To Boot New York vs Allen Edmonds Dress Shoes: Which Is Better?

There’s nothing like a good pair of dress shoes. They can make you feel invincible, comfortable, and confident enough like you can take on the world.

But when it comes to choosing the right pair of boots, it can be tough to decide between two of the most popular brands: To Boot New York and Allen Edmonds. So, which one is the better choice?

To Boot New York and Allen Edmonds are both handmade in the USA. Both brands use high-quality materials and craftsmanship, resulting in a product that is built to last.

The major difference between these two shoes is that To Boot New York shoes are all about style, while Allen Edmonds shoes are all about comfort.

To Boot New York vs Allen Edmonds

First glance

Let’s see what our initial impressions of To Boot New York and Allen Edmonds are

To Boot New York

  • Top-quality leather and stitching
  • Classic and traditional shoes
  • Square toe box
  • Easy to break-in

I’ve been wearing To Boot New York Ultra Flex Declan for some time now, and I’m very happy with them. They’re comfortable, durable, and stylish.

I’ve worn many different styles of their shoes, and I’m always impressed with how well made they are. The leather is top quality and the stitching is very precise. The soles have held up well over time as well.

My first impression of these shoes is that the leather is very soft and supple, and the color is a deep reddish-brown with some lighter areas on the edges.

The sole appears to be made from a hard rubber or plastic material. The sole is marked “Made in Italy” and has a double row of stitching around it.

The shape of the shoe is very classic and traditional, with a square toe box, no laces, and a heel that rises above the top of the sole. There are three eyelets at the top of each shoe to lace up with your favorite laces or cords.

I was worried that they might not be comfortable or wide enough for my feet (I have very wide feet), but they were both comfortable and wide enough for me.

They were a little tight at first but loosened up within a few hours of wearing them. They are easy to break-in.

The only thing that I don’t like about these shoes is that they sometimes smell bad after wearing them for a while (especially when it’s hot out).

This may be due to the fact that they’re made out of real leather instead of synthetic materials

Allen Edmonds

  • Comfortable and well made
  • Fit right from the box
  • High-quality leather

 I have been a fan of Allen Edmonds shoes for a while now. I have several pairs of shoes and boots and they are all very comfortable and well made. They have a great selection of styles and colors to choose from as well.

The first time I put Allen Edmonds Men’s Park Avenue on, they felt like they were already broken in. They fit my feet perfectly and are extremely comfortable.

I haven’t had any problems with them so far and would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality pair of shoes that will last a long time.

The first thing I noticed about these shoes is how well made they are! From the high-quality leather material to the stitching on the sole of the shoe, everything is done right.

The sole is made out of leather which makes it perfect for walking around all day long without having to worry about slipping or falling over due to wet surfaces like some other shoes have had me do before!

They have a nice shine to them and feel very sturdy when you pick them up. I really like these shoes because they’re great for both business casual outfits as well as more casual ones such as jeans or khakis!

To Boot New York vs Allen Edmonds: let’s compare

Feature To Boot New York Allen Edmonds
Construction Goodyear welted construction Goodyear welted construction,  some of their shoes also use blake stitched construction like the Lucca Derby Shoe
Leather Calfskin leather Full-grain leather
Stitching Lockstitch and chain stitch Lockstitch
Price Between $395 and $500 Prices start from $260 to up to $1000
Build quality The build quality on To Boot New York shoes is generally very good Allen Edmonds’ shoes feature Goodyear welted construction that is both durable and flexible
Insole Leather or cork Plastic and polyurethane
Outsole Rubber outsole Leather outsole
Sizing and fit They have a universal fit and they are true to size They have a universal fit and they are true to size
Style Business casual style Dressy and formal style

To Boot New York vs Allen Edmonds: Construction

To Boot New York shoes are made in Italy. The leathers used are top quality and the construction is excellent. They use a Goodyear welted construction and they use a leather sole.

The Allen Edmonds shoes are made in America. The leathers used are top quality and the construction is also excellent.

They use a Goodyear welted construction and they also use a leather sole.

To Boot New York vs Allen Edmonds: Leather

The quality of Allen Edmonds leather is excellent overall and they use full-grain leathers in most cases (some models have a suede upper).

Full-grain leather is the top layer of the hide that has not been sanded or buffed to remove imperfections and blemishes.

The full-grain leather used in Allen Edmonds shoes is vegetable tanned and dyed using dyes from natural sources.

The leather used in To Boot New York shoes is calfskin, which is one of the toughest types of leather available. It’s also very flexible, making it an ideal material for shoes.

Calfskin is usually tanned with chromium salts and other chemicals, which gives it a very smooth surface finish that can be polished to a high shine.

To Boot New York vs Allen Edmonds: Stitching

The stitching used in To Boot New York shoes is a combination of lock stitching and chain stitching.

This is done to give the shoe a very classic look. The stitch on their shoes is also very thin and close together, making them very durable.

