Is There A Difference Between Men and Women Crocs?

The truth is that there is no striking difference between men’s and women’s Crocs. Most Crocs that are seen as men’s can also be worn by women and vice versa.

However, in terms of fit, color, design, and overall outlook, there are some Crocs that better suit men than women, and there are others that better suit women than men.

Is There A Difference Between Men and Women Crocs

I have observed that many Crocs enthusiasts say different things on forums about the difference between men’s and women’s Crocs forgetting the fact that Crocs are not like other kinds of shoes.

Before you think of any difference in your head, Crocs are versatile and comfortable. They have also been designed in a very simple form such that they look perfect for anyone – male or female.

Since Crocs have hundreds of styles and colors for kids, men, and women, it may be a little difficult to pinpoint the major differences between men’s and women’s Crocs.

But after thorough research, I discovered there are three types: Men’s, women’s, and unisex Crocs.

And so, I have been able to table down the noticeable differences between men’s and women’s Crocs in respect to the different kinds of crocs styles available, their designs, fits, comfort, color, shape, and features.

Observable differences between men’s and women’s Crocs

Colour Usually Black, Brown, Navy, Ash, chocolate, white, and maybe red. Some Crocs with “traditionally feminine” colors suit women more such as flower designs, Pink, and Lime zest.
Fits Most Crocs with roomiest fits as in the original style Classic Clog will suit men more Most women tend to choose Crocs with Standard Fit. This largely depends on size and comfort anyway.
Comfort Men’s Crocs are as comfy as women’s Crocs. But they are wider and have more heel support. Women’s Crocs are comfy and lightwieght. No much difference.
Design and shape I believe the Men’s Crocs are chunkier and wider. Women’s Crocs are a little slimmer in design.
Use/Function Most Crocs styles that are designed for specific use are unisex e.g the On-The-Clock Work Slip-On for nurses, chefs, service providers, teachers, etc. Will basically suit those who spend so much time on their feet – man or woman. Same thing as the Classic All-Terrain Clog

Having gone through this table, you will observe that there isn’t much difference between men’s and women’s Crocs. But the fact that in some products, they say “Men”, means that particular Crocs is ideally suited for men, and the table above explains why.

Don’t get it wrong. As I mentioned, there are also unisex Crocs shoes. Only that you have not noticed until now. For example, you can wear a size 7 Women’s and a size 5 in Men’s.

Since these Crocs have both men’s and women’s sizes on the bottom it is easier to say they are unisex shoes. And, it appears The off-road are only available in unisex.

Now that you have seen a highlight of the possible difference between men’s and women’s Crocs, we will now go into the full details to explain what really could create the difference.

Details on the differences between men’s and women’s Crocs


The simplest way to discern if Crocs is ideally men’s or women’s is to check the color. This also applies to all kinds of shoes.

Regardless of the Crocs style, the color of the crocs can tell more about the difference – whether it is a perfect suit for males or females.

For example, the classic clog Crocs style – very popular and favorite of most Crocs enthusiasts – offers more than twenty color range options and even custom made.

Crocs with “traditional feminine” colors like pink, flower designs, and some kind of prints can tell that it is for women.

While most men’s Crocs are usually designed with masculine colors like Black, Navy, Dark green e.t.c

However, this does not translate that as a man who wants to buy Crocs you can not choose the color of your choice. It is more about personal preference than what people claim to mean men or women’s Crocs color.


Generally, Crocs offer 3 different shapes/fit options which are linked to the shapes of styles on offer. This, in a way, reflects some differences in men’s and women’s Crocs.

Men and women can be narrow size or wide, the Crocs fit offers the perfect fit for anyone,

However, Crocs roomiest fit, just like the original style Classic Clog, includes a heel-hugging back strap for more stability – as seen in some models. This makes it ideally suitable for men.

Men’s Crocs fall under the wide fit category, where the feet often won’t meet the sides, and also designed with generous length.

Men’s Crocs are also roomier across the top than women’s. But both assure lots of breathabilities.

There is also the relaxed Fit which is mostly seen in women’s crocs. Here, we notice a little room, but a more secure fit than the roomy styles that are usually on men’s Crocs.

