’t know what to do in order to make them more comfortable.

Yeezys are pretty good and comfortable. The only major issue facing this amazing shoe is the tight fit feature which majorly impacts your toe box and makes you feel uncomfortable.

However, there are a few things you can do in order to make it more comfortable for your feet and toes.

I would be listing out the things you can do to make your Yeezys comfortable to wear and walk-in.

Remove the insole in your Yeezy

The insoles are removable and not sticky to the sole of your shoe. The insoles are paper thin which might seem not to make a difference.

However, once you remove it, you would realize that it makes a whole lot of difference.

Removing the insole creates more room and space for your feet and toes. Wearing your Yeezy with insoles would make the toe box tight and uncomfortable for you.

The difference becomes obvious once you remove the insoles and put on your Yeezy without them.

There would be much room and space for your feet and toes to rest and breathe.

Furthermore, I have heard a lot of people complain that removing the insoles would make your feet come in direct contact with the hard floor surface which might be uncomfortable.

From my experience, this is not true. Most especially with the Yeezy 500, you would not feel anything but a soft cushion beneath your insole.

However, if you are having such an experience, then I would recommend that you wear very thin socks to serve as an insole for better comfort.

It is very comfortable to wear your Yeezy without insole because of the additional space it creates in your toe box region for easy movement and adaptability.

You should try this out if your Yeezy is making you uncomfortable by being too tight.

Use shoe trees

This is another way to make your Yeezy comfortable for you. Shoe trees are very good for expanding shoes to the perfect width for a perfect fit.

Shoe trees are made exactly with the shape of a foot in order to keep your shoe in perfect shape and also expand its width through the pressure it puts on the material.

Shoe trees come both with plastic and wood material.

Using shoe trees is a very effective way of making your Yeezy more comfortable. I used the TENRY cedar shoe trees (SEE HERE ON AMAZON) into my Yeezy and it created a lot of room in my toe box region.

I left the TENRY cedar shoe trees for 11 days and by the time I tried my Yeezy on, I noticed the instant change at the toe box region. Ever since I don’t need to remove my insole for comfort anymore.

Below are some of the best shoe trees you can use to achieve this feat:

  • TENRY cedar shoe trees: This is made from red cedar wood and has enough weight to place pressure on your Yeezy thereby creating more space. However, if you leave it in for too long, the toe box region might run too wide for your toes.
  • ANGELUS shoe trees: This is made of hard plastic and is very lightweight than the TENRY cedar shoe trees. It helps you to achieve the perfect width for your toe box region.

Using shoe trees stretches out your Yeezy which immediately creates space for more comfort.

These 2 methods are the best way to make your Yeezy more comfortable most especially when it runs too tight.

Are Yeezys tight at first?

From my experience, Yeezys runs tight at first. This is almost similar to the experience you get when you buy a new pair of shoes. However, this is a little different because Yeezys are comfortable but runs a little tight at the toe box region.

This is the same with other reviews from users of this amazing shoe. The toe box region is the only place where my Yeezy 500 ran tight.

The toe region was the only place I felt discomfort until I removed the insoles and eventually applied my shoe trees.

Yeezys runs tight at first.

Does taking the insole out of Yeezy make it bigger?

No. The insole is made of thin material which means it does not take up much space.

Removing it would only create more space at the toe box region because of how enclosed it is.

When it comes to the body of the shoe, there would really not be any different.

Removing the insoles creates more room in your shoes, but does not make them BIGGER.

Removing the insole does not put pressure on your Yeezys which eventually stretches it to make it bigger or wider.

It only creates more room for your feet and toes to have enough space to breathe and move around freely.

Are Yeezys actually more comfortable?

Yeezys are very comfortable to wear.

The only issue I had with my Yeezy 500 is the thin toe box region. However, apart from that, my Yeezy 500 is one of the best comfortable shoes I have ever bought in recent times (my ULTRABOOST men’s sneaker is more comfortable anyway).

The Yeezy shoe has the following amazing features which make it comfortable:

  • It is made of suede material which has an added padding on the inside for comfort.
  • It has a very soft cushioned sole which makes walking comfortable.
  • It offers support to the ankles and heels which makes you walk or run without having foot pains or other foot-related conditions.
  • It has a breathable mesh upper that keeps your feet and toes dry and cool while walking or running.

Yeezys are very comfortable.

What’s more comfortable – Yeezys or Ultra Boost?

Ultra boost is more comfortable than Yeezys.

The following reasons justify my conclusion:

Ultra boost has a wider toe box than Yeezys

This makes Ultra boost perfect to wear from the first day without needing any adjustment.

The ULTRABOOST men’s sneaker is one of the best Ultra boost sneakers I have worn and enjoyed in recent times because of its wider toe box.

It fits in perfectly and makes walking enjoyable than Yeezys. I don’t have to use shoe trees for my ULTRABOOST men’s sneaker compared to my Yeezy sneaker.

Wearing the Ultra boost sneaker is good for daily use because it does not crush your toes in a compromising situation that might make you feel uncomfortable.

Ultra Boost has a perfect fit

Ultra boost has a perfect fit when compared to Yeezys and this is what makes it very comfortable for me.

The ULTRABOOST men’s sneaker fits perfectly for my feet. It is not too snug or too loose and this is why it makes me comfortable for all-day outdoor activities.

Ultra Boost has a softer insole

The Ultra boost sneaker has a softer insole than Yeezys which also makes it more comfortable. Furthermore, it has more padding in the midsole than Yeezys.


While Yeezys might seem uncomfortable at the toe box region, it is going to give you the best experience if you can apply all the methods in this article for the best comfort.

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