My Converse Gives Me Blisters On My Heels (What Do I Do?)

When my Converse shoes give me some inevitable blisters, it becomes inevitably painful and unbearable to manage. The pain then ultimately makes it impossible to wear over long periods. There have been so many devices to solve this problem, from regular socks to heel protectors and paddings.

My Converse Gives Me Blisters On My Heels

Quick fixes to solving your heel blisters caused by your Converse:

  • Use socks
  • Use shoe paddings
  • Use sheepskin heel protectors
  • Try to change the Converse to a bigger one

Blisters are been caused by contact friction between your feet and the material of your shoe. Another cause is a heat problem. The upper layer of my skin gets torn away and my flesh takes all the heat. Yikes!

This mostly happened over a long period of time. When I started having blisters from my All-Star Ox Low,  it ultimately limited me from wearing my favorite shoe.

The dilemma of heel blisters has been long gone, and if you are still facing it, you have come to the right place. We are going to be highlighting all of the ways you can protect your shoes

What you can do when your Converse gives you blisters

There are many solutions I can think and I can’t wait to overwhelm you with them. I cannot do that all at the same time. Anyways, let’s begin.

Use Socks

We start with the most common of them all. But synthetic please, and not cotton. I will explain.

Socks are naturally soft materials that are made for cushioning our feet while protecting them from dirt, cold, and of course blisters. Most people do not know about the latter though.

Aside from the fact that they are fashionable too, they are also a very good shield from foot friction and skin irritation. Although this is already straightforward, things can go wrong in this case and you will be surprised that blisters could still come up even with stockings.

It’s all about having to know the right socks to wear so as not to self-destruct. Cotton socks well are not just right. I will explain.

The most common socks people know about is the cotton material. When I first got blisters, I rushed to my drawers and put on my cotton socks with my Converse. It worked for a while until I started feeling a familiar, irritable pain on my heels again!

I then went on to discover that cotton socks gave my heels some awesome balance but it also softened them with some moisture and exposed it to another round of blisters.

Use synthetic socks. They do not give room for retention of moisture or sweat and the friction never breaks. It is also important to keep the thickness right because all parts of your feet need some space especially the toe area.

Shoe paddings

This is always done manually. Shoe paddings or cushions (like this one on Amazon) are shoe attachments been sold for protecting your heels.

Simply get one and attach it to the heels of your shoe. First of all, do not take the backing off until you have figured out where you want the padding to be. Simply pinch the attachment in your shoe heel and measure correctly.

Do not make it too high or too low on the heels, you do not want to miss the spot or your skin will still be exposed to friction.

When you have now known how it will fit on your shoes, you can now take off the backing, exposing the adhesive. Pinch the cushion the same way you did the test and try not to get your fingers all over the adhesive.

Carefully stick the padding and it will stay. Do not forget to apply a little more pressure so as to make it as firm as possible.

Sheepskin heel protectors

This is a specially made heel protector from Sheep Skin Town Company which manufactures and sells pure sheepskin clothing products. As in the case of stockings, it is a better option when you use a more sustainable heel protector than some cheap ones that will make cause sweaty feet and expose you to blisters.

I have tried the more revered sheepskin protectors because they are light and breathable.

Sheepskin heel protectors are also made to retain moisture without your feet getting affected by keeping it as dry as possible. They will also provide unbelievable cushion to your stance and prevent your feet from getting all smelly.

Change your shoe

As much as you like a particular shoe, you need to figure out where it will give you the comfort you deserve. There are many shoe brands that will surely give you some blisters unless you use some paddings, especially when worn for many hours.

Try to avoid cramped-up shoes and get something with more space and suitable contact. Another solution is simply buying a shoe one or half size bigger than your feet size. You will also want to prevent your feet from sliding around in your shoes too often.

This is another way blisters can occur. If you are finding it hard to chose a shoe size. Then you will have to use socks or shoe paddings to adjust your feet.

Reasons why Converse give blisters on heels


Like we have mentioned, the main reason why your Converse shoe is constantly biting your heels is down to size issues. Your Converse might be a little too tight or a little too big.

Either, way friction is bound to occur and your feet become the victim of imminent pain. Paddings are very good remedies for shoe sizing issues where they will provide the balance you need.


This one is self-explanatory. You cannot be on your feet all day and don’t expect blisters. Although this notion is only applied in rare cases, there is every reason for you to avoid such situations.

Know the kind of shoe to wear on certain occasions. Converse shoes are meant for fashion and short outings. If it’s going to keep you overworked and on your feet, all day, Why wear them?


