Can I Wear Vans to Work at McDonalds?

The answer is Yes, Vans can also be worn to work at Mcdonald’s. While it is safe to say that technically they don’t care what kind of shoes you wear, the Mcdonald’s dress code stipulates that all of its employees must wear sturdy, black, polishable, non-slip shoes.

Can I Wear Vans to Work at McDonalds

Vans shoes are non slip and the materials used allow you to gain optimal traction or grip as you’re on the move.

Vans is also a firm favorite for those who work in the restaurant industry, which makes it a nice and ideal shoe to wear to work at McDonald’s.

If you have been having a hard time finding shoes to wear for your first shift at McDonald’s, you probably must have thought about the black shoes at your disposal first before thinking of getting a new one if need be.

If you have Vans shoes, you can definitely wear them to work at McDonald’s. However, you want to make sure that the Vans shoe meets the criteria: Black, non-slip, sturdy, and polishable.

I have found out that there are quite a number of people who genuinely have no idea what crew members usually wear, thus seeing it as a challenging task to pick the right shoes for their first day at work.

This prompted me to do a lot of deep research, and zero into McDonald’s in particular.

So in this post, I will be showing you not only about the shoes you should wear to work at McDonald’s but also about McDonald’s dress code for employees.

In food chain corporations like McDonald’s, the dress code is as vital as the service they offer to customers.

This is not only to ensure that the workers look good, but also to ensure that the symbol of the brand stands out to people all over the world while creating a perfect example of professionalism.

It is on this basis that McDonald’s Corporation also set a unique dress code for its employees.

What shoes can you wear to work at Mcdonald’s?

If you just resumed work at Mcdonald’s, it is very important that you are familiar with the dos and don’ts of their dress code.

This includes the kind of shoes that you can wear to work there.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, you can choose to wear any kind of shoe to work at Mcdonald’s. however, make sure that the shoe you have chosen to wear meets the shoe code criteria of the restaurant which are: Black, nonslip, sturdy, and polish-able.

Keep that in mind.

So, the short answer to what shoes you can wear to work at Mcdonald’s is Black, non-slick shoes.

In addition, make sure you are wearing a Close-toed, nonslip, black leather work shoe.

They may not necessarily be ugly work shoes per se. But, for your safety, make sure the shoe is slip-resistant.

And, you can actually order the officially approved crew shoes from the company directly.

But if you already have a black shoe that meets the safety requirements, it is absolutely allowed.

I can not say for sure if this applies to working at other food chains or restaurants.

Maybe at other restaurants, they provide their employees with the recommended shoes, but for Mcdonald’s, they simply put in place the dress code guidelines and it is mandatory that you follow the guidelines if you are to start working there.

What does the shoe code say for Mcdonald’s employees?

In order to ensure that all of their employees are safe and organized while working, Mcdonald’s has their shoe dress code that is considered necessary for every employee.

Mcdonald’s official handbook states that employees are required to wear slip-resistant shoes.

While there are some managers that do not enforce this rule, you really would want to wear slip-resistant shoes for safety while on the move and going about your duties in the restaurant.

If you have ever been to Mcdonald’s, you will agree with me that the floors get very slippy sometimes and as workers, you really need to be wearing a shoe that has the right grip.

Mcdonald’s have a sensible shoe policy, and there are as follows:

  1. Wear shoes that have well-defined tread patterns. In other words, the shoe should have a very good grip
  2. Wear black shoes. Take note, the shoe should be completely back – both soles and uppers.
  3. Wear enclosed shoes that substantially cover the foot.
    wear shoes that are in good condition, comfortable, clean, and have a good fit.
  4. Wear shoes with a low heel ( maximum of 2in/5cm)
  5. The shoe should be full and sturdy

There are some shoes that are not suitable to wear to work at Mcdonald’s. It is clear that they do not want employees to work with shoes that:

  • Shoes with shallow grip and smooth soles
  • Shoes with high and pointed heels
  • Shoes with colors and stripes
  • Shoes with open mesh uppers
  • Shoes with open toes like flip-flops and sandals
  • They do not also allow shoes with ballerina style. That is shoes that are very low at the toe end.

