What Should I Wear To My First Day of Work at Mcdonald’s?

The types of shoes you can wear as an employee in McDonald’s are Anti-slip shoes, sneakers, and non-skid shoes. These shoes are selected and mandated not because McDonald’s does not love fashion (Sounds funny right?); they were selected for safety reasons.

What Should I Wear To My First Day of Work at Mcdonalds

These are the types of shoes required by McDonald’s for its employees. In this article, I would be talking about these types of shoes and how to get them.

As an employee in McDonald’s, there are codes and conducts which govern your functionality, responsibility, and outlook. In McDonald’s, you can’t wear anything because of the nature of the job and its delicate details. The shoes you wear matter a lot in McDonald’s.

Examples of shoes to wear on my first day of work at McDonald’s

As an employee at McDonald’s, this the shoe you should wear on your first day at work.

Skechers food service shoe

This is a slip-resistant shoe that has a rubber sole and is lightweight. The name of the manufacturing company is Skechers which is an expert company at producing foodservice shoes. It is an extremely comfortable shoe that aids walking around.

The rubber sole also prevents noise which can serve as a distraction to clients. This shoe comes for both the male and female gender. I must also add that this shoe is very durable and lasts long; it can also survive very harsh conditions while working. It comes in different sizes; so, no matter your size, you would always find what fits best for you.

It has a low arch feature and is suitable for you either you have flat feet or not. You can wear this footwear for as long as eight hours without feeling comfortable or having sores in your feet and toes. It is loosely comfortable. It is a synthetic shoe with a very flexible sole.

There is no form of metal attached to this footwear which prevents electric hazard. This type of shoe fits in as McDonald’s employee’s footwear. You can access both the male and the female footwear by clicking the links below:

Skechers Male food store shoe

Skechers female food store shoe

  • It is slip-resistant.
  • It has a rubber sole.
  • It has a low-arch feature that is suitable for everyone.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is lightweight and makes walking comfortable and easy.
4 out of 5

DYKHMILY Steel Toe Shoes Lightweight Safety Sneakers

These sneakers are made of amazing quality and it has some premium and beautiful features that make it stand out as the best fit for McDonald’s employees. It is lightweight and has a breathable feature that makes it very comfortable to wear for a long time.

It is also water-resistant. Inside the sneakers, there is an inbuilt steel toe cap that prevents your toes from injury and it also prevents you from falling while performing your duties. It has an elastic and anti-slid sole that makes slipping impossible and makes walking very comfortable.

It has a very firm grip on the ankle of your legs; this grip is not uncomfortable; it simply makes the sneakers very firm on your legs. It is durable and lasts longer with use. It has an amazing external design framework that adds class to your outlook while on the job.

Compared to the quality and satisfaction it provides, this footwear is affordable. As a new employee, wearing the DYKHMILY Steel Toe Shoes Lightweight Safety Sneakers to work on your first day would make you look gorgeous, unique, and simple.

You can go around in this footwear for hours without feeling stressed or having any pain in your feet or ankle. Its sole is anti-slid and anti-skid; it has a firm grip underneath that prevents you from slipping or falling while walking on slippery ground or in haste while on the job. It is extremely comfortable and comes in different sizes.

This is a sneaker that provides maximum comfort, class, protection from slipping or falling while carrying out your duties and is very affordable compared to the quality it delivers. You should check this out.

DYKHMILY Steel Toe Shoes Lightweight Safety Sneakers
  • It has a breathable feature that makes it comfortable for you to wear for a long time.
  • It has an anti-slip and anti-skid sole.
  • It has a classic design that makes you look gorgeous.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It has a firm grip under its sole that prevents you from falling.
4 out of 5


OLLIE II Slip-on shoes

This brand produces for both men and women. It is slip-resistant and an extremely comfortable shoe. It is lightweight and makes walking comfortable. It is slip-resistant, water-resistant and it has a coated leather that prevents it from wear and tear.

One amazing and unique quality about this amazing footwear is that it has a natural fit. It fits most feet sizes. It is easy to wear and off. You can wear this footwear for a long duration of hours while working. In addition, it has a firm grip under its sole, which prevents you from falling and slipping. It is extremely affordable compared to its quality.

The leather coat serves as a protective agent that prevents you from sustaining an injury that might result from spills of hot substances or other harmful, substances. It has extra cushioning that provides extra comfort to your feet. It also keeps your feet cool by the openings at the top of the footwear.

  • It is slip-resistant.
  • It has a coated leather that serves as a protective agent from feet injury that might result from spillages of hot liquid substances.
  • It is affordable
  • It is durable.
  • It has extra cushioning that provides extra comfort.
  • It has a natural fit for everyone.
4.5 out of 5


What you should expect on your first day at work in McDonald’s

McDonald’s is an organization that has rules, regulations, and codes of conduct. Everything in this organization is orderly and with strict supervision and adherence to the codes of conduct.

As an employee in McDonald’s, it is your responsibility to fit quickly into this fast-growing organization that has built a solid reputation over the years. I would list out a few of the things you should expect on your first day of work at McDonald’s.

