What Shoes Should I Wear for Indoor Soccer (in 2023)

Indoor soccer boots should be worn for indoor soccer. This is mostly because they have been specially designed to reduce effort and maximize movement output.

Many indoor boots contain special soles, and soles made specifically to improve traction on the futsal floor. Also, the toe area of these shoes was designed to kick a ball. They have been optimized for direction and power kicks during soccer.

This proves that whatever shoes are going to be worn for soccer activity has to be a soccer shoe. Now, we have come up with a list of shoes you should have if you are into indoor soccer.

My list of top 10 indoor soccer shoes

What Shoes Should I Wear for Indoor Soccer

  1. Adidas Men’s X GHOSTED.3 Soccer Shoe
  2. Hawkwell Men’s Youth Turf Indoor Soccer Shoes
  3. MFSH Men’s Soccer Shoes
  4. PUMA Super Liga Og Sneaker
  5. Diadora Men’s Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes
  6. PUMA Smash V2
  7. Adidas Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe
  8. Adidas Performance Turf Soccer Cleat
  9. Nike Men’s Football Boots
  10. Liaocxf Turf Indoor Youth Football Shoes

Adidas Men’s X GHOSTED.3 Soccer Shoe

What Shoes Should I Wear for Indoor Soccer

The Adidas men’s X Ghosted soccer shoe is one of the excellent crafts from the stable of Adidas.

Adidas has already distinguished itself by the quality of shoes they make.

The Men’s X Ghosted has an impressive upper that is made of Lightweight Speedskin 100% Rubber. The upper allows for a soft feel and holds firmly to the feet.

The shoe features a low-cut silhouette, a sock-like build that holds gently to the foot. The Speedkin upper has a dual-layer mesh excellent for quick bursts of speed, high acceleration movement, and direct touch.

It also allows the shoe to have an impressive lightweight for its quality. For sole, this impressive footwear makes use of gum rubber for improved traction.

If there’s anything the X Ghosted shoes are built for, it’s the stress and strain of soccer. The shoe can also be used for outdoor exercises, worn over pair of joggers for an athletic feel.

We advise that women should size down 1 or 1.5 sizes when purchasing.

Hawkwell Men’s Youth Turf Soccer Shoes

What Shoes Should I Wear for Indoor Soccer

Hawkwell Men’s Turf outdoor/indoor soccer shoes are one of the few brands that offer sleek design and functionality in the same shoe package.

The soccer shoe, which can be used in both indoor and outdoor soccer, features a premium synthetic upper for comfort and maximum durability.

One of the strengths of this brand is the longevity of its shoe uppers. They just handle the stress of shooting and being stepped on incredibly well.

The inside is lined with soft textile lining for an extra level of comfort.

For the outsole, the Hawkwell soccer boots feature gum rubber. But that’s not all the shoe has for traction.

There are also molded rubber studs to make braking mean braking with the shoes.

The shoe also has a cushioned insole, alongside a padded collar around the ankle for better comfort and support.

The Hawkwell shoes are exceptional choices for high-level intensity exercises, and they do well on indoor or outdoor turfs and even hard ground surfaces.

For closure, the Hawkwell soccer boots use the lace-up to improve the feet-to-shoe relationship.

MFSH Men’s Soccer Shoes

What Shoes Should I Wear for Indoor Soccer

The MFSH soccer shoes are performance geared, stylish soccer shoes that just make sporting more fun and happy.

The shoe features a synthetic upper with due attention paid to the comfort and breathability of the shoes.

It features honeycomb insoles that make landing soft and natural.

Because of the honeycomb structure of the insole, the shoe has a high level of breathability. There is no reason to worry about hot or sweaty feet.

The outsole is made of rubber for flexibility when moving and also for improved hold irrespective of the floor type.

Whether it’s Futsal Court, on artificial grass, or dry natural grass, the MFSH soccer shoes allow great amount of movement.

The back of the shoe is coated with nylon CAP the shape of the ankle. According to the manufacturer, this is to protect the ankle.

The cross tackler has a fabric lining laminated with thick foam. These features combine to help keep the feet super comfortable and at the same time ventilated.

If there’s a list of shoes that meet the requirement for indoor soccer and fashion, IT has got to be the MFSH soccer shoes.

PUMA Super Liga Og Sneaker

What Shoes Should I Wear for Indoor Soccer

If there is anything PUMA as a brand is known for, then it is the quality of footwear they drop every now and then.

And for people who need footwear that fits the football terraces and other physical exercises, then yes, PUMA’s Super Liga Og Sneaker is one of the best options out there.

The design itself is a reminisce of a 1980s release. And over time, it has been rebranded to birth this new beauty here.

The Super Liga has a low profile design, and material of leather mix in the upper outer. It is classical suede with a laid-back style resent into the streets to make waves.

Super Liga has a leather upper and tonal suede overlays. The closure type is a full lace-up design for comfort and style.

For the outsole, PUMA fitted the Super Liga with low-profile rubber in order to improve the traction and grip on varying terrains.

There is a PUMA label woven into the shoe tongue, and a PUMA form stripe overlays at either side of the shoe.

