Skechers Air Cooled Goga Mat Review

The world of footwear has seen the changes, vicissitudes, and tides of different footwear design technologies. Some of which are currently in use, some are outdated, and others have been modernized.

If footwear is a guest house, and every room is filled, trust me, there is always room for improvement.

What Is Skechers Air Cooled Goga Mat?

Skechers Air Cooled Goga Mat Review

Skechers’ air-cooled Goga mat is a kind of technology used in the design of Skechers and insoles that is geared towards the betterment of all users’ experiences as it works excellently for odor control, enhancement of foot balance, and prevention of excess sweating.

There is rarely any shoe technology, design, or model that can stand head to head with this creation.

More specifically, Skechers air cooled Goga mat is a hybrid of the Goga mat technology and Skechers technology.

It is the blend of Skechers Performance technology and Goga mat. Shoes from this end are usually made with the GoWalk max feature that allows for better athletic use, superior cushion, and athletic sole design.

The shoes and insoles made from this technology are pretty much springy and extra resilient. Comparatively, Goga Mat designs are better than memory foam.

What Are Skechers Air Cooled Goga Mat Good For?

Most of the designs of Goga Mat, be it an insole or a shoe, that are designed following this technology, are usually referred to as either Goga Mat insoles, or Goga Mat shoes. They are mostly very resilient and powerful.

Here are a few reasons why Skechers Air Cooled Goga Mat is great in certain areas of use.

1. Skechers Air Cooled Goga Mat Are Good For Running

The reason Skechers air-cooled Goga mat is great for running is that all footwear that is ideal for running are the ones that have an extremely good extent of resilience, overall foot balance, steady moves, cushioning, and arch support, and ones that wicks sweat away

The designs in this category must be breathable too. They must pass these tests. There is no compromising of quality here.

Seeing that Goga Mat meets these demands and even more, makes it perfect and ideal to serve as running shoes.

2. Skechers Air Cooled Goga Mat Are Great For Walking

There are three different arch types; normal arch, flat arch, and high arch. Every walking shoe is chosen on the condition that it meets your specific arch type.

However, it is a big relief knowing that Goga Mat satisfies all of these arch types regardless of arch intensity. 

The main reason air cooled Goga mat is great for walking is because it meets the core arch support requirement which is one of the main features.

Besides, aside from the fact that it offers support and cushioning, it also betters the ankle and the Achilles tendon. All of which are great for the betterment of gait.

3. Skechers Air Cooled Goga Mat Are Great For Weightlifting

What defines a good weightlifting shoe is its ability to withstand pressure without sacrificing its effectiveness. Good weightlifting shoes, although soft to the feet, have a good dose of toughness to withstand the weight that comes.

Shoes in this category are usually characterized by a genuine firm bottom and a raised heel. Seeing that the air-cooled Goga mat is designed following this format puts it on the table of the ideality of sufficiency for weightlifting shoes.

Is Goga Mat Better Than Memory Foam?

Yes, Goga mat is better than memory foam. And this is because memory foam has a very slim layer of polyurethane which has a relatively low density and is pretty easy to get compressed.

And when this happens, it results in strains, muscles, and ligament stresses. However, this is only noticed from Skechers memory foam.

Undeniably, it is true that Goga Mat is a tad stiffer than Memory Foam. Memory foam has a bit of flexibility and users have it that it molds around their feet.

While this claim may be true that the Goga mat does not mold around the feet, this is due to the moderation of flexibility.

Hence, the Goga mat is great for long hours of use while memory foam begins to tell on the feet negatively after some period of time. So which would you rather go for?

Excess comfort in a shoe with unlimited flexibility that would untimely fail, or moderate comfort with controlled flexibility that guarantees an endless foot guard? Certainly the latter.

This is not to put memory foam to ridicule. At all! Memory Foam shoes are far great and quality shoes too. It is just as a matter of relativity that keeps it on the downside here. Understanding this is pivotal.

Can I Wash Skechers’ air-cooled Goga mat?

Yes, you can wash your air-cooled Goga mat.

Also, you must know that while machine washing is not really bad, the ideal washing method that should be adopted for washing your Skechers Goga mat shoes is the handwash method. 

This is because it is only through this method that attention can be paid to specific details and areas that need intense washing, as opposed to the machine wash that gives all shoe areas almost equal attention.

How to was your Skechers air-cooled Goga mat shoe

You can simply wash it by soaking it in a bowl of tepid water and a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid soap in it. Then wash gently thereafter with a soft sponge while paying attention to the areas that need some good scrubbing.

We also advise that if you must wash with a washing machine, then the safest way to do so is by placing the shoes or insoles in a laundry bag or pillowcase before inserting them into a washing machine.

It is important that we also state that you must not put either the shoes or insoles in the dryer. This is one of the smoothest ways to get them worn out in no distant time.