Some women’s Crocs models will include laces or straps, but all should feel stable on the foot when walking. Women’s crocs are more secure, yet relaxed fit across the top of the foot.

There is usually wiggle room at the front of the shoe as seen in some models of women’s Crocs like the Women’s LiteRide Pacer

Most unisex Crocs are of standard fits. That is, there is more snug (but not tight) fit than the roomy or relaxed styles.

These types usually would conform to fit the foot securely with minimal or no slipping as you walk. The heel also rests securely and the shoe usually would not ride up and down.


The difference between men’s and women’s Crocs will boil down to comfort. Because most female Crocs tend to be a little slimmer in design does not directly mean they can choose men’s Crocs to suit their size of foot.

In other words, when it comes to comfort, both men’s and women’s Crocs offer great comfort and are unisex. However, since most men’s Crocs are wider and have more heel support, they will usually be roomier than women’s Crocs.

All in all, it is really hard to say this makes the difference from that when it comes to comfort in men’s and women’s Crocs.

Crocs, generally, is known for comfort and versatility.

Shape and Design

Those who argue that there is no single difference between men’s and women’s Crocs would probably need to explain why the shape and design of some Crocs – even of the same style – vary in terms of shape and design.

Most of the Crocs sold on online stores that sell men’s Crocs are usually chunkier and wider, while most Crocs that are ideally suited for women are a little slimmer in shape, see Sexi Flip crocs, for example.

But this is based on preference. If, as a female, your foot size requires you to buy wider Crocs, there is definitely such an option for women’s Crocs.

The shape and design difference I am explaining is based on the generality of Crocs styles.


There is no much to say on the use and function differently. Crocs – both men’s and women’s – are designed for comfort and versatility. This means both types can be used for the same function.

For example, the Bistro Clog Crocs – a nonslip shoe with closed toes, ideal for all the restaurant staff, chefs, and line cooks.

So, these types of Crocs style, there are really no specifics for men’s and women’s.

This also goes for all other Crocs styles that are designed for special functions e.g The Neria Pro II Graphic Clog. Most of its types suit women more.

Can a male wear female Crocs?

Are Men’s Crocs Wider Than Women’s

The short answer is Yes, and vice versa. In fact, there are many males who wear what we consider to be female Crocs without knowing, as long as it fits them comfortably and matches well.

And the issue of males wearing female Crocs also comes down to recommendations. If, as a male, you have wide feet, I would suggest trying these Bistro Clogs. Regardless of male or female, these Crocs style is considered by many to be the best option for wide feet.

Judging from the differences that we have examined above, you will see that males actually would likely need Crocs that have enough room and support because of the usual structure of their feet.

Most types of Crocs – females inclusive – have a roomy, relaxed fit. Â So, will there be a problem if a male wears a female Crocs that fits him well and looks good on him? No!

There are some Crocs versions that are considered as women’s crocs but are built more for comfort and have a roomier toe box.

All in all, it also stretches to the sizing and fit.

These two factors vary because the needs of their customers vary. Since Crocs – both males and females –  are designed with a focus on comfort and ease-of-use. There should be no big deal in males wearing female Crocs.

The only thing to consider would be the color, which is also largely on personal preference.

Can a female wear male Crocs?

Most of the female Crocs that I have seen are not really designed for wide feet as seen with men’s Crocs, so it is likely that you will find the most ideal Crocs for females under the classics Crocs style.

Now, if a male classic Crocs fits a female in terms of fit and color, there should be no problem wearing it.

At the end of all, you will realize that men’s Crocs can be worn by women and vice versa – taking us back to my first few words of this post.


Crocs are generally designed for comfort, easy to use, and versatility. In other words, it can be worn by practically anyone.

But when you consider the color, shape, design, fits, and function of some crocs shoes, you may realize that some of them are a better fit for men than women, and also otherwise.

This is why I have taken time in this post to outline the observable difference between men’s and women’s crocs.

Ultimately, some of the non-clog shoes and sandals of crocs are made only for women. And likewise, there are sneakers and runners crocs that are especially men’s shoes.

So, one can not look at these things and say there is no real difference at all. But, the underlying truth remains that Crocs is for everybody and anybody.

What do you think? Do you also agree that there are differences between men’s and women’s Crocs?


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