Vans Sk8 Hi Pro vs Comfycush: Which Is Better?

The Vans are popular skating shoes built with slightly different construction. They keep upgrading their style and design to satisfy the needs of their customers.

The Vans Sk8 hi pro and the Vans Comfycush are one of the popular upgraded shoes people are in search of.

The major difference between Vans SK8 Hi Pro and Comfycush is in the look and the slight difference in comfort they provide.

Vans Sk8 Hi Pros are high-top sneakers that provide adequate ankle support. They feature the Ultracush HD insole for extra comfort.

The Vans Comfycush sneakers on the other hand are low-top sneakers with the exception of the Comfycush Sk8 Hi which provides the needed ankle support with their shaft’s height.

Vans Sk8 Hi Pro vs Comfycush

The midsole of the Comfycush is made softer with memory foam and provides extra cushioning. Their padded insoles have enough arch support.

What Do You Get At First Glance?

The look of a shoe tells you a lot and helps you make your choice. At the first glance, you should be able to tell if you like it or not.

With a glance at either the Vans Sk8 Hi Pro or Comfycush, it would be easy to tell which you will prefer.

Vans Sk8 Hi Pro

  • Suede and Canvas upper
  • Contrast stitching
  • Round toe with Duracap Underlays
  • Vans logo at the heel
  • Vulcanized sole
  • Waffle Rubber outsole
  • Shaft’s height at ankle level
  • Shoelaces for closure

The Vans Sk8 Hi Pro is the upgraded version of the Sk8 Hi shoes. These shoes aim for better skating performance and improved comfort levels.

The upper is made of suede and canvas material to give it an added layer of durability. There is the brand’s logo at the heel for easy identification.

With the Shaft’s height, these shoes provide adequate protection for the ankle which is very helpful to skaters, especially beginners.

Despite the height, these shoes are lightweight. You should get the Vans Sk8 Hi Pro if you need improved skating performance.

Vans Comfycush

  • Suede and canvas upper
  • Contrast Stitching
  • Round toes
  • Waffle Rubber outsole
  • Vans logo at the heel
  • Shoelaces for closure

The Vans Comfycush was launched in February 2019 and most of the Vans shoes were upgraded with this Comfycush technology.

The Vans Comfycush aims at improving cushioning for the feet and providing adequate comfort all day. The shoes maintain the classic suede and canvas upper to make these shoes tougher and long-lasting.

The brand’s logo at the heel helps with easy identification.

The slip-on design makes it easy to put on and take off these shoes. These shoes are lightweight and comfortable.

They are stylish and can be used as fashion sneakers to style up your look. The soft midsole provides an extra layer of cushioning and support for the feet.

You should get these shoes if you wish for lightweight support and cushioning for your feet.

Comparison Between Vans Sk8 Hi Pro And Comfycush

We will be comparing the Vans Sk8 Hi Pro and the Comfycush with the following features:

Features Vans Sk8 Hi Pro Vans Comfycush
Construction Suede and canvas upper with vulcanized rubber outsole Suede and canvas upper with rubber outsole
Stitching Double-stitch design Double-stitch design
Leather Suede Leather Suede leather
Price Purchase the Sk8 Hi Pro between $70-$128 Purchase Comfycush between $60-$90
Build quality Duracap Underlays for toe protection, vulcanized sole, and waffle-patterned sole for traction Soft memory foam midsole for excellent cushioning, waffle-patterned rubber outsole for traction
Insole Removable Ultracush HD insoles Removable Comfycush insoles with arch support
Outsole Vulcanized rubber sole and waffle pattern for excellent grip and durability Comfycush sole and waffle pattern for flexibility and grip
Fit ad sizing They fit true to size They are narrower at the toe. You can order a size up
Style Sports and Classy Sports and Classy

Vans SK8 Hi Pro vs Comfycush: Construction

The Vans Sk8 Hi Pro is a high-top sneaker made to give extra protection to the ankles. The collar gives a snug fit at the ankle. These will be of added advantage to skaters, especially beginners who are still finding their balance.