What is the dress code for Mcdonald’s employees?

Can I Wear Vans to Work at McDonalds

The current dress code for McDonald’s employees include wearing a gray-toned t-shirt, a gray denim apron, and a gray baseball cap for the staff, and a shirt and a tie for the managers.

Employees do not have to buy their own uniform as they are provided with a uniform package that comes with a shirt, a cap, and a name tag of the employer.

McDonald’s Workers will, however, need to provide pants and shoes on their own.

For the dress code for new employees, they are provided with Uniform shirts, Hat and Nametag. New employees will have to provide their own pants and only black dress pants are accepted.

They do not allow Jencos, Wide-legged jeans, Jeans with wide stitching on the seams, or Warm-up pants.

Employees are the ones to clean and maintain their uniform and should always come in completely dressed in uniform (shirt, pants, hat, and name tag) when they resume duty.

Another important aspect to discuss on McDonald’s employees’ dress code is the guideline on appearance. The restaurant allows only a limited size and amount of jewelry.

Also, as an employee, your hairstyles should not draw any attention. In connection, you must not fail to wear a hat or visor when on duty.

They do not also permit long or artificial nails.

Other appearance guidelines for Mcdonald’s employees are:

  • The mustache that does not exceed the corners of the mouth is only the facial hair allowed (Goatees are not allowed)
  • All employees must wear complete McDonald’s uniforms
  • No earrings on males are allowed
  • Facial rings are not allowed while on duty

Does McDonald’s provide shoes?

Mcdonald’s employees are expected to buy their own nonslip black shoes.

While they will be provided with pants, shirts, hats, and name tags, employees are to provide their own shoes and the shoe of their choice must meet the McDonald’s shoe code dress which we have seen earlier on.

Again, when getting a shoe you plan to use to work at McDonald’s, make sure it is anti-slip shoes because of safety reasons.

The floors can get very greasy and slippery, and the last thing you want is to trip and fall to the ground while approaching a customer – not to mention that is your first day at work.

Mcdonald’s will provide a shirt, and hat for their employees, that’s what most of my friends who works there get.

As a full-time worker, you will receive 3 polo shirts, 2 pairs of trousers, 2 aprons, 2 caps, and 1 belt.

But they expect you to provide your own shoes that will meet the restaurant’s shoe code criteria.

Since they don’t provide shoes along with shirts and hats, you will then need to get one for yourself.

Before I bring this post to an end, I will recommend some of the best, affordable work shoes that you can wear to work at McDonald’s and where you can get to buy them.

Best work shoes for Mcdonalds

Whether you are working front-facing on the cash register or working between cooking the food, you know that you will be on your feet all day long as one working in a restaurant.

You will need shoes that provide both comfort and slip-resistance, especially for Mcdonald’s.

Here are a few best work shoes that I 100% recommend for Mcdonald’s:

Top work shoes at Mcdonalds Features Remark
Shoes for Crews Liberty work sneakers Comfortable with great arch support 5.0
WNA Men’s Slip Resistant Work Shoes Waterproof and oil-proof shoes for work 4.5
Shoes for Crews Merlin work sneakers Great shoe that promotes fluid movement in slippery environments 4.0

Shoes for Crews Liberty Work Sneakers


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This Shoes for Crews Liberty Work Sneakers is exactly what you need as it is very good for work. It offers great comfort, especially for those who are always on their feet all day.

If you also constantly walk through slippery and slick areas like McDonald’s, this is the ideal shoe that will give you that total slip resistance comfort.

The shoe is 100% Synthetic and designed with a rubber sole. While some users say it does not offer enough arch support, it is really great for work and worth every $$$.

When you wear these Shoes for Crews Liberty Work Sneakers, you feel protected and steady on foot all workday long.

The shoe is also treated to repel liquids from the surface, and designed with a removable cushioned sole.

A little downside is that the sizing is quite off, so you may need to order a size smaller than you normally would.

Nevertheless, it is a sturdy, lightweight, and high-performance shoe that I will also recommend for anyone who wants to work at Mcdonald’s or any restaurant.

