Can I Wear Crocs to Work At McDonald’s

Yes, you can. There are different types of Crocs and some are designed as work shoes to be worn to work. Examples of these are the On The Clock Clog and Neria Pro II.

As an employee in Mcdonald’s, you’re expected to wear shoes that are sturdy, black, polishable, and non-slip, as written in their dress code handbook.

However, there are some types of crocs shoes that are made for restaurant workers.

While Crocs shoes may feel good on the feet, most of their designs and types are ideal only for wearing when you’re walking on the beach, hanging around the house, or going to the supermarket.

Can I Wear Crocs to Work At McDonald's

The goal is to make sure that whatever croc shoe you are wearing conforms with the Mcdonald’s shoe code: sturdy, black, polishable, and non-slip.

Read on to find out what crocs shoes can be worn to work at Mcdonald’s and other important information every new employee should know about Mcdonald’s dress code.

If you are going to work at Mcdonald’s, it is important to be aware of what is allowed to be worn to work at the restaurant.

Having done thorough research on the food chain’s dress code for employees, I will give you a breakdown of what is allowed to be worn to work at McDonald’s.

Are Crocs Slippers allowed at McDonald’s?

Crocs slippers, in the view of employees, are not allowed.

But this question can also be directed towards customers who go to Mcdonald’s to eat.

First off, there is actually no official company policy as a general rule except, of course, for “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service”.

Since Mcdonald’s is an informal eatery, there is no strict rule as regards the shoes customers wear to eat in the eatery.

However, I can see where they might set some limits. You should expect to see a huge difference between Mcdonald’s in Beverly Hills and a McDonald’s in a beach town.

We can easily conclude that it depends on the location. In some McDs, you might notice most of the gentlemen who come there to eat are usually with the “suit and tie” dress costume.

In contrast, in McDonald’s in a beach town, one may walk in from the beach barely dressed in beach attire and crocs slippers.

I want to believe Mcdonald’s would not want to alienate their customers on the basis of trivial matters of dress.

Do Crocs Have Work Shoes?

Of course! They do. Like I mentioned earlier, there are some crocs shoes that have been designed as work shoes.

A good example is the likes of On The Clock Clog and Neria Pro II (more on this, later). These types of crocs work shoes are designed with comfort, style, and functionality in mind.

Crocs have a variety of types and designs. The ones that are ideal as work shoes may be quite hard to find but have been built for the job with the comfort of their unique Croslite material.

Ideal crocs work shoes are more supportive than traditional ones as they help you and your feet get through those long-hour shifts.

One of the major reasons why people would want to recommend some crocs shoes as ideal to work at Mcdonald’s is simply because of the Crocs Lock technology that increases slip resistance.

So for restaurants like Mcdonald’s, using ideal crocs work shoes can help you walk safely on the slippery surfaces in the restaurant.

If you are lucky to find very good crocs’ work shoes, they are really easy to clean with just a little soap and water.

I have seen many bartenders, waiters, chefs, and hosts wearing croc work shoes and it looks really good on them and professional.

So, yes, crocs do have work shoes and they are ideal for those who work at restaurants.

These comfortable shoes can also serve as nursing shoes, doctor shoes, and more.

Where the problems may come in is choosing the right crocs shoes that conform with Mcdonald’s shoe code for employees.

Best Crocs Work Shoes for McDonald’s?

Crocs work shoes Key benefits Remark
Crocs Men’s and Women’s On The Clock Clog Perfect for those at risk of falling. Highly comfortable! 5.0
Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II Best for easy to maintain and water-resistant 4.5

Not all crocs shoes or crocs work shoes are permitted to be worn to work at Mcdonald’s.

In order to ensure that all of their employees are safe and organized while working, Mcdonald’s has their shoe dress code that is considered necessary for every employee.

Mcdonald’s official handbook states that employees are required to wear sturdy, black, polish-able and slip-resistant shoes.

So, if you plan to wear your crocs to resume duty, you want to make sure it meets these requirements.

The sad news is that there are just a few crocs work shoes that actually meet this requirement, but the good news is that I have recommended the best crocs work shoes that you can wear to work at Mcdonald’s.

Crocs Men’s and Women’s On The Clock Clog


About product

This is the perfect crocs work shoe I have seen so far for Mcdonald’s employees who want to wear crocs to work. Crocs On-The-Clock Work Slip On Clogs are literally second to none whether for men or women, this is what you need for long days and nights.

You really will not need to go through the stress of cleaning your work shoes every day because this one is fully molded and easy to clean by just using soap and water followed by a quick dry.

Remember, Mcdonald’s employees need slip-resistant shoes, and that is what this Crocs work shoe is known for – the enclosed toe and heel meet workplace standards and will protect your feet from spills.