How To Dry Skechers Air Cooled Cooled Mat

A worthy maintenance of shoes in this category, or any other, does not just end at washing. You may not get the desired end result if you do not take some necessary protective measures into consideration.

The right way to dry Skechers air-cooled mat is either through spinning, room-temperature drying (air drying), or sun-dry.


This means, after washing, it can be hung at an air-accessible place so that the water in it gradually drips off it, and the rest therein disintegrates into the air, leaving it clean and cool.


This method is pretty fast and reliable. It is simply done by drying under direct sunlight. However, you may not want to constantly sun-dry your Skechers air-cooled shoe as it is going to terribly tell on the quality in no time.


There are spinning machines that are great for drying too. As the name implies, they work by spinning in a circular motion like the blades of a fan.

These shoes are trapped in net-like cups as they get spun, draining out the water content in them following the spinning.

Three Skechers GogaMat Shoes To Buy

Skechers Goga Mat shoes are great. Here are three that you may want to buy.

Skechers Men’s Go Walk Goga Max Shoe

Skechers Air Cooled Goga Mat Review

This is one cool shoe that is built on the basis of multi-purpose functionality.

This is why it can serve for not just walking and running, but also for other athletic and gym exercises that range from treadmill to long jump. It comes with the ideal comfort and traction level to well suffice in that regard.

This is a design with the pull-on closure type. The sole material is rubber and great too. These features account for the easy on and off, and good overall ground balance respectively.

Ever heard of a lightweight design? This is a perfect embodiment of that.

The athletic mesh upper accounts for its breathability. A comparison between this Goga Max and memory foam has shown that this shoe allows for better cushioning and support which can be likened to a yoga mat as it has the ability to bounce back.

This design is also very breathable and comes with a good sweat-wicking ability.

Here you get your value for your money is not just great features, but also in aesthetic appeal and an ultramodern design.

The cooling effect is great too. This design makes it sufficient for both wide and medium feet. Ever heard of some unbelievable athletic loafer? Here you have one.

Skechers Men’s Goga Max Arch Canvas

Skechers Air Cooled Goga Mat Review

The arch feature is the heart of comfort in every shoe. Does it ring a bell that this Sketchers Men’s Goga canvas is designed with a Goga Mat arch?

This is why you find comfortability to be the common thing here. What adds to this is the outsole that is made of synthetic materials which add to the overall balance. It enhances traction too.

This shoe features a heel counter guide as well. This helps to better align the toe and heel areas for superior foot-in-shoe balance. Goga mat shoes are not just known for comfort, they are quite durable too.

The controlled flexibility prevents the foot from possible twits that should result in inner foot injury. This closure type is also a pull-on. This means taking off and on is an easy thing.

A thing to note also is that this design also features memory foam. However, it takes a far less percentage compared to the volume that Goga Mat takes.

The fitting here is the relaxed type; it can suffice for varying foot types like small and medium, but not very much for large feet. It is important to study the size chart as regards this.

The size category includes the US, UK, and EU. Each of which the size charts for both sexes are shown.

The inserts are made removable. This is so that in any event that you’re not cool with it, or have a better preference, then that shouldn’t be a problem.

Although there are other Skechers iterations whose inserts aren’t. Not to worry, the time has proven that using other preferred flat insoles on top of them is great too.

Skechers Air Cooled Go Walk Shoe

Skechers Air Cooled Goga Mat Review

Here’s one shoe whose insole is made with the air-cooled Goga mat technology that spurs superior cushioning and advanced support. It is very springy and extra resilient.

The outsole makes for not just better traction control, but for energy return as well – trust the rubber material. This design also features elastic panels on both sides of it. This serves for extra comfort.

The midsole is made with an injection-molded compound; this works pretty well for impact absorption and memory retention. And it is super cool to know that this is an exceptionally lightweight design. Perfect!

Never has it been seen of any better high-rebound shoe as it is seen of this.

Need I tell you that it is water-repellent? Yes. Another contributing factor is the rubber outsole which enhances its durability. This shoe is made with durable woven canvas fabric too.

Although the upper has a suede design. Its multifaceted design makes it cool for both casual and business casual dress formats.

Final Words

The Goga Mat is the future of footwear. Seeing that it embodies a “one-design-fits-all” creation makes it perfect!

Now, re-thinking about its blend with the Skechers technology brings you to the realization of the birth of one badass hybrid shoe design.

Skechers has been known in the world of footwear for incredible creation. It makes real sense when it rings “Skechers Air Cooled Goga Mat”. But then, a thing that must be handled with great concern is its maintenance.

Many great products ended up with a shorter lifespan due to a lack of good enough knowledge to handle them. The durability of most footwear has an extent of proper maintenance attached to it.

Know this.


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