All in all, we believe the Super Liga to be a good buy for any time. It has good durability and is really comfortable to wear anywhere and anytime.

Also, the design gives its wearer an athletic feel and confidence.

Diadora Men’s Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes

What Shoes Should I Wear for Indoor Soccer

Diadora Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes is one of the top shoes for indoor sporting activities.

Over the years, the Italian company has enjoyed patronage from world-class athletes who enjoy using their quality products.

The Capitano simply catches the eyes with its cool synthetic outer and the athletic look and feel it gives.

This is hardly surprising for a brand that delivers products to top players. The Capitano ID promises style and performance in one cool package.

The shoes enjoy the brilliance of Italian craftsmanship in its making and fine materials for durability and comfort.

The outer is a mix of Polyurethane, Rubber, and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. Its flexible outsole is made of abrasion-resistant gum rubber which lends it extra traction in futsal courts.

For snug and fitness, the closure employs lace-up.

Diadora’s indoor soccer shoe has a soft polyurethane synthetic upper for comfort and durability. The insole is made of fixed cotton to prevent slippery feet in shoes and e-foam to absorb shock.

The midsole used is the EVA shock-absorbing foam for maximum comfort and traction.

Diadora is an amazing footwear that puts durability and long life into focus. All the while without losing sight of the comfort and aesthetic side of the shoe.

If you need a pair that will last long for all forms of athletic activities, then you should certainly have this one in your shoe rack.

PUMA Smash V2

What Shoes Should I Wear for Indoor Soccer

The PUMA smash V2 Sneaker is the company’s most recent continuation of the PUMA Smash icon line.

The classic shoe seems to have been inspired by tennis, as seen by the silhouette. It is fitted with a soft suede upper for style, comfort, and breathability.

PUMA Smash V2 was designed to be the new face of the Smash Icon line. But why do we like it?

Apart from being a classical wear, which fans of PUMA would probably attest to, the Smash V2 also has the durability and to excel well in high-level athletic conditions.

It comes in varying colors, leaving users a wide range to select from.

The outsole is made of rubber, a necessity for firm traction and longevity. The closure is a lace-up style, and the shaft was designed to be a Low-top.

As far as choices go, the Smash V2 is a fine option, plus, it is mighty affordable as far as shoes go.

When placing an order, we recommend the size should be half size up than normal. This is because the shoe has a narrow toe box area and might be too tight if fitted to size.

Adidas Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

What Shoes Should I Wear for Indoor Soccer

The Adidas Samba Classic shoe comes along the popular Adidas Samba line.

But there is a reason Sambas have remained in vogue all these years, and we see that again.

These magical pair of shoes were first made for frozen pitches, so you can expect a lot of traction from them.

The Samba indoor soccer shoe features a sleek suede upper with contrasting overlays of the same material.

Three suede stripes of contrasting colors can be seen on the sides of the upper. The upper provides support and protection for the feet.

It is also shaped to optimize shots and aid ball direction when shooting.

The upper has a soft interior that safely holds the feet without cooking it. There’s an amazing level of breathability in the pair. There’s also a die-cut insole to protect the heels from the inside.

The Samba low-top shoe uses a lace-up closure style on its uppers.

For the midsole, the Adidas Samba indoor soccer shoes feature an embossed EVA midsole. This provides both comfort, cushioning, and stability in the shoes.

For the outsole, Adidas features a non-marking gum rubber outsole in their Samba indoor soccer shoe.

The gum rubber outsole provides an amazing grip on all indoor surfaces.

One other thing we have seen with the Samba is that it is very lightweight, despite all its amazing features.

So you can focus on the game while the shoe does its stuff excellently.

Overall, the Samba is an elite footwear and it is available for purchase on Amazon for amazing prices.

Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat

What Shoes Should I Wear for Indoor Soccer

Adidas went all the way out on this one. The Mundial Team turf soccer cleat is a professional and smart-looking shoe that just has to make it to our list of indoor Soccer shoes.

The Adidas Mundial team turf soccer cleat features a synthetic upper for breathability, comfort, and durability.

The classic stifling allows a softly-lined shoe with an extended tongue. For closure, the Mundial turf shoe features a lace-up style.

The shoes also employ a die-cut EVA insole in order to maximize the comfort the shoe has to offer. The midsoles of the Mundial team turf soccer cleat is the company’s molded EVA midsole.

So far comfort, balance, stability, breathability is concerned, the Mundial team turf cleat is the go-to shoe. There’s a no-chaff heel counter and a Traxion outsole with wedge and molded studs for improved traction.

The shoe is reputed for its responsive feel and cushioning. This is certainly the shoe to take anyone’s game to the next level.

Not to mention the fact that it is astonishingly lightweight.

Nike Men’s Football Boots, Multicolor Black Volt

What Shoes Should I Wear for Indoor Soccer

Nike Black Volt is an indoor soccer boot that is worth every bit of its price. And that’s a bit to say it’s pricey. The shoe features a synthetic upper designed and tweaked for precise touch and balance.