The high-top design does not make these shoes easy to wear. The upper is made of suede and canvas. These materials are highly durable.

The round toes of these shoes have the Duracap Underlays which is a rubber reinforcement at the toe that provides extra protection.

The Vans Sk8 Hi Pro is constructed with a vulcanized sole. This fuse the rubber sole with the upper. The shoelaces help provide a better secure fit for the feet. They are good skating shoes and can also be used as fashion Sneakers.

The Vans Comfycush are low-top sneakers that are versatile. They provide better cushioning during skating and are good for your casual wear.

The upper is also constructed with suede and leather. These shoes do not employ vulcanized sole construction.

The midsoles of the Comfycush are made softer with memory foam which provides better cushioning and supports for the feet during skating.

Since they have more cushioning than the Vans Sk8 Hi Pro, these shoes appear heavier, but they are light.

These two shoes are well constructed to provide adequate support. The Comfycush provides better cushioning. However, I feel the Vans Sk8 Hi Pro is better constructed for skating. The shaft height and Duracap overlays provide better performance.

You can also get the high-top sneakers of Comfycush with the Comfycush Sk8 Hi Pro.

Vans SK8 Hi Pro vs Comfycush: Stitching

The Vans Sk8 Hi Pro are well stitched together to make them long-lasting.

The double stitching improves the appearance and holds the materials better together. The contrasting stitch improves the style and makes them more fashionable.

The Vans Comfycush are also stitched properly. They employ the same double stitching construction, giving them a long-lasting quality.

The materials will not easily come apart. They also use the contrasting stitching design to improve the look.

These shoes will look great on your feet.

The Vans Sk8 Hi Pro and Comfycush use the same stitching style. Both shoes have good stitching.

Vans SK8 Hi Pro vs ComfycushLeather

The Vans Sk8 Hi Pro are made with suede, a special type of leather with fine and softer finishing. The upper is also made with canvas material.

This suede leather gives the sneakers a better and finer appearance. And they are also more flexible than normal leather. They do not take long to break in.

The Comfycush are also constructed with canvas and suede leather. This makes the shoes more attractive with the fine texture. They will better complement your casual look. These shoes run narrow and will take a while to break in.

Vans SK8 Hi Pro vs Comfycush: Price

The Vans Sk8 Hi Pro are sold within the range of 70-128 dollars. They are a bit higher than the non-pro shoes but are still within an affordable range. You can easily get these shoes without breaking the bank.

The Vans Comfycush runs a bit cheaper than the Vans Sk8 Hi Pro. Although they are a bit higher in price than the regular Vans. Their price range is within 60-90 dollars.

Both shoes come at a fair price. You can conveniently get any of your choices.

Vans SK8 Hi Pro vs Comfycush: Build quality

The Vans Sk8 Hi Pro are well built with quality materials to make them better skate shoes.

The upper with the double-stitch design gives them an added layer of durability. The Duracap Underlays at the toe absorb impact and reduce injury at the toe.

The tongue is well padded and there is a soft lining at the collar to improve comfort.

The vulcanized sole of these shoes makes the rubber more durable. They are wear-resistant. Vulcanization makes rubber stronger.

The waffle pattern on the outsole increases traction on any surface.

The Vans Comfycush sneakers on the other hand are also well built. They are built primarily to provide better cushioning and comfort

The midsole with memory foam has more cushioning and is thicker, providing better shock absorption. The rubber outsole also has a waffle pattern and provides adequate grip on any surface.

The ankle collar is lined with canvas material instead of leather, which gives a softer feel to the foot. There is a moisture-wicking lining that keeps sweat away.

Both shoes have quality built and will provide a good level of comfort. The Comfycush are good for skating with a good level of cushioning, but they will perform well as regular fashion sneakers.

However, the Vans Sk8 Hi Pro are easily the better skating shoes. They are well built to improve skating performance.

