10 Things You Should Never Do In Crocs

There is no doubt that just a few shoes come close to the level of comfort a pair of Crocs bring, from the Slides to Clog, to Loafers et al.

The Croslite and LiteRide materials used to make Crocs give it the added advantage as they are soft and versatile.

Crocs shoes have a wide range of styling choices and although it may seem like there is a pair of Crocs for any and every event, like everything in life, there is a limitation to things you can do in Crocs.

Do not swim in Crocs

Things You Should Never Do In Crocs

I don’t think anyone should have to tell you this but, do not swim in Crocs, for numerous reasons.

The most obvious being the fact that it is not practical. We all know Crocs are light and all but, the weightlessness isn’t negligible enough to allow you to swim comfortably.

The water will get into the Crocs and act as a retardant to your forward motion, you would not have a full range of motion and it will slow you down which will make the activity even more tedious than it already is.

Most importantly for safety reasons, like drowning prevention and whatnot, don’t swim in Crocs.

Plus, the water may ruin your Crocs anyway, I know you may be thinking “but these pair are water-resistant”.

True, some Crocs may be, but, if you get Crocs, even the water-resistant ones excessively wet, Bacteria and Fungus will begin to form on your Crocs to which will lead to Discolouration, cracking, and Odour in your Crocs.

Do not play soccer in Crocs

Things You Should Never Do In Crocs

This is a sport that involves a lot of running and kicking, wearing Crocs to play football is a recipe for disaster.

The fact that you can get injured on the field while playing should be deterrent enough.

You may want to argue that some Crocs are slip-resistant therefore good enough, No, No— not on grass it’s not.

To play football properly you need shoes with studs to give you a good grip on the ground while running, and the sole of Crocs just isn’t hard enough to withstand so much sprinting for an extended period.

“The LiteRide Pacer Crocs is a running shoe” you may argue, you are correct. But the fact is after spending a substantial amount of money on your new Crocs sneakers, why would you want to ruin it by using the Crocs to kick and run around in a field?

Crocs are durable but only when maintained properly, and using your Crocs this way is bound to ruin your Shoes, after a week of this activity, your Crocs will give way, trust me.

If you decide you want to start playing football for exercise or fun, it is best to do it in the right equipment, to protect yourself and get a full range of motion.

Do not play basketball in Crocs

Things You Should Never Do In Crocs

Basketball is a sport that requires constant sprinting, sudden and sharp change of direction, and pace so the best shoes to use are high tops that will grip and guard your ankles adequately while you play.

“But the Crocs Citilane Chukka are high tops”, you say. Yes, they are high tops, but the fact is it isn’t Ideal.

Let me explain; the soles are soft and thin and would not withstand constant running and jumping around, these Crocs will give way after that amount of rigorous tension which your feet expand on it.

After a while you will begin to notice wear and tear all around the Crocs. Why would you want to ruin your shoes just to play one or two games of Basketball?

Trust me your Crocs would not last more than two games, just get basketball shoes so you can avoid twisting your ankles and hurting yourself, leave your Crocs for comfort.

Crocs are not meant to be worn in the workshop

While working in a workshop, the paramount concern is usually “safety first”, therefore, you are provided with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to wear to prevent injuries or accidents.

When it comes to footwear, the Shoes recommended are Safety Boots, I know Crocs make boots, however, the question to ask yourself before you wear them into a workshop is, what are the qualities of a Safety boot?

Safety boots have a metal plating between the Insole and the Outsole to protect your feet from getting pierced by sharp objects that may be on the floor in the workshop.

Crocs are made for comfort so the Soles are soft and cushioned, definitely not safely recommended.

Also, safety boots have a hard covering around the front of the shoe to prevent injuries from tools or equipment that may drop from a height on your foot by accident.

This is meant to protect your toes from injury. Crocs would just not cut it. My point is, do not wear Crocs into the workshop, stay safe!

Do not wear Crocs for car racing

While driving, especially in an extreme sport like racing, it is necessary to have the right equipment.

The Shoes you use may determine how efficient you drive and maneuver while switching between gears and stepping on the pedals.

Extreme car racing also requires you to wear fire-retardant PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) while driving in case of a Crash, and erm, the last time I checked, I don’t recall Crocs making driving shoes that are fire retardant.

So for maximum efficiency and safety, get the right shoes.