There’s the Nike mark-up logo running from the front of the shoes to the side. Nike designed the shoe with a dynamic fit collar or an extended sock design.

According to the company, what this does is to link the lower leg and foot for better responsiveness.

For closure, the Nike Black Volt uses a webbing hook with laces to implement lockdown. The outsole of the Nike Black Volt is made of gum rubber. It was designed to provide the multidirectional traction expected in a game of soccer.

With the Nike Black Volt, there’s always enough friction to hold on to on turf surfaces. The Nike Black Volt has a contoured sockliner that provides low-profile cushioning.

Specifically designed for optimized performance on the turf, the Nike Black Volt features a textured instep for control and shoot.

Liaocxf Turf Indoor Youth Football Shoes

What Shoes Should I Wear for Indoor Soccer

Liaocxf might be a less popular brand, but recently, their indoor football shoes have taken charge of the market.

Not only do they have excellent design and quality materials, but there’s also a lot of performance bonuses to be gained from this absolute beast of a shoe.

The upper outer is made of polyurethane material. Inside of the shoes, however, there’s a lining of soft fabric put in place to induce comfort and breathability.

The company designed the shoe to meet up with European standards in terms of size and shape.

For the outsole, there’s a nonslip rubber sole with powerful traction ability. The rubber sole gives the assurance of good friction and stability on the turf ground.

A pressure-dividing loner has been embedded at the back to distribute cleat pressure during activity. For closure, the shoe uses the lace close-up, but that is mainly for aesthetic purposes than functionality.

The shoe has no strap or tongue at all. The sturdy cleats, which provide great grips, have been double reinforced so you don’t have to pick them up the floor after every game or training session.

According to the manufacturer, Liaocxf indoor football shoes are also waterproof. Which means more durability and longevity.

Absolute beauty, we totally recommend this shoe for indoor soccer, regardless of the ground type.

Things to Look out for When Buying Shoes for Indoor Soccer

The most important things to look out for when getting shoes for indoor soccer are; breathability, comfort, weight, traction, and midsole.


This is the ability of footwear to allow hot air and moisture to escape the shoe. Footwear with poor breathability will be uncomfortable if worn in warm or hot weather.

Not only will the heat inside the shoes be unbearable, but there is also bound to be a torrent of sweat from the feet, and this sweat will have nowhere to go.

As a result, the feet might become slippery inside the shoes leading to poor internal traction. The shoes will harbor moisture which can lead to rotting of the shoe’s inner linings and a stinking shoe.

A shoe with poor breathability is also bound to have a short lifespan. All the heat and moisture will chew it up from the inside, and besides, it is easy to get tired of such shoes.

The main culprit is the shoe upper. They are usually designed to allow air to pass out through them. But a poorly designed upper will make steak of the feet.

So whenever you are getting a pair for yourself, ensure they will not suffocate your feet or cook them raw.


This might seem obvious but people often take it with appalling levity.

Comfortable shoes lead to higher performance because the athlete or user is able to focus on their activities instead of the shoes they’re wearing.

Someone with a wide foot, for example, might like a narrow shoe. They then buy the shoe, expecting it to break after a couple of wears. Some break, many don’t, and they all leave the wearers with bruised feet and a terrible experience.

A shoe has to be comfortable to move in. Are the toes free or clamped? Are the heels too loose or tight?

The slightest discomfort can leave one burning with regret all their life. When buying a shoe, ensure you are getting yourself a comfortable friend for all times.


Some shoes are really cool to the eyes; they’ve got excellent uppers, splendid midsoles, outstanding outsoles, and the weight of solid gold.

Solid gold is good, but you don’t want to run around with the weight around your legs.

A shoe used for athletic purposes has to be lightweight. The heavier the shoe, the more aerobic energy has to be expended.

For someone who would be running, more weight means slower speed, more energy spent, and less distance covered.

In a competitive sport, that is an outright disadvantage. Unless the sport involves running in heavy shoes.

All in all, a good sports shoe should be lightweight or at the most medium weight, regardless of the sole.


Imagine running over a futsal court and instead of braking to a halt, the player slides halfway across the court into the goal post.

Hilarious, right?

A good shoe is expected to have a solid outsole, preferably gum rubber for improved traction.

Certain moves and sport need instant braking, not the landing plane kind of brakes.

A shoe with poor traction will be terrible for wet conditions as well, making them more of a fashionable hazard.

Always choose a shoe that guarantees a strong and firm ground feel.


This is one of the most important parts of a shoe and for a reason. The better the midsoles, the better the overall landing performance of the shoe.

Some shoe companies have improved their midsoles around areas such as the heels or balls of the feet. The job of the midsole is to absorb the shock of landing.

A good midsole also means the shoe can be worn for a greater length of time and across a longer distance. This is because the midsole cushions the feet from the hardness of the floor.

Improved midsoles also provide an excellent aerobic tradeoff. They give the feet a kind of bouncy effect, making them excellent for sprints and bursts of speed.


Getting the right shoes for indoor soccer depends on a lot of small variables. Your taste, feet type, and so on. Always go for the pair that brings out the best in you.

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