  • You would be required to fill several forms to get you registered and filed in as an employee. You would fill forms like cash policy form and so on. Get ready to do a lot of paperwork signing and filling when you resume at McDonald’s. After filling and signing all these forms, you would be given a badge with your name printed on it. This badge makes it easy for customers to call you out to take their orders; it also allows your team member to identify you. You must wear this badge all the time while on the job.
  • The next thing you should expect on your first day is a brief orientation on the general features of the organization, the corporate framework, the organizational leadership structure and a brief introduction to some of your fellow employees. You would be shown where utensils are kept, where other tools and materials that are necessary for carrying out your duties are kept and should be returned after use. You would also be trained about how to properly clean the dining table to prevent germs, untidiness, and a bad image that might repel customers. Your crew trainer who would be introduced to you immediately you arrive at your workplace (McDonald’s) would carry out this training and briefing.
  • Furthermore, you would be trained on how to do fries. This is full of fun except on extremely hot days.
  • On your first day, expect to be asked many questions by customers. Questions such as your name, your age, etc. Also, expect to be insulted by extremely rude customers and clients. You should be ready to put your emotions in check while carrying out your duties. I have heard reports of an employee who cried all day ON HIS FIRST DAY because of all the insults and pressures that came at him. Depending on the branch you are posted to work, your experience can be good, sour, or a mixture of both.
  • You would feel anxious and scared. This is normal for all newbies. However, you need to calm your nerves and strictly follow the instructions given out to you by your crew trainer. Once you learn how to do this, you would do great even on your first day.
  • You would also be trained on how to take orders from customers. Furthermore, you should expect to do some cleaning jobs and perform some backroom door duties.

Conclusively, your experience might vary depending on the position you are employed to work in. However, on your first day of work at McDonald’s, the above-listed situations should be expected. This is to prepare your mind and make you ready to fit in quickly into the organization.

Things to note when you start working at McDonald’s

What Should I Wear To My First Day of Work at Mcdonald's?

There are rules and ethics of every organization. The responsibility of every employee is to know the rules and regulations of their organization and be ready to adhere to them strictly. I would highlight a few things you need to pay attention to as an employee at McDonald’s.

Work Ethics

  • Your appearance matters a lot. Ensure you stick to the rules and regulations of the organization as regards dressing. Ensure that your footwear and apparel is coordinated with the rules and regulation of the organization. Do not wear anything that is against the rules and regulations of the organization. Furthermore, ensure that your outfit is neat and void of offensive smells or dirt that might cause germs, which is a threat to the health of the customers and employees.
  • You must develop a good attitude towards attending to customers and delivering quality service.
  • Effective communication is very important and fundamental for teamwork and productivity. Learn to communicate effectively as you should. Avoid using profane words.
  • Always arrive early, as late coming is very detrimental.
  • Dedication to the job is also very important.
  • You must be self-disciplined and diligent in performing your duty.
  • You must not give out free food to customers without authorization.
  • You must show professionalism while on the job.
  • Ensure you adhere strictly to the rules and regulations of McDonald’s.
  • You must not be caught stealing the property of the organization and your crew members.

Dress Code

You must wear a clean and neat MCDONALD’S shirt (if you are a male) or blouse (if you are a female) with a cap every day. Furthermore, if it is necessary, you can wear a white tee shirt underneath your uniform for warmth in extremely cold weather conditions or health reasons.

You must not wear jeans, cords, or fade-looking slacks. You must wear pants that are ankle-length and neat (free from smell and dirt). Avoid tucking pants into socks or shoes.

For women, you must pay attention to your hairstyle. No loose hair is permitted to dangle or swing around; this would prevent the hair from falling into the food. Always confine your hair using a hat or a cap. Keep your hair out of your face.

Avoid heavy make-ups; also avoid moving or dangling earrings or pieces of jewelry. Avoid nail pieces of jewelry, as it is not permitted for safety reasons. Your nails should be kept at business length.

For the men, ensure your hair is well cut and trimmed. It must be confined using a hat or cap. You must shave as often as possible to maintain a clean appearance.

As an employee at McDonald’s, your footwear must be black and well-polished. It must be anti-slip, anti-skid, and water-resistant. Your footwear must also be noise-resistant to prevent distraction and disturbance to your clients and customers.

To prevent termination of your appointment, you must get yourself familiar with the policies of McDonald’s. Any offense or violation can lead to prosecution.

How many hours do McDonald’s Staff Work in a day?

What Should I Wear To My First Day of Work at Mcdonald's?

McDonald’s employees work for 8 hours daily. There might be a situation where overtime is required; whenever this happens, the employee involved is paid extra for the time input.


McDonald’s is an amazing place to work. Many benefits accrue to every employee. Furthermore, compensations and rewards are given to outstanding employees. If you are aspiring to work there and you have read this article, then, you should be ready to put in your best.

Your first day as an employee might be rough, entertaining, or a mixture of both; however, you would find it easy to blend in if you follow the rules and regulations as laid down by your employer (McDonald’s).

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