Can I Wear Crocs To Work At Old Navy?

Just completed your interview at Old Navy, and you are a tad nervous about Orientation and searching “Can I wear crocs to work at Old Navy?” online? Don’t sweat the small details, it’s a job not a haranguing, Well, your answer awaits!

Yes! In one simple word, you certainly can wear Crocs to work at Old Navy. You wouldn’t want to show up on your first day looking underdressed, first impression matters a lot.

While that is a concept to live by, in other not to trade off comfort for professionalism a detailed, concise list of the most suitable crocs to wear at Old Navy has been compiled for your consideration.

Can I Wear Crocs To Work At Old Navy?

Dress code for employees at Old Navy

Workplace conduct such as ethics, customer relation, and dress codes are paramount in every organization, appearance in the work environment aids the customers in distinguishing the employees from regular customers.

Old Navy

This is a retailing company that trades in clothing and accessories for both Men, Women, and Children, it is a multinational company owned by GAP Inc.

They are a name brand, being a retail store that has been doing business for over twenty-odd years, they have seen the times come and go, with ever-changing fashion trends, going with the flow while maintaining the company standard.

Dress code for Sales Associates

With the responsibility of aiding customers in the store, helping them find items they need, and mounting the cash or POS register, this is a job that requires constant customer interaction and a lot of activity, as ambassadors of the organization (yeah, yeah, I know it sounds kind of corny – but you represent the store), your appearance is noteworthy.

Though the dress code is spoken about during orientation when you are employed at Old Navy, as a refresher course we will go through the Dos and Don’ts or simply appropriate workplace attire.

Casual outfits are allowed, such as T-shirts and Jeans, if you choose to lean towards the more Business Casual like a pair of chinos and dress shirts, that is also allowed, whatever color combination you choose is at your discretion, some restrictions, however, are Sweatpants and Leggings (if you must wear leggings, you have got to wear a long shirt or skirt over them).

T-shirts or general pieces of clothing carrying graphic designs showcasing obscene, sexual, or derogatory terms and images are prohibited, shirts like Tank Tops or Crop tops, are also ill-advised.


Virtually all forms of bottoms are allowed, as long as they are not ripped, and are not excessively tight like leggings, Sweatpants are discouraged (I understand the dress code says casually, but not that casual).

Clothing items showcasing the designs of other name brands are also prohibited (again, they pay your bills, you can not be advertising other brands at work), can not be working for Old Navy, and come to work dressed in a shirt that has a huge Nike logo across the chest, can you? Well, you can, but you shouldn’t.

Though not imposed, it is advised to wear attire similar to the clothes they sell at Old Navy, to promote sales, when it comes to footwear, it is a matter of personal taste and preference.


Since there are no regulations on the color of footwear you can show up to work with at Old Navy, it makes shopping for work shoes a little bit easier, and the possibilities, endless, still wouldn’t want to overdo it and get fired on your first day, will you?

So, when dressing up to clock in for your long hours, it is a given that you will opt for a piece of ‘legwear’ that will provide comfort throughout the day, as you may move around a lot, also a piece that would not draw unwanted attention (like the clicking and clacking of high heels), to yourself.

Therefore the popular go-to is a perfect-fitting pair of crocs, that are affordable, reliable, and most importantly, workplace functional.

Crocs I can wear at Old Navy

When it comes to footwear or shoes at Old Navy, the restrictions are pretty detached, you can wear whatever you choose, which are workplace friendly and easy to move in, not shoes like High heels or Tap shoes that just attract attention when you walk (why would you even wear Tap shoes to work? Common!).

Still would not want to show up for work underdressed though, am I right?

Choosing the best footwear to purchase is tricky, there are many parameters to put into consideration, like; Price, Functionality, Comfort, and General Aesthetics, and it’s no different when choosing the right crocs, so we made it a little easier for you by compiling a catalog of crocs that meet all the specifications.

Bistro LiteRide Clog

Crocs have evolved over the years from being just shoes to sit at home in on laid-back Sundays, to shoes you can wear to social events and gatherings.

A favorite of workers in the Hospitality business, Chef, Nurses, typically any profession that your job description keeps you on your feet all day long.

Looking for stylish? These are ideal, with sleek and smooth skin, the Bistro LiteRide is an amazing pick, I would not mind wearing these with a Suit and Tie, yes, that’s how classy these are.

The Classic All-terrain Clog

When it comes to longevity and stamina, you can not but go with these pair, (Look at these things, they look like they can survive an earthquake).

Very recognizable at first glance, and a timeless piece with an aerated aesthetic to the design, and the iconic adjustable heel straps for grip support.

With the traditional crocs look,  the pokal dot orifices across the clog, and the adjustable flap at the heel, as the name implies, these pair can be worn both Indoors and Outdoors as they are very durable!

The Classic Yukun Vista II Clog

With Suede highlights over the Croslite material at the front of the shoe, that renders a dapper aesthetic and transforms it into a more sophisticated-looking piece.

Thinking about a laid-back, casual look for a birthday party, a night out with friends, or any social event in general, these are a spot-on choice.

With a Medley of the traditional crocs clog with a unique style, these are a necessity for every man’s shoe collection, with brazen leather highlights across the face of the clogs, they are the epitome of comfort.

The Swiftwater mesh wave specialist

Retrofitted to be an on-the-move pair of footwear.

Made with a simple design, these are a perfect fit for ‘active’ and ‘athletic’ people, they are water-resistant or better put, they are water-friendly, they are lightweight, and have a fluffy feel on the feet.

Think multipurpose, Think Swift water best wave specialist!

LiteRide Printed Camo Clog

An incredible work of art, made for solace, is an ideal pair of shoes for support to your feet to relieve soreness.

Versatile, with cushioned In-soles, they are a stylish pair of crocs, can be with to almost every event, including parties and as a bonus, they are water-resistant and easy to clean.

Neria Pro II Graphic Clog

Crocs with heels? Not the uncomfortable, difficult to walk, make a lot of noise, kind— need I say more?

With an eye-catching silhouette and design, they are a great pair of workplace crocs for women, they are slip-resistant and roomy, lightweight— highly dependable!

I don’t know how else I can sell you on these, they are a pair you definitely should own.

Crocs Women’s Kadee flats

With the petite aesthetic, these pair are a delight, with an Outsole base grip, they provide suction for the feet, a flexible feel to them due to the Croslite foam used to create them, the best part is, they are outfit-friendly. You can wear these pairs over most outfit choices.


Can I Wear Crocs To Work At Old Navy

Working for a brand name that owns a retail store to sell its merchandise such as Old Navy, which’s been around since the Mid ’90s, the dress code has inexplicably transitioned over the years.

It has become more tolerant towards fashion expressive outfits, although most branches are still insistent on not showcasing the logo of other brands while at work, well it’s understandable, you are trying to promote Old Navy, not some other brand that does not pay your bills.

Thereby a Dossier of crocs we have reviewed and selected to meet the standards of the Old Navy dress code while leaning towards Functionality, High Fashion, and most importantly Comfort.

These are a diverse selection and I am certain you will find the perfect fit financially and comfort-wise to make your work experience tolerable and stress-free, well, just Tolerable. What else can a minimum wage employee ask for, right?

You don’t need to worry about the details, we have got you covered, no matter what your budget is, or your style preference, We have outlined crocs that are fitting and dependable for every work environment, these shoes will have you feeling confident at work with a spring in your step.

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