WNA Men’s Slip Resistant Work Shoes


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WNA Men’s Slip Resistant Work Shoes is a very versatile and comfortable shoe. And I can as well recommend it as a good shoe for working at Mcdonald’s.

This is not only because it meets all the criteria for McDonald’s shoe code, but also because it has a soft feel inside, is supportive, and is easy to get on.

If you want a very good shoe for working and you don’t want laces at work, this is your best pick.

In addition, the rubber sole can prevent slipping and protect your safety.

The shoe is also waterproof and oil-proof with its leather slope design, making it suitable for chefs, the foodservice industry, and walking work shoes.

I also like that the leather upper can be quickly dried by scrubbing gently. So you do not have to bother about the tough cleaning of your working shoes.

While the WNA Men’s Slip Resistant Work Shoes are not all that fashionable, these casual, sturdy black work shoes do not strangle the foot, and the heel is comfortable. Very durable and highly recommended.

Shoes for Crews Merlin Work Sneaker


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Shoes for Crews Merlin Work Sneaker shoes are simply offering you the opportunity to look good and work hard while being protected.

The shoe features a natural and comfortable fit, as they have been treated to repel liquids from the surface.

Thanks to the multi traction outsole that helps promote fluid movement in slippery environments. So with this shoe, you have a sturdy foot grip while working.

It is specially designed as a work shoe for the healthcare, hospitality, and foodservice industries.

This comfortable Shoes for Crews Merlin Work Sneaker always make its way to the top five when I review best work shoes for restaurants.

The only thing to frown at is that most users account that the shoe is not water-resistant like it says in the description

FAQs about Mcdonald’s

How long does McDonald’s uniform take to arrive?

At McDonald’s, it takes about three weeks for the uniform to arrive.

Now that you know that It takes nothing more than three weeks, you should not be so anxious when your uniform has not yet arrived.

That is what you should expect as an employee at McDonald’s.

If you are a newly employed person at McDonald’s that is waiting to get your uniforms for you to begin work, you should not get too worried, as it will only take three weeks for the uniform to arrive.

All you just need to do is to be patient and wait for your uniform to arrive.

As an employee at McDonald’s, when your uniform arrives, you are supposed to keep it neat and ensure that you wear it with the right combination of shoes. Usually non-slip shoes.

Non-slip shoes are important because McDonald’s floor is likely to be so slippery. Ensure your hair is also short and does not rest on your shoulders.

How long does it take to get your first shift at McDonald’s

How long it takes to get your first shift at McDonald’s actually depends on the manager who schedules shifts and or when your crew manager is available.

It usually takes up to two weeks for you to get your first shift at McDonald’s.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that a lot of newly employed persons at McDonald’s ask.

They usually ask because they actually want to know how long it takes to get your first shift at McDonald’s.

As a newly employed person at McDonald’s, you are supposed to be aware of this and be ready when it is your turn to start your shift.

It is very good that you are aware of this so that you know what and what you are supposed to do before your first shift comes.

It is very important to note that when your shift starts, you should wear the uniform that was given to you at the orientation.

Remember that you are an employee of McDonald’s and you are to represent well all the time.

Wrapping up

If you are about to resume as a worker at Mcdonald’s, I hope that this post has been able to show you how acceptable it is to freely rock your black vans shoe with your uniform.

And, I want to believe that you now know all the necessary Mcdonald’s dress code and shoe codes for employees.

Recognized as one of the most leading fast-food chains globally, McDonald’s has grown beyond being just a food chain that feeds the world.

They are now celebrated today for holding the strategies that transformed a hamburger into a multi-billion-dollar food corporation.

A contributing factor to this success is how they have been able to maintain organization among their workers and staff – down to their mode of dressing and appearance.

If you have any other questions as to what shoe to wear to work at Mcdonald’s, feel free to share in the comment section.

Also, if you have worked (or If you are working) at McDonald’s, you can share your experience on what shoes you wore on your first day at work and what dressing policies they enforce at your branch.

Thanks for reading.

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