When you’re done racing you can have a drink, kick back in your comfy pair of Crocs.

Do not sleep in your Crocs

Things You Should Never Do In Crocs

This should be unequivocally obvious, but I’ll still talk about it any way you should not be sleeping in your Crocs or any other shoe for that matter.

For reasons like hygiene; when you go to bed in your Crocs, you bring the dirt and other foreign material into your bed, and this is unhygienic as it may lead to skin infections, and it will stain your bed covers.

Sleeping is the utmost form of relaxation and you need to be comfortable during sleep. Even if Crocs are considered comfortable, it is even more comfortable when you’re in bed with bare feet.

Shoes feel uncomfortable even when you are awake, and one would randomly want to take them off in public so your legs can breathe. So, why would you want to sleep in Crocs?

If you sweat a lot, you need to take off your Crocs to allow your feet to get fresh air because if you don’t you can get fungal infections.

You are already in a state of relaxation, so, why not just give yourself the freedom. Why would you even want to sleep in your Crocs?

Are you a fugitive? It’s called rest for a reason, relax, take off your Crocs, get a good night’s sleep.

Do not ski in Crocs

Although Crocs make snow boots that are great for the winter when going Skiing, there are special boots that are sporty and athletic.

Crocs snow boots are about style and comfort, so, it isn’t really practical for an athletic activity that requires a lot of movement and flexibility like Skiing.

Skiing boots have straps and latches that help you adjust the grip or tightness of the shoe to your feet.

The latches are so you can stick to the boards whenever you want to go for a slide and whatnot.

It is functionally impossible to use Crocs to go skiing even if you tried, so don’t even bother, you’ll just get glances and end up hurting yourself real bad.

Do not hike in your Crocs

When going hiking, and I don’t mean walking down the street and back. I mean, the mountain range– up a hill, dragging your feet across rough terrains as you gasp for breath.

You should never go in your comfy Crocs, Crocs are built for many things but constant stress and the rough footing isn’t one of them.

It’s best to go in the best boots for hiking with sturdy soles and low ankles so you have proper movement of your joints.

The boots should have an adequate and strong lace for you to tie the boots to fit you precisely.

Another quality of a good hiking shoe is that the Soles are wear-resistant and sturdy.

So, it keeps your feet safe from being pierced by objects while walking.

I don’t know about you but if I’m going to be doing something as tedious and self-imposing as hiking.

I would do it under the right conditions with the right equipment.

Mountain Climbing

Things You Should Never Do In Crocs

Due to my crippling fear of heights, I may not be an expert on this subject, but, that also gives me an added advantage because I have done immense research on the safest ways to go up a mountain while climbing.

During my research, I found that having the right shoes and equipment for the job is an absolute necessity.

When mountain climbing you want a pair of shoes that have spikes or sharp studs which can hold rocks when you are climbing up the side of a mountain.

The shoes also should have sturdy soles that would not break or tear easily if you encounter a sharp rock or wood while climbing.

Crocs are shoes Casual and workplace shoes, not necessarily the “outdoor” seen style of shoe.

If you want comfort and luxury, a pair of Crocs are your best bet, and you can have an array of choices when it comes to that.

But, when going outdoor to do something as extreme and dangerous as mountain climbing, it is best to get the proper shoes for it, and those shoes are not Crocs.

Do not run tracks in your Crocs

Things You Should Never Do In Crocs

Shoes used to run tracks have spikes at the front half of the sole, and the spikes are included by design.

It’s to help you while running, the spikes provide traction and stability while running, the soles are wear-resistant, which means you can use them over a long period of time and it would not damage.

Crocs do not have spikes underneath neither are they wear-resistant. Most Crocs have really durable and sturdy soles but the fact is the material used to make the soles are not built to take as much tension as running expends.

So, if you are serious about running track, either for leisure or as a profession, it’s best to get good track shoes that are ideal for running, and let Crocs do what Crocs do; Relax Your Feet!


Before you go out there and live your life on the edge and try adventurous things, remember to always stay a step ahead of danger and prepare – safety first!

If you are going for a swim on a hot day at the pool, and you want to go in the water, remember to take your Crocs off when you get home.

I hope this article has helped you in knowing what not to do in Crocs. Fair warning, right?

Crocs are sort of expensive, do spend all that money and end up ruining a great pair just because you are too lazy to do a little research on appropriate footwear in certain situations.

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