Another important case to look at is moisture although it is related to the latter. Our feet always get wet when we use them for long periods and this makes the skin too soft to handle the friction and it begins to grow painful and irritates bubbles.

Use your socks to avoid moisture and make sure the material can be able to hold enough sweat that will leave your feet as dry as possible. Try synthetics, sheepskins, and Teflon materials.


Another reason to always keep your shoe wears clean. I try as much as possible to maintain my Converse shoes and the rest of my sneaker brands because of the nature of their material.

They are able to absorb a huge amount of bacteria over time and still look too clean to notice. Clean or wash your shoes regularly because some of these bacteria or fungi can infect your feet and could cause severe blisters.

How do you treat and heal blisters caused by Converse

My Converse Gives Me Blisters On My Heels

You can easily carry out treatment practices in the confines of your home but the problem is that some of these blisters do not manage to respond to treatments. Some might even worsen over time. When this happens, then it is time to see your doctor.

You can treat your blister by:

Burst the skin bubble with a needle

You will have to burst the skin bubble with a needle after rubbing a good amount of alcohol. This should be done with clean hands. Make sure you wash your hand thoroughly and disinfecting the needle before trying the treatment.

Clean up the pus from the blister

You then use a piece of cotton to clean up the fluid which must be drained completely from the blister. The wound’s surface must also be cleaned with antiseptic as well. Apply some anti-bacterial cream to the blister and cover the place with a bandage which will have to be covered for long.

You won’t be wearing any shoes until this heals but afterward, do not forget to try out the preventive measures I have outlined so it won’t have to happen again.

How can I heal my cracked heels at home?

Cracked heels are also called fissures which are one of the most annoying skin damages and definitely one of the most irritating too. But when you apply a very good treatment or two, it can surely get your heels back to when you were 13!

Let’s quickly highlight some effective home treatments for cracked heels.

Try moistening your feet at least twice a day

You can use Eucerin or Cataphyll which contains salicylic acid which opens up skin pores and allows for internal drying. This will help remove all the dead skin which causes the cracks. This will cause some little pain. But there is no gain without pain.

You can also apply partly hot water

Use hot water to the surface for softening and then use a foot scrubber to scrape away the dead skin. Afterwards, apply a good amount of Vaseline to the area and keep it moistured with a pair of socks as this helps it work effectively.

Cracked heels are a gateway to some really bad infections and when not taken care of in time, could cause more damage. Seek the help of your doctor for more effective or professional treatment options.

How to soften the back of your Converse

Softening the back of your Converse shoes is one of the shortest ways to prevent blisters in the first place. They are-

Using of insoles and socks.

This helps you create a very comfortable soft landing for your feet all the time. While there is commercial shoe padding, there are also soft pads from old shoes you can manually cut out and apply with the use of adhesive.

Also for me, I don’t joke with the things I wear especially if it is going to keep me extremely comfortable. This is why I invest good money on some very quality socks that will serve me satisfactorily by giving me a cushion and protecting my heels, and also for a very long time. Cheap socks will tear in a short time.


The rubbing notion between my feet and my shoe material is the cause of the tearing of my skin. When friction is reduced, the chances of having a blister will also diminish.

I have been able to achieve this by trying some good lubricating product which I apply for the day. They are non-smelly, long-lasting, and reliable. They are;

  • This is a sock material that contains some moisture and wouldn’t need you adding any yourself. They are a bit costly but your feet will be protected from blisters so it is a food investment.
  • Petroleum jelly – Simply apply some petroleum jelly or Vaseline to your feet before putting on your shoe. They also have a nice scent so you are covered. This is the method athletes use to keep the blisters off and it works for me.
  • AD ointment- it is a thicker material than Vaseline but also very effective and much cheaper. It will lubricate your feet for hours while keeping the blisters away.

Use some freezing

This applies when your shoe is a little too tight and the friction is too high. Instead of blaming the online stores which you ordered it from, you can simply one or two bags of water and insert your Converse into it before immersing it into a freezer.

The low temperature continues to expand the bag and also your shoe too. This method is quite unusual to most but I have tried it and it works wonders.


Converse shoes are like every other sneak wears which will surely choke up your feet. They are fashionable, cool, and classy to wear but very tricky when trying to obtain comfort.

When applying some good knowledge, it is always achievable even when many people claim they can’t wear sneakers for long periods or they are finding it to cope with blisters or any other kind of foot pain.

You are wearing one of the coolest footwear ever produced in Chuck Taylor’s Converse and the code is never complete without some real comfort and protection.

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