Can I Wear Vans To Work At Chipotle?

Yes, you can wear Vans shoes when working at Chipotle. Chipotle dress code advises that your workshoes are safe, protect your entire feet, and are non-slip.

These qualities are needed in any footwear you decide to wear to work at Chipotle, so if you are going to have to wear a Vans shoe to work make sure it’s within the guidelines of the company by being slip-resistant shoes.

Vans company produces and designs a non-slip model of footwear called ‘’made for makers’’, these models are made to have extra sole grip for a slippery work environment and are great choices if you choose to have Vans as your everyday work shoes.

Can I Wear Vans To Work At Chipotle?

Vans shoes are a good choice and their stores have a wide range of choices to choose from so take your time, ask questions from others before you so you know what is the best choice for you.

Why is the kind of shoes you wear to work important at Chipotle?

Can I Wear Vans To Work At Chipotle?

At Chipotle the kind of shoes you wear to work is important for a work-safe environment. The management at Chipotle requires nonslip shoes because of tripping and falling in the workplace.

Due to the environment present at Chipotle, the Mexican grill, constant cleaning, and mopping of floors can make the floors to be slippery.

Also, food particles and drinks spilling is another factor to consider, while workers move about taking orders and serving dishes accidents from slipping or tripping on the floor can be greatly reduced.

The work ethics at Chipotle aims to provide a secure and comfortable environment for its workers and staff, and as a result, the type of footwear worn is vital to the company.

Objects could drop on your feet or hot liquid that is the reason Chipotle administration insists on shoes that provide total coverage of your feet at all times.

For new employees who haven’t gotten to pick their very own non-slip shoes or your present shoes aren’t slip-resistant, the management at Chipotle can cover your expenses for the cost of new non-slip footwear according to the agreement between you and management.

The management can also provide you with their own non-slip shoes while you get set to purchase yours or they provide assistance when you decide to purchase yours online and remove little amounts from your paycheck over some months till all payment is fulfilled.

If you intend to pick your non-slip shoes before you start out at your new workplace you can always stop by any Walmart close to you.

If you lack enough cash to make this purchase, you can consider ordering a new pair through shoes-for-crews.

This particular platform enables you to make a purchase through Chipotle and you have the money being paid through your paycheck.

This is a great choice for those who don’t have the money upfront to make a non-slip shoe purchase, and with this opportunity, you can be sure to wear the recommended shoes whenever you at your place of work.

When making purchases for your non-slip shoes, make sure you pick the correct sizes and designs that are comfortable to stand long hours in.

Do not forget that workplace safety is the first thing management cares about so make sure you always make the right decision when it comes to shoes and clothing required by the company.

What does Chipotle dress code say about shoes?

Can I Wear Vans To Work At Chipotle?


The dress code at Chipotle covers some basics policy like tattoos, piercings uniforms, etc. For shoes and footwear, their dress code policy is usually that the recommended shoes must be non-slip or slip-resistant no matter the choice of brand you get.

The dress code of Chipotle workers represents the brand and what its stands for so this should be taken seriously at all times. With the company’s required apron always worn at all times.

So for a standard Chipotle dress requirement goes a dark jean, Chipotle hat, Chipotle shirt, dark-colored non-slip shoes, natural hair color is the sure way to dress when employed by the company.

While the recommended uniform is a top and dark or black jeans, with piercings, rip jeans and overly short clothes are on the list of things prohibited by the administration.


For tattoos, they usually aren’t a problem as long as they aren’t offensive or give off the wrong kind of vibes you should be okay.

Other physical requirement includes no wearing of nail polish or fake nails, and your hair should be tied in a bun instead of hair net. A hat is also required of the employees to wear at all times and any long hair should be braided or tied up.


The use of jewelry is also limited with a policy of no rings, necklaces, bracelets, wristbands, or watches except plain wedding bands. A uniform would be giving to you at Chipotle on resumption so you all dress and look accordingly.


Piercings are okay although they should be simple and not extravagant so also are tattoos, with hair dying acceptable as long as you wear your required hat always. Fake eyelashes are discouraged as well as fake nails and polish.

Nails should be kept short and trimmed. Also do not forget the company could assist you in getting your very own pair of slip-resistant shoes, a pair can be given to you by management until you buy yours.

Or you could solicit for help and a new pair would be purchased for you and taken subsequently from your paycheck so that you are never left stranded.

When working at Chipotle there is a high probability that you and your colleagues would spend entire working hours on your feet and moving around the restaurants, making thousands of steps per day.

Therefore, it is a good choice and smarter decision to invest in high-quality pair of shoes. This would reduce foot fatigue, soreness and give you firm support when undergoing all those long-standing hours.

Frequently asked questions on dress code at Chipotle

Does Chipotle require non-slip shoes?

Absolutely yes. The major requirement of every employee at Chipotle is that they always wear at all times shoes that are non-slip.

This is a safety measure employed by the management and over the years has greatly improved workplace safety and reduce the total number of falls and tripping.

Injuries and accident can occur in a workplace when these safety policies aren’t adhered to, that is why the management also provide slip-resistant covers for those who haven’t gotten their slip-resistant shoes yet.

They also implemented a payment plan to cover the expenses of purchasing non-slip shoes temporarily for those who can’t afford a pair immediately.

Pick nonslip shoes that have enough room for your toes to wiggle and one that supports the arch of your foot. If the insoles are cushioned enough it softens the pressure as you walk and removes strain on your feet.

To recognize footwear with a good grip, make sure the outsole is made from quality rubber and the tread pattern on the sole is interlocked with a large surface area.

If your soles cover more surface area the more grip it provides between the floor and you, making your movement sturdy and precise.

What to wear at Chipotle orientation?

Regular clothes should be worn to Chipotle for orientation. Simple dark jeans and a top with non-slip footwear should be okay.

Uniforms should only be worn once you resume. Also, you can ask your manager about the type of clothing ideas if you feel too confused about the issue, but from experience just go in with your regular wear.

But abstain from any form of clothing revealing too much skin above the knees or ripped jeans, leggings, and tops.

A visible lack of nail polish or fake nails is an added advantage because it tells the management that you have prior knowledge of their dress code policy.


Employees at Chipotle follow a strict policy when it comes to their dress code and following this requirement would make your stay there very memorable and long.

Vans shoes among other brands like crocs etc. can be worn to work as long as they all are slip-resistant.

Non-slip shoes provide safety in the workplace and you should consider this before seeking employment a Chipotle.

A designated work uniform is given to staff and jewelry, ripped jeans and offensive tattoos are not accepted by its management.

I hope the above explanation most of your questions have been answered when it comes to the choice of footwear for working at Chipotle.

I wish you a splendid adventure at your new workplace and remember that Vans are a suitable workshoe for Chipotle.

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