Vans Comfycush vs Regular: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the Vans Comfycush and the Regular is that the regular Vans is the cushioning. 

The Vans Comfycush has a more cushioned midsole that is soft to the touch and also soft when you wear it, thereby giving you more comfort and cushioning when you wear it. It also has padded insoles with arch support.

Vans Comfycush vs Regular

The Regular Vans do not have this level of cushioning that the Vans Comfycush has. From the name “comfycush”, you can tell that this has a lot to do with comfort and cushioning.

These are the major differences between the two shoes, the good thing is that you can tell from the name.

What is Vans Comfycush?

Vans Comfycush vs Regular

It will be good for you to know the history of Vans Comfycush and when it came about, this helps you have a good knowledge of this shoe, especially when you want to purchase one for yourself.

The Comfycush is a type of Vans that was launched in February 2019, in New York. Those who designed the Comfycush did a great job in making sure that the Vans Classic, Era, old skool, etc., was upgraded and made it true to style as well.

One special thing that the Vans Comfycush does for you is that it makes it look like you are actually walking on clouds.

The Comfycush provides a padded tongue, a more cushioned insole, and a waffle outsole. This gives you that feeling that makes you feel like you are actually walking in the sky.

If you are the type that needs shoes that are super comfortable and also provide more cushioning for you as you walk, you would most definitely go for this Vans Comfycush as it makes your feet comfortable all day long.

Vans Comfycush vs Regular

The pros and cons help you know what you would enjoy when you get the shoe and what you would possibly not enjoy to the fullest.

Major positives:

  • It comes with a well-cushioned midsole soft to the touch and feet
  • It comes with a padded tongue
  • It comes with a waffle sole
  • It comes with a durable double-stitched canvas upper
  • It has a better arch support
  • It is super comfortable to wear all day long
  • The durable design makes it suitable for skating
  • It is lighter

Any cons?:

  • It tends to be more chunky than the Regular Vans
  • They tend to be a bit tight around the top of your feet

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What are the Vans Regular?

Vans Comfycush vs Regular

I have explained to you what the Vans Comfycush is, I have to do the same to the Vans Regular so that you will be able to clearly make a decision on which one exactly you get.

The Vans Regular was the first Vans to be made after the footwear company launched in 1966. The Vans Regular sneakers are the original Vans classic shoes like the Old Skool, Authentic amongst others.

Because the Vans original shoe was originally built for skating, it strives if you only want to use it for skating.

It has less padding but performs well for you when you want to use it to skate. This is because it has a slip-resistant sole that works to keep you standing firm and a wide sole for a good surface area when you skate.

Major positives:

  • Slip-resistant
  • Perfect for skating
  • Waffle sole technology
  • Wide surface area for skating
  • It is regarded as the “original” Vans
  • They have a simple style

Any cons?:

  • It has less cushioning
  • It has less padding

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What similarities do the Vans Comfycush and Regular share?

The good thing is that these two shoes are from the same Vans company and there are certain similarities between these two shoes and that is what I will explain in this segment of this article.

Take a look at the various similarities between these two shoes:

  • They both have waffle sole technology
  • They can be used to skate
  • They are both versatile shoes
  • They both have a durable canvas build
  • They are both comfortable to the feet

They both have waffle soles

This waffle sole technology is a rubber outsole that has a better grip and helps you stay put without falling and it is also lighter than the Regular soles.

This waffle sole is present in both the Vans Comfycush and Regular.

They can be used to skate

Vans are known to make shoes that you can use to skate. The Comfycush focuses more on comfort and cushioning, while the Vans original focuses more on giving you a good skating experience.

However, the good thing is that the Comfycush and Regular can be used as skating shoes. They have wide surface area soles and waffle sole technology that keeps you going and prevents you from falling off.

They are both versatile shoes

This is where the Vans Comfycush and Regular shoes shine, they are shoes that you can wear to casual events even if you do not skate. They are designed in a stylish way, it also looks good on you.

They both have durable canvas build

This is one important feature that determines how durable your shoes can be, the durable canvas upper is present in both the Vans Comfycush and Regular.

You can see that when you take a look at the build. This makes the shoe durable for you as you wear it.

They are both comfortable to the feet

Even though the Comfycush focuses more on comfort and better cushioning, the Vans original is also a comfortable shoe. If it was not comfortable, you would not be able to wear it all day skating.

Vans Comfycush vs Regular: Comparison

Vans Comfycush vs Regular

First glance

When you take a look at the Vans Comfycush and Regular, you would notice that they both have the canvas material build which is a durable one.

At first glance, you will see that the Comfycush is bulkier on the sole area than the Regular.

This is because the Comfycush has more cushioning which is the purpose of the shoe and the Regular has less cushion and padding which makes the shoe thinner.

The Regular has a simple design, while the Comfycush has a more stylish design that adds beauty to the shoe.

Winner: Comfycush

Build quality

When it comes to the build quality of the shoes, there is not much of a difference here since they are both Vans shoes, and Vans are built with suede and canvas material.

The Comfycush are made from canvas and suede material, the same is applicable to the Regular. There is no significant difference here so we would call it a tie.

Winner: Tie


Vans shoes are usually known to have waffle sole technology. The waffle sole technology is a rubber sole that has a tougher slip-resistance feature which is lighter than the Regular rubber soles.

There is a clear difference in the cushion and comfort between the Vans Comfycush and the Regular.

The Comfycush has more Cushion and comfort which makes the shoe appear bulky. However, the Regular does not have the same level of cushioning that the Comfycush has.

Winner: Comfycush


The build quality of the shoe actually determines how durable it is going to be. Both have the canvas and suede build which is durable when you wear them. Since the build quality is the same there is no actual difference.

Winner: Tie


When it comes to the Vans Comfycush and original, their prices differ a bit. You will be able to get the Vans Comfycush starting from $50 while the Vans Regular starts slightly above $50, with $55 you can yourself Vans Regular.

The Comfycush is favorable when it comes to the price, if you are on a budget, you should go for the Vans Comfycush.

Winner: Comfycush


Vans shoes are usually known to come with insoles that are not removable, this is applicable to the Vans Comfycush and Regular.

However, the Comfycush has better cushioning and it cushions your insoles better than the Vans Regular.

Winner: Comfycush


The Regular Vans are true to size and they also fit snugly. When shoes fit snugly, it means they fit with no allowance at all.

As for the Comfycush, they are a bit more narrow around the toe area, causing you to go half a size up when you purchase one for yourself.

Winner: Vans Regular

Which is better?

Choosing which one is better is actually based on what exactly you need in any of these shoes.

If you want stylish Vans that have really good cushioning and also if you will not be doing so much skating, you can go for the Comfycush.

However, if you are a skateboarder and what you want is shoes that will perform excellently for you as you skate, then you should for the Vans Regular.

The Vans Regular is the better skateboard shoe. This will help you make the right decision if you want to decide on which shoes to get.


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