What I like most is the Croslite foam and deeply cushioned footbeds that gives your feet a deserving comfort especially when you are going to be standing for hours behind the counters

Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II


About product

I am recommending these comfortable crocs women Neira pro II work shoes as one that is ideal for employees at McDonald’s because they are, of course, very comfortable and they fit true to size, stay on well, easy to clean, slip-resistant, non-porous, sturdy, and can be selected in a wide range of colors. (You want to go for black, though)

These crocs Neira pro II work shoes are very decent shoes for restaurant workers and nurses.

The only possible reason to frown at this shoe is that they make feet sweat, and fits best for women. But that does not seem like enough to stop wearing them.

How to confirm if you can wear crocs to work at McDonald’s?

There are three possible ways I can tell you if you are looking for ways to confirm if the McDs branch, you want to work at will allow the wearing of crocs for employees.

First, You ask during the interview what the dress code is for your job. This helps you to have an all-in-one understanding of what and what not you should wear to work as an employee.

But most importantly, ask about the shoes.

During the interviews, you can also ask for the hours you will be working – and be certain that you arrive early, rather than late or not at all.

Second, if it is your first time resuming duty at Mcdonald’s, I can advise you to read the Mcdonald’s official handbook to know for yourself all that is allowed to be worn as employees.

Third, forums and articles like this can actually expose you to what kind of shoes you can wear to work at Mcdonald’s.

The internet has made a lot of things easier. If you are unsure about certain things, you can always find good recommendations online from those who are currently working or have worked in Mcdonald’s before.

FAQs on dress code on McDonald’s

Can I wear Jeans to a McDonald’s interview?

When it comes to going for an interview at Mcdonald’s, The basic and true recommendation concerning appearance is to wear clean and respectable clothing.

You can wear a jean for the interview, but you want to make sure your overall appearance is decent and clean.

This also includes wearing shoes that are polished, or at least clean. I would liken going for an interview at Mcdonald’s with meeting the parents of someone you love and want to marry.

The basic advice from any big brother would be to dress for that moment!

There is nothing needed to be too formal. So while you are free (and advised) to be yourself, you should also make sure you look presentable and nice.

Jeans and a t-shirt are fine for an interview. The important thing is to show up in something clean and presentable.

Can you wear jewelry at McDonald’s?

The short answer is yes, you can wear jewelry as an employee at Mcdonald’s. However, it must be kept simple and decent. You want to make sure your earrings do not get in the way of your necklace.

According to the handbook for Mcdonald’s employees: No earrings on males are allowed, no tongue rings, tongue studs, nose rings, or any other facial rings are allowed while on duty

However, most restaurant establishments will tell you not to wear jewelry as an employee so that you won’t mess your jewelry up. It is easy to get greasy from the work area.

So basically, you can wear jewelry at Mcdonald’s. But, it can not be big hoop earrings, and you are not expected to wear a big necklace.

Do you have to wear your hair up at McDonald’s?

Employees will have to wear their hair up when working at Mcdonald’s.

Based on their official handbook, the rule with hair at Mcdonald’s is that hair has to be up in a ponytail or pulled back at all times.

This is because the hair is not supposed to be in the face of food and drinks.

If you are resuming duty at McDonald’s for the first time, you should know that there are rules when it comes to hair. For females, up in the bun.

While for males, they must carry a neat and shaved face.

Facial hair must be nicely trimmed.

Do not forget, you wash your hands after you put up your hair, before handling anything in the restaurant.

Can you have nose piercings at McDonald’s?

While many people say that no other visible piercings are allowed for employees at Mcdonald’s apart from earrings. I don’t believe it says anywhere that piercings are compulsory and not allowed.

It really depends on the management of the McDonalds you work at or are looking to work at.

What I do know for sure is that tattoos must be covered when working.

But if you go through the employee’s handbook, you will see that the simple answer is that you can’t have piercings, and even if you must have, it must not be visible like that of earrings.

This is because, at the end of the day, managers will eventually say you cannot have piercings.

If they have been directly allowing piercing in time past, policies have changed and it appears they are now pretty strict about appearance.


So, guys, that brings us to the end of this post. I hope you now know whether or not crocs can be worn to work at Mcdonald’s.

Like I mentioned in my previous post on whether you can wear Vans to work at McDonald’s, McDonald’s doesn’t really care what kind of shoes you wear as an employee, but they have a dress code that stipulates that shoes of employees be sturdy, black, polish-able, and nonslip.

So, if you are going to wear crocs or any kind of shoe to work at McDonald’s, make sure they meet those specifications.

It is also important to go through Mcdonald’s official handbook to know all of the rules guiding employees dressing in general.

I hope you found value in this post. Do not forget to share. And, contributions are welcome in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

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