Do Vans Rip Easily?

Authentic Vans do not rip easily.

The Vans shoe is made to be highly durable and usually made from canvass material or Suede, both have slight differences in how much they can last before ripping but it’s usually due to the kind of activity you use them for.

Those who rock their Vans as causal wear find out that it pretty much lasts much and doesn’t rip while sporting activities like skating, parkour, tennis, mountain biking, etc.

Do Vans Rip Easily?

Can seriously reduce its durability and cause ripping. Also using very strong cleaning agents like detergents or liquid wash can seriously damage your Vans material lowering its strength and causing it to rip easily.

Other actions that can induce ripping include drying under intense sunlight and too much cleaning of the shoes.

How to prevent your Vans from ripping

Vans footwear is versatile in its uses and these various activities also affect the lifespan of the shoes.

Some people prefer them for just casual outings others use them as their everyday go-to footwear, while another set of users prefer them for sporting events and activities.

But whatever you use them for proper care should be given to avoid damage to them.

  • Apply light pressure
  • Use socks
  • Avoid cleaning with strong materials
  • Dry in shade
  • Use toe caps and insoles

Listed below are some ways that you can prevent your Vans shoes from ripping;

Apply light pressure

We know that Vans shoes feel great on your feet. But always tread lightly when wearing them.

Use socks

The wearing of a sock cannot be underestimated as socks provide a soft cushion for your feet and also protect your Vans shoes from the inside. Always ut on a sock whenever you wear your shoes.

Avoid strong cleaning

When trying to get your Vans shoes cleaned, proper care should be taken into account. The use of strong detergents, soap, or brush should be avoided at all costs.

Detergents and soap cause the material of your footwear to become weak over time and this leads to unwanted rips and tear.

Also, use a soft cloth or brush to gently clean the dirt away and water with little or no detergent.

Dry in shade

Sometimes to get our shoes dried in time we put them under direct sunlight. This action is wrong and bad for your shoes.

Rays of the hot sun can cause serious damage to your shoe covering and fade them quickly, causing the material to lose its durability appearing dull becomes easily ripped.

Use toe caps and insoles

Using toe caps and insoles adds an extra layer of protection for your shoes. This is where the feet apply the most pressure and can become easily ripped, but by protecting with these items you get to cushion your toes, and also your heels.

This will no doubt increase the lifespan of your footwear.

These are just but a few things to consider doing in order to avoid rips and tear appearing on your Vans footwear.

Generally, proper care and maintenance should be given to shoes to make them last longer and also keep their original quality, design, and durability.

5 great Vans that do not rip easily

Vans shoes are a popular choice for footwear by a lot of people for a lot of reasons.

Some of the reasons include their stylish nature, very flexible and comfortable material, and very aesthetically pleasing design and colors.

A lot of their shoes are very much durable and they do have a wide range of product designs but we are going to list the top five that are known for their durability.

  • Van Authentic: known as one of the most popular brand designs, it design is classic and frequently used by sports enthusiasts for its durability and grip. They usually come in various interesting colors such as navy blue, black, white, red. Its design features a canvass material, followed by a low-top lace-up profile with metal eyelets and waffle rubber soles. Vans Authentic are affordable very comfortable and durable.
  • Vans Sk8 Hi: this particular model is designed with a more extensive shape and outline, providing more in terms of comfort and support. It comes with a durable canvass and suede High top outline giving more support to your ankles and lower legs. They are especially durable and are the most preferred choice for skaters.
  • Vans Atwood: this Vans model is known as the bestselling collection. With a new design technology and canvass material, its durability is widely known and accepted. Its stylish look makes it a great choice for casual and semi-casual wear and its vogue feel gives confidence when put on by anyone.
  • Vans Herren Authentic: made with original suede or canvass material this Vans footwear is legendary among pro skaters. It hardly rips and its unique waffle outsole provides an enhanced board feeling. The canvas fabric covering provides additional flexibility, comfort, and durability. They come in various colors and have an ultra cush footbed that adds extra padding and makes wearing them a pleasant experience. It features a strong rubber sole and canvass covering, a suede upper Cush bed, and a unique waffle outsole.
  • Vans slip-on Pro: an updated version of the Vans slip-on, it sports a signature canvass material, strong and durable rubber sole, vulcanized construction, and waffle designs on its outsole. It is known to be very lightweight and tear-resistant, with a padded collar and footbed which gives a comfortable feel. It features a DURACAP support rubber outsole with firm canvass and suede top, with additional foxing tape, ultraCush sock liners, standard waffle rubber sole, for comfort, durability, and support. Its price varies with design depending on your choice and its unique attraction includes; padded collar for superb shock absorption, a low top from the arch and a durable canvass, and improved rubber sole technology.