Vans SK8 Hi Pro vs Comfycush: Insole

The Vans Sk8 Hi Pro comes with the Ultracush HD insoles. They are flexible and lightweight and provide adequate comfort for the foot. The Vans Sk8 Hi Pro skate shoes have the PopCushâ„¢ insoles.

These insoles are similar but are more responsive than the Ultracush HD sock liners. They have better cushioning at the heel and become thinner towards the forefoot to increase the board feel.

The foam provides excellent cushioning, and protection as you skate in these shoes. The Ultracush HD insoles are removable.

The Comfycush makes use of the Comfycush insole which provides better arch support for the feet.

They mold to the shape of the foot and have enough cushioning at the heel to provide adequate support for the feet. The Comfycush insoles are removable.

Vans SK8 Hi Pro vs Comfycush: Outsole

The outsole of the Vans Sk8 Hi Pro is made with quality rubber to provide enough grip on wet and dry surfaces.

They have a waffle pattern that helps increase friction between the sole and the ground, thus making the grip stronger.

The Vans Sk8 Hi Pro also features a vulcanized sole that makes the rubber stronger and more durable. This system fuses the shoe’s upper with the sole, making them harder and good for skating.

The Comfycush outsoles are also made of rubber. They are highly durable and can absorb shock. They have a waffle pattern that helps improve grip, offering excellent traction on any surface.

Some of the waffle patterns have been removed to increase the flexibility of these shoes. The Comfycush outsole does not employ the vulcanization process, this makes the sole lighter.

Vans SK8 Hi Pro vs Comfycush: Fit And Sizing

The Vans Sk8 Hi Pro fit true to size. These shoes will fit you snugly. They break in quickly, offering the best of comfort.

The Comfycush, however, runs smaller. The toes are narrower and skaters complain about the pain they get at the toe.

You should order a size up with these shoes. These shoes take a while to break in because of the narrower toes.

Vans shoes come in half sizes apart from UK size 11 and above. If you wear a half size from 11.5 and above, you should order a size up.

Vans SK8 Hi Pro vs Comfycush: Style

The Vans Sk8 Hi Pro are basically skating shoes. They are designed to improve the skating experience.

They are high-top sneakers with an elegant style that can suit casual wear. These shoes will go well in your jeans and polo, providing comfort and style. They come in different colors to meet your need.

The Comfycush are also stylish shoes with a very good support system. They are very good fashion sneakers that will look good on you any time.

They are also good for skating, providing excellent shock absorption and cushioning.

What Are Their Pros And Cons

Pros of Vans Sk8 Hi Pro

  • High-top sneakers with excellent support for the ankle
  • Good level of cushioning and comfort
  • Lightweight rides
  • They fit perfectly
  • Excellent grip on outsole
  • Tough and durable
  • Good sport and fashion Sneakers
  • Affordable

Cons of Vans Sk8 Hi Pro

  • Color may bleed
  • Does not provide much cushioning
  • Not easy to put on and off

The Vans Sk8 Hi Pro are excellent skating shoes that will you the excellent performance you need.

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Pros of Vans Comfycush shoes

  • Excellent cushioning
  • Padded insole with excellent arch support
  • Grippy rubber outsole
  • Lightweight
  • The Comfycush provides excellent ankle support
  • Good sports and fashion sneakers
  • Durable
  • Affordable

Cons of Vans Comfycush shoes

  • Run narrow at the toes
  • Take a longer time to break-in

The Comfycush are comfy sneakers that will provide the needed cushioning and support you need all day.

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Final Verdict; which is better?

The Vans Sk8 Hi Pro is the better shoe for skating. They provide excellent ankle support and the Duracap Underlays at the toes give adequate protection for the toes.

The vulcanized sole is great and the waffle pattern on the sole provides excellent grip. If you will need good performing skating shoes, the Vans Sk8 Hi Pro are a must-have.

However, the Comfycush are good shoes that can do well as fashion sneakers. If you will need a fashion sneaker with excellent cushioning, the Comfycush will do a great job

These shoes can also be used for skating. Your choice is all that matters in the end.


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