Allen Edmonds uses only lock stitching. The reason for this is because Allen Edmonds believes that chain stitching can weaken a shoe if used too much or incorrectly stitched together with other materials like leather or suede

To Boot New York vs Allen Edmonds: Build quality

The build quality on To Boot New York shoes is generally very good. The soles are often Goodyear welted and are built with high-quality leather uppers and linings.

They tend to be relatively heavy for their size (especially compared to Allen Edmonds), which can help cushion the foot against impact and prevent foot fatigue over time.

The leathers used in To Boot New York shoes are usually high-quality calfskin or full-grain calfskin leathers that should last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Allen Edmonds’ shoes feature Goodyear welted construction that is both durable and flexible. The soles of Allen Edmonds’ shoes are 100% leather.

The uppers of Allen Edmonds’ shoes are made from 100% full-grain leather. The lining of Allen Edmonds’ shoes is made from fine Italian leathers such as calfskin or suede depending on the model chosen by the shopper.

To Boot New York vs Allen Edmonds: Insoles

To Boot New York insoles are made from the best materials, such as lamb leather and cork. They are designed to fit with most pairs of dress shoes and casual shoes.

The insoles are available in different sizes (US men’s sizes) so that you can choose the best one for your shoe.

While the insoles of Allen Edmonds are made from plastic and polyurethane depending on the model.

To Boot New York vs Allen Edmonds: Outsole

The outsole of the Allen Edmonds shoe has a leather outsole with a rubber heel, but it looks like it has more traction than the To Boot New York shoe. The To Boot New York shoe has a rubber sole with a leather upper.

The leather sole is softer and more flexible than the rubber sole. The leather will not only be more comfortable to walk on, but it will also look and feel better.

To Boot New York vs Allen Edmonds: Fitting

In this aspect, To Boot New York and Allen Edmonds dress shoes are similar as they both have a universal fit and they are true to size.

To Boot New York vs Allen Edmonds: Style

To Boot New York is a brand that has been around since 1999. They have a wide range of styles from oxfords and boots to loafers.

Allen Edmonds style is better described as a more dressy and formal style.

Pros of To Boot New York Shoes

Quality materials

To Boot New York uses only the finest quality leathers when creating their shoes. This means that they will often last longer than most other brands of footwear, which tend to use cheaper materials in order to keep costs down.

The leathers used by To Boot New York are soft yet durable, so they won’t wear out quickly no matter how much they’re worn or what kind of abuse they’re subjected to on a daily basis by their owners!


Another reason why To Boot New York shoes are so popular is that they look great! They have an elegant design that makes them appropriate for wearing with virtually any outfit or style of clothing you can imagine!

They come in various styles and colors so you can choose one that matches your style.

Cons of To Boot New York Shoes

  • They have a limited selection of styles, which can make it hard to find a pair that fits your style and taste perfectly.
  • They are also expensive when compared to some other brands 

Pros of Allen Edmonds shoes

Allen Edmonds makes a variety of styles

Including dress shoes, sneakers, boots, and sandals. For dress shoes, they make both classic designs and more modern looks.

Their classic designs include wingtips, cap-toe oxfords, and chukka boots. Their more modern styles include monk straps and loafers with perforations on the toe boxes.

Allen Edmonds’ classic styles have been around for decades

Some for nearly 100 years – so even if you don’t feel like wearing them today or tomorrow, you can always wear them later in life when your style changes (or when you no longer care about being trendy).

Allen Edmonds’ quality is second to none

Their shoes are made in America by hand using high-quality leathers that will last decades if cared for properly (they even come with shoe trees!).

The leather soles on their shoes are also replaceable should they ever need replacing at some point in the future (and they’ll last through years of wear).


Allen Edmonds shoes are comfortable right out of the box because they were designed by a shoemaker who knew how to make comfortable shoes that don’t need breaking in before wearing them all day long

They look good on everyone

Allen Edmonds shoes come in many different styles, so there’s no reason why you won’t be able to find one that matches your personality and style perfectly.

Whether you want something classy or casual, there’s an Allen Edmonds shoe out there for everyone!

They last forever

When you invest in a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes, you know that they’re going to last for years instead of just months or weeks like other brands tend to do these days.

You won’t have to worry about replacing them every couple of months because they didn’t hold up as well as advertised!

Cons of Allen Edmonds

  • They are very expensive and might not be very affordable for everybody
  • Limited availability in some sizes and styles
  • Men’s shoes can be narrow in the toe box

To Boot New York or Allen Edmonds Dress Shoes: Final Verdict

After several deliberations and comparisons, I’ve finally decided that Allen Edmonds is better than To Boot New York.

Allen Edmonds are the best dress shoes on the market and it’s no surprise that they also stand out.

The quality of these shoes is unmatched by any other shoemaker in the world. They use only the highest quality leathers and materials in making their products.

They also use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that each pair of shoes has a perfect fit and lasts for years.


I hope you agree with me that Allen Edmonds is better than To Boot New York shoes in terms of durability, resale value, and comfortability.

Happy shoe shopping!


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