Vans shoes have stood the test of time when it comes to durability and style. So it’s up to you to select what works best for you and matches your outfit fashion sense.

They are pocket-friendly when it comes down to cost and can be bought easily from most online or physical stores.

How durable are Vans shoes?

Vans shoes are extremely durable and long-lasting. With the advanced canvass and suede technology coupled with strong rubber soles, Vans has become the most preferred choice for long-lasting shoes.

The durability of Vans shoes is affected by several factors which can either make them last long or short.

Firstly, you want to look at the frequency of wear i.e the number of times you wear them.

If you wear your Vans every day you have about a year’s worth of durability before you get yourself another pair or better still you can get two pairs or more and switch them out alternatively thereby extending their lifespan.

Using them for extreme sport, however, would have them last about three to four months before they become obsolete.

Why do Vans rip at the toe?

It is a common experience to notice that Vans shoes tend to rip or tear around the toe of your  footwear

This happens as a result of the constant pressure of your feet pressing against the front of your shoes repeatedly.

Rips can also be found across the shoe cross-section as people who have a wider foot create holes between the sole and the top of the shoes.

While those who have a small foot make holes in the front or heel area of the shoes.

Vans shoes are designed to fit a wide range of foot sizes and not everyone gets a perfect fitting.

Those who have an awkward walking statue or users who lift their toes while walking or running would find that the wear pattern on the shoes is different.

Holes or rips in shoes generally conform to the activities you subject them to like running or jogging and the wear pattern occurs at the point of the most pressure with an additional tear coming from extended use of the shoes.

Rips at the toe of your footwear can occur for a different number of reasons, some of them are;

Your footwear is undersize

his means that you have gotten a pair of shoes that are too small for you and your feet pressed against the shoe hard enough to eventually make a hole in them.

Getting the right size would be the best way to avoid this.

Pressure from your toes

Those whose walking or running pattern involves pressing against their toes have a higher chance of rips forming along the toe area.

By consciously reducing pressure from the front end of your footwear, holes forming would be less likely.

How do you fix ripped Vans?

We all have that favorite shoes that we don’t ever want to part with even if they have holes in them. We find ways to fix them to enjoy the comfort they provide.

Rips or holes in shoes are usually a sign of old age or constant use and it means that it’s time to get yourself a new pair.

But for those who want to still enjoy ripped shoes, you can simply fix the tear.

When attempting to fix rips in your shoes you have to take into account the type of material it’s made of because canvas or Suede finished shoes would have different solutions to fixing them.

Although fixing rips in shoes generally have them looking a bit different from their original style you can explore some methods below on how to have them repaired.

Use of patching materials

Simple glue or shoe goo can be applied to the affected area, plugging any rip or holes.

  1. First, you remove the shoelace and the insole inside the shoes.
  2. Clean the canvass material and remove any frayed material sticking around the hole
  3. With cotton wool dipped in glue dab the area and allow it to dry.

Stitching the tear

Simply hand stitching can be done on the ripped material with a small nylon thread and shoe glue.

  1. The shoe is cleaned and the area around the rip trimmed of any fray materials and insoles removed.
  2. A nylon thread is used to sew the rip carefully.
  3. A small piece of Suede is cut and glued on the inside of the shoe to protect you from the stitches.
  4. The shoe is then ready for wear.

Duct tape solution

Duct tape and glue works well too for fixing rips in Vans footwear.

  1. You clean the grease and dirt around the edges of the rip
  2. Next, you have the insoles removed and duct tape placed on the inside of the tear in the shoe.
  3. Apply glue or shoe goo on the outside of the tear, making sure both edges match.
  4. You then leave to cure for 24 hours then remove the tape.

If you cannot perform any of these activities on your own, then you should reach out to a cobbler to get your ripped Vans fixed.


No footwear is meant to last forever. But we all understand how one can get attached to a piece of cloth, jewelry, and even Vans shoes.

These shoes have been known since the early fifties and they’re still here, produced with the finest quality materials they last as long as you treat them nice.

Vans is popular among skaters and bikers with many people wearing them as part of their everyday casual outfit.

They are relatively cheap and come in a variety of designs and colors, however, it’s vital to know that their durability is almost directly proportional to their frequency of use, sporting activities, and maintenance routine.

Rips and tears are common as they age and engage in everyday use. They can also be fixed albeit it isn’t a final solution.

Any repair or patchwork done usually opens up again and mostly, it gives the footwear an unappealing appearance.

I hope you have learned a bunch of information about your Vans shoes and would choose a design that suits your style the next time you go shopping or fix your favorite Vans footwear.

Clean and maintain your shoes properly and you will get your money’s worth before